Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus - firmware MIUI (OS 4.1)

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Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus - firmware MIUI (OS 4.1)
PictureGT-I9001, Galaxy S 2011 EDITION, Aries Ve
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MIUI v4.1on xda
MIUI v5on xda

MIUI firmware has BETA.Proshivka status is suitable for everyday ispolzovaniya.Vse that it is missing or does not work, can be found in the header.

Drivers and Utilities

By installing the firmware for the performance of the unit responsible carry you and only you!
MIUI v5 Multi-Lang 4.2.21 (ION) by zxc123coke
What's new:
  • New base cm-10.1 ION release 4
  • The new kernel K ^ Kernel v1.3 OC_UV_367M.
  • Multi-Lang package included in firmware
  • Advanced settings in the application menu (Thanks to Christopher83)
  • Synchronization with MIUI 4.2.21

Download - Torrent / XDA-Developers
MIUI-K ^ kernel ION_V1.1:Download

MIUI-V5 Multi-Lang 4.1.17 Release 5 (ION) by chrisg4
What's new:
  • Resource Synchronization MIUI
  • Bug fixes

Download - 4shared
MIUI-K ^ kernel ION_V1.1:Download

After the firmware, I recommend to immediately put the kernel with a larger amount of RAM in order to avoid its shortage at the future use of the firmware.


Weather bz - Powered by Weather widgets display MIUI v4 and v5 and shows the weather all over the world


How to add firmware Russian language
System requirements:
  • Windows (Does not work on Windows 8 RT), OS X, * nix (Any platform that is binary compatible with Linux and Java which can run)
  • Java Runtime Environment

Download Translation Tools:

  1. Unpack the archive in any folder;
  2. Open "CloudBuildr.jar" file;
  3. View application settings and select your time zone and save (optional);
  4. Then in the program click the right mouse button and look for your firmware, open it;
  5. Click on "Extract or update" and wait for the end of all the downloads;
  6. Click "Compile" and then wait for the end of the download;
  7. After the end of transfer of the firmware will be in the folder specified in the program


Subject to miSpace
Download or Direct download link
Attached Image

Google apps
JB 4.2.1
Change from December 12, 2012

Download -yandex / google
Md5 - C4A07A24E11448824B84E314600CD357 / Size - 89.9 MB (94,356,472 bytes)

JB 4.1.x
Change from October 11, 2012

Download -yandex / google
Md5 - 4E9E7EC3C22B0B3471BD05D62B8A659D / Size - 88.4 MB (92,706,064 bytes)

Install CWM:
Download the Multi_Downloader_v4.43_with_smd0425.exe and AriesVE.rar:
Attached fileMulti_Downloader_v4.43_with_smd0425.exe(447 kb)

Attached fileAriesVE.rar(182 bytes)

Extract files
Download the CWM -Attached filerecovery_clockwork_5.5.0.4_ariesve.tar(3.81 MB)

Run Multi_Downloader_v4.43_with_smd0425, click the OPS button and select the file AriesVE.ops
Unpack the archive, put a tick in the flasher - One Package, we press the button and select One Package just unpacked file recovery-clockwork-
We go to the flashing mode on your phone. Hold the volume down buttons together, the central menu button, switch until the green Android with the caption "do not turn off target".
Connect your phone to your computer. NOT flashing through USB 3.0 (usually marked with blue seam. Insert, but may not be labeled)
Press the Start button and wait until the end of the firmware

Install MIUI out of CWM:
Download the MIUI on external memory
Go to CWM
Go to the section - Mounts and Storage, doing format - format / system, format / cashe, format / data, etc. do Wipe data / factory reset, wipe cache partition, go to the section - advanced and do Wipe Dalvik Cache, Wipe Battery Stats. Without leaving the CWM proceed to the next step
In CWM choose - install zip from sdcard - choose zip from external sdcard - select archive - do restart and wait for the download MIUI, or you can go directly to the next step
MIUI After downloading the same pattern set Gapps, after the restart.
To make it less bugs, after loading the device to reset via settings, then go to the CWM and do wipe cache partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache

Kernel installation:
Download the archive with the kernel, we throw off the stick and go in the CWM
Choose - install zip from sdcard - choose zip from external sdcard - select archive - put
In CWM do wipe cache partition, go to the point - advanced and do Wipe Dalvik Cache, - restart [/ color].
MIUI - firmware is based on CyanogenMod 10. Accordingly stitched smoothly as well as firmware CyanogenMod.


Q: I can not find a market / add a Google account /
A: No Google Apps package installed. Download it from the links in the header and install via CWM.

B: I can not find in the file manager SD card, but information about it, there are files with it are available in the gallery, the player ...
A: External SD in / mnt / external_sd /, and the internal SD in / sdcard

Q: Where can I turn on closing the application by holding the Back button?
A: Settings - Set buttons - Long keypress closes the application (put a check box).

Q: Where can I see the numbers on the SIM card?
A: In the standard contact manager, they can only be imported.

Q: Where are created during the installation backup firmware? Can I delete them?
A: The phone memory pack Clockworkmod - Backup. If there are no problems after the upgrade / installation of the firmware - backups can be deleted.

Q: What are GApps and what are they for?
A: GApps are Google applications and services (for example, Market). Initially, they are not added to the firmware (under the license of Google, developers are not allowed to do this). GApps need to be installed independently after each update.

Q: The regular player does not play AVI files.
A: There are no AVI codecs in the firmware - the CyanogenMod team has no right to add them. they are proprietary. When developing CyanogenMod, only OpenSource is used. Use alternative video players.

Q: Program XXX does not work.
A: Check program compatibility with ICS. Most likely, this is the problem of the application, not the firmware.

Q: The XXX program is not available in the Market. "Device not supported"
A: The program may not be adapted for Android 4 ICS. Perhaps the reason is the modified DPI, if you changed it.

Q: Why does the battery consume so much?
A: The first 2-3 days after the firmware can quickly discharge the battery. To calibrate the battery should go through 2-3 cycles of full discharge & battery charge.

Q: A week has passed, and the battery is still consumed very quickly.
Рћ: Reset battery statistics: when fully charged in Advanced recovery - Wipe battery stats
View the topic of energy saving.

Q: How to set 3G / WCDMA only mode?
A: We dial in the dialer * # * # 4636 # * # *, select WCDMA only, go back, after about a minute the phone switches to WCDMA only mode.

Q: How to assign the completion of a call to the Power button?
Рћ: Settings - Special features - tick the "Power button ends the call"

Q: The firmware is available very little free RAM
O: Set the core with an increased amount of memory (Supermem; Highmem)

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Suitable for everyday use? Or is it better to wait until the new version?

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no_name2410, wait for, the more that's already about to come out normal Rom

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Alex closed the issue with the firmware. All because of angry letters from unknown Hayter, Alex is very hurt. What will be, nobody knows.

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Yes, it is a pity. We have to change the phone soon

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And because there is always someone who will spoil everything.

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[ROM] [JB] [JZO54K] MIUI 2.11.16 Alpha 1 Multi-Lang

What works:
Proximity sensor
USB mass storage
HW accelerated gui
HW accelerated video
Video camera

Does not work:
Vsync required to complete the work project butter


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Put MIUI JB 2.10.19.
Discovered a small problem ... It is not our mighty Russian language !!!

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Russian is. I might add that I have somehow miraculously flew Ruth

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SHIFT! @ 21.11.2012, 20:48*
Russian is. I might add that I have somehow miraculously flew Ruth

I have no Russian Oo
Just flashed here
And yet, there is no USB connection to a computer Oo
Honestly, through the ass piercing is done through the ass ...., somehow ...

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Moved to -Samsung
Enjoy your discussion.

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Vanvanko @ 21.11.2012, 16:53*
Yes, it is a pity. We have to change the phone soon

My phone? Only i33a MIUI ?? Edrit you commit rash acts craftsman!

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I work MIUI 4.1.2 with kernel 3.0.52. Screens made, but I can not lay out, since it is not working USB

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Music put on SMS and the alarm clock? Topics just do not work?

Posted on 21.11.2012, 22:46:

many bugs?

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The speed of higher than 4?

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SHiFT! forward screenshots and comments on the work :-)

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Rekoveri flied. In general, anything like that. Retarding slegontsa, Desk sometimes offers close. But I'm pleased with the work. The camera works fine, the sound is good. Alpha is more than enough.

I can report that my GPS did not rise

Who has any problems?

I returned back to the RC5. Good luck to all.

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It is better not to put until, wait for the next update.
The big difference between 4 and did not find ...

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Grigmag, Duck out there and do not imply the revolutionary difference. The most important difference - is a project of the oil from which interface should fly. Other changes such as the not so fundamental.

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Ummm well, I was not working wifi, usb sdcards and much more

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Put MIUI 2.11.16 JB Alpha 1 Multi-Lang, like all standards, except those (does not want to show, but not the most important), and in the messages do not want dialogue, they do not set up, just by itself and my sender.

I put [ICS 4.0.4] MIUI v.4 Final [27.10.2012] - there is a problem of the application by the message: send - and the error immediately, unresponsive.

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