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HTC Desire V - Ornaments

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HavetoRbutshbuttelswithtatbut dlI HTC Desire V
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Attention! Before installing any mod, make a backup through the recovery!

In this topic, only decorations for HTC Desire V are laid out and discussed. Off-topic messages will be deleted without warning!

Additions to the main The rules Forum:
Behavior in the decorations

For any mods / decorations, the firmware and its version for which they are made must be indicated.
1. This topic is laid out decorations and software modifications forHTC Desire V
2. The discussion of the apparatus itself is made in the relevant topics.
3. Discussion of third-party software, games, etc. to produce also in the relevant topics.
4. Before asking a question, useSearch.
5. Before asking a question, check in your profile whether the signature indicates the version of the firmware you are on.
6. Respect the authors of mods and jewelery with respect, remember they have nothing to do with you and do everything of their own accord.
7. If you like a mod or decoration, do not forget to thank the author for raising his reputation.Leaving messages with the phrases "Thank you" is unnecessary.
8. If you want to lay out the decoration or modification must be present:
- screenshots (always under the spoiler!)
- description
- for which firmware mod or decoration
- specify the installation method:through Recovery, replacing .apk files, other.
9. If you lay out the decoration or modification that is installed by the replacement method.apk filesyou must specify the path where to copy the files.
10. If you lay out the decoration or modification that falls under the installation method other, please indicate the installation process as detailed as possible.
11. Comments on the answers will be deleted - WITHOUT WARNING. (Messages like: I do the same or do the same).
12. Posts with open SCREENS will be deleted - WITHOUT WARNING.
13. If your question has already been discussed - Duplication will be deleted - WITHOUT WARNING.
14. Mods are made specifically for firmware (specified by the author), but you canat one's own riskdo experiments.
15. Before you put somethingit is desirable to make a backupso that you can easily restore everything as it was before applying the decoration / modification.

Wallpapers, icons, fonts
Butanimation, animation windows / transitions, splash screens (for s-off)
Mods of statusbars (batteries with%, icons, etc.) (SystemUI
Android 4.0.3 Sense 4.0a
Batteries with% for firmware1.73.401.3(deodex):
CircleBatt by cherlis
GSV_bat by wassazh
Large_batt by cherlis
for firmware 1.73.401.3 (odex): batt
for firmware 1.73.707.1 Asia (odex) Large_batt_RequeLine_1737071
Changed icons in the status bar from cherlis
Transparent curtain in notifications from cherlis
patch statusbar with QuickSettings panel from RequeLine
Multicolored network signal icons, two new cherlis batteries
Clock with seconds in the status bar from RequeLine
RequeLine 3D Battery
Clock in the center of RequeLine
Lidroid panel from ra0cfm
Multi-colored clock and date from RequeLine
White icons in the status bar from RequeLine
For V6 statusbar with white battery and Rudolf effect from RequeLine
Butanation in the blind from U102FA
Statusbar from U102FA
Lock button in the status bar from RequeLine
Patch "Good Morning" by RequeLine
The buttons in the status bar from RequeLine
Link Speed ​​Indicator by RequeLine
Green icons in QuickSettings from rdv05
Curtain clock from U102FA
Internet speed indicator NEW by RequeLine
RequeLine Curtain Patches
Grizzle Batteries
New statusbar from RequeLine
QS with a choice of buttons from vitamerlan
Icons from Sense 5 in the cherlis QuickSettings panel
Status bar with yellow antennas from RequeLine
Mod QuickPanel from U102FA
Blue icons in the status bar from cherlis
Shutter without the inscription "No notification" from U102FA for 1.73.707.1 odex
Graphics curtain under Sense 5 from 911-masters
Converted 7fin curtain for RequeLine settings
Analog clock in the blind from RequeLine
Two more options for curtains with settings from RequeLine
2 options of curtains with battery indicator from RequeLine
2 curtains with brightness slider from RequeLine
RequeLine internet speed indicator
Internet speed indicator in 2 lines from RequeLine
Patch "Illumination of the lower part of the curtain" from cherlis
Blind on top of the statusbar as on Android 4.2 from RequeLine
Extended Quick Settings from cherlis
Extended Quick Settings-V2 from cherlis

V9-V9new Android 4.0.4
V10 Android 4.0.4

Keyboard / dialer / contact modes
Android 4.0.3 Sense 4.0a
Mod "ICS StockMod" from cherlis
ICS Watch by cherlis
Calculator mod from cherlis
Colored background in applications from RequeLine
New background in Lockscreen Weather by cherlis
Transparent mod "TransparentMod" from cherlis
Mod "Photo full screen" by RequeLine
Patch for the menu of icons from RequeLine
Mod camera from Saschamvd
Patch for the menu of icons from RequeLine
Rosie with 4x5 mesh by cherlis
Screen wakeup patch with volume button from RequeLine
Patch "Photos on the whole screen-2" by RequeLine
Rosie with resized dockbar from cherlis
"Comeback Mod" by cherlis
Patch "RequeLine Sense 5"
Patch for the menu of icons "SENSE 5" from RequeLine
Another patch for the menu of icons "SENSE 5" from RequeLine
Patch background change in the application menu from RequeLine
Launcher with dockbar 480x87 from cherlis
and background in the RequeLine application menu

Patch background in applications from RequeLine
Sense 5 Lock Screen by cherlis
Theme Icons for Rosie Style by RequeLine
"LEO Mod" by cherlis
Icons for Rosie Style "Galaxy S4"
Patch for changing images in any file from RequeLine
Universal script for patches from RequeLine
Patch disabling sound on waking
screen volume buttons from cherlis

Advanced RequeLine Settings
global settings patch from RequeLine
Transparent Mod: "THE ORANGE" by cherlis
"Global Patch 2" for all versions of RequeLine firmware
For those who need to disable the "Global Patch 2"
"OGBatteryMod" by cherlis
Patch to increase battery savings from RequeLine
The Quiet Clock by RequeLine
Switches mod for AROMA Installer by cherlis
"AllinoneMod Aroma" by cherlis
Mod select the number of desktops from Magnat.mg
Change the system fonts from Magnat.mg
A big photo of the caller on the lock screen from cherlis
Chameleon WP8Style Mod [Aroma] by cherlis

V9-V9new Android 4.0.4
V10 Android 4.0.4

Decorations for firmware MIUI
Ornaments for the firmware "Pure Droid", "Pure Droid-2"


Instructions, tips
Editing framework-res.apk

How to make a backup
Go to ClockWorkMod Recovery.
1. Select - backup and restore.
2. Choose - backup. (This command will make a full backup of your phone to an SD card. It is necessary to restore the phone if the installation went awry. Each backup creates a separate image for recovery.).
How to flash using ClockWorkMod Recovery
1. Download the .ZIP file and put it in the root of the SD card.
2. Go to ClockWorkMod Recovery
3. Choose - install zip from sdcard.
4. Select - choose zip from sdcard.
5. Select the .zip file. (In the list above, as usual, there will be folders, below files.)
6. Confirm the installation of the .ZIP file. (The confirmation item is usually not the first in the list. This is normal.)
7. We are waiting for the end of the installation.
8. Choose - +++++ Go Back +++++.
9. Select - reboot system now. (The phone restarts.)
How to install bootanimation (bootanimation)
1.Put the programRoot explorer
2. Upload hTC_bootup.zip to the / system / customize / resource / folder agreeing with the replacement.
3.In the / system / customize / resource / folder, the htc_boot.mp3 file is responsible for the sound when booting, you can replace it with your own, only the short one.
4. Do not forget to put a daw on Mount R / W before you edit the system files.
5. Permissions (Permissions) to the file bootanimation, set the same as the original. (Rw-rrr--)
The screenshot shows the rights (permissions) correctly set:
Attached Image

P.S. If someone fails, then most likely your bootanimation is here / data / local
Instructions for replacing images in apk files
Open the apk file zip-archive (which is open and not unzip) and located in the folder the desired picture as a rule all the graphics is on the way: res: drawable-hdpi. Here in this folder and hiding the most interesting (pictures with the extension png). Highlight the desired (try to select all files with the same name, or otherwise it will not work or will swear SystemUI.apk when setting back to the phone). Select the files in the downloaded patch drag the mouse in the folder already open drawable-hdpi your SystemUI.apk. Closing confirm the replacement of files. Again we write SystemUI.apk on CDkartu. With card SystemUI.apk tolerated in the system-app folder which is in the internal memory of the phone. We confirm the replacement. Find the file and change the resolution to the same as that of the rest of the files. Reboot your phone and if you did everything correctly, then we get joy from done. And of course do not forget to make a backup, just in case.
Option 2. (the same, but differently painted)
Create a shortcut on the computer desktop historian (I use WinRAR). SystemUI.apk drag the file to WinRAR shortcut (drag it not unpack). apk open window in the archiver. Further along the path: res / drawable-hdpi (here is the whole graphics). Then the desired file png simply drag and drop into the open folder in the archiver drawable-hdpi uncompressed and close archiver window. All. In parallel, you can unzip the apk somewhere in the folder to see which files need to be changed. If apk is not systemic, it must be signed. Make it the best program in the phoneZipSigner.
Instructions from the 911 masters
How to replace the system wallpaper with your own
How to install, copy
application in system / app (system partition)

"Kitchen HTC Desire v "
sources, graphics, icons, PSD files and more

Instructions for beginners (and not only) on the proper use of the topic and forum

Be mutually polite! On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant. If you want to thank the user for the published decoration, clickAttached Imagenext to his reputation. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonAttached Image

Before asking a question, check your profile: Is the firmware version indicated in the signature?on which you are located.

How to add, change the signature

How to use the forum

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Rep: (7107)
cherlis @ 05.08.2013, 09:29*
so like this

I have so
Attached ImageAttached Image

Posted 08/05/2013, 9:52:

cherlis @ 05.08.2013, 09:29*
Or maybe it's the fact that I'm your top button suffered?

No, there is little wrong was removed panel with operators, but why you do not just put znayu.Ya curtain, events in tselom.Skoree in framework-res.apk

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Rep: (49)
I put a patch of global change-settings from RequeLine, set settings from the Settings from RequeLine. Everything's great, everything is fine ... but I have changed the control socket in curtain (or as it's called), I want old as she was. :-( Can you help?
Now this is worth
Attached Image

These are the icons I want, and all of them boasted :-)
Attached Image

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Rep: (7107)
rustik1 @ 05.08.2013, 09:53*
Can you help?

Rustik1, in cap has manual how to change the image, it is not difficult to read, and from the old to the new drag
help if you can not manage.

Post has been editedRequeLine - 05.08.13, 10:55

Rep: (49)
RequeLine @ 05.08.2013, 11:04*
in cap has manual how to change the image, it is not difficult to read, and from the old to the new drag
help if you can not manage.

Iieehh, well, I'll try.

Rep: (7107)
rustik1 @ 05.08.2013, 11:08*
Iieehh, well, I'll try.

keep, replace only the image, the shutter Stop your
Attached filePatch_RequeLine.zip(755.63 KB)

will become
Attached Image

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Rep: (55)
RequeLine! When an incoming call appears in the upper left corner of the handset icon with the slot number? Where to dig? What apk? Prompt.

Rep: (7107)
master3161 @ 05.08.2013, 16:49*

I'll be home a look, but probably in the slot number SystemUI, and the tube may Phone.cherlis will know more precisely.

Rep: (386)
cherlis @ 04.08.2013, 20:10*
Tomorrow, I will lay out this mod for any firmware (full schedule)

Add to that post or will create a new one?

Posted on 08/05/2013, 20:27:

where to wait? : D

Rep: (1959)
My works:

HTC One M8:

HTC One Dual Sim:

HTC Desire 601:

HTC Desire V:

HTC Desire SV:

Fancy Widgets:

SkinsforexDialer 1 , 2

Spirit1: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP

Tunein radio

Task manager

Reboot manager

There are many more interesting things you can find in the subject header)

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Rep: (1959)
RequeLine @ 05.08.2013, 17:03*
but probably in the slot number SystemUI, and the tube may Phone

And in the framework, of the tube.

Rep: (0)
Guys and who can make me a battery in the cap section kitchen, batteries, version 97, for firmware rekvilayn v7, Since I have nothing. Thanks in advance, I will be very grateful.

Rep: (6)
Hey. Tell me, how weather curtain set, prog or what? I, too, Sens 4 ...
Attached Image

Rep: (686)
sanya8737 @ 6.8.2013, 21:29*
Hey. Tell me, how weather curtain set, prog or what? I, too, Sens 4 ...
[Attachment = "3286919: 3005742.png"]


Rep: (89)
Please tell me how to remove the transmission rate curtain? Somewhere on the forum I saw, but I can not find right now!

Post has been editedcherlis - 07.08.13, 20:04

Rep: (108)
Welcome neighbors! If anyone knows, tell me how to solve the problem. The drain firmware when applying any of those not changing resource shown in the screenshot, i.e. it is taken from the picture in the file SystemUI.apk. In other firmware it is taken directly from the applied skin. That's the question, how to make systemui take a picture of the skin ...

Attached Image

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Rep: (1)
D: thank_you: obrogo all day !! Tell me is there for this firmware 1.73.707.1 (the ability to sink official of) what some patches ?? I really need a patch on the big picture when you call, and improve the quality !!! Maybe our dear Guru sharpen ?? !!!! :savagemessiahzine.com:

Rep: (7107)
lgp970 @ 08.08.2013, 17:45*
I really need a patch on the big picture when you call, and improve the quality !!!

there are several of them, a link to the post

Rep: (1)
: Sveta: I meant for my firmware ????? these willHTC Desire V - Ornaments ???

Post has been editedlgp970 - 08.08.13, 18:57

Rep: (7107)
lgp970 @ 08.08.2013, 18:56*
these will

all of them need to remodel under you

Rep: (1)
Is it possible to make only a patch to improve the photo and a great photo when you call ?????? : Thank_you:: blush: Here is a very nice it looks:
Attached Image

Images should be cleaned under spoiler

Post has been editedcherlis - 08.08.13, 21:21

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