Sony Xperia U - Unofficial firmware

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Sony Xperia U - Unofficial firmware
PictureSony Xperia U, ST25i, Kumquat
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Drivers and Utilities:
  • Flashtool
    Flash Drivers(14.7 megabytes)
    1. Users of Windows 7 x64 and x86 need to install in the properties of the file FlashtooldriversFlashtool-drivers.exe compatibility with Windows Vista and launch as administrator.
    2. Before starting work with the program, disable antiviruses and firewalls in order to avoid incorrect program operation

  • QuikIMG[0.2 beta] - fast and convenient firmware .img files
  • fastboot
  • Android SDK Tools

Custom firmware

Android 5 (Lollipop)Unlocked bootloader required
Android 4.4. * (Kit Kat)Unlocked bootloader required
Android 4.2.2Unlocked bootloader required
Android 4.1.2 (JB)Unlocked bootloader required
Android 4.0.4 (ICS)
Android 2.3.7 (GB)

Firmware in the cloud
Mail Cloud
In the cloud there are
[ROM] GB-ROCKS V3 [All BL] [02.27.2013]

[ROM] [4.0.4] BendzooROM
XNovathor Project 4.0.4 V1

[ROM] Galaxy SU [UB] [JB.100]
[ROM] [UB] [UNOFFICIAL] Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Stock Fw 6.2.A.1.100 V9, V11
XNovathor Project 4.1.2 V4

Custom kernels
Attention! Be sure to read before flashing your device:
Before installing the next ROM, or theme, do not forget (do not be lazy) using ClockworkMod Recovery to make a backup of the installed, stable, working. This will allow you to safely recover in case of failure.
If during the flashing of the phone (using Flashtool) the process gets stuck just starting, stops early and fails, connect the phone to the USB port directly connected to the computer motherboard (and not via an adapter, HUB, or USB connectors on the BB front panel) and try to flash again.
It is possible to make an objective conclusion about the energy saving of one or another ROM 4-5 days after its installation - when the ROM itself, as well as the installed software, “settles”
You do everything at your own peril and risk, none of the authors of the manuals or other forum participants are responsible for your actions.

Which applications, from where and how to delete using root

How to install custom firmware
1. Check unlocked bootloader or not
2. If so, you can put a custom kernel with rekoveri, for examplethis. I use kernels to installQuikIMG. Then you download custom firmware, for exampleClean ICS by art0502ver V.3, you throw it in the root of the memory card. You enter CWM recovery (when you turn on the phone, SONY appears, press it, you release it and you press the volume -)
When you first install the firmware
in Recovery do:
- wipe data / factory reset =>wipe cache partition =>advanced =>wipe dalvic cache
- install zip from sdcard =>choose zip from sdcard =>choose firmware file
- We are waiting for the end of the installation =>reboot system now

When upgrading to the next version:
In Recovery:
- wipe cache partition =>advanced =>wipe dalvic cache
- install zip from sdcard =>choose zip from sdcard =>choose firmware file
- We are waiting for the end of the installation =>reboot system now
- If the bootloader is not unlocked, then you cannot flash the custom kernel.
Get root right bythis , thisorthisinstructions.
InstallthisorthisRecover and do it from the time you ENTER the CWM recovery described above.
And do not forget to read the instructions for everything that we want to install, and make backup in rekoveri before installing something.


Survey Screenshots
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* djremix
The device is locked by the manufacturer at the level of "iron".
Those. you can not go to fastbut.
output only mat.platu change, but it will be another apparatus)

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* djremix Not all "yushki" could unlock. With some steel to produce a date unlocking impossible. Or to a certain date, I do not remember ... Can have a cap.

Posted on 26/01/2019, 19:48:

For zalochenny recommend BendzooRom, a few months of its use, the glitches were not, the connection did not disappear relatively smartly worked ... Then I'm on 4.1.2 gone forever ... Three years later still used until the touch is not smashed ... Sorry, strong phone was.

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