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> Modification and decorations for ZTE V790 | We post and discuss the modifications of themes and graphics for ZTE V790
20.12.12, 13:08

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Modification and decorations for ZTE V790

PictureZTE V790
Description | Discussion » | Firmware » | Modification and decorations » | Owners Club » | games and apps »

Be sure to read!

Правила темы, рекомендации по оформлению постов download

General rules of the topic:
  1. Before writing in this topic, read the recommendations on the design of posts below.
  2. look for the information you need in the topic header
  3. read the Instructions and Tips (... planned to create ...)
  4. use the buttonFind in this thread, top right of the page. Instead of part of the word, you can enter *, for example* status bar *
  5. If you want to decorate the "order" or make changes to the existing one - write your wishes in the PM to the author of the post.
  6. If a forum member gave you good advice that helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant. The reputation of other participants can be influenced by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the "Complaint" button.
  7. Thank the authors, be polite. No need to make a complaint. For free labor, at least, it is not beautiful.

Recommendations for the design of posts
If during (or after) the installation of the decorator (mod) you have any problems, or you cannot find the decorator you need, please be sure to include the following information:
  1. the name of the decorator (fashion) with reference to the source
  2. name and version of the firmware on which you installed the mod
  3. base firmware (you can find it in Settings ->About phone ->Software Version ->Additionally ->Build number or firmware description)
  4. result
  5. Example
    InstalledMod SystemUI.apkon the firmware ARHD 6.2.1 XE based on 3.25.401.101. As a result, the phone does not boot. Can you please tell me how to install this mod on my firmware?

  6. If you do not provide this information, no one can help you!

If you want to place a new decorator (mod) in this topic, specify:
  1. for which firmware it is made and for which base
  2. decorator description (fashion)
  3. screenshots clean under spoiler
  4. link to the source (if you did not do the mod)
  5. Example
    [b] Extended Quicksettings v.2.0.2 by j4n87 + LeeDroid Tweaks [/ b]

    Suitable for firmware based on 3.24.401.1 and 3.25.401.1 Advanced menu switches with the ability to customize.
    [spoil = Screenshots] There will be screenshots [/ spoil]
    [u] XDA thread [/ u]

    [u] Download [/ u]

Before making a message with decorations, it is recommended to check whether widgets, icons, live wallpapers, wallpapers, etc. have already been placed on our forum.
If this is already on the forum, give a link to the profile topic.
In the case of a replay, the files will be deleted.

Instructions and tips
Original system apk


Everything that you do - at your own peril and risk! Authors of manuals and mods are not responsible for your actions!

This topic discusses issues related to the "graphic" part of the device: themes, widgets, dialers, patches, icons, etc. Getting S-OFF, ROOT, installing firmware, kernels, recovery, and other system components, as well as a discussion of this whole economy, is conducted in specialized topics. I remind you that it is customary to express gratitude on our forum by raising the reputation of a specific participant.Messages like “Pamagite! I did not backup, put ... and now I have a constant reboot, what to do? "," Thank you! You are super !!! ", flood and offtopic -will be deleted without warning. The authors of such messages 3 days RO.

When publishing a mod or requesting something in a mod to change, specify for which firmware it is made!

This topic is not a table of orders! All messages with requests "Make me ...." and the like will be deleted without warning!

Theme needs a curator! Contact:I want to be curator

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* inoldI did it without them, it works before the first reboot, and then everything and even on a call is crooked

Posted 12/07/2014 08:23:

there is nothing helping, wx the call has remained crooked, which is a pity ...
18.01.15, 11:55

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Good day! Tell me is it possible to edit the switches in the curtain? It is very necessary to add there "modem mode" for wi-fi. Widget does not offer - not kosher)))
And the second question. In AOKP there is an interesting function of closing the active application by holding the button back. Is it possible to add it to stock b04?

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