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Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE - Discussion | version with support for LTE

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DiscussionSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
PictureSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
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Post has been editedAlexanderL - 09.03.17, 22:37
Reason for editing: How to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305

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Good day! Unfortunately broaching cogs and preliminary removal rates mat. board did not give positive results. As much as I sin on the iron because at the time of call viber, watsapp and skype with sound okay. Rather, the problem may be related to the SIM card slot. Tellingly, after trying to get through to anyone, after the termination of communication antenna icon disappears seconds to 10 are replaced by the icon no network signal (crossed out circle with a stick). Therefore guesses lead to one, that there is something wrong with the network range or frequency signal or something else. What else can be considerations in this respect? Thanks in advance!

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* Papa_Joof And if lte turn off?

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Please tell me how to do this?

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* Papa_Joof In mobile settings

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And you can exactly? In the service menu or in the "other networks" or somewhere else. Just do not have a parameter associated with the network is set up and its sim card.

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* Papa_Joof , The usual settings (those "other networks")

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The "other networks" - "mobile network" configuration data and the choice of the operator changed, switched. As a result, there is no pomoglo.zvuka.

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Welcome tell someone put pubg mobile? I wrote that the device is not in the list of supported

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* Romen159,
Well Pokemon - is not supported, however, go on our devayse ..

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Bought in the summer of 9305 LTE.Byla problem I did not catch one sputniki..videl vsego.Posle tightening all the screws on all earned body

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* Andy_e,
And in the subject with the reinsertion there are instructions on the troubles. She helped me when sewed 7.1.2.

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* Alegro111 , Tell me what firmware then you need to roll and why my WiFi very weak signal?

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* Muramid , Decided whether your problem? because I have a similar ...

Posted on 08/07/2019, 23:23:

* Boomer_74 , same stuff.

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Hello guys.
Today bought a nurse 9305, tell me what firmware it is better to pour? Just because Neruta gpay will not work.
Nurse 9305 To get heated like.
Update fails. Camera lag with flash.
In short you need to alter his Mee. Russian and Ukrainian keyboard is not in him. I would like that very much was used.

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4548888 @ 24.09.19, 02:44 *
Nurse 9305 heats

Marriage is likely if ordered Ali ... open a dispute for a refund, on a hot mamma battery will quickly sits down, and firmware probably will not help you

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* 4548888 I can offer my fee 9305. It works flawlessly. Russian is.

Post has been editedbimon - 26.09.19, 14:16

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* bimon , let's. For what?

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I ordered payment from China, complete sadness. Resolder the power button, but the micro yusb uprooted, so stick to nothing. In this connection, please reset the location where the photo are the tracks on the circuit board from micro yusb can still get that, though little chance.

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* adioss , Here are pictures of the old board, i9300. MB, and this will help ..

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Attached Image

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How to activate AMR-WB on i9305 android 4.4.4? In ServiceMod written AMR-WB OFF.

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