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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware>Explay


Explay A320 download

Explay A400

Explay Advance

Explay Advance TV

Explay air(Wiko Birdy)

Explay alto

Explay Atom / Explay Fire

Explay bit(Tinno S3510 / S3511)

Explay blaze

Explay CinemaTV 3G

Explay Communicator

Explay Craft

Explay D7.2 3G

Explay Discovery 10.1

Explay dream

Explay Easy

Explay Five

Explay flame

Explay fog

Explay fresh

Explay Golf

Explay HD

Explay HD Quad

Explay Hit 3G

Explay indigo

Explay infinity(GioNee GN868)

Explay Infinity II

Explay Informer 701

Explay Informer 702(Teclast P75HD)

Explay Informer 703

Explay Informer 704

Explay Informer 705

Explay Informer 707

Explay Informer 801(Teclast P85)

Explay Informer 901

Explay Informer 921(Digma iDs10, Ployer MOMO11 Bird Edition)

Explay Joy TV

Explay MID-725(teXet TM-7022)

Explay MID-725 3G(Informer 725)

Explay N1, smartphone

Explay N1 Plus

Explay Navigator

Explay Onliner 1

Explay phantom

Explay polo

Explay pulsar

Explay Rio

Explay Rio Play

Explay Sky Plus(Alps Sky Plus)

Explay slim

Explay solo(A351)

Explay sQuad 9.71(Teclast A10HD)

Explay sQuad 9.72 3G

Explay sQuad 10.01

Explay sQuad 10.02 3G

Explay sQuad 10.06 3G

Explay star(A350)

Explay stark

Explay Star TV(A 350 TV)

Explay surf(Alps Surf)

Explay Surfer 7.03

Explay Surfer 7.04

Explay Surfer 7.32

Explay Surfer 8.01(Teclast P85SH, P85 Dual Core)

Explay Surfer 8.02(Teclast P88)

Explay Surfer 8.31 3G

Explay Surfer 10.11

Explay Tab mini

Explay tornado

Explay Tornado 3G (tablet 7 ")

Explay Traveler 7.23

Explay vega

Explay Vision

Explay X5

Explay XL2

Explay X-tremer

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