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Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE - Discussion | version with support for LTE

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DiscussionSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
PictureSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
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Post has been editedAlexanderL - 09.03.17, 22:37
Reason for editing: How to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305

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* UsPeXXX,
About 7th not say, I put 14 cyan, so a day set back 13 I can not explain why, just in the general usability of the interface seemed less in relation to what I was used to. With 13m (6.0.1) go for about a year, usability pleased minor bugs there, but not enrage, the type that developed in connection type settings via USB does not change with the 1st time. Well, the camera, yes, flew over, put the camera mx from the convenience store and forgot about it. Yes, for the year it was hammered memory so that the market does not want to put a new application without removing the other, so I had to format the memory card under the ext45 and transfer all of it (all the standard tools in the firmware). This gave rise to tupnyak in some applications, so I recommend immediately formatnut map so to the new firmware. I do not recommend piercing, filled with whistles and perdelkami, such as the original tachviz, the unit we still weak, IMHO naked android like cm nano gapps thing is, I still lags critically, unlike tachviza, tupyaschego out of the box. About stability, obviously, the latest build, which is not added to the chips will be the most stable. I'm worth ithttps:? // androidfilehos ... fid = 24694152805484782

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Available fully working original motherboard i9305. You may need someone? I give for Shtukar in Moscow. I will give time to check and manibek. If you need to send mail. Maybe someone wants to upgrade your i9300 adding LTE 4G? Write to the PM.

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Guys can. Ktonibud sells. display ModulвШЇ

Rep: (2)
Prompt, put the new display module to replace a broken,
I saw a video on youtube how to change the module there said that it is necessary to apply the reset device after replacement, but the reason is not voiced.
As it seems to me strange that it is necessary to reset the device?
Or do you want?

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People, who know, please give a detailed answer.
I have the Galaxy 9305. Bought enhanced battery Sino Clio 4200 Ah. Seller certifies that it has the NFC antenna. But something I can not including this function, put my card triple and that does not occur. Firmware I Kit Kat, I understand the latter. Topics surf and have not found any where comprehensive answer.
I would be very grateful if someone experienced!

Post has been editedggg111 - 21.04.18, 15:17

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* ggg111,
Check - easily. Hairdryer to warm slightly and peel the foil from the battery. On my (Palmexx 4600) have given antenna.

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And where in the heat?)

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* ggg111,
Akbeshku. She - film wrapped. Under entoy film and should / can be NFP antenna. This ... whorl.

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Bought ears blutusnye began some glitches, then off, or not including the bodies until the pull / paste the battery.
Who faced? Last glitch stupidly lost the opportunity to make outgoing calls and send SMS, although 4DZHI worked.

Post has been editedggg111 - 25.04.18, 14:22

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* ggg111,
I also did not immediately connected. It turned out - it connects to the TV, connect prevented.

Rep: (1)
No, connection and listening standards passes. But after, there are glitches, which I described above ...

Rep: (2)
Hello everyone. The phone is very bad charging. A very long time. And if we use all slowly discharged.

A couple of times trying to recharge from the Chinese charged with the same wire in the kit. and a couple of times from a friend in a car from Auto Chargers of this same kit with them the same wire.
Home of the original with the original charging cable, or from other charging-no movement, all very slowly.

Post has been editedUsPeXXX - 19.05.18, 23:16

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Change the connector.

Rep: (7)
Hello everybody. Who knows, the SIM slot on the i9300 fit to i9305?

Rep: (159)
* cherrep22 As far as I remember, pothodyat.

Rep: (0)
Hello everybody! Please tell me one thing? Where to look for an answer to the question of the lack of sound in speaker and microphone in the time of the call or a call on SIM card (TELE-2)? Telephone brought from Germany, but I ask the drain insertion of another region, in the hope that the sound appears. To firmware More SMSes proihodit with this question for the phone, now everything is normal, but the sound during the conversation there.

Rep: (0)
Good people help please understand. Who may encounter such problems? In what area to look for some solution? Prompt at least in some settings, this service can be switched or changed? Thanks in advance!

Rep: (19)
* Papa_Joof,
Taste of. firmware for the service of another region. Like France-orange - should help.

Rep: (0)
Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately nothing has changed after this firmware "France-orange" sounds like it was during the conversation in the ear and the dynamics there, exactly like my voice at the interlocutor. Although the source resets when I hear my challenge in his unit short beeps "busy" SMSes normally come in Cyrillic and I can not call. Maybe someone will tell what kind?)

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* Papa_Joof,
Also does not hurt - to reach all the bolts / screws, the board ..

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