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Device characteristics
Model, color:
• Model: DNS AT-100
• Black color
Main characteristics:
• FullHD Support: Yes, 1080p
• Supported file systems: FAT32, NTFS
Standards support:because This android, when the appropriate application you want to play all formats File formats:
• Video files: AVI, MKV, MPEG-4
• Audio files: MP3
• Image files: BMP, JPEG, PNG Connection:
• Memory card support: microSD, microSDHC
• Connection WiFi: WiFi 802.11b / g / n
• Connecting to a TV: via HDMI
• Dimensions: 8.7 cm * 3 cm * 1.5 cm
• Body Material: Plastic
Characteristics (RAM, ROM, CPU, etc.)
• RAM Size: DDR3-1GB
• Flash-Memory Size: 2048MB
• Processor: AML8726-m3 ARM Cortex A9, 800MHz (but everywhere is written that 1GHz)
• Video Processor: Mali-400MP
• Operating System: Android ICS 4.0.h
• 1 x USB2.0
• 1 x miniUSB
• 1 X HDMI 1.4 Output
• 1 x Micro-SD card slot (memory card support up to 32Gb)
• IR: 3.5mm, 38KHz
• Slot antenna under the Ministry of Agriculture
Mass and volume in the package:
• Weight (gross): 0.318 kg
• Volume: 0.001886mі
Photo device
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

In the shops of your city.dns-shop.ru
Attention! All actions related to flashing the device, you do at your own risk! If it works - do not install the new firmware for the interest! You can get a dead device from wrong actions!

Installation Instructions
Attention! For flashing you need a TV / monitor with resolution 1080 FullHD (1920x1080). If your TV / Monitor does not support this resolution shows "mode is not supported"
  1. Format the flash drive or MicroSD inFAT32
  2. Copy the root image of the firmware (file with extension IMG)
  3. Turn off the unit (power off)
  4. Press the button on the body and hold, connect the power
  5. Hold the button on the case until the start rekaveri (picture robot with the polyhedron in the abdomen)
  6. Run "Wipe Data / Factory reset
  7. Run "Wipe Cache Partition"
  8. Run "Wipe Media Partition"
  9. Select "Apply update (*. Img)
  10. Select "udisk" (in case of installation with other media select the appropriate item)
  11. Select the firmware image (a file with an extension IMG)
  12. If necessary, repeat the wipes are
  13. Reboot

Stock firmware
This firmware is installed on the new device. When flashing, you must first flash file 1, then make the wipes are and flash file 2
Picture 1(2.4 Mb)
File 2(125.8 MB)

Official firmware
Official site. When flashing, you must first flash file 1, then make the wipes are and flash file 2
Picture 1(2.8 Mb)
File 2(210.6 MB)

Custom firmware from operrr
Latest version1.3 based GeniaTech V1.03.02MC03_20121208. Description
Download(110 MB)

Spanish firmware MyGica
[Attached Image]

Spanish firmware from MyGica (a copy of our devaysa, but with a different launcher. The Russian language is present).
Firmware 20121231(183.1 MB)

Spanish firmware, it is very fast and does not slow down (version 20121222)
Picture 1(2.8 Mb)
File 2(238.6 MB)
Firmware on 2013.01.07

Useful programs. Online cinema. IPTV. Radio
1. Program to hide the status bar (necessary to view the video in full screen) . It is not required in the firmware of operr
В® HideBarsavagemessiahzine.com | Market
В® Full! Screensavagemessiahzine.com | Market

2. Program content
MX Playersavagemessiahzine.com | Market. It has a problem - the transition to independent software decoder while watching a streaming video. Failure occurs when the buffer is full, "Codec's input buffers are too small to accomodate buffer read from source", such an error is manifested not only in ATV100. Decision yet.
Diceplayersavagemessiahzine.com | Market. Another player with support for hardware decoding. It works somewhat stable MX Player

3. Online Cinema
iviFree internet ivi.ru cinema offers a completely updated application to browse thousands of films, cartoons and serials. The best and most popular app in the Russian Play Market for watching videos. ivi.ru installed more than one million users.

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watch.isUnofficial client for watch.is website. Only logged in users watch.is! Registration on the site is by invitation only.

WiTVonline movies to your TV, and more ... Download WiTV app on your smartphone and see photos and videos from the Internet, social networking, or local network storage on a large TV screen with the quality of Full HD 1080p. Amaze your friends at a party and show them videos and photos from your smartphone for dessert.

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VCListen and watch music and video from vk.com without flash player

4. TV & Radio
IPTV.. See IP-TV to your Internet service provider or the TV from any other internet source on your phone or tablet! If you are using IP-TV Player or VLC for watching TV on your computer, then this app is for you. Playlists can be takenhere(Registration required) orhere

SPB TVThis is an app that turns your Android device into a full-fledged TV. Watch more than 100 TV channels from around the world for free. Now you'll never miss your favorite TV show or a crucial moment of a football match, and time spent on the road or turns, fly by.

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Russian TVRussian channels on your Android. Soap operas, movies and more in our application. Powered by native players, nothing more, the inclusion of a couple of seconds.

Russia Live TV. online TV

Internet radio. Dozens of free internet radio with different themes and directions in your device! Radio - Radio Hit, Top 40, Rock, Rap, Metal, Enigma, Relaxation, Humor, Club, Comedy, Nineties 90s, 80s eighties, dance radio, Romance and many others. Radio stations with Russian and foreign music.

online Radio.. A simple and convenient program for listening to online radio. Submitted more than 50 broadcasts a radio Rambler.

Useful software
Droidmote clientandDroidmote serverManagement whistle with your android smartphone.
FTPServerI think everything is clear from the title.
gamepad IME- Well kudazh without toys
Hackers keyboard- comfortable, nice, gibkonastraivaemy keyboard
ruKeyboard- good keyboard. Supports layout change when connected to a physical keyboard

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Reason for editing: Firmware on 2013.01.07

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operrr, thank you, Claudia really works! I beg your firmware, but she hung on your logo at first, then racked the power and load. Next worse, the desktop came out, and when you start play convenience store, a whistle passed out and everything was only able to boot after an hour. And LED lights are always red, wrote that the green at work should be like here? Campaign has a problem, "Iron" character?

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celticbear, my good man, have some respect to rehabilitation after pouring xbmc_linux_m3?
I have a similar situeyshin ......

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I experimented with firmware. Still, the best Spanish firmware on 2013.01.07. Bought (to the Knicks) USB-LAN Green connection GC-LNU202 (chip ASIX AX88772A), this firmware is determined immediately and without problems receives IP by DHCP, other firmwares - do not get an IP, only if his hands to register through the terminal, as well some firmware similar devices is not defined at all.

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* wolfspbru,
wolfspbru @ 27.11.2014, 14:59*
there are some results of the restoration

Alas, having tried everything that I could Google it, a week ago gave up the service center! Waiting for results ...

P.S. SC "We Do Good" (Kiev, Ukraine) were asshole. After keeping a whistle 2 weeks back with the diagnosis. "To restore health need to replace the system board in the moment not available."

So the question is relevant - in the trash, or ...?

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Reason for editing: new information

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Installed firmware from analog3Q AA496HWAll super .. wifi smart, does not fall off, viewing online video in 720p 1.5gb and 2 drags without sticking. Whistle meters from the router 7 through the wall. cooling is not perverted, power supply 2A is not a native, firmware itself does not lag .. I think on it, and stop. All firmware zayuzat. campaign faynal floor.

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much better than the Spaniard on the 13th of the year?

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ReQu1eM @ 05.01.2015, 18:16*
Install the firmware from analog 3Q AA496HW, all super ..

Yesterday decided proverit.Krutil through LazyMedia + and MXplayer with portal 911.to kinishku "Zalozhnitsa3_720p.mp4". As a result, departures from the setback program and switching to a codec on 1st 14min.56s. , 2nd - 29min.33s. etc. So the Spaniard the best and the only one in today.

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Hello everyone! Dig up all day today with firmware, I tried everything that you can.
I have a machine 3Q AA496, and in the end I can say with confidence that indeed the clearest firmware is M3_20130107.
Only it's not Spanish firmware from MyGica how many write .. Interface, one to one as an official, even though I, too, she sews.
in general, I do not know but the 107 I got up perfectly and all the same I wish!

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I bought more than 3 years ago. Poyuzat and scored. Now I incorporated all loaded, but:
1. No apps
2. Reset does not work (asks pattern, although such is not set)
3. If you try to hold down the button and turn (go rekaveri mode) green man hanging all
4. Within the same upgrade (hanging on the green man)
5. Wai Fai connected and immediately writes do not have access to the Internet

Dead body? Or that something can be done? Moscow

P.S. A statement by chance in the figure are not lying around?

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Good afternoon! Tell me, please, if you flash with 20121231 2013.01.07 on the Spanish version of the instructions in a cap with three Wipe and reboot (this is the correct action?) Will remain the same launcher (blue) or change?

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Shall not throw? : Girl_cray:

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* maslovde81, try pressing the button after loading, the device must be reset to factory defaults.

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Torgard @ 18.04.2015, 22:20*
maslovde81, try pressing the button after loading, the device must be reset to factory defaults.

It is not reset. I tried everything. in the menu to the factory and even asks unlock

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maslovde81 @ 19.04.2015, 03:03*
It is not reset. I tried everything.

Then do not even know what else to advise

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