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Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - JB Firmware (OS 4.1.x)

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Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - JB Firmware (OS 4.1.x)
Description | Discussion | Device FAQ | Purchase | Accessories | Marriage / Repair | JB Firmware (OS 4.1.x.) | ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x.) | GB firmware (OS 2.x.x) | Custom firmware | Modifications and decorations | Custom kernels | Note Owners Club (Spin) | power usage | We draw with a stylus
IMPORTANT! Read before flashing!
  • Everything you do, you do at your own peril and risk! No one is responsible for your actions!
  • Before any of your actions, you should carefully deal with all the instructions and drivers!
    Without drivers and full understanding of the instructions, it is not recommended to do anything with the phone! There will only be more problems!

Drivers, utilities, pit
Odin 3.07 .zip
Mobile odin
Android SDK Tools
Samsung USB Driver

Original Pit-files for firmware in One (only needed in emergency situations), before use, unpack!
Rit file for 16 GB. versions Attached fileQ1_20110914_16GB.rar (446 bytes)
Rit file for 32 GB. versions Attached fileQ1_20110919_32GB.rar (444 bytes)
Official firmware
What is the name of the firmware?

Single-file firmware for Odin:

4.1.2 N7000XXLTC OXELT1 XXLT3 SER | 849.8 MB Russia (Changelist 1103517)

4.1.2 N7000ZSLR1 OZSLR1 XXLT3 BRI | 765.6 MB Taiwan (Changelist 1279458)

4.1.2 N7000XXLTA PANLT2 XXLT4 PAN | 764.2 MB Hungary (Changelist 1103517) links to other resources from the SW. vkovrigin

4.1.2 N7000XXLTD OPSLT4 OPSLT4 OPS | 836.2 MB Australia (Changelist 1103517)

4.1.2 N7000XXLSZ OXELS7 XXLSO SER | 827.3 MB Russia (Changelist 906407) Attached fileN7000XXLSZ_N7000OXELS7_SER.zip.torrent (16.54 KB)

4.1.2 N7000XXLSZ OXELS7 XXLSO VHC | 826.8 MB Ukraine (Changelist 906407) Attached fileN7000XXLSZ_N7000OXELS7_VHC.zip.torrent (16.33 KB)

4.1.2 N7000XXLSZ OXALSZ XXLSO DBT | 808.3 MB Germany (Changelist 906407) Attached fileN7000XXLSZ_N7000OXALSZ_DBT.zip.torrent (16.17 KB)

4.1.2 N7000XXLT5 OXXLT2 XXLT3 XEH | 786.6 MB Hungary (Changelist 1103517) Attached fileGT-N7000-XEH-N7000XXLT5.torrent (15.75 KB)

We are looking for official firmware for other regions here. >>Samsung Updates LIVE! > Sammobile.com > Samsung Updates > XDA-developers.com

Three-file firmware for Odin:

4.1.2 N7000XXLSZ N7000XXLSO SER 1022 MB Russia ( three-file ) > Attached fileN7000XXLSZ_N7000OXELS7_N7000XXLSO_FACTORY_SER.rar.torrent (20.32 KB)

Stock rutovannye deodex firmware JB 4.1.2., For CWM:

Stock_Root_Deodex_N7000XXLTA (Hungary) for firmware via CWMthanks uv. Diver22
Stock_Root_Deodex_N7000XXLSZ (Russia) for firmware via CWMfrom uv zhakevich

Firmware instructions
Useful instructions and tips:

A great way to get root (root) rights on firmware 4.X.X through stock recovery thank TomCat16
Instructions for restoring half-brick + personal experience in dealing with the problem from uv Aliaksejs
If you need a standard icon - Task Manager on 4.1.2
AROMA Filemanager- File Manager from Recover!
ADB connection to Note via Total Commander
Instructions on how to return accidentally deleted files from the phone back
Instructions for expanding the available user memory for applications! ( The old way to repartition / data up to 4GB to increase the free memory for the program )
How to change the location of the folder.android_securethose. location of programs installed "on SD"
Instructions for moving the system apk from the system folder to the preload to increase free memory from uv noval4
How to return the USB connection, the default MassStorage, working method.
What to do if after exFAT card damaged exFAT
Voice control is now in Russian! thank Dr.Web97
How to install zip files
Method for removing pre-installed software using stock recovery thanks uv. Yamakasi
If there is a problem with wifi - thank npv76
How to make Flash work on Android 4.1 thanks uv. Fisher456 for the find
If after flashing the keyboard prints null-null or prints only in English

Useful programs:

Framaroot - getting root-rights in one click!
SuperSU - utility to manage ROOT-access applications
CSCselector - Program to change the region!
Virtual jig- a program that allows you to emulate JIG through a USB cable and enter the body in Download mode
QuickShortcutMaker - the program allows you to create shortcuts on your desktop for any installed programs and any system Activitiesthanks for info noval4
Disable Service - the program disables / enables services (services) of all applications that have them, programs that do not have services / services are not displayed.thanks for info noval4
TriangleAway - resets the firmware counter, removes the yellow triangle.
Zip.installer - an application for quick installation of zip archives via recovery. You no longer need to use the volume buttons, and select the archives one by one to install them.
Multi-window working configurator thanks uv. Yamakasi
Backup Utility , and also recovery of the system EFS file, in case of lossThanks for the link mihadom

Useful files:

Disassembled stock firmware XXLTC for Russia . Files can be downloaded one by one. thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock files XXLSZ, disassembled, you can download one file at a time thank you vitalyi600
Zip files for firmware deodexing thanks uv. zhakevich
Bootloader from XXLSZ for firmware from under CWMthank noval4

Useful articles:

List of components that can be removed from the firmware
Energy efficiency of dark circuits on AMOLED displays Note
Android from the inside or just about complicated.
] What is CWM (Clockworkmod recovery)
Special codesthank001x001

User Guide:

Android JellyBean User Guide Attached fileGT-N7000_UM_EU_Jellybean_Eng.pdf (21.9 MB)

JB for N7000 User Manual in Russian

Unlock SIM Unlock:

Information on the removal of the sim-lock on 4.1.2
GalaxySim Unlock
GalaxySim Unlock - an application to unlock the phone (manual) Attached fileGalaxSimUnlock.apk (115.19 KB)

Kernels - Modems - CSC
Kernel stock for firmware via Odin and CWM
Stock core XXLTC thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock core XXLTA thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock core ZSLR1 thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. noval4
Stock core JKLS6 thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. noval4
Stock core XXLT9 thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. vkovrigin
Stock Core XXLT6 thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock Core XXLT5 thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock core XXLT4 thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock Core ZSLO2 thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock core UBLSF thanks uv. Dr.Web97
Stock core XXLSZ thanks uv. Wakeup
All Cores for n7000
Kernel stock with CWM
On runoff cores with CWM it is not recommended to reset to factory settings from the settings menu!
All kernels are marked... sign.zipor... signed.zipYou can flash through stock recovery!
From philz

Single post with all stock cores with CWM from uv alba19986
Single post with all stock cores with CWM from uv Wakeup
Custom kernels
On custom kernels, you can not reset to factory settings from the settings menu!
All kernels are marked... sign.zipor... signed.zipYou can flash through stock recovery!
Theme of custom kernels
Kernels for N7000 TW JB Kernel NoName from uv Wakeup
Kernels for N7000 TW JB Kernel Alba (continued NoName) from uv alba19986
Modems for Odin and CWM firmware
BOLT1 modem thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. ogo2012
XXLT4 modem thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. CatAlex
JKLS1 modem thanks uv. Dr.Web97 and uv. noval4
XXLT3 modem thanks uv. Dr.Web97
All modems for n7000

Poll results

Survey on 12/18/2012
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Survey on 02/21/2013
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Poll 10.03.2013
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Survey on 03/24/2013
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Poll from 06/02/2013
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Poll from 07/21/2013
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Survey on 09/28/2013
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18.02.2013 Begin official update JB 4.1.2 for Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note!
Official firmware for Germany, Holland, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong ...

15.03.2013 JB 4.1.2 official update for Russia has been released!

A complete list of devices to be further updated:
Before Android 4.2.2:
GT-I9080 - Galaxy Grand
GT-I9082 - Galaxy Grand DUOS
GT-I8190 - Galaxy S III mini
GT-I8730 - Galaxy Express
GT-I9100 - Galaxy S II
GT-I9105 - Galaxy S II Plus
GT-I9260 - Galaxy Premier
GT-N7000 - Galaxy Note
GT-S6310 - Galaxy Young
GT-S6312 - Galaxy Young DUOS
GT-S6810 - Galaxy Fame
GT-S7710 - Galaxy X Cover 2

Before Android 5.0:
GT-I9300 - Galaxy S III
GT-I9305 - Galaxy S III LTE
GT-I9500 - Galaxy S 4
GT-I9505 - Galaxy S 4 LTE
GT-N5100 - Galaxy Note 8.0
GT-N5105 - Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE
GT-N5110 - Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi
GT-N7100 - Galaxy Note II
GT-N7105 - Galaxy Note II LTE
GT-N8000 - Galaxy Note 10.1
GT-N8005 - Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
GT-N8010 - Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi
Sammobile notes that this may not yet be a definitive list, and it may be changed later.

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Deodex for firmware Download here: Modification of software and decorations for Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note (Post # 13571964)

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ModemsEverybody is here.in particularXXLSC

Rep: (18)
Ksandrius @ 12/15/2012, 5:22 PM*
how to change the region and what it gives ?. I have a phone from Germany

CSC part I don’t know for what, but it is its firmware that leads to phone reset

The purpose of this manual is to explain which SALES CODES, a brief abbreviation - CSC, is used in Samsung phones with an operating system, in short, the OS, Android, and using phones in their firmware when selling worldwide:
Now we will understand what CSC is, what is stored there, what is the difference between the different versions?
Decoding CSC = Country Specific Configuration, settings for the country and mobile operators operating in the territory of this country, as part of the Android operating system from Google.
Respectively for Russia, for example, the CSC with the SER code contains - settings of access points of mobile operators, specific settings for the program region (uTalk, Navi, Phone, etc.), and of little things (pictures, music samples, commercials, and tp)
In view of the fact that the firmware for Russia is noticeably lagging behind foreign firmware, for example, SER is official for the Russian Federation, BTU is official for UK (United Kingdom). The latest versions are recently released specifically for the BTU region, so anyone who wants to get the latest updates puts these versions exactly, who needs the official firmware for the Russian Federation puts SER

Now about the main thing:
How to change the phone SALE CODE, on a simple way how to change the country of purchase of the phone and therefore the ability to include chips for this country of sale in the Android OS firmware
Attention: Changing CSC will reset your phone, and you will lose all your application settings for your country and you will have to correct them yourself. Do not forget the basic rule - everything must be done with an understanding of how you, in the future, in case of problems with the device, will be able to restore it. To do this, before you change something in your phone, make a copy of the EFS folder.
You need to know the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity code or IMEI for short, to do this, dial * # 06 # in the phone's dialer, then an additional window will open, there you will see a set of numbers and specials. characters, the code to have the first 15 digits of the rest is not required, save it (write down on paper or in the computer).
Next, dial in the dialer of the device * # 272 * IMEI (15 digits recorded earlier) # a window will open in it there will be a list of codes included in your firmware, the firmware does not necessarily include the entire list of codes listed below, then you can choose the CSC you need in accordance with the attached the list, the device will start to reboot (it may take some time, you will see the download of the application of changes), you will need to set the initial configuration and it's done!

The list of sales codes by countries and mobile operators, the firmware usually has a multi CSC and does not necessarily include the entire list of codes:
OPS - Australia (YES OPTUS)
VAU - Australia (Vodafone) Branded
XSA - Australia (Telstra, yes OPTUS, Vodafone AU, Virgin Mobile, 3, Crazy Johns)
HUT - Australia (3) BRANDED
ATO - Austria (A1, Bob, T-Mobile, Orange AT, tele.ring, 3, Yeah, Caller ID!)
MOB - Austria A1 (Mobilcom)
SEB - Baltic States (LMT GSM, LV TELE2, BITE LV, LT Omnitel, Bite, LT, LT TELE2, EE EMT, EE ELISA, TELE2 EE)
ETR - Bangladesh
TML - Bangladesh (TMS and ETR seem to be equal, same version, same network operators)
PRO - Belgium
VVT - Bulgaria (Vivacom)
MTL - Bulgaria (MTEL)
BTU - UK (United Kingdom)
VDH - Hungary (Vodafone HU)
XEH - Hungary (T-Mobile H, Pannon, Vodafone HY, Vodafone HU VMAX)
TMH - Hungary (T-Mobile Hungary)
BMC - Canada (Bell)
BWA - Canada (SaskTel)
BMF - Canada (Fido) vintage [provided by Idan73, not checked by me]
KOR - Korea (SEC Test)
XEZ - Czech Republic (T-Mobile CZ, O2 - CZ, Vodafone CZ)
O2C - Czech Republic (O2 - CZ) O2I - IE (02.ie)
TMZ - Czech Republic (T-Mobile CZ)
VIP - Croatia (HR VIP)
CRO - Croatia (T-Mobile)
TRA - Croatia (T-Mobile HR, HR VIP, TELE2)
DWA - Croatia (TELE2)
SFR - France (F SFR, SFR RU) Branded
XEF - France (Orange F, F SFR, BOUYGTEL, NRJ (SFR), Virgin, Tele2, Auchan, Carrefour, NRJ (Orange), Orange (340 01), Orange (647 00), Debitel, Leclerc, Digicel)
DBT - Germany (T-Mobile D, Vodafone.de, E-Plus, O2 - de)
COS - Greece (Cosmote)
EUR - Greece (GR WIND, Vodafone GR, COSMOTE)
TGY - Hong Kong [provided by rickylcp, not checked by me]
INS - India (CSCEdition>ED006)
INU - India (CSCEdition>ED009 | I think INU is an updated version of INS, as they seem to have the same network operators)
XSE - Indonesia
MET - Ireland (Meteor)
VDI - Ireland (IE Vodafone)
ITV - Italy (TIM, Vodafone, WIND, H3G)
BMC - Canada (Bell Mobility)
VIM - Macedonia (MK VIP)
XME - Malaysia
NPL - Nepal
XEE - Northern (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)
XTC - Philippines
XEO - Poland (Plus, Era, Heyah, Orange, Play)
ERA - Poland (ERA) Branded
TPH - Portugal (P TMN, P Optimus, Vodafone P)
CNX - Romania (RO Vodafone)
COA - Romania (Cosmote)
ORO - Romania (RO Orange)
HAT - Romania (RO Orange, Vodafone RO, Cosmote)
SER - Russia (MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, TELE2)
TOP - Serbia (Vip SRB)
MSR - Serbia (Telenor)
SMO - Serbia (t: S, Telenor, Vip SRB)
TSR - Serbia (m: s)
XSP - Singapore
XSO - Singapore (Singtel)
IRD - Slovakia (Orange, T-Mobile SK, 02 - SK)
TO - Slovenia (Mobitel)
SIM - Slovenia (Si.mobil)
MOT - Slovenia (Mobitel)
XEC - Spain (Movistar) Branded
FOP - Spain (Movistar, Vodafone ES, Orange, Yoigo, Mobil R, Euskaltel, Telecable, Blau, Simyo)
SLK - Sri Lanka
AUT - Switzerland (Sunrise, Swisscom, Orange CH)
MOZ - Switzerland (Sunrise, Swisscom, Orange CH)
SWC - Switzerland (Swisscom)
Sun - Switzerland (Sunrise)
XFA - South Africa (Vodacom, Lesotho Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin)
XFC - South Africa (Vodacom, Lesotho Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin)
XFE - South Africa (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin)
XFM - South Africa (Vodacom, Lesotho Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin)
CPW - UK and Ireland (O2 UK, Orange UK, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone UK, TESCO, BT Mobile, H3G, Asda, O2 IRL, Vodafone IE, Meteor, H3G IE, Tesco Mobile Ireland)
XEU - United Kingdom and Ireland (O2 UK, Orange UK, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone UK, TESCO, BT Mobile, H3G, Asda, O2 IRL, Vodafone IE, Meteor, H3G IE, Tesco Mobile Ireland)
XEE - the Nordic countries (Telenor, etc.)
Added to the cap - Instructions

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Rep: (3239)
New way to root in one clickSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 4.x.x.) (Post # 17884353)

Rep: (1312)
Added - how to get shortcuts in the firmware for Germany without changing the region and disassembling the apk.

Rep: (1243)
For lovers of unwooded stock.
Method for removing pre-installed software using stock recovery.
Added just in case in the cap.

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By the way, someone identified empirically, on which channels the work of WiFi is the most optimal?

Yes, with the help of the programWifi Analyzer. choose the most free channel.

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Very nice and convenient way.EFS Backup / RestoreHere, of course, most know what to do. But soon may be replenishment. Tested on the N7000 on 4.1 running.
Curator - maybe in a hat?
Added to the header - Useful

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When installing new firmware 4.1.2, it is recommended to do all the wipes before and after the firmware, so I decided to clarify.

If you need to put the firmware clean, with all the tails removed from the previous one, then you need to do this:
put the firmware file for CWM or for Mobile Odin and the CWM Philz core on microSD
A) through CWM Philz
We make wipes of all (1) or (2), are they interchangeable as I understand it?
1) Wipe manually
- Wipe data / factory reset
- Wipe Cache Partition
- Advanced / Wipe Dalvic Cache
Mount and storage:
- format cache
- format system
- format data
- format preload
2) Vipy script
- Philz Settings / Clean Before Flash New ROM
- maybe more Mount and storage: / format preload
3) If you still need to form internal 11GB, then we still do:
- format emmc
4) Install the firmware via CWM Philz
5) Is it necessary to format or not?
- Wipe data / factory reset
- Wipe Cache Partition
- Advanced / Wipe Dalvic Cache
Can something else wipe?

B. If you need to flash the stock firmware via Mobile Odin, then we will not be able to do the wipes before the firmware, respectively:
In Mobile Odin, select the files of the firmware we need and mark the points:
- Wipe data and cache (this is an analogue of (1) - Wipe data / factory reset and Wipe Cache Partition)
- Wipe dalvik cavhe (this is an analogue from (1) - Advanced / Wipe Dalvic Cache)
After the firmware, what wipes to do, point (1) or (2) or only - Wipe data / factory reset, Wipe Cache Partition, Advanced / Wipe Dalvic Cache?
we put Phil's core

Some even recommend before installing the kernel, flash the script for cleaning tails from old cores.

Correct what is wrong. Maybe something missed or wrong?

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Rep: (284)
Yamakasi @ 01/21/2013, 00:25*
I offered on our little animal to create a branch of tehnotrepalki.

Created the topic of energy consumptionConsumption Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note (Post # 18846476)We share experience and discuss the problems of n7000 survivability on various firmware.

Rep: (492)
NewSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.18.0 of Kies

Rep: (0)
It is finished !!!


link Hong Kong version


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GT-N7000 Germany 2013 February N7000XXLSZ N7000OXALSZhttp://www.hotfile.com/dl/194965403/087450...SZ_DBT.zip.html

Rep: (794)
GT-N7000 Germany 2013 February N7000XXLSZ N7000OXALSZ
Attached fileN7000XXLSZ_N7000OXALSZ_DBT.zip.torrent(16.17 KB)

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Here is another Yadiskhttp://yadi.sk/d/dmKlFGhk2ggKM

Rep: (484)
Put 4.1.2 N7000OXALSZ. Super firmware!
Here is my video:Video firmware review :-)

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She is amazingly smooth !!!
Attached Image
- this is after clicking the "Clear" button
I put it on top of the leak through Mobile Odin without wipe data, but with wipe dalvik cache

Rep: (669)
Fastdriver @ 02.18.2013, 14:11*
Can you please in more detail for people like me, the process of the root itself ... what is the core of the file to take, you can link ...

Download a zip (any of the latest on JB), upload it to a USB flash drive, reboot into the recovery and install this zip. And you're hanging around on it for a couple of days - I don't think Phil will make the kernel specific for this firmware with root any longer.

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Rep: (13)
Does anyone have a pit file for the 16GB version? I want to format the body completely, making the markup again and with complete peace of mind to put off. firmware through one.
And in the header of the topic "Drivers and Utilities" to look into what's stopping you?

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