Comparison of Poweramp sound with other players | Who gives the sound better. Your opinions, evidence, justification
Which player has the best sound?
Vote, only if comparing player
Poweramp [ 2333 ] ** [46,89%]
Neutron Music Player [ 763 ] ** [15,34%]
JetAudio [ 598 ] ** [12,02%]
Stellio [ 202 ] ** [4,06%]
DeaDBeeF Player [ 21 ] ** [0,42%]
TTPod android [ 30 ] ** [0,6%]
ZPlayer [ 13 ] ** [0,26%]
Rocket Music Player [ 16 ] ** [0,32%]
Winamp [ 64 ] ** [1,29%]
Mortplayer [ 11 ] ** [0,22%]
Xplay music player [ 6 ] ** [0,12%]
doubleTwist Player [ 9 ] ** [0,18%]
GoneMAD Music Player [ 130 ] ** [2,61%]
Music PlayerPro [ 145 ] ** [2,91%]
n7player music player [ 30 ] ** [0,6%]
Fusion music player [ 2 ] ** [0,04%]
AIMP for Android [ 360 ] ** [7,24%]
Walkman [ 160 ] ** [3,22%]
Rockbox [ 42 ] ** [0,84%]
Music Folder Player [ 40 ] ** [0,8%]
Total votes: 4975

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Discussion and comparison of sound in different players.
the basis / landmark is taken popular player Poweramp

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The equalizer setting directly touches the sound! Discussion of the principles of setting and working with an equalizer is allowed, but please do not engage in garbage and do not post presets, the devices / headphones / listeners are different.
Information on various effects, sound chips, as well as sound comparison experiments are welcome!
Please explain, prove, justify, just express your opinion. If necessary, you can upload pictures, programs, etc.

Although this is in the rules, I emphasize once again
It is forbidden to use the "arguments" type "fool himself" and roll down to the insults of the opponent !!!

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Vokalovka delirium of some kind), turn up even with the player about the sound can not be compared. not to mention the neutron.

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* tod13,

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He did not read the cap, except for the name (did not want to go blind). So what is the argument? Download any samsung music, download tracks and listen! : help: What is the problem? What kind of monitors .. You still go with laptops, so that the sound "was cleaner", and take a couple of amplifiers, the phone also sounds "cuts." All players are different software settings (the presence of an equalizer eliminates the difference between any of them), what's the point to compare them if the sound depends more on the source and the file itself.

P. S. The most delusional bathert I ever saw.

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A poll in the cap how old?

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I do not know how to exchange JetAudio in conjunction with Viper FX for this miracle. No matter how tuned and compared with the Jet - at GoneMAD Music Player sound is much worse. IMHO

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* sagitarius1512,
Are you seriously? I’m not talking about gonmed, but about connecting a player with my own and very bad-looking engine with a dead program that just kills the audio track? You listen to the viper, not the player itself.
By sabzh - the author is at least two years behind the life, the new version is the second year in the alpha stage, but there is nothing interesting in it, even weaker than the two in terms of functionality. At one time, the player entered the top five, now the usual trash, which in the market a dime a dozen. Sorry, the potential was good.

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* Naivik,
There are those who listen to music, but there are those who need "so that the bass shatali." imho you from the second

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* Dutch78 ,
There is no difference between pamp and jetaudio. In addition to the interface, because codecs tezhe. And all the difference that you supposedly see is only in your head.

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Naivik @ 06/13/19, 2:05 pm*
No difference
the difference in EQ processing (and other effects). The difference in the methods used sound output.

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Naivik @ 06/13/19, 10:05*
There is no difference between pamp and jetaudio.

and where in your original post referring to audio players?
you have a severe bathert that has nothing to do with reality. There are players with their audio engine, which spit on system codecs and use only their own stitched ones. so that you still from the category that need to "so the bass shatali"

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Dutch78 @ 06/13/19, 14:48*
and where in your original post referring to audio players?

There was a reference to samsung music.
Dutch78 @ 06/13/19, 14:48*
you are still from the category that you need "so that the bass shatali"

Pah, think what you want. Paid 150 rub. for pamp and deify him - laughter and only: rofl:
By the way, in your praised player there is no possibility of transferring an audio file, how so? Trimmed functionality in favor of "sound"?
Yes, and the battery eats this superplayer for Bole, people said 2 times somewhere.

I, dear, if I want to "bass wobbly", the last thing I think about is the player through which to play the track. Because, as I said earlier:
Naivik @ 06/01/19, 3:57*
the sound depends more on the source and the file itself.

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* Naivik Where I said that yuzayu vevermp? In my opinion this is complete sucks, not a player. At one time I used a neutron, but now I use onkyo and everyone is happy. And Samsung Music is from the discharge player by default so that it is. By the way, sony music Das this Samsung have a hundred points odds.

I see you have a very developed desire to wishful thinking and to draw conclusions on what is not clear.

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Dutch78 @ 06/14/19, 6:21*
make conclusions incomprehensible on what

I make conclusions on your own words.
Dutch78 @ 06/14/19, 6:21*
veramp? In my opinion this is complete sucks, not a player.

Then I do not understand your bathert. I initially talked about his ordinariness, but it hurt you and decided to “wit”.

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I listen to flac music through AIMP, exclusively without equalizers, because I like it better than Poweramp and even Onkyo bought. Indeed, there really is someone. Truly, 'tastes do not argue (s)

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AKG Y50 + Neutron + Note8 (Exynos)
The first ones are with the wire and without it (more often - without), in the second I turn on the equalizers occasionally to adjust the sound to my taste.
Jet, PAmp and others (including Onkyo) - each has its own positive nuances, but the quality of sound all merge Neutron, imho.

Regarding external DAC - a controversial point: on studio monitors, when mixing tracks and a connected external DAC, the difference is audible, on the phone, even if you connect the same studio ears - I personally can not hear the difference.

Further, the wife of the iPhone 6S with some ears, gags for $ 50 + Flacbox. So, my Note8 + Neutron, with or without DAC, with Bose ears or monitors, merges Athos in terms of sound quality, and epic merges directly.

Summary: if you want a good sound, buy an iPhone. Or HiFi player.

I, however, stay with my disgusting Exynos, since I need a phone not only for music, but to invest in a new iPhone for me.

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So far, in terms of high-quality sound, and the number and breadth of the settings, nothing is better than PAMP is not released (especially the latest beta version).
The only minus-in favor of entertainment is bolted graphic visualization, implemented slightly through dupu.
There is something to learn from Neutron.
The rest of the audio software that is available in the Market has been retested, but ...
Excuse me, gentlemen, before Pover as before the moon on foot.
And this is one of those rare apk in general for Android, which I honestly bought.
Yes, for this without hesitation and would give ВЈ 100.

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* kreozott7,
I support. There are only three real players with their own engine and a full set of features - poweramp, neutron, UAPP, somewhere near PlayerPro, Myplayer ++ and JetAudio. All the rest is ordinary rubbish with dull skins, sphetophore flowers and other tinsel.

Posted 06/06/2019 16:31:

* her-karlason
Afonya and good sound? You did not confuse? IOS with all the limitations where even 24-bit files cannot be listened to.

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* urbanizator_man , put flacbox and listen to lossless. The sound is very balanced, but if you don’t like it, in flacbox you adjust EQ.
Listened to 6s. I wanted to keep myself, but walking like a Christmas tree hung with gadgets is uncomfortable, and the screen size plays a role. There will be extra money - peresyadu on poppy with the entire ecosystem.

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Reason for editing: correction

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* her-karlason
Are you trying to convince me? I assure you, it is in vain. Trash it in Antarctica trash (Afonya).
Just do not compare desktop OS with mobile. These are completely different products. On a Mac with version 10.4.5 Tiger, it was already possible to install it on a regular PC, since working with multimedia, only on it.

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