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Samsung GT-9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion (Archive) | before the release of JB - (OS 4.1)

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DiscussionSamsung GT-9300 Galaxy S III -Archive

PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version
Regional versions are discussed in separate topics:
* Samsung Galaxy S IIISHV-E210S / K / L - Discussion »
* Samsung Galaxy S IIISCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH – T999 / SPH-L710 - Discussion »

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This is an archival topic, a current ("live") topic here:Discussion Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)

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pooh-80 If it is the omega, the download from the Market Omega Files, and there will be a ZIP archive to restore the drain socket

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firmware 4.1.2 I9300XXELKC He took the phone from her, but not sure that is the same as on this forum. In that version, but that this forum everything is fine with the notification bar?

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pooh-80 @ 15.12.2012, 13:50*
In that version, but that this forum everything is fine with the notification bar?

Yes, in that thatshapke-I9300XXELKC [XEO] normal (working) panel notifications

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pooh-80, Yeah, right. But there is a completely different _poryadok_))

Attached Image

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tell me! how to switch between active applications? and closing the browser? for example open my mail agent vatsap, viber ... etc. current (if you omit the upper shutter) depends only mail agent and viber and vatsap you have to press a shortcut ... so it is with the browser, if long hold the middle button shows the last open files ... Well, not always, there are those active in them ... well, plus I go I in opera or chrome climb and want to close and close the menu is not ... necessary to close the button back ... but if I opened a lot of options, he begins to flip them back ... as then quickly close the browser ?

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deka_86 @ 15.12.2012, 14:07*
I go to the opera, I

With Opera similar problems are not just in the settings activate "RTE".

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Damn, so much lost time. I will sew phone (((

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One problem less! thank! I did not know about it!
and the rest do not know about?

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Why I can not be exported to your computer SMS and s-memo?

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Tell me why when watching movies online Flash Player loads ~ 10%, and further does not go?

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Che did not find how to distinguish SGS3 against counterfeiting. Generally there is online that something? More .... as you can see by imei?

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GnomeBlack @ 15.12.2012, 12:06*
But there is a completely different _poryadok_))

A stand-alone mode, you also do not have to customize your control panel?
Poke me how rutirovat 4.1.2? head already in full swing ...

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So no one has answered my question at all such a font on a white background, dim and thin
Attached Image

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41ZZ, responded. Such at all.

pooh-80, panel "Notification" means? Here is a:

Attached Image

And what about the root to 4.1.2 - aboveusr01 I am writing about CF-Root version 6-4-there-some here on this instruction .

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Srasibo huge. Rescued. Stand-alone mode, as I understood, it is possible through some widgets do on the screen.

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The question is appeared.
When connected to a computer SGS3 he works as MTP.
And one can see these two cards (internal and external memory) only in the normal conductor. (As GT-I9300 Dad).

What can namutit to in Total commander,. it can be displayed. Or is this not seen?

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and no one will tell on this issue?Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion of the (post # 17831604)

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Amigo0574 @ 15.12.2012, 07:21*
At the moment, almost 5GB free. But even when the memory was filled to capacity almost everything works fine. There is another reason for the move. I even re-flash, but it did not help.

it is the system partition? memory available to applications and memory as a USB flash drive is not the same. I would be guided to become system / app

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XG11GX @ 15.12.2012, 16:33*
What can namutit to in Total commander,. it can be displayed. Or is this not seen?

Look TotalCommander android plugIn

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enough to install a plugin for Total CommanderMedia Audio 0.78 beta (external link)

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