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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

WP Bench | Benchmark online

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WP Bench

Last update of the program in the header:10.10.2012

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WP Bench in accordance with the opinion of many experts, today it is one of the highest quality, "the bench" for Windows Phone. Means WP Bench possible to precisely determine the image parameters, CPU operating frequency, the battery calibration setting screen color scheme, writing and reading of memory and RAM.
Useful "highlight" - a function of loading data into an online store. With this smartphone owner can compare your device with any device information that is in this network (and there is not only the smarts, but also tablets and even netbooks mid-range). There is even a common user chat, where people are measured by the capacity of their devices in real time.
Well, and so on. E., Until the devices test statistics, lists of the most popular smartphones, the possibility of selecting a model with the best features and reviews.
  • Processor performance on odnotredovoy operation
  • Processor performance on tasks multitredovyh
  • reading speed and memory recording
  • read and write speed of the memory module
  • Performance graphics accelerator
  • Color reproduction display
  • Test "survivability" battery

Russian interface: Not
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Attached fileWP_Bench_2.6.0.0_cracked_by_Sam.xap(152.98 KB)

Marketplace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/ru-RU/apps/e44...65-76d752d7d305
WP7 Marketplace: zune: // navigate phoneAppID = e447e949-01c0-43f1-8b65-76d752d7d305?

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Nokia Lumia 800. (1450mah)
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HTC HD7. (1230mah)
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HTC 8S. (1700mah)
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Nokia Lumia 520 1430mah (WP8.1Dev.prew)
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Nokia Lumia 735
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