mee2gis | Official client for MeeGo online 2GIS card service

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Version: 0.2.2

Last update of the program in the header:30.03.2013

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me2gis - Official client for the MeeGo platform for online service of 2GIS cards from Sergey aka zSilas

Huge please update as soon as possible. The error is perfect is not visible to users, but it spoils life 2gs

  • display of houses, streets and other objects on service maps;
  • determining your location (if you have a built-in or external GPS receiver);
  • Search by address;


Russian interface: Yes

About the Plus One service:
direct links in the organization's profile to table reservation services, ticket orders, etc.
The following services are theoretically available:
  • bestreserve
  • booking
  • leveran
  • moresalonov
  • rambler_kassa
  • online
  • tariff_master
  • timeliner
  • tomesto
  • vsetreningi
  • zon

more detailed on Hubroblog 2gs

in the shop:

deb: http: //

Past versions

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Thanks, deleted the config, but no change, apparently it should be :)

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crazyCLo @ 03/21/2013, 7:07 PM*

Please implement if you have time.

saw, read.
in the forefront on the implementation of the next version.
mee2gis / issues

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The author of the program offset! But when will it be possible to download maps directly from 2gu servers?

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But when will it be possible to download maps directly from 2gu servers?

if you're talking about vector maps with bases, unfortunately never ....

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Do not cheek so immediately, half a year ago everybody cried and bit their elbows, that there wasn’t any implementation of 2gs on the device, they tortured me through the nitroid and through apkenv in no way did it work. And now, when they gave you a lot of functionality, even if they are not offline, you are asking for more and more ... Bully the chalk! ))
Sergey is well done, that he gave us at least something like that ...

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Attached filemee2gis_0.2.2_armel.deb(182.47 KB)

Cache moved to home folder; (should not be reset when rebooting)
FAS warning;
Mark all search results on the map;
List of branches;
Minor fixes and improvements;
Long tap on the positioning button turns off gps;

Added to the header

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recently helped a lot, but nevertheless the search by categories was done without the possibility of sorting. Is it possible to add sorting by distance from it? but now you need to scroll through the pages of the objects found (25 pieces each) to view the closest ones to you - the list simply displays all the objects from different parts of the city without any sorting.

Many thanks for what we have now.

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to view coming to yourself

in fact, this functionality is already there.
There are exactly two ways.
1. click on the button next to the search bar.
Once the location is determined, the search results are sorted by distance.
search carried out within a radius of 2km.
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2. in the search bar, before the search word, put the character "#"
The search is carried out within a radius of 2 km from the point pointed to by the center of the screen.
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I will follow the project) can someone zadoneyit?)

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faster than 4 times than the official DoubleGis. Sorry no search, oh ...

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* RICOufa, Here everything is

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* amigo157 warehouse he lies. But it's bad that it works slowly)

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* RICOufa, for offline maps are always at hand)

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