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Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE - Discussion | version with support for LTE

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DiscussionSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
PictureSamsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
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Post has been editedAlexanderL - 09.03.17, 22:37
Reason for editing: How to install the housing i9300 payment from i9305

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Model GT-I9305
Model name GALAXY S в…ў
Country France (Orange)
Version Android 4.4.4
Changelist 8522143
Build date Mon, Jun 27 2016 7:39:37 +0000
Security Patch Level 2016-06-01
Product code FTM
CSC I9305FTMFPF2Yandex disk

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There is a motherboard of 9305 and the rest by 9300. Are they Suitable for each other? He tried to put and began the wildest area of ​​heating in microphone

Rep: (638)
At the request of the userMansur13I adapted the script re-initialization of memory used on the i9300, for i9305. Using this script, you get approximately 1.5 GB of additional space in the user data section, no sacrificing (trimmed entirely unused space).

Full instructions are here:
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Informal firmware (OS 6.x.x) (Post Hellsingoff # 48425593)
Of course, reading this manual should take into account small differences devices. However, the instructions are identical, differing only themselves used files. File for i9305 is in the spoiler at the very bottom of the post.

tested user fileMansur1316 Gb version i9305.

Post has been editedRaveboy - 20.10.16, 06:12
Reason for editing: In the header

Rep: (43)
That was the question: someone tried to connect a USB flash drive 64 GB through otg? whether it sees the phone?

Rep: (49)
* FATUM21,
64gb fine spots like via a cord or directly stick having microusb connector. And if you get the Root and install the memory stick pro will read ntfs format.

Post has been editedjas65 - 29.10.16, 12:04

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Good evening! Can someone tell me whether the display is suitable shv from 210 to 9300 normal?

Rep: (6)
Is it possible in 9301 to establish a fee s3 9305? Casing / Display fit?

Rep: (30)
Hellsingoff @ 19.10.16, 14:17*
At the user's request Mansur13 I adapted the script re-initialization of memory used on the i9300, for i9305.

* Hellsingoff a huge request to do this for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Duos / Neo (+) (GT-I9300i / GT-I9301i)
16GB device in my hands. Ready to test your script, and even to give the drain breakdown sections (if necessary), although in this respect there still must be identical to the normal 9,300.
I have corrected myself, but I'm afraid anything overlook, and author of the best for you to leave.
Yes, and a computer with a penguin is not on hand to scripts niskovymi edit translations carefully.

IMHO, it is strange thatI deleted my post in the topic for 9300, Still I kept all the rules, and because Your user manual is referring to the script it was there in the hat, it was not quite offtopic. But with this post, I also doubt, it may be worth it in the subject of the requested device to write, but then how to refer to your post? In short, I promise not to flood in vain, if will take, it will move as early asrelevant topic.

Rep: (30)
olegsem90 @ 07.11.16, 23:14*
Good evening! Can someone tell me whether the display is suitable shv from 210 to 9300 normal?

Expert44 @ 20.11.16, 00:34*
Is it possible in 9301 to establish a fee s3 9305? Casing / Display fit?

Probably yes. I board from 9305 to easily get up into the housing from 9300 and vice versa.
There is alsosuch infaand sostill here.

Rep: (0)
Tell me what to do?
The speaker is working, and the conversation can not hear the interlocutor, with Internet calls via Whatsapp - audible.
All settings of the phone checked, all the checkboxes are correct.
Kitkat was the original firmware - there was no sound. I put a custom - same thing.
android version now - 4.4.4
Firmware Version - I9305XXUFNJ1
Kernel Version - 3.0.101-India-v5.9.2-OC-LTE-STOCK_HYBRID-Kitkat AGNi @ PSN-pureSTOCK # 13 Tue May 12, 2015 17:47:57 IST
The build number - KTU84P.I9305KSUKNK3
ROM - S5 Elite Lite

Rep: (17)
* FATUM21 It connects the stick 64 in exFat. It works fine. Shows movies on 5GB +

Rep: (6)
* zilia , Understood to / for your interest s3 neo, board 9301, display module 9300), ordered from 9305 a fee for the same photo

Rep: (51)
I noticed a curious glitch. When using programs such as В«GPS testВ», the application displays an error such as 3 meters, but on maps (Google, Yandex), the actual location is shown in the 50 meters.
Previously, this was not. No software to spoof the coordinates there.

Rep: (-2)
the question is arisen, cover the S3, insert the battery flashing inscription Samsung rather Morgan Pohorje stops then the new, read a lot of interesting things, I think that was burned matplata, the question arises whether you can put with the i9305 who with 4G, if installation problems occur and can someone ordered where ??

Rep: (30)
* 6frost6 Most likely your motherboard alive. Try to download mode or rekaveri his drive. The board of the 9305 suit.

Rep: (0)
* 6frost6 , Good afternoon, I ordered a display module for S3 9305 from here But the price tags in euros. The order came after 8 days.
Perhaps it makes sense to go to youherefor another model.

Post has been editeduriscon - 23.02.17, 11:33

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* 6frost6 I installed on my i9300 charge of i9305. I ordered on Aliexpress. Pay a little bit does not sit on the seat. Because of this (as it turned out) was not working SIM card and a button "home". I decided to seal under the charge of duct tape along the contact with the edge of the body and slightly unbent contacts button. Well, the thermal paste on the CPU.

P.S. Proc solved the problem of mounting board i9305, i9300 ordered payment. I can sell it, if necessary.

Rep: (30)
* 6frost6 I would have listened to the advice @bimon;) I have what the situation is reversed. The housing 9305 and the fees set by 9300 for verification.

Rep: (-2)
damn all gentlemen, thank you for your advice in donlaud mode and rekaveri not included (phone about 4 years old), so let someone else Th practical advice book, simply has rides a new phone with Ali. not bother chtoli and take home pay from 9300?

Rep: (49)
* 6frost6,
Sell ​​the parts and not to suffer. Screen 9300 is still in the price so that you sell on Avito without problems. Especially waiting for another phone.

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