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Question about the VBA, if he has a trial period if you can pick up the key in some way? or even remove this line about blocking?Attached file1.zip(1.22 MB)

PS I am far from it, I will be grateful for any information

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* nonamed90, Chances are you can and (or) pick up (remove).

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It turns out there is no password, but can not get the editor. You can touch up on my way to the faithful? : Lol:

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nonamed90 @ 24.01.20, 17:34*
the path of the faithful?
Igor can pay for his work?

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I have this particular file is not interested, just I find an analogue in the net. I just kind brother macro develops, I wondered whether this kind of protection to bypass or not possible. What method? Judging by how you answered earlier, not too difficult to do so.
If you do not want to answer to my post, it is quite understand it all looks strange from the outside, agree

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* nonamed90, There are several ways, if for example, write to the PM.

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