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> savagemessiahzine.comHow did we get here? | Here everyone can tell how you got to this site.
How did you get here?
How did you get here?
via google [ 112 ] ** [37,46%]
someone told you [ 60 ] ** [20,07%]
somehow different [ 89 ] ** [29,77%]
Via Yandex [ 38 ] ** [12,71%]
How would you rate the site? from 2-5.
5 [ 236 ] ** [78,93%]
4 [ 49 ] ** [16,39%]
3 [ 6 ] ** [2,01%]
2 [ 7 ] ** [2,34%]
Total votes: 299
19.12.12, 22:07
Letters of cheats IGNORE!

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savagemessiahzine.com ? download

It is always interesting to hear someone's case from life. And here we are interested to know exactly how you got to this wonderful site.savagemessiahzine.com.
Everyone has a different story, and maybe it happened a long time ago, but still try to remember.
Could this be a topic? The file you wanted to download? Or someone told you? Maybe Google found? Feel free to tell.
And you can also say what, in your opinion, is different from other forums and what did this site give you?

So, let's start?

My story is this. I played the game modern combat 3, and played very poorly online, so I started looking for info in Google how to play better, and almost immediately came across a club of players in mc3 here, 4pd. At first, I remember, I thought that for a strange site, but the information was interesting, and then I wanted to become a member of the club, and I registered here and became an active member of the club. But a few months later I became active in other topics. I like this site for its organization, here I found out that I know about android and I am very happy about it.

Well, now it's your turn to tell.

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19.12.12, 22:51

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Farsis,welcome ;) I will continue the topic.
How did I get onsavagemessiahzine.com... There was a question about my Mozart, Yandex issued a link to this site, well, I was stuck, I hope for a long time. The site is very interesting, informative, and people gathered here are good. I enjoy spending my free time here. What and all I wish.
: thank_you:

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And do not dispute a fool. "AS Pushkin

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19.12.12, 23:29
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Once upon a time, I bought a Nokia 5228 and wanted to find good games and programs for it ...
It seems that Yandex threw me here, I started downloading some kind of race and it gave me: “Error 404 ...” :(

Somewhere on Mail.ru I read that you need to be registered onsavagemessiahzine.comto download games from it ...
I registered and it started ...: yahoo:

Since :savagemessiahzine.com: !

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20.12.12, 11:44
Even after 100 centuries ..

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Well, that was a long time ago and not true: girl_crazy:

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20.12.12, 12:10

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According to the link from eten club ...

I collect Google collection. Available: Android Phone, Tablet, Wear, Android TV and self-made Chromebook.
20.12.12, 15:31

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ValeraProk @ 12/20/2012, 04:29*
need to be registered onsavagemessiahzine.comto download games from it ... I registered and it started ...


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20.12.12, 16:30
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I came with a b-homeless hpc.ru, where there was not a single cracked application: blush:
20.12.12, 17:23
Not local

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Hello! I remember that I was looking for information for qtek s200 on the Internet. And found the sitesavagemessiahzine.com..but with the domain info, well, and for some time lived there. And then something like the parking (or for the sake of interest) instead of info typed ru: lol: and here it is, here: P

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20.12.12, 18:16
a guest

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And I work makes local gaidiki apply in fact: rolleyes:
} {uMuK
20.12.12, 18:20

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I was searching for a Paragon rusik on the C550, since the disk was somewhere else: russian_ru:

22.12.12, 01:30

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Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge, the story has been silent about many things ...

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22.12.12, 10:57

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a long time ago: rofl:

I will build mysavagemessiahzine.comwith blackjack and whores. Although to hellsavagemessiahzine.comand blackjack.

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23.12.12, 12:33
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And I am purely by chance when I was looking for programs and games on my newly purchased SGS wifi 4.0 :) And so this forum somehow recruited me, so to speak: D

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23.12.12, 12:34
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at the beginning of the 11th year I wanted to buy an android-smartphone .. I was busy searching for a site where there would be enough information about this system. Through a good uncle Google came acrosssavagemessiahzine.com. At first I was sitting here as a guest, after I bought the phone I had already registered :)

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27.12.12, 05:15

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Even this spring I thought about buying a new phone to replace my “Knockle” and, moreover, only_android. Just liked the recently announced line of Sony NXT. I especially liked the Xperia P. At Ya.Market, I discussed it a lot with other participants, but I didn’t have enough information, and then I started selling it, I kept it in my hands in the communication salon several times, but I couldn’t decide, I’d put it on the spot: D on the forums information and typing in the banal banal "sony xperia p forum" came acrosssavagemessiahzine.com, by that time there were only 2-3 owners of this smartphone. There was a fierce debate about whether there is a 2nd microphone on the Rsche for recording stereo sound. And then one of the members of the forum posted a video that I could not download (error 404: lol :) and it became clear that without registration I would not download it. It was necessary to register as a result :) I continued to read the observations in this topic, the owners became more and more information and the pitfalls surfaced. Then he scored and bought Ushku. Satisfied as an elephant: yes2:
Somehow it was.
30.12.12, 19:36
Letters of cheats IGNORE!

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Mda, we all somehow got here interestingly.))

My topics. >>Club READERS!<<
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30.12.12, 22:21

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After buying kmk, I needed software, which you cannot download here without registration. So I had to. Now I don't regret registering at all.

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30.12.12, 22:34
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It was necessary to find information on the e-book. Left on this forum. Not registered, just went as a guest for information. Then, when I got carried away with this topic (readers) I even took, with the permission of the moderator, the information to form the FAQ (mini: blush :) on another forumfemale).
Then, when for 12 years they were banned on onewomen's forummoved here.
Definitely the best! But there is room to grow -

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31.12.12, 02:50

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It was one of the wonderful winter evenings. I read the discussion of my future smartphone on Yandex Markt and began to notice links tosavagemessiahzine.com..............

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I was lying in the hospital, there was nothing to do, then I wanted to download a cheto, everywhere it was paid, then I got here and started pumping all sorts of rubbish
31.12.12, 10:14

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I looked for firmware on xperiʻu x8, I got it

Trinx X1

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