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> Catalog of the order section Android - Firmware> Alcatel
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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware>Alcatel


Alcatel Pixi OT-4007D download

Alcatel Pixi 3 (4) OT-4013D

Alcatel Pixi First OT-4024D

Alcatel PIXI 3 OT-4027D

Alcatel Pixi 4 (4.0) OT-4034D

Alcatel Pixi 4 (5) OT-5010D

Alcatel OT-4033X / 4033D(Alcatel OneTouch POP C3)

Alcatel OT-5017D PIXI 3 (4.5) 4G

Alcatel OT-5017X PIXI 3

Alcatel POP 3 (5) OT-5065D

Alcatel POP C2 OT-4032D

Alcatel OT 5033D

Alcatel POP C5 OT-5036D

Alcatel OT-5020D M'POP(MTC 972)

Alcatel OT-5022D Pop Star

Alcatel OT-5035X / 5035D X'POP

Alcatel OT-5042 POP 2

Alcatel OT-6010D Star

Alcatel OT-6012 Idol Mini

Alcatel OT-6016X / 6016D Idol 2 mini

Alcatel OT-6030 / 6030D Idol

Alcatel OT-6033X Idol Ultra(TCL S850)

Alcatel OT-6037Y / 6037K Idol 2

Alcatel OT-6039Y / 6039K Idol 3

Alcatel OT-6040 Idol X(TCL Idol X)

Alcatel OT-6043D Idol X +

Alcatel OT-6045Y Idol 3

Alcatel OT-7025 / 7025D Snap(TCL P600)

Alcatel OT-7041D POP C7

Alcatel OT-7043Y POP 2

Alcatel OT-8008D Scribe HD

Alcatel OT-8020D Hero(TCL Hero N3)

Alcatel OT-890 / 890D

Alcatel OT-908

Alcatel OT-918D(Orange Pasadena)

Alcatel OT-980

Alcatel OT-983

Alcatel OT-985 / 985D

Alcatel OT-986

Alcatel OT-990

Alcatel OT-991

Alcatel OT-992D

Alcatel OT-993D

Alcatel OT-995/996(MegaFon SP-A10)

Alcatel OT-997 / 997D / 998

TCL M3G(Meme Da 3S)

Alcatel OT-4009D Pixi 3

Alcatel OT-5015X / 5015D

Alcatel Shine Lite OT-5080X

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