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Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE - Discussion | version with support for LTE

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DiscussionSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
PictureSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
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Post has been editedAlexanderL - 09.03.17, 22:37
Reason for editing: How to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305

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Hello, I washed down with a video how to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305

If someone does not want to listen to me (I know, I sound bad, for the first time recorded), then under the spoiler links to Ali and instruction in pictures

Instructions in pictures
1. Disassemble the phone

Attached Image

2. Use an engraver to saw frame so (protruding parts dotochit to the general framework of the level):

Attached Image

3. 3hkontaktnuyu propylene rear frame so rightmost projection having cut:

Attached Image

4. Important! Seal with tape elemental base board, which may come in contact with bare metal

5. Collect and verify that everything works:

Attached Image

6. 13 and put cyanogenRejoice in the success :)

Comparison of cards in the video :)

The rear frame 3 contacts -http://s.aliexpress.com/YNfaIbim
Motherboard, the one that I have -http://s.aliexpress.com/QnMZzIrY
Motherboard, cheaper than me -http://s.aliexpress.com/vMjMfEvQ

Post has been editedAlexanderL - 09.03.17, 22:37
Reason for editing: In the header

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Available in 9305 (French). Wife enjoyed them until September 2016 all ok though there was a small crack glass. Devil pulled to try to change it by gluing glass. Naturally display covered himself with a copper basin. Now the dilemma - the original display module is expensive, and to be honest did not meet in 9300 announced .. From nepodhodit as part of my 9305. Tell me what to do? In fact everything else except working display. WMS whom you can sell? I am in Kiev.
PS To be honest, the phone is a pity, because 2 GB of RAM, shustrost - all arranged ... Maybe how to restore it, you can - to give a child ... Throwing sorry :(

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* IceBerg-78,
Why does not fit on the 9300? I have a module on 9300 and everything works fine. In dogonkuSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE - Discussion (Post Alegro111 # 59161171)

Post has been editedjas65 - 24.03.17, 17:27

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Do not sit in their native frame 9305 ... Without boring and so on. This infa from repairers, will not they lie, it makes no sense ...

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* IceBerg-78 , Horseradish repairers. Or messing them lazy. I personally put. Everything is perfect.

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Firmware I9305XXUFPB1_I9305NEEFPB1_NEE.Android 4.4.4. I tried and custom firmware. Everywhere kosyachit lights. I turned off the automatic adjustment of screen brightness. Exhibit almost minimum.Ekran obscured. Move the slider to adjust the brightness to minimum brightness and brightness sharply increases. Third-party control is not on duty to help. When you open a window with a white background, brightness is added and decreases. Open play market is similar. Illumination added, omitting the shutter, the backlight decreases to the set value. Can anyone have any suggestions how pofiksit or it's trouble with the light sensor?

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Found in the description of the error.
This device works on kvalkome instead eknuse

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* Alegro111,
There may be details that seal with tape?

Rep: (15)
* Blind cat,
a strip of adhesive tape on the chips on the board and, in particular, on the 2nd capacitor in the corner where we engraver removed paint from the board. The purpose tape - an insulator which does not give anything shorted on the bare metal frame of sawn

Rep: (28)
I did not do anything engraver

Post has been editedBlind cat - 15.05.17, 18:34

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* Blind cat,
Video, of course, do not look? if not to file box engraver, the fee will be rested in it, and close the case until the end of may stupidly break if desired. test efficiency can contact board 3 to the rear of the antenna would get, we just have to press a button with your fingers without screws, but no more.

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* Alegro111, Video smotrel.Zakleil fee Scotch two weeks go off any bylo.Edinstvennoe not framed in a circle from all appearances knife cleaned

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Good day to all, when you try to replace the glass flew screen. I want to buy on Ali module - photo right - the glass screen and the frame, but found that alishnoy parts - no cable that runs along the battery, loop, speaker, audio unit - shorter than the pictures on the left marked missing elements "circle". Is there a video or manual, with momoschyu I mount it all at home, if not for these elements. Thanks.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Good afternoon! There was such problem: the phone periodically (no pattern not found) restarts, sometimes after a reboot reset to factory settings. I tried to reflash through one-on-TMH I9305XXSFQA5 and TMH I9305XXSFQA5 - absolutely no change. Firmware took withhttp: //live.samsung-up...ex.php device = GT-I9305?. What could be the reason?

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* n3tmaniac,
This problem is solved by replacing the power button. Over time, it starts to get stuck, and long press the power button to restart emergency =

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* Naumanns There are no more elements, but this is not a problem at all. All seamlessly and effortlessly the most obvious way you can rearrange your old broken unit. I did not do it on their own time. Good luck.

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Alegro111 @ 09.03.17, 18:21*
Hello, I washed down with a video how to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZNiu79UAcM


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Is it possible to find where to buy this device?

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* Romen159 Buy mine. Ships in my account :)

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* Romen159 , Take my

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