FasterN9 | interface acceleration

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Version: 1.1.7

Last update of the program in the header:05.07.2013

Many have seen and even used this program, it is designed to increase the responsiveness of the interface and the speed of turning the desktops MeeGo
An option for those who do not want or can not, due to various reasons, to contact "Tvikerom"

Russian interface: Not

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Download UNSTABLE version:
DEB: Version 1.1.7
Previous versions

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Attached fileUNSTABLE-fastern9_1.1.7_armel.deb(35.5 KB)

fastern9 (1.1.7) unstable; urgency = low
* Higher priority to Ocho (tryes to fix lags in this application)

fastern9 (1.1.6) unstable; urgency = low
* Tryed to fix stability problems of unstable version
* Higher priority to rPlay (tryes to fix lags in this application)
* Higher priority to Nineshark (tryes to fix lags in this application)
* Improved installation scripts. Install the safer

Added to the header

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Unstable v 1.1.5-1.1.7 love isum 2 game crashes after 15 seconds

Rep: (6)
CK1, but what's the game istunt 2?

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Insert headphones, stop flying out

Rep: (103)
Put version 1.1.7 on PR 1.3 in conjunction with the tweak "Faster transitions" from N9 QuickTweak. It was delivered without problems, but I did not notice any special changes compared to 1.0.1.

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I use version 1.1.5 - quasar mx has become noticeably less slow when launching other applications that was in version 1.0.1

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And what happened to 1.1.5? There are no download links ((

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sawed out .. it was not stable all is remembered ... better than 1.1.7

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And since 1.1.7 there are no problems?

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like no

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I mean, in terms of installation, as it was with version 1.1.5, where the phone went into perpetual reboot.

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I had no problems with either 1.1.5 or 1.1.7. He put on clean bodies without tweaks, then applied tweaks.

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I installed this * deleted * prog, I then decided to remove it and I had to reset the phone without a bang
: yes2:

There are no obscenities here!

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I put it on and off 100 times and not on one machine ... I have never had any problems ... I think there’s a place to be a gopher that is but not visible ...

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But in general there is a sense to put it?
Is there any benefit from it?
Or is it better to use a tweak?

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