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Russian Offline Translator | off-line translator

Rep: (1524)
Russian Offline Translator
Version: 2.3.7998m

Last update of the program in the header:05.12.2014

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Short description:
Off-line translator.

You do not need an internet connection - in this app has been downloaded all what you want to translate.

This application is for offline translation of texts from English into Russian and vice versa.
The application uses TTS voice module (Text-To-Speech) translation pronunciation.

Features The Ectaco Full Text Translator:
• Offline translation
• Fully updated database
• Automatic functions "copy" and "paste"
• Translation is done automatically as soon as you start typing text
• Ability to change the direction of translation by pressing one button
• Ability to change the contents of the original text and its translation

Note! TTS voice module is installed separately!

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?....ectaco.mt.enru

Russian interface: Unknown

Version: 2.3.7998m Russian Offline Translator (Post # 36267477)
Download Voice for the translator

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (1213)
zheka_x @ 14.09.2012, 16:58*
off-line translator

Seriously? To this cache probably need ...The 4 MB probably will not fit all the wordsor fit?

And what is this version x.xx? There's sort of a well written1.2.738m 1.1.546m

The word "hello" translated perfect :)

Post has been editedsvm - 14.09.12, 14:20

Rep: (1524)
I alter the version did not remember right now podredaktiruyte

Rep: (1213)
zheka_x @ 14.09.2012, 17:12*
I alter the version did not remember right now podredaktiruyte

Oh well. A voice? Can lay out all the same? :)

Rep: (1524)
svm @ 14.09.2012, 17:03*
To this cache probably need

transfers and so only ugly, well, as usual for translators

Rep: (1213)
zheka_x @ 14.09.2012, 17:14*
transfers and so only ugly, well, as usual for translators

This is nonsense, used to have to disassemble. I liked it in general, take back to your collection :)

Post has been editedsvm - 14.09.12, 14:17

Rep: (1524)
svm @ 14.09.2012, 17:13*
A voice? Can lay out all the same?

I weigh too much, the other who lay podredaktiruyte;)

Rep: (1213)
zheka_x @ 14.09.2012, 17:20*
I weigh too much, the other who lay podredaktiruyte

Leeching already. So wait :)

Where they will be based on the memory card? And seek not want to, if not difficult to tell something, if you know :)- found.
How to download everything and zalyu, I throw here

Post has been editedsvm - 14.09.12, 14:49

Rep: (1213)
Voices for Russian Offline Translator.

The used version of software for download:1.1.546m

Way: SD \ Android \ data \ "folder in the archive"
All about copying or moving notification (if any) to respond positively, that is, "YES"

Attached file1 chast.rar(90.65 MB)
Attached file2 chast.rar(77.79 MB)

Post has been editedsvm - 06.02.13, 12:18

Rep: (0)
tell it really offers excellent transfers, or what? and none after downloading did not come to the soap you type a letter skomunizdili our program please buy it or else we will appeal to the Security Service Google. and that I once at 4 hundred rubles flew with one applets. menzhanul something suddenly zablochat acc.

Rep: (587)
download voicelink does not work 509 ERROR

Rep: (1025)
Well, like this. Choteau translates Choteau not. Go.

Rep: (23)
In my opinion the price of a tall standing in plee

Rep: (1213)
rus1973 @ 17.09.2012, 20:45*
Download link does not work 509 votes ERROR
Everything works. Sam checked
And before you write, first we must find out what kind of error: The server traffic rolls - try later.

Post has been editedsvm - 18.09.12, 15:43

Rep: (4)
And how to connect voice translation?

Rep: (120)
works :)

Rep: (14)
And how the copy - paste, tried through the buffer of CoolReader copy - without getting up. And by the way, from time to time, instead of writing the translation error, we had to restart.

Rep: (0)
voice translation of 85 meters weighs

Rep: (823)
Put the file that downloads a program (not audible, but from what takes translation)

Rep: (56)
Who set - can he translate "toffee"?

Rep: (135)
It translates very crooked, but the primitive English goes, though no better.

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