Guess the word by three letters

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Rules - must read!

The first player makes a word (noun, nominal, in the singular, in the nominative case, not diminutive-petulant) and writes three letters from it in a row (no matter at the beginning, end or middle).
If there is no singular, then you can use the plural.

The next player guesses the word and offers his own set of three consecutive letters.
The word may not coincide with the guess, but the letters must be from a real word.
On otgadki in which rare words are used it is necessary to give a comment.
It’s impossible to take rare words into riddles.

For example: I write: -or-
The next one writes: f-oru-m and offers his own letter combination: -aib-, the next one writes the answer sh-ayb-a, and offers his own version.

The rules for writing letters:
XXX * - means that the letters at the beginning of the word
* XXX * - means that the letters in the middle of the word
* XXX - means that the letters at the end of the word

(Changes from 04/09/10)

If in two hours the word is not guessed, then the person who is thinking calls his word.
After 2.5 hours, any player starts the game again.

Note: "e" and "e", "and" and "d" are different letters, and the signs "b" and "b" are not vowels.
The letter "y" is considered consonant.

Some additional comments.

1. You can’t think of rare words, it is against the rules of the game.
2. Rare words can be guessed, necessarily giving a note after the answer.
3. Note to the riddle / guess is given in gray.
4. If you do not want to receive a word (words) in response, specify them in the note (in brackets) completely, with each guessing attempt, so that you do not have to go into previous posts and look for what was already there .
For example,
-mous- (not mousse, not primus, not litmus, not hypothalamus, not surface gage, not humus, not nutmeg) -
correct note as well
-anp- (not all that see above; not another compound-abbreviated word) -
wrong note.
5. Double words (for example, papier-mГўchГ©, dress code, etc.) can neither be guessed nor guessed.

Taken from

There for violations of the rules - banyat. We will not be and the exception.

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Airplane or helicopter

Vehicle underground
* etr *

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* dA5niles ,
: ok:
Metr about

* oro *summer treat

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Ice cream

one of its types
* ako *

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No answer...

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* dA5niles, so this is not a view, but a name) and therefore did not guess)))

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Something all stalled

When a fire in a large store do
* kua *

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* feather *(and then they come and start looking ...)

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Only a sapper comes to my head, but it’s not suitable

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Razum_04 @ 03/03/19, 10:35*
does not fit

Add the letter "S", because they will do)

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Brut @ 05/05/07, 9:24 PM*
The first player makes a word (noun, common noun,in the singular , in the nominative case, not diminutive)
* urpek ,

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I apologize, of course Sappers ... I considered it possible to deviate slightly from the rules, firstly because these chelas do not work one at a time, and secondly because of the explicit reference to many others. number in the comment.

But since this caused difficulty, henceforth I promise not.

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Chloe *
It is mainly used for the winter holiday ...

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Clapper board

* bad *(theater and concert "crackers")

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Roses *220

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* zyo *(socket and plug into it from the point of view of an electronic engineer, slang)

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Update *Because of it, it can slow down the smartphone

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* un *(anti-update)

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Wholesale *Improves productivity

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But very often optimization does not bring anything useful and then it is just * fan *

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