APKENV (harmattan) | running Android applications on n9 without nitrodide

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Version: 42.7.0

Last update of the program in the header:22.03.2014

By allowing you to run multiple games with android in native code.
You can run as from the terminal. so with qml interface
more details:http://meegos.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=120647#p120647

Before installation, you must enable the developer mode
New builds will be here:
Work applications:http://wiki.maemo.org/Apkenv/Game_Compatibility

Pak games moved and Dropbox to Poison ... My DB generates too much traffic and it is periodically disconnected from the distribution .. I will move to POH and GD

Pak gamesIndeks disk

At the moment, work well:
-World of GOO
-Cute The rope
-AngryBierds rio
-AngryBierds spase
-AngryBierds season
-Amazing Alex

Also in the subject there are workers:
-Plansts vs Zombies
-Super Hexagon

Download:Version 42.7.0
Version 42.3.15
Version 42.3.15+ instructions for launching. +Pak of the going games

Old apkenv version+ graphic interface
Icons: Attached fileIco.zip (137.96 KB)

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Here you are harmful: _)) at 50: _)) thanks at least I did not offer to read 22 pages, well, I’ll read tads: _))
7 pages: _))
I understand the answer - bummer - lies in the 42nd message ??

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* russnake
This is a question of the top 100, it was asked more than once, and the search for a topic has the answer in two clicks;)

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I understood that: _))

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* Alexxxl, Can you tell me you can run only toys or more programs?

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only games .. and only a few pieces described in this thread ...

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Alexxxl @ 03/08/2015, 12:46*
only games .. and only a few pieces described in this thread ...

There is an opinion to bring this answer to the starting post in large red font;)

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I would like to ask how the game is checked?
Here I have a sooooo simple game in .apk format. It also exists in Java, how to run it?

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* fenixoz To start you need to collect the game module here by these scripts instruction in ReadMe is available)

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PvZ - only the first version works?
Maybe there is an info about the continuation or is it not already native?

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Whoever tried to slay the viber? If there is any ready give pliz)

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* mk 8) -4, can not be

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In general, I decided to try to play on the phone in Birds space. As a result, I installed apkenv and the games from here also swung older versions too. But here's the catch. I click on the label of birds, and silence. Nothing starts. tried others, too. What is the problem or somewhere I did something wrong?

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* RICOufa, At the beginning of the topic they wrote that if you do not turn on the developer mode, then it will just be installed and create shortcuts, but it will not start. may have changed since that time, but it does not interfere with the try. ;)

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* bers-trayan And with the development mode and without it, the same thing) I have 3 N9 devices and even do not want to) I downloaded the apps and the toys and that's it. In the program I choose the game myself and install ... Zero emotions)

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