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LG Nexus 4 - Purchase

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PurchaseLG Nexus 4
PictureLG Nexus 4
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Firmware | Ubuntu Touch Firmware | Marriage | All about buying LG Nexus 4 | Power consumption and autonomy LG Nexus 4 | LG Google Nexus 4 club | Modification of software and decorations for Google Nexus 4 | games and apps
  • Attention! To ensure greater security of the parcel do not publish the tracking number, index, address to a successful receipt.
  • Before buying readFAQ on buying portable devices abroad.
  • Before posting photos, read the topic Working with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.

There are currently problems with the purchase of the device! Who bought earlier - do not mislead people.

Before asking a question
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MiniFAQ required to read
Mini-FAQ on the purchase of Nexus 4 from the US Google Play

  • So, how do I buy a nexus?
    Read the manuals under the spoilerWays to buy in a hat
  • What tools can I use to go to the American Google Play and successfully make purchases there?
    Sites : http://www.hidemyass.com/ , http://hideme.ru , https://www.privatetunnel.com/ (free 100 MB of traffic)
    Programs : Firefox + supplement AnonymoX , TunnelBear (up to 500 MB of traffic per month for free)
  • Is it necessary, after ordering, to be afraid of your own shadow, to untie a phone, tablet from your account, to go to the post office only under the American IP?
    NOT . Your IP can change as you like, Google will not cancel the order and will not block the card because of this.
  • I have Google Play in Russian, although IP is American. Something went wrong?
    It's ok. No need to panic or climb into the settings, enjoy the store in your own language
  • With the help of which intermediaries can a parcel be delivered to Russia / Ukraine / other countries?
    http://meest.us/(transportation in Ukraine is carried out by courier service, bypassing the Ukrpochta)
    Parcel post
  • How much will the delivery from an intermediary cost me?
    Each one is different. Consider the cost on the calculator on the intermediary site:
    meest.us - $ 25
    Parcel post
  • How much will my nexus cost on Google Play? Without taking into account the fee to the intermediary, that is, how much should I pay Google
    To get started, find out the state in which the intermediary warehouse is located. Look for staff inWiki articleand see the percentage (for example, for the state of California it is 7.25%). Shipping cost in the US is $ 14. The percentage of the state is taken from the cost of the device + price for delivery. Example for the same California and Nexus 4 16 GB:
    Final price = ($ 349 + $ 14) * 1.0725 = $ 389.32
  • Which states are tax-free? What intermediaries have warehouses in these states?
    Tax-free states are looking forhere.
    Intermediaries in tax-free states : shipito (warehouse Tualatin, Oregon), shopogol (Portland, Oregon), shop4import (Medford, Oregon), Banderolka (Oregon)
  • What cards can I order?
    Theoretically, with the help of almost any Visa card, MasterCard. Cards Qiwi Visa Card and Visa Classic Internet (virtual, PrivatBank) tested by experience. You can't answer this question exactly, so try it.
  • When adding a card, an error "invalid credit card number" pops up. How to be?
    This card can not be tied to a Google account, you need another card, this will not work
  • What to write to the card address, home address, default shipping address?
    In Home address, Billing Address, Shipping Address you need to write ONLY INTERMEDIARY ADDRESS. Your address should not be there, otherwise there will be problems with the purchase. Make sure all addresses are from the USA. And do not forget to choose the default shipping address.
  • I can not select my card in the list of payment methods on Google Play (the card is inactive). What have I done wrong?
    Most likely, one of the above addresses does not indicate the United States. Check them carefully (in your Google Wallet). If everything is correct, but it still doesn’t go any further, remove and reconnect the card to your account, reset the addresses. Try to buy again.
  • When buying a robot climbs out, what to do?
    Most often this happens because of incorrectly entered data (see above). It can also be a banal Google Play glitch, especially during a serious load on the store.
  • Okay, I sort of bought a nexus. How to determine if everything went well?
    The presence of the following lines inGoogle wallettalks about successful payment:
    [attachment = "2301534: success.png"]
  • I made an order, and his status is “Will be sent within X weeks,” what does this mean?
    This means that your order will be sent to the intermediary within the specified period. Maybe the next day, and maybe at the end of the term.
  • Some time after the order came a letter about its cancellation. What to do next?
    How to verify your card and do you have to do it in the required order?

    If you received a letter with the cancellation of the order, you need to verify the card. If such a letter did not arrive, it is not necessary to verify the card! The verification procedure is described in this manual:http://habrahabr.ru/post/148883/
    Verification link:https://support.google.com/wallet/bin/reque..._error&rd=1(Go in authorized condition!)
  • What documents need to be sent for card verification?
    1. Your passport (not necessarily foreign, sent both Russian and Ukrainian passports) or any other document confirming your identity.
    2. Extract from the bank on the card with which the payment is made (information about the cardholder must be visible, that is, the thread on which you and the card can be linked) Some had a screenshot of their online banking account.Both the statement and the screen should be sent as "Bank statement"
  • When to wait for a response to verification?
    Within 3-5 business days. During a special load, the waiting time may increase.
  • What does Pending / Pending status mean?
    It means that Google is processing your order. Next stage - "Shipped"
  • Do I need to cancel an order with the status "Pending" and make a new one?
    If the status does not change for about a week, and you are not eager, you can try to cancel the order and make a new one. Or just make a new one without canceling the old one.But it is not necessary to do this without fail!
  • What does "Pre-order" / "Pre-order" status mean?
    This means that your order has been successfully processed by Google, but there is no product yet, so you have to wait for it to appear. The next stage is “Pending”, if the goods appeared, but you haven’t sent it to you yet, or “Shipped”, if the goods appeared and it was immediately prepared for shipment to you.
  • The money returned for purchase was returned to the card / SMS came with a notice of cancellation of the purchase. What does this mean and what to do?
    When buying on Google Play, the money from your card is frozen, and not really withdrawn.They are removed only when the status of your order becomes "Shipped"! Money can be in a freezing state only for a certain period established by your bank (and not Google!). If after this period the status of your order has not changed to "Shipped", the bank defrosts the money and they are returned back to the card. To order this in no way affects, rest assured! Money will be withdrawn again when your order is shipped. The main thing is to keep the required amount on the card.
  • Hurray, the status of my order "Shipped" / "Sent"! Does this mean that soon my nexus will come to the mediator?
    Not always. The status "Shipped" means only that Google has reserved a track number for your parcel. And when on this track your package really goes - the question.
  • My order has not been shipped, although N days have passed! What to do, what to do?
    If it’s been less than what Google promised to buy (the phrase about “will be sent during ...”), then just wait. If not, then write to the Google support:http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/r...ontact&rd=3
  • Why is my order not yet shipped, although the older ones have long been shipped?
    Only Google knows this. Orders are not processed in the order in which they were accepted. If there is no patience, you can make a new order by canceling this one. Perhaps with him more luck.

Any additions and corrections are welcome.
Say thanks to usersstalkercv, Frostwar, Sergey_ka, Noggano, drewnyafor useful posts.

For providing the FAQ, we say thanksv-haker.

What to check when buying a smartphone?
  1. Check out the most important function: call. Make a call from the purchased phone for 5-10 seconds. Also call him. You and your interlocutor should be well heard. You can use the recorder.
  2. Check out the external speaker by turning on any music / melody. The speaker should not wheeze or distort the sound.
  3. Check the integrity of the case. There should not be chips, gaps and other defects.
  4. Check the battery, as well as the possibility of charging it. Put the phone on charge. The phone must respond to it.
  5. Check out the camera, take a couple of photos and shoot a video.
  6. Check the screen for dead pixels or other faults. As well as setting the brightness.
  7. Check the headset performance. Make a call with a headset and listen to music.
  8. Check in the phone settings memory information. Does her phone see?
  9. Check the phone's vibration by setting the silent mode.
  10. Check the operation of all buttons. They must respond without delay and the first time.
  11. Check the performance of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GPS.
  12. Check the accelerometer.
  13. Check equipment with user manual.
  14. Check the phone's IMEI, it should match the one on the package.

Ways of purchase, how to buy through intermediaries:

Expanded instructions.
We return the Russian market.
Useful numbers of different services .
Nexus 4 online availability monitor in all sales countries
Another Nexus 4 Accessibility Monitor
Tables with order status and form to fill.
Deciphering the status of track numbers and the date of display status.
We work with EMS on violation of the delivery time of packages - instructions
Device information is here.LG Nexus 4 (LG-E960)

For all questions about editing the caps, contact the curator of the topic.DioxidizerQMS.

Dear users, I urge you to refrain from flooding and offtopic. Most of the information you can find in the topic header. You can also use the search on the topic. Before asking a question, read the topic header.

If you want to share your experience, track or other information onyourpurchase, please do it in a specially created topicAll about buying LG Nexus 4. Such messages will be deleted. And repeating comrades will be issued a warning.

I hope for your understanding. Enjoy your shopping!

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It is a pity that not many managed to order a new Nexus 4.
Here are a couple of moments who can help you successfully make an order in the first minutes:
If you will use when orderingOpenvpn ( TunnelBear , and others) and then use Crome.
There is a very handy extension for Crome.Page Monitor it will constantly monitor the product page and as soon as the buy button appears, it will immediately notify you (with sound and message) about it.
Here is a detailed description
All successful purchases, waiting for new batches of goods.

FrostWar @ 11/14/2012, 1:43 PM*
Sberbank paid a visa tied to Google Jack, billing listed us. All pays)

It is foolish to brag about it, having copied only one number from your plastic card, you can be inscribed on all your hard-earned money anywhere in the world. I myself have the same "miracle card" from Sberbank - alas, this is a huge minus of such cards.
It is for security that banks enter their cards into 3D Secure and use virtual cards.

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A bunch of Firefox + Anonymox (I didn’t really like the job)
http://www.tunnelbear.com/(used by the client) 500 mb of traffic per month.

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Rep: (60)
just sat throughhttps://www.privatetunnel.com/works (100mb on the ball, 200 for each friend invited)

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4. Did verification before purchase (send scans)

And to what address do I need to send scans? Can I link to the verification request page?

Rep: (19)

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I don’t know how to brag about it, or it’s too early to understand that Nexus 4 is already clear until the next wave, but with Nexus 10 I continued to fight (16 GB is still on sale).

In general, everything was like this: Yesterday at 9 I managed to order 8g, I went through all the steps (used tunnelbear - I recommend, there are applications for win, mac, ios, android), but there was not enough money. After some time, the money reported, Nexus 4 appeared from time to time, but I could not catch. On Nexus 10 I caught a robot and an offer to wait 24 hours ... went to sleep. In the morning, nothing has changed - the robot, and always, tried even on goods obviously in stock - the nexus 7 and the new Acer chromebook. I decided that my card (corn) was banned - I went and got the world corn ("blue" - as it turned out they are already available and can be left for a couple of yellow, so why not) transferred the necessary amount to it, I try to buy Nexus 10 - robot. Psihanul created a new account sitting through VPN addresses everywhere shtatovskie, blue card. The first time everything went the way, but the order was canceled and the update payment link simply opened the list of transactions in the wallet. I scored on this ... I noticed that someone here assumed that the problem in vpn - went through the torus, voila no old old wallet opens without javascript which, but failed to buy, tried a million billing addresses - first Russian change to the states, then the American one or the other, nothing came of it. I went through the bear again, but turned off javascript, and I registered a real billing address for the card - the wallet opened without problems, but I started cursing the country, clicked on adding a card, entered the same card with the delivery address instead of billing (it's all on the same page, but Not just in the list of cards in the wallet!), everything went, but again a letter with problems fell to the mail, but now the update payment link opened a page where you could try again, change the address, add a card - tried to change the billing - nothing happened. I decided to go through the last scheme once again - purely for fun already - I wanted to check if I stumble upon a robot ... again I received an email with an error, again with a clickable link update payment - clicked to try again this card and ... an email with an error did not It came, the status is pre-ordered. Let's see what will happen now, the money has not yet been written off and not blocked.

Rep: (13)
What a way to buy ...

In principle, several options worked on the GP:
1. old account + old card (CIS credit card), buying something in GP + changed billing card address to buy from Americans + changed its address to the same American + tor or vpn or Mozilla with additions to replace IP;
2. new account + 1 .;
3. new card + 1 .;
4. preliminary purchase of what-thread with cancellation after confirmation of purchase (case for Nex7) + any of the first three points;
5. preliminary purchase of something-thread (case for Nex7) + any of the first three points;
6. some of the last 4 and 5 points received “letters of happiness” from Google (please confirm the rights to the card or card address) immediately on the day of the sample card, the other part on the day of purchase of the device;
7. Some of those "lucky ones" who completed the quest like before the end, after some received other letters of happiness (cancellation of the order).
Like all the options listed.

P.S. on all items on the day of purchase zadolbana knop f5;)
... and through which intermediary would you recommend as a result of the above?

if the question is about the mediator in the shopping process, thenright none of the mediators would agree to start f5 with such sado-masochism as the inhabitants of this topic (they won’t understand this high)
P.S. On the Internet, there were reports of the failure of Google employees when buying a Nex4 for themselves;)

too much information is unnecessary here, difficult to conclude

request to the curators of the topic - add some info to the header, without reference to habr (well, people don’t like other forums - they want to see any answer on their favorite 4PDA)

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In general, I did this:
1) I started an account for a spike - at registration, 8.5 dead raccoons were removed, but they formed my deposit. hiss gave out three addresses in the USA: in California, in Oregon and in Hong Kong. I use the address in Oregon - it is without tax.
2) started a QVC card, indicated the same Oregon address at registration.
then I had shamanism, because the FreeBSD OS, and Tor from the official website downloaded refused to start. But Windows drivers work - checked. I installed the software for access to the Tor network, installed Privoxy proxy, installed the Quick Proxy extension in the Crome browser, waved the file a bit, it seemed like the bundle worked.
3) started a new account in Google Wallet, tied a fresh QVC card to it, wherever the address was required, indicated an Oregon-issued spine.
!! Important !! when he asks for a phone, the main thing is to write the correct code belonging to the state, which we indicate in the address, in my case and for all who register in Oregon - 503, the further sequence of digits does not matter, most importantly, there should be seven of them and preferably in xxx xxx format .
4) hooked up a Tor + Privoxy + Quick Proxy (Chrome) bundle, went to play.google.com/store/devices, controlling "your" IP address to be American, using the site .. well, there are different ones, where is the service "My IP" made a purchase of a case for the Nexus 7, everything went well, did not require verification of the account. Canceled the purchase, I'm waiting.
5) set a Page Monitor on the device page (extension for Google Chrome) in order not to fake F5 permanently. There is a small subtlety here - set the update period to 1 minute and got banned in Google: rofl :. This is a real ban - attempts to send search queries did not give me any results, but a page with the text of a type came out: automated queries go from your computer or network, therefore, taking care of our users, we do not respond to your queries. increased the update period in Page Monitor, the problem is gone.

Perhaps all this has already been written, and maybe someone will come in handy. He did as bequeathed by the great Habr, except for Page Monitor, he read it here.

Rep: (1)
Sandforce @ 11/16/2012, 2:32 PM*
One account can not be ordered more than 5 pieces of the same model.

Have you ordered 5?
4.12. Prohibited the creation of non-discussion topics as well writing similar posts to existing threads (publication of advertising and other ads). In particular, involving personal correspondence with a specific forum member. For these purposes, use the PM (forum mail).

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Ordered on 13/11/2012 at 20-35. Immediately given the date of shipment - 11/15/2012. Today the parcel should already get to the mediator.

I am answering the questions:

What paid?
Card "Corn" Mastercard from Euroset (yellow). It is issued in 5 minutes in any Euroset with a passport and 100 rubles, which are credited to the card. Put the required amount of + 5%, which are temporarily reserved when paying in foreign currency and returned a month later.

How did you visit the site?
The usual browser Mozilla Firefox + installed the Anonymox extension, chose the anonymox server, USA country, cleared the cache and go to www.google.com

Who is chosen as an intermediary?
After much deliberation, I chose non-proven shipito or polar express, and www.shopogol.com. I cannot recommend them, because I haven’t received anything from them (it’s still early), but I was attracted to:
1) Getting an address in the United States immediately after registration without any tariff contributions as in shipito, but completely free.
2) $ 10 of the future discount on services for indicating the promotional code hellt.ru during registration.
3) A tax-free state and fairly moderate tariffs for services and consolidation upon request, and not at the original tariff, as in shipito.
4) The mediator uses USPS, and they have lithium allowed to be transported only from November 15, respectively, Shopogol has no experience sending devices and the more likely that their address is not included in any Google Play blacklist or it will not shine many buyers at the same time.
5) This intermediary allows the return of the parcel, if you yourself pay for everything.

Where did you indicate the address of the intermediary?
In Google Wallet you need to enter the card and in the settings everywhere (General Settings, Billing and Shipping Addresses) the address of the intermediary, phone number, etc., issued during registration should be indicated. Language you need to choose U.S. English and write your name in English. This will be written 1 dollar, even if your card has already been attached, but with a different address.

Did you send documents for verification?
No cancellations and confirmation requests came to me. Despite the fact that I did not receive the cancellation, just in case, by opening a link with the required form for uploading, I sent the necessary documents for verification, but I received the answer only after the phones were shipped, so I could not say it was useful. And the answer, in fact, was positive, even though he sent them a photo of an open transcript. passports with a nearby lying Corn card, as well as a screenshot from the Counting payment page from the Corn personal account (I chose the second item for downloading), and not an extract with stamps, etc.

Rep: (777)
Thanks for the detailed report. And in which states there is no tax for Spain? In particular, in your case

Rep: (15)
v-haker I don’t know about all the states, but in Oregon there are 0% of taxes and except Shopogol.com Shipito (a warehouse in the city of Tualatin) and Shop4import.com also work there.

In general, I would choose, probably, Polar Express because of a good reputation, but because of their hurricanes and a week of non-electricity idle, I was afraid that everything would be there for a very long time. Well, the fact that they seem to have a tax in New Jersey, and I ordered 2 phones, so for me this is essential.

Rep: (777)
thank. I just experimented. For the state of Massachusetts there is a tax, on the 16 GB nexus there are about 21 greens. This ebaytoday gives this address.

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Also lay out your mini otchetik. Bought at 18-49 by Kiev time. After a time, the letter of confirmation of the order fell, and after a while on Google Wallet it appeared that the delivery would be November 15th.
Attached Image
But 15 just got the track number and the status in Google Wallet changed to delivered, and the package itself was delivered to the intermediary only on the 16th.
Attached Image

What paid?
The Visa Classik Internet card from Privatbank, it’s also virtual and it’s dollar, is issued in private24 in a few minutes, you get its number, expiration date and secret code. In privat24, it was replenished at the rate of the bank on the replenishment day. A virtual card fee of $ 0.35 per transaction.
How did you visit the site?
In preparation for the purchase, I tried various options for changing IP, I stopped at TunnelBear, as it seemed to me the most reliable option. I used Yandex browser with the Auto Refresh Plus extension, which updated the page every 10 seconds. Immediately make a reservation that I used my old Google account, although many advise you to start a new one.
Who is chosen as an intermediary?
Meest (meest.us) chose the intermediary for reasons: they immediately give their address for purchases, cheap delivery to Ukraine, the courier brings the parcel straight home and all this is by our favorite mail. I also considered Dnipro (dniprollc.com), but it seemed not very convenient.
Purchase Before the main purchase, I tied a card in Google Wallet about which I spoke above and indicated the interception and billing of the intermediary Mist. Immediately withdrawn $ 1. I tried to buy a Nexus 7, but the purchase did not work, because not enough money. Then I tried to buy books and videos from Google Play, everything was bought perfectly. I did not verify the card, did not offer me, but I did not send the documents myself. The purchase itself on November 13 has greatly strained. Initially I wanted to take the 16GB version, added it to the basket, but errors popped up and once the robot got out, the Google Wallet window did not pop up, but the time quickly expired, because I realized that I had to make a purchase in a very short time. Therefore, I decided to try my luck with the 8GB version, and the long-awaited Wallet window appeared on it.

Rep: (60)

Rep: (5)
FrostWar @ 11/20/2012, 5:17 PM*


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Rep: (15)
As promised, I’m writing how much an intermediary’s cost of provisioning costs (the final price will be when my package is sent for shipment):

Nexus 7 Case (a trial purchase, which I did not cancel in order to check Google and not to call an extra check) + shipping to Oregon = $ 19.99 + $ 9.99 = 29,98$
2 x Nexus 4 (16 gb) + delivery to the intermediary warehouse in Oregon = 2 x $ 349 + $ 13.99 = 711,99$

Intermediary Shopogol.com:

$ 8 (consolidation of 2 parcels into one) + $ 2 (removal of the box of the parcel that is with a case so that everything fits in one) =10$
If you have one parcel, then you do not need it.

$ 2 (requested a plastic bag to be sent) + $ 2 (intermediary commission for sending) =4$
Advance parcel weight = 2.40 lbs / 1.09 kg
The cost of sending a parcel via USPS Priority + insurance =55,20$

Total: $ 69.20 + $ 2.49 (bank commission) =71,69$

After I reminded them by email. when I registered, I entered the promotional code hellt.ru and I was waiting for a discount on services of $ 10, they deducted me $ 10 and left61,69$ .

This is not the final amount, it may decrease when recalculating after consolidation and new weighing of the package, but according to preliminary results:

$ 741.97 (Google Play) + $ 61.69 (Shopogol + USPS) =803,66$ / 2 = 401,83$ for every Nexus 4 (16 gb) = 12597,85 rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
And considering that the cover for the Nexus 7 costs 1290 rubles in Svyaznoy, then if I sell it brand new in a package for those who need it for 1200 rubles, then I will save another 600 rubles on each smartphone and eventually it will be released12,000 rubles for 1 Nexus 4 smartphone (16 gb)!

P.S. God forbid, of course, that everything will work out well, but the savings of 6,000 rubles on each smartphone as compared to the PCT still matter. =)

Rep: (86)
Nexus 4 online availability monitor in all sales countriesin GP.
I advise you in the hat ...

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And how to determine if there is a Tax or not? Florida interested

Rep: (19)

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