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: butcher:"I'll ban you!" : butcher:

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thankSpartaque (kharkov)anddim ^ nfor the provided pictures.

Get ready !!! } -)
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Rules of the game

  • Each subsequent player in his post "bans" the previous one (exceptions are allowed). The main thing - to think of a reason for the ban.
  • Do not use screenshots of real moderator tags.
  • Do not use "pseudo-moderator", such as the letter "M" with the tags color and size.
  • Do not ban all at once.
  • Before banning, clickAttached ImageorAttached Imageopposite to whom you want to "ban."
  • Do not replay.
  • And be original.
Moderators are not interested in such a game - this is their "work" (proof).

I'll ban you!
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=391923""allerycolor="#0099FF"[[bбЯЯ banned you! [/ b] [/ url] [/ color]
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The most-most bans

What is a "ban" - seriously
Ban (eng. ban, / bæn / - prohibit, outlaw) - one of the methods adopted on the Internet for controlling user actions. As a rule, a ban consists in depriving or restricting any user rights (to create / send new messages or create new topics on a web forum, to send messages in a chat, to comment on blogs, etc.). The opportunity was introduced in order to protect the website from trolls, spammers, vandals and other persons whose messages harm the productive work of the resource.

Ban usually operates within a single website. The circle of prohibited actions for which a ban is imposed on the user is set by the owners of this site. As a rule, the site visitor is warned in advance about what his actions on this site may entail the imposition of a ban. Usually such a warning is contained in the agreement on the use of the site, such an agreement the user is invited to read and accept. The concepts of ban and banner are not interrelated.

The ban is temporary and permanent. A banned user can be identified by their account or IP address.

Ban is a “tough measure” and can be used by resource owners as a means of dealing with users who express a disagreeable point of view for resource owners. As a result, the ban can cause a number of conflicts and provoke vandalism or a war of bots, and even hacker attacks in order to remove a resource or change it beyond recognition.

The disadvantages of the ban include the fact that it acts on only one user account, and on resources with free registration, the user can continue his actions under another, freshly registered account. Putting a ban on certain IP addresses is also not without drawbacks, because a participant can act through proxy servers or change his address in another way. On the other hand, if the blocked address belongs to the provider pool, then other users may suffer.

One type of ban is “mute” (from the English mute). This is a ban on communication (general or only through a microphone). Most often used in games.

Another type of ban is a card warning system in which a user is imposed for violating the rules for using the site. "Cards", and when typing cards, the user is blocked. The most well-known examples that use such a system are Russian Wikipedia (after several ignored warning patterns), TTC, etc.

History of origin.
Previously, the ban meant: (in the Commonwealth) expulsion from the kingdom by a court decision.

The meaning of the word "Bannic" in the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary:
Bannicia - This is what was called in ancient Polish law the deprivation of state criminals of some or all rights (B. temporary or B. eternal); the first served as a punishment for resistance to the authorities and robbery; a person subjected to such a ban was held in prison until he satisfied the plaintiff's claim. The bannits had the right to appeal to the high court or the king for 12 weeks and until the final decision of the case stocked up with royal glute, freeing them from arrest. The eternal bannice, or the deprivation of all rights, allowed every headman in whose jurisdiction there is a bannit to seize him and punish him with death. So, for example, the glorious Samuel Zboroisky perished.

In conclusion. Read necessarily !!!
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Do not forget, in this topic, as in the rest, you can easily get a real ban for breaking the rules!

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* veabro ,
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* X pro , ban for what you eat

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* dA5niles , ban for the reason I have cheats I can ban for no reason: P.

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* Strange ,
Ban for the picture is not under

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* dA5niles , Ban for the same reputation with me, here I did not put a forced measure under the spoiler, I showed him that he was appointed: rofl:

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* Strange ,
Ban for being cooler than you

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* dA5niles ,

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* dA5niles , ban for the fact that I'm even cooler (but with nothing)

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* dA5niles , ban for the fact that this is not a fact: laugh_wild:

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* veabro , Ban for the fact that you do not have fate to play PUBG at high: P.

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* X pro , ban for a mistake in the word)

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* veabro , ban for the fact that there is no mistake: wacko:.

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* X pro , ban for the fact that you fixed it: clapping:

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* veabro , ban for not proving: acute:.

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* Strange ,
And you look when I registered and when you registered, and turnip look

Ban for misunderstanding

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* X pro , ban for the fact that you do not play "Person number 0".

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* dA5niles , ban for the fact that registration does not match at all.

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* dA5niles , Well, because I started to sit starting somewhere in 2018)

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* X pro , ban for misunderstanding

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* Strange , Well, it turns out that I quickly typed the turnip: clap:

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