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We are glad to see you in our club-fludilka dedicated to the most popular cartoon series
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
Here you can share opinions about the game and the cartoon,
various links to understandable files,
to relax, enjoy friendly communication on familiar (and not only) occasions.

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All pictures must be placed under the spoiler.Picture

Club Rules
The club is fully operationalResource rulesandRules section "Trepalka"Posts that violate these rules will be deleted. Rude and repeated violations will be handled by moderators.

Do not forget that the club was created primarily for warm friendly communication, and therefore:
We treat each other with respect.
We try not to create discomfort to others.
We forget harsh words and phrases before entering the club, this is not the place.
We are not trying to provoke or hurt the interlocutor, such posts will be deleted.
We are not trying to turn the forum into chat: messages that do not imply discussion, do not carry information, and the like will be cleaned (in general, such messages are not strictly prohibited, but know the measure).
You should not lay out the art implying and / or illustrating violence. We are interested in preserving the small cozy world of the MLP in our subject, devoid of allfiend fandom. Starting from crossovers with something violent and ending with trolling haters depicting in every way ... muzy ponies.
Please save this topic from this. Not for this we liked the MLP. Do not deprive us and yourself of this friendly corner.
If you want to lay out the character's characterization of a movie / game that includes violence and cruelty, limit yourself to a neutral portrait. All the same applies to the materials of erotic content. Shpping is one thing, and quite another frank erotica with pornography. If shipping is perfectly acceptable, then erotica and pornography in the subjectnot welcome , and will be deleted without warning.

If you do not agree with the rules, then this club is simply not for you. But don't be discouraged, in "Trebler"you will surely find a topic for communication where you will be welcome.

Rules can be supplemented and changed over time.

A little bit about the cartoon
"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" (eng. "Little Ponies: The Magic of Friendship") - the animated series of 2010 about little ponies, corresponding to the fourth generation of toys. Animation done using Flash technology. From the very outset, style, vibrant characters and humor have earned the series great popularity among a wide audience. The animated series was created by Loren Faust and voiced by a star cast of actors including Tara Strong, Andre Libmen and Tabitha Germain.

main character - Twilight Sparkle Pony Unicorn. She is the most talented student of Princess Celestia, and goes head-on into magic. A mentor and friend, Celestia sends her to Ponyville, a provincial town founded by earth ponies. There she must learn about how important friendship is.

Voice acting characters
Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle
Ashleigh Ball - Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy
Cathy Weseluck - Spike, Mayor Mare, Coco Pommel
Claire Corlett - Sweetie Belle
Madeleine Peters - Scootaloo
Michelle Creber - Apple Bloom
Nicole Oliver - Princess Celestia, Cheerilee
Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith
Britt McKillip - Princess Cadance
Andrew Francis - Shining Armor
Peter New - Big McIntosh
Brenda Crichlow - Zecora
John de Lancie - Discord
Kelly Sheridan - Starlight Glimmer
Chantal Strand - Diamond Tiara
Shannon Chan Kent - Silver Spoon
Brynna Drummond - Babs Seed
Graham Verchere, William Lawrenson - Pipsqueak
Alvin Sanders, Blu Mankuma - Flutterguy
Kathleen Barr - Trixie Lulamoon
Ingrid Nilson - Maud Pie
Richard Newman - Cranky Doodle Donkey
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Cheese Sandwich
Lena Hall - Countess Coloratura
Maryke Hendrikse - Gilda
Erin Matthews - Gabby
Kazumi Evans - Moondancer
Rebecca Husain - Minuette
Willa Milner - Princess Ember
Kyle Rideout - Thorax

Voice acting
Shannon Chan-Kent - Pinkie Pie
Kazumi Evans - Rarity
Rebecca Shoichet - Twilight Sparkle

Daniel Ingram
William Kevin Anderson
Steffan andrews
Caleb chan

About communityBronies4PDA

We always welcome new people and are open to everyone. To get to us enough to unsubscribe in the subject and write to QMScurator.
Do not forget to addin signaturelink to the club:

Signature link
[url = // URL]


Past polls
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Useful materials
Torrent :
Season 1 :
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NNM-Club[720p + 60FPS]
Season 2 :
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Attached file1080p.torrent(75.11 KB)

Season 3 :
Season 4 :
Season 5 :
720p dubbing (Trina Dubovitskaya)
Season 6 :
720p amateur dubbing
Season 7 :
1080p - amateur dubbing
Season 8 :
1080p - amateur dubbing
Season 9 :
1080p - amateur dubbing
My Little Pony: The Movie
Original 1080p

Season 1-4 + SnowDrop + Double Rainbow byMuskart_33 :

Online :
Sunnysubs- Fansab;
Yaypony- Episodes in iTunes RAW, comics, books and more.

YouTube :
Double rainboom
Fall of the Crystal Empire
My Little Dashie - The Mini Movie
Armor: unexpectedly grown-up fans of My Little Ponies
Fluffle puff tales
Let's Go and Meet The Bronies!

Wallpapers :
Rutracker - >4,500 wallpapers with categories;
My little wallpaper - >7,200 with search by category and parameters.

Community : the largest blog; [En] wiki on the MLP universe; [En] the largest Russian-language site on MLP topics; blog booking service; pony painting technique; Minecraft server; Timer new series; reservation forum; English-speaking imageboard; tutorials on drawing pon;
How Much of a Brony Are You- Pony personality test.
Channel and chat in Telegram -

Media : ponyarty; ponyarty; EverFree radio; A large repository of MLP-relayed music; # 24670249)- LinuxPony;
Pony Icon Packs:1, 2.

Flash :
Derpy's Story;
Dota 2;
Interactive map of Equestria.

Applications & Software : by stp101 # 51649241)- Instructions for Google's definition using Stylish # 30629242)- Pony to the desktop [Windows ]; John Tanner # 40144597)- Topics on MLP topics [Windows 7 ]; # 17421516)- Selection of applications [Android ]; # 32388051)- Theme for GO Launcher [Android ];
Window to Equestria [3D, G-sensor]- Window to Equestria [Android ];
My Fairy Pony [3D] (Post # 31083081)- A game [Android ];
MLP: Pinkie Pie Timer (Post # 31083107)- A game [Android ]; # 25807917)- gif-ki ponyash with Tabun; # 30344688)- Smaylopak from the Herd; # 26314302)- Puppy live wallpaper;
Screensaver'sbyscadl ;
Pony Creator 3byscadl ;
Universal swf screensaver- Installing .swf as a setting;
Pony Creator Offline:Gdrive | Ya.Disk.

Artposts :
< WandererZero # 84268927) WandererZero # 84353163) >

Old version : # 19004371)- v3 # 19408076)- v2 # 18102268)- v1

Backup of 09/15/ by stp101 # 65067246)

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hint p34
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All ponies! All good!
In GL I'm under the nickname nikitenich

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All ponies! All good!
In GL I'm under the nickname nikitenich


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zack3334 @ 11/28/2012, 6:03 PM*
To get to the list of official reservationssavagemessiahzine.comyou need to insert a link to the topic in the signature and write

Choyta can not see the links in the signature: laugh_wild:

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Hi all! Armor, and in combination player: happy: Adding to GL: Live, nickname Twix955

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Twix95 @ 11/28/2012, 6:54 PM*
Hi all! Armor, and in combination player: happy: Adding to GL: Live, nickname Twix955

In the description refer to this page :)

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zack3334, check)

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Ru all :) you are with us

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All good!
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nikitenich pony religious propaganda: D

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Twix95 @ 11/28/2012, 7:40 PM*
nikitenich pony religious propaganda: D

Aha :)

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So where is the signature: bubble:

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Satisfied? :)

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: facepalm:

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wandererbk @ 11/28/2012, 8:52 PM*
: facepalm:

What confuses you sobsno?))

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Who is VKontakte?

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Yes, everything is there: D

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Well then dobovlyaytes!

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Added)) Also, all who want to add, my VC in the profile)

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And if I don't play ponyash, but just a fan of ponies themselves? : D
Would enter if not my ancient Optimus on 2.1 xD

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