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Problem solving and help for a beginnerNokia N9

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In the future we will try to collectmini faq (navigation on the topic) on frequent problems arising Nokia N9
Any idea what to add there? Write!

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Good day! I’m looking for a white case, no one, by chance, put it to myself, if so, where did you get / replace it?

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in theory:
1) You can joke on the Internet and order, after which in the SC replace
2) You can try to order, after which in the SC replace
3) can be painted - the material of the case allows you to .. but again you need to disassemble it for this ...

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Hmm, I didn’t find it on the market, but here it is ...

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I found an Internet script for copying deb when installing from the store on an Internet:
#! / bin / sh
who = 'whoami'
if [$ who! = "root"]
then echo "Root rights required"
while [! -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*.*]
sleep 2

cp -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*.* / home / user / MyDocs / Downloads / store /

the folder / home / user / MyDocs / Downloads / store / is created.
Faced such problems:
- when trying to apply chmod + x to a script in the MyDocs folder, aegis swears (although I do it under root)
- when moving to / usr / sbin / chmod it works fine, but on startup it displays:
line 14: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "fi")

where did it find "line 14" and "fi" if there are only 11 lines, respectively, the end of the file in line 12?
I wrote a script in TxPad, then edited in nano, I suspect that TxPad is creating the wrong files, but when creating via Notepad ++ from the computer it’s the same.
Is it possible to run a script from MyDocs?

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Source (ibid. Discussion):

Posted on 07/07/2012, 18:10:

By the way, if there is, then fi should be;)

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understood), apparently I spied on another resource, and there without copy-paste

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Sense in MyDocs to do chmod if there is a FAT section?

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In general, this device fell into the hands, but by some miracle, the predecessors broke the phone’s memory into two disks, leaving only 480kB to one and the rest of the memory on the other disk, which the Windows is trying to format but swearing for security, I’m going to the settings remove protection, enter the standard 12345 (or 00000) but no - the password is incorrect! there is no way to find out the password, there is no way to connect and remove the password with the NSS utility since when connecting to a computer it has only three connection options: 1 - Mass memory, 2 - Web camera, 3 - COM port, in the first version, the computer only sees a disk with 480kB and the second disk is trying to format, the second option, respectively, works as a camera, the third as a modem on the 7th port. I can’t reflash it because there is no synchronization with the computer, there is no password and will not be, the acronis sees only a small disk (480kB).
When dialing * # 0000 # it gives an info:
Model - Nokia N9
Software Version - 011012
Software Version Date - 2012-03-01
Language set -
Code - 0598800
Type flag - Rll-596
Last update - Not updated
Browser Version - 7.2
Flash version - 4.0
How to format this reptile or reset the default password?

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This is not N9.

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Yes, I already understood, but how to solve the problem?

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Yes * # 0000 # on N9 looksSo.

Posted on 08/09/2012, 18:45:

Why are you asking how to solve the problem with the Chinese on the N9 forum? To you somewherehere.

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But how to really know what kind of animal? and solve the problem with password or formatting? And in general it seems to me that the wrong firmware was pulled on this animal, since neither Wi-Fi nor ZhPS are fry or they simply are not there, and the bluetooth is buggy .......... hooh shorter

I understood, I’ll be corrected, I ask the moderator to delete the topic, since I did not previously have a parody of H9

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Koley @ 08/09/2012, 18:46*
But how to really know what kind of animal?

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a typical Chinese .. you need to look for help in a slightly different section ... they’re unlikely to help here .. for “this” just look like n9 and what's inside is a big mystery!

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It would be very interesting to see MeeGo Harmattan on other devices (more powerful for example)! : yes2:
I think that this would encourage some custom developers to write something on it ..: happy:

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Here isheredescribes how MeeGo was ported to other devices, including HTC Desire

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try renaming the name of the file (which you put on the call). The title should not be Cyrillic

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+ it’s such that there are glitches from the user section when picking up tunes .. they treated me by transferring files to the system partition (to the folder with regular tunes)

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I spend a lot of time surfing the Internet on the go, when only 3g mobile Internet is at hand. Moreover, I tried almost all the browsers that exist for my favorite Nokia N9, but the standard browser turned out to be more to my liking, although it does not own a flash. Well, that's not the point.

The essence of the painful problem is that when surfing the Internet from the mobile Internet there is a strong battery landing, not to mention the use in all kinds of transitions and the metro - the consumption increases significantly. And very often the battery is not enough either for a day, for 12 hours it is not enough. True, I’m sitting on the Internet almost constantly, for a total of 8 hours out of 12 plus ICQ is constantly on. It’s the mobile Internet that eats the battery, since with its complete non-use the smart lives for three days.

To save battery power I have already tried many methods, re-read almost all the tips. The only irrelevant for me to set the energy saving mode - in this case, the Internet breaks, and accordingly it is impossible to use ICQ. Also today I switched on an opptimizer with a profile of 800 MHz and 1.0 volts, which gave tangible savings, but still, I think, not all of the reserve in energy conservation is involved.

The technology of the super-amoled screen on the Nokia N9 implies energy savings for backlighting the screen in those places where the image is black. And, as many may have noticed, the standard browser uses a standard web page design similar to all browsers: in the absence of a description of the decor colors, black text is used on a white background. But to save battery, it would be more logical to use the opposite scheme: white text on a black background if the design is not clearly written on the site. In this way, an additional resource would be used to save energy: instead of, say, 100mAh, 30 would be spent, namely, to support the screen's operability in active mode.

Maybe someone knows where to dig to the appropriate settings of a standard browser? Or, if there is no such chip, is it possible to fasten it? If pile, perhaps this revision will be included in the next firmware, how soon it would have come out. Also of interest is the quick change of these settings for the convenience of the user.

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I will answer you, because I don’t want you to feel lonely in your topic))
I have a constant mobile Internet mode, surfing while in transport. Enough for daylight hours. I think there is nothing fundamentally possible to do here. There are no miracles, there is a battery of a certain capacity, but there is a screen, a system, a processor ....

But how long did you manage to extend your life with opptimizer? affected the system (braking) ?? how was it set up?

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