Update the program.

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Update the program.

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The topic is for those who for some reason cannot update the program with GP, but there is no update on our forum. Here you can leave a request for an update (already existing!) On the forum of the program.

  • Ability to self-update the program -Yalp Store
  • Applications for game updates are left in the subject.Upgrade your game!
  • Please note this topic is createdOnly for requests for updates of existing programs on the forum!Requests to post missing programs to the forum will be deleted.
  • Requests for file reloading leave in the subject Perezalete ... . From here they will be removed.
  • No need to write "Thank you," "You are super," "I want children from you," and other thanks offtop. If you can increase your reputation - clickPictureinstead of a thousand words! You can not - click on the buttonPictureunder the message where they helped you, and write thanks.

For those who ask:
  • Leave a request to update the program withMandatory reference to the topic in the sectionAndroid - Programs .
  • Ask to upload a program to the forum that is not here yet, DO NOT!
  • Be patient and wait. We also note that posting an application in this topic does not guarantee updating the program on the forum.
  • Raise and duplicate the application is not necessary.
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Update the program920 Text Editor

For those who undertake to update programs:
  • We leave a mark in the topic that they took, so as not to have duplicates. For this it is enough to quote the post with the application and write "In Work", etc.
  • We update the updated version of the apk directly in the subject.programs and click the complaint So that the moderators raise a new version in the header.
  • Then inthis The topic is added to your post link from the program with the new version.
  • Upload apk to this topic is PROHIBITED!
Design example
Update the program 920 Text Editor

In the work.

Updated:920 Text Editor (Post GoblinNN # 53272380)

The idea to create a theme for the updateof programs belongs VLADFIONOV
All thanks to him.: yes2:

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UpdateMoє ZNO (Post Dalv19 # 63106453)otherwise I have no GP Service: rolleyes:
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Hello, could you updateµTorrent® - Torrent Downloaderto 5.5.4, please

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* mariazahar91 , µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader (Post • Last • • # 86363904)

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