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About the topic.
4 years ago, the topic turned into a grandiose idea with the active participation of the resource team, record holders, unique people, just active participants who are not indifferent to the work of the site and forum, a lot of funny cases right in the subject and from time to time long interesting discussions! The history of the topic is really interesting to re-read, there is a lot of this that you will not find anywhere else! After all, this is all our resource with you, it is inexhaustible, and the topic only remotely conveys its scope!
What is this idea? Here are published records, anti-records, paradoxes, unique phenomena, all the most unusual about the work of the site and the forum that you found, or someone suggested to you! But we only collect what is not rated on the site and is global in nature (for the site, forum, special projects of the resourcesavagemessiahzine.com).
In the subject, only the records themselves are allowed, everything unusual on the forum, their normal discussion, as well as organizational issues of the subject.
Also finding a record holder who can outrun an existing one is welcome!
A big request to register the found record according to a template, since an abundance of discussion can lead to the loss of a written record and an honestly deserved plus!
Attention! Records specially achieved to stay in the cap, are not welcome, and will not be taken into account.

On December 28, 2013, an addition was introduced - all added records are highlighted in a different color.
Sign(+?) means that the record is not updated manually, it is available only to those who have additional powers, for example, moderators.
Statistics update is carried out only by the curator, this is not an update of the record!
Messages do not delete, this is our story with you!
Monosyllabic replicas such as "I, too," "bug," "floppy", "well, and sho," etc., and so on, emoticons, alone (or in pairs) jumping on the post, not involving discussion on the topic, and carrying a minor semantic load, I will delete without warning! In other words, do not turn the topic into another fludilka!

Attention! It is categorically not recommended to publish neither here nor anywhere about the previously undisclosed records of undocumented features of the forum engine !! Use of such knowledge is at your own risk.
Please, if you find a record in the subject that is not included in the header, various errors anywhere, report directly to the topic.
All the comments, suggestions, criticism, I am happy to hear, in order to improve the topic!
Of course, do not forget aboutSection Rules

Templates for registration found:
Understandably, this is stupid / optional / lazy, but then the curator is stupid to look for records in a lot of discussion, and optional / lazy to update the header: D

New record. Description of the record with a link and digital proof (possible screenshot)
[i] [b] [color = "orangered"] New record. [/ color] Description of the record with a link and digital proof (possible screenshot) [/ b] [/ i]

Новый антирекорд. download

Description of the anti-record with a link and digital proof (possible screenshot)

[i] [b] [color = "blue"] New anti-record. [/ color] Description of the anti-record with a link and digital proof (possible screenshot) [/ b] [/ i]

Historical recordThe statistics of such records are not subject to updating. Must be accompanied by a proof with him!
[i] [b] [color = "darkred"] Historical record. [/ color] The statistics of such records is not subject to updating. Must be accompanied by a proof with him! [/ B] [/ i]

The paradox of the site.That, in your opinion, does not fit into the framework of common sense.
[i] [b] [color = "orange"] Paradox site. [/ color] What, in your opinion, does not fit into the framework of common sense. [/ b] [/ i]

Update for .... Update to existinga record, antirecord, paradoxfrom the cap, that is, not its statistics, but the addition of a new record (and others) in the existing nomination.
[I] [B] Update for .... Update for existing [COLOR = orangered] record [/ COLOR], [COLOR = blue] anti-record [/ COLOR], [COLOR = orange] paradox [/ COLOR] from the header. [/ B] [/ I]
Note This is the addition of a new record in the existing nomination, since the statistics of the updated records are not updated by the participants of the topic.

Preliminary recordDraft record if you are not sure.
[i] [b] [color = "gray"] Preliminary record. [/ color] Draft record if you are not sure. [/ b] [/ i]

RECORDS of our site!: clap:
  1. Fludilka-Boltalka- at the moment the biggest topic of the forum is 421783 replies. FoundAakurb .
  2. "Best" reputation - by the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.
    bodik777- 274 plus and no posts on the forum! Found_Fishaffair_ .
    Only profile reputations are taken into account; there is a separate record for IMHO in treachery ones.
  3. The most popular topic isSoftware catalog - Android OSwith number of views 81421525 !!I found.
  4. The most active forum user isAlex004753009 messages! Foundalex @ rya .
  5. The user who created the most topics -Alien shooter. As many as 2572 !! Foundpashulke .
  6. Android - Firmware- the section with the most posting - 11469327 answers. FoundHomer jay .
  7. Survivalcraft [android] [3D] (Post # 17911019)- the post contains the most files at the same time - 277 (+?) ! Found Ymo .
  8. News with the most comments: 1633!//savagemessiahzine.com/2013/3/15/93185/. Foundgivlax .
  9. The topic with the largest number of attachments - 78369 (+?) Attachments as of 07/09/2016, 00.40 Wallpaper for HD screens (720x1280, 768x1280, 800x1280); (1440x1280, 1536x1280, 1600x1280, 960x1280) Found -SoilioS- .
  10. The biggest plus of user moderation is 679.ES File Explorer File Manager (Post panatta-sport # 21437428)Foundayde_f
  11. The oldest forumchanin -aka AMIGO- 78 years. Proof - profile, as well as information from the Internet. thankSergey164 for reliable information.
  12. Club players Heroes of Order & Chaos- the club with the most membersClub players in Heroes of Order & Chaos (Post # 19889541) - 844 participants. Found tamadok
  13. The user who has put the greatest number of advantages -loza - 9707. ProofFound-SoilioS- .
  14. The user who posted the most files on the forum -Alex0047 68042 (+?) . Proof . He himself advanced.
  15. Prize-winner of the largest number of awards - 4.Danusha. Foundmgeee .
  16. Malfurion- a moderator responsible for as many as 211 forums (+?) ! Proof Found Artemka778.
  17. The device with the most reviews on devdb -Google nexus 4- 69. FoundRage .
  18. The largest number of entries (posts) on the site publisheddidex- 4724. FoundPicnik .
  19. The largest topic on the device -Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Discussion- 2364 pages! Foundsimorg13 .
  20. The most active member of the forum in a particular topicWaiting hall- AndreyR2, 59331 posts!Proof. Foundsimorg13 .
  21. The section of the forum with the fewest topics and at the same time with the least posting is just one topic and 607 posts -Dell. FoundAlexandr1999 .
  22. The device with the largest number of people willing to buy it is 2,245 people.Google nexus 4. FoundDacket .
  23. The most popular FAQ.Android OS FAQ- 8610346 views. FoundDacket .
  24. The biggest topic of buying a device:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro / SE - Purchase,1800 pages! Foundalex @ rya .
  25. The file that was downloaded the most times - 408622! (+?) . Pervopruf . Found Alex0047 .
    Due to the fact that the number of downloads is no longer a publicly available info, this and similar records will not be updated by ordinary users.
  26. The device with the largest number of firmware on the forum - Samsung Galaxy S3 - 122 firmware (+?) (201113) Site records (Post # 26814963) . Found -SoilioS- .
    Clones of firmware that differ only in a particular topic are not counted.
  27. The highest comment comment rating is 644!//savagemessiahzine.com/ 2013/3/15/93185 / # comment880086Foundandroguy .
  28. The largest forum header, 96885 characters -Club Mod apk Proof. Found-SoilioS- .
  29. The biggest theme of the firmware -Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware- 2283 pages! Foundvladrevers .
  30. The largest section - 9525 topics !!Communicators, Smartphones, PhonesFound-SoilioS- .
  31. The section of devices (one brand) with the largest number of topics - 333Samsung I found.
  32. A developer with the least amount of useful posts, that is, there are none at all -projectionFoundatom63 .
    Delivered a separate record, as the developer is real.
  33. Most commented on the siteuser- 13639 kamentov! Foundalex @ rya .
  34. arvseslav- as of 040119 curator in 13 topics at the same time!ProofFoundbullik01 .
  35. The largest poll (26600 votes) -Uninstalling Android system apps. Foundayde_f .
  36. The longest technical forum post - 23,688 characters -Skins and layouts for the keyboard JBak2 Keyboard (Post Kirr77 # 69028782)Proof -//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/…E0_20180926-190443.pngFoundwasherron .
  1. The user with the lowest reputation is "-168" who is not banned!liters. Foundflyer2000 .
  2. The “worst” reputation is in terms of the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.t23093 - 2/1628~0.0012 I found.
    In this nomination, it is allowed to add participants with posts greater than 1000. Also about “harmfulness” -Site records (Post Sergey164 # 50164077).
  3. Huawei U8860 (Honor) - Firmware (OS 4.0)- The topic from which the most posts have been deleted: 19240, despite the fact that there are now 8851 in total (+?) ! Found mgeee . Idea - bald1984 .
  4. The most mined post custom moderationDraw Rider (Post # 14329915)- "Rating -319". FoundAlexandr1999 .
  5. The largest number of posts in the topic -Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion- 12 rated below -10 (+?) . I found statistics from Picnik .
  6. More than 147 comments have been deleted:Roskomnadzor got to GoogleFoundMishaAsphalt .
  7. The user with the most useful messages (12856) and the highest reputation (2827) who was banned -Smartecs
  8. Minecraft Pocket Edition- the topic that was closed the most times - 9 !!Found participants in the topic.
  9. The most massive dismissal from the team - just 10 peopleWhat new has appeared while you were not (Fasting Godless # 16604588)Foundatom63 and alex @ rya .
  10. The user who put the most minuses to other users -artur000- 149 minuses.Proof. Himself pushed.
  11. The user who has deleted the most messages -1335 out of 1348 !! GTR532 Found alex @ rya .
  12. The highest number of multi-users per user isIandroidFanhas 91 cartoon as of 081114. FoundAlex Fry .
  13. The largest number of comments in one post - 3Race of Champions [3D, G-sensor] (Post toshpulatov2011 # 10104403)Found-SoilioS- .
  14. The post of the moderator with the lowest rating -24 -All The Funniest (Post Dyushka74 # 62634962)Foundegorka2000g
Historical records, anti-records, paradoxes.
    Note These are only records that cannot be updated, replaced by the same or removed from the resource.
    Posting record holdersavailable for publication as historical records, because over time they become unavailable on the forum.

    Topics, visits, posting.
  1. The topic with the largest number of users visiting it at the same time is 4935,Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [3D], proof. Found participants topics, the most statistics fromFuJin95 .
  2. The first surviving post on the forumInternet via GPRS (Post # 4). Dated -13.04.2005, 18:54. The author is BenDog. FoundSkipper73 .
  3. The highest rate in the topic for the year - 5353 pages!Modern Combat 4 Players Club: Zero HourandModern Combat 4 Players Club: Zero HourFoundAakurb .
  4. 15 posts in one minute per topic.The record is set 10/12/2010. FoundDr_sat .
  5. The largest forum day - 98 pages July 19, 2015!Site records (Post dim ^ n # 67051337)FoundVectorGhost53 .
  6. The very first entry that is available on the site -//savagemessiahzine.com/2008/09/01/96/FoundIandroidFan .
  7. The largest number of messages in the correspondence - 2319.Proof I found my record.
  8. The earliest topic currently available on the forum isFSC Loox 420 - Flashing. Created 14.04.2005, 01:31.
    This record is not subject to re-consideration, because I know how bald1984 found it!Foundbald1984 , respectively.
  9. Several topstarters for 1 day in the same topic. Proof:Site records (Post # 16608830). Foundsvm .
  10. The longest gap between writing a message and editing it by the curator is almost 11 years!Proof. Foundayde_f .
  11. The longest gap between posting and writing the first message isCSR Racing 2 [3D, Online] (Post FFocus # 70812434)11 years 2 months 18 days! Foundiz kuzbassa .

  12. 130 attachments per day 1/15/14!Proof. Pushed himself-SoilioS- .
  13. Six times the update program for the day!Site records (Post # 17517483). FoundBell071 .

  14. The absolute record holder for the pluses received (per day December 19-20, 2013): 649!Site records (Post # 27700594). Found your recordAlien shooter .
  15. The greatest number of advantages delivered by one user to another forum user.
    As of 05:04 08.19.2013Pusenka1981put the user mdjurov 457 advantages. FoundLeo64 .
  16. Black fishput 146 pluses 12/31/13.Proof. Found-SoilioS- .

  17. Userv8vajornsbanned after a minute from the moment of registration. FoundAlex0047 . Proof .
  18. The longest recorded RO is 60 user days-SoilioS-in this thread.Proof.
  19. The fastest po is a little less than an hour from the moment of user registration.Broniessavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 21715571)Found participants in the topic.
  20. The topic with the greatest density of comments - withSamsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV - DiscussionbySamsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV - Discussion (Post # 25065891)solid tags, only 286 !! Foundsmihalych2 statistics from -SoilioS- .
  21. The fastest closing threads after creation - 3 minutes!Proof. Found your recordMaster VD .
  22. The fastest refusal to accept the post of curator, less than a minuteProof. Found-SoilioS- .
  23. The fastest appointment to the post of curator - less than a minute -I want to be curator (Post # 28150171)Found-SoilioS- .
  24. 0 posts in the subject and curator. Proof:Site records (Post # 16607860). Foundsvm .
  25. d.rykov- Assistant moderator, who was the fastest moderator, in two weeks. FoundPicnik .
  26. An assistant who has not been appointed as a moderator longer than others - PikNic - 4 months and 7 days. FoundPicnik and bald1984 .
  27. godraxe- as of 151117 he was curator in 38 topics at the same time! Found-SoilioS- . Proof
  28. Lenso- The current moderator, who was longer than others in the post of moderator, presumably from November 2006 to November 2018, 12 years! I found statistics fromPicnik .
  29. SectionAndroid - Firmwarehad the largest number of moderators - as many as 22 people. Foundbohdan111 .

    Remote features. Statistics - as of 070414
  30. The largest number of guests reading the topic, 181!//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/276440/rekord193.jpg
    Circle В® @ 11/19/2007, 21:08*
    The attendance record is fixed 11.08.2009 at 23:12 Moscow
    I found.
    These features are not available to regular users since the moment of favorites upgrade.
  31. The largest number of useful user posts per day is 1490!Proof. FoundCaptain_Brake
    Since recent times, trepalochnye posts are also taken into account in statistics, so only the profile can not be taken into account.
  32. H.Dockhad 95,320 messages (030215). Counting and messages from the sections of the forum, where the message counter is disabled.Himself I put myself forward: D
    Recently, only the last 500 pages of messages are available.
  33. Keine & lust- The maximum average number of messages per day is 66.37 (Site records (Post # 17486360)). FoundCheck & Mate .
    This nomination is not subject to renewal, as this feature has been removed.
  34. The most popular forumchanin -Alien shooter- 232180 profile views. Foundbohdan111 .
  35. The biggest avatar - 620x464Site records (Post directorgeneral # 51791201). Founddirectorgeneral .
Records that can only be based on personal evaluation.
    But this in no way means that the inferior records are listed below, they can only be controversial!
  1. The most stupid nickname isyapokakalNick foundSkipper73 .
    Caused bouts of hysterical laughter from many of the participants in the topic!
  2. Owners Club Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman- well made hat. Foundsvm .
    Also very high quality image made -MOTOROLA CLUB. - FoundSumatraUser .
  3. The longest article in the news//savagemessiahzine.com/2012/12/12/82407/. FoundDacket .
    Visually, something long, but how to measure is unknown.
  4. 53 errors in one messageRecordssavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 15673427). FoundSkipper73 .
  5. Tablet- non-activated user with the largest number of messages - 1162.I found.
    Anyone can become black.
  6. The longest "gluing" - 696 "stuck together" posts -Chamber number 6 (Post # 4765757). I found.
  7. Arithmetically "best" non-core reputation - by the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.sylarBrest651/7 = 93! FoundEnyby .
    These are only reputations not lower than 50 and the number of posts not lower than 1; also only non-core ones, since in Trepalka and Meat Grinder it is much easier to significantly raise this index.
Site paradoxes
    Well, of course, "there is no magic, just sleight of hand." I hope for your understanding.
  1. 2 messages and status - Honorary forumchanin.DAMAN . FoundDeath .
  2. savagemessiahzine.com14 messages - and admin! Foundmgeee .
  3. savagemessiahzine.com-newsanother "friend friend" with zero posts. FoundCheck & Mate .
  4. 1 message and participant of the special project!Devdb. I found.
  5. Not enough useful posts, both for the developer, that is, they do not exist at all -test user, ZaPokupkami. Foundatom63 .
  6. Recordssavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 15846697), andA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 30848)- the ghosts of the forum GS.Screenshot. I found.
  7. The most unusual forum day is 39 pages of flood with the participation of the administration and otherworldly forces, starting from here -Ward в„– 6. I found.
    Another similar day -Chamber number 6 (Post # 20718103)!
    Made on my personal initiative, that is not subject to appeal. Still, this is nonsense and a paradox, to gather so many people! True, not for long ...
  8. Three times paradoxical - a user with 63 messages, and not transferred to the group "Friendssavagemessiahzine.com" - kaska. In addition, he has a dead avatar, and he also has his status!I found.
  9. Avatars are more standard. For example, very big//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / i ... m = 1 & username = freesunnyor//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / i ... orm = 1 & username = veselovand//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / i ... noform = 1 & username = Dart
    There are other users with a big awa, it makes no sense to look again.
  10. Dear Imater is really the creator of the site, but Avantgarde was the # 1 user.Proof. FoundSumatraUser .
  11. Group "active users" with 131 messages -mr.flasher. Foundonl120 .
  12. Guttentagen- used to be alexx71, nickname changed afterAsk Admins and Supers (Fast # 17167904). I found.
    Such users are not one, and not two.
  13. A valid moderator with a message count of 0.Fb-king. FoundMaster VD
  14. Subject related to the user who is not its author.Post + proof. Still. FoundMaster VD .
  15. Post and topic created long before the appearance of the account on the forum:Installing * .deb and * .ipa ProofFounddirectorgeneral .
  16. S_K- a developer who is listed as a moderator in the sectionWindows Mobile - Programs. Proof. FoundPicnik .
  17. Tankavtankeyou can not change the turnip, plus it used to be//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / i ... ew = history & mid = 5025221Foundsyncmaster172n .
  18. One deleted//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=4232559 I found.
  19. L1sëñøk- a user who, it seems, became a Friend only after the 75th post.Proof is our conversation.
  20. Signed in 363 characters.ProofFoundL1sëñøk .
  1. Dr_sat- the first simple user, conducting the Award.Dock he himself came up with his record: D
  2. And you did not know? We even have our ownMascot! Proposedbald1984 .
  3. //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=2691785
    - user with an invisible nickname. Foundlestrem (here reported bald1984 ).
  4. Here it is, the next "invisible"
  5. The most incompetent user - 58 posts and all removed, as well as turnips -28 and banned in an hour!Site records (Post Karibou_s # 18602762)FoundKaribou_s
    A similar nugget - The largest number of minuses in a short period of time - only 9 hours!//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / ... ew = history & 7197585- 92 minus! FoundAndrewP_1 .
  6. User who created 17985 topics -Meoweom Found participants in the topic.
  7. What the: DSite Records (Fasting Once in the spring, at an unprecedentedly hot sunset, in Moscow, on Patriarch's Ponds, two citizens appeared. The first of them, dressed in a gray summer couple, was short, plump, bald, carried his decent hat with a pie in his hand, and on a well-shaven face # 53993264)255 characters in the nickname! Founddirectorgeneral .
The first thought about creating our resource!http://forum.pocketz.ru/index.php?showtopi...mp;&view=findpost&p=151734 "] Thank youtaxist!
Site records (Post # 19635151)Approximate top-10 on the impact on users since the birth of the forum (changing the level of warnings, cancellation of reputation) thankPicnikfor the statistics.
Site records (Post # 31008833)- Top 10 topics in Trepalka in size. thankAakurb for rating!
The history of the site is literally -//savagemessiahzine.com/ pages / g ... *% 2Fsavagemessiahzine.com& e = 51035005. FoundRage.
User rating by profile views -Site records (Post # 18039169). thankPicnikfor the statistics.
Recognized "records". Please do not mention them as "new"!
  1. First registered user -13.04.2005 Imater . The author of our site!
  2. The highest and lowest "turnip" -//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?act=rep&type=rating

Basket. The history of our records.

    140 pointsmoved!
  1. The most active forum user isW.Master - 35158 ! Found Gridzilla .
  2. bullik01- as of 06/14/16 curator in 18 topics at the same time!Proof!FoundI.
  3. Glitch- phantom theme. Foundatom63 .
  4. Peer at the screenshots.Errors QMS 2.0 (Post # 23540909). Foundproninyaroslav .
    not relevant
  5. User with the highest reputation banned -vova.vafin2685! Foundalex @ rya [/ color].
  6. The most active member of the forum in a particular topicSony & Sony Ericsson Club - lmp44- 45135 messages.Proof. Foundbohdan111 .
  7. The largest topic on the device -Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - Discussion 1809 pages. Found -SoilioS- .
  8. The user with the most useful messages that was banned -sergmarin8628! FoundMeoweom .
  9. The longest technical forum post - 165321 characters -Site records (Post # 18873718)(moved here.) FoundBlack fish . The history of the post.
  10. The longest gap between registration and writingfirst post, the difference in the dates 12.12.2006 - 12.07.2016 = 9 years 7 months! FoundShoore .
  11. Arithmetically "best" non-core reputation - by the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.Smog_x108 \ 6 = 18. Found-SoilioS- .
  12. The largest poll (14116 votes) -Kaspersky mobile security. Found-SoilioS- .
  13. Section of devices (one brand) with the largest number of topics -iOS - Devices- 214! Found mfilonen2 .
  14. The oldest and current curatorKLUBS- more than 9 years old, topic curatorStudent schedulefrom 09/17/2008.Proof. Foundbald1984 .
    No longer.
  15. Application for supervision in the largest number of topics - 10!I want to be curator (Dgonix Post # 56883762)Foundalex @ rya .
  16. bald1984- forum member who has the largest number of characters in the signature. Idea -SumatraUser .
    No longer?
  17. The largest forum day - 61 page, in a subjectMinecraft Pocket Edition. Proof. FoundYmo .
  18. The longest gap between writing a message and editing it by the curator is 4 years, 3 months and 11 days!Google Chrome (Post uzb777 # 12828203)Foundayde_f .
  19. The biggest theme of the firmware -Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Custom firmware (OS 4.x)- 2107 pages! Found mfilonen2 .
  20. Most commenting on the siteuser- 9662 kamentov! Foundalex @ rya .
  21. The user who posted the most files on the forum -iSeven- 2400. He advanced.
  22. The longest gap between registration and writingfirst post- 10 years 3 months 3 days. Foundatom63 .
  23. The biggest theme of the firmware -HTC One (M7) - Firmware- 2263 pages! FoundMrMAP .
  24. "Best" reputation - by the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.
    leonardoll1719/211 ~ 8.1. Foundgerodikl .
  25. Arithmetically "best" non-core reputation - by the number of advantages and the ratio of turnips to the number of useful posts.dimongt1623/25 = 24.9! Found nikmlv .
  26. UserSuckMyBall2banned 2 minutes after registration.PRUF.Foundarturlip . Proof .
  27. The longest gap between writing a message and editing it by the curator is almost 11 years!Proof. FoundNik2001Nik3006 .
  28. The most featured topic, each post at least +10 (in total 2534) ratingstheme. Foundayde_f .
    Almost all releases, except the last, are deleted.
  29. The largest branch of remote comments - 44//savagemessiahzine.com/2014/08/24/172899/FoundAlex Fry .
  30. The biggest plus is user moderation.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [3D]- "Rating: 396". FoundAlpha dog
  31. User with the highest reputation banned -evgenij-ya3928! Foundsimorg13 .
    Already not banned.
  32. Most commented on the siteuser- 11575 kamentov! FoundFRINER .
  33. The user with the most useful messages that was banned -Kessler1970- 9080 !! Found-SoilioS- .
  34. User with the highest reputation banned -lena na BMW, reputation: 2020. FoundSkipper73 .
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Total current records - 119;
Exclusive - 10.

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Statistics updated for 290117 - 311017

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The one who found records, look for spoilers! Especially I want to notebald1984, svmand-SoilioS-
Oh, a lot of me in a hat. Disgrace
: D
Thanks for the help in the development of the theme!

I foundmore than anyone else ... and who already knows him ?!
svm- the most active, risky participant in the entire history of the subject. Unfortunately not at the moment.
bald1984- is obliged to him the formation of the theme on his feet and many pages of amusing reading, as well as a lot of tips at the present time.
-SoilioS-- and also the main theme flooder ...
mgeee- was active in the first half of the existence of the subject.
Kiborg_Man- finds many records and participates in discussions.
Picnik- Moderator participating in our discussions. All exclusive (translate literally).
Check & Mate- unique, in one word, supernova forum, in two words. Unfortunately, we will hardly see it on our resource yet.
atom63- now the activist!
supermanOFF. - previously found a lot of records.
Meoweom- one of finding new achievements.
SumatraUser- on the basis of the revision of the cap breaks into the "activists"!
Ymo- broke into the ranks of activists!
Dioxidizer- made by his personal request, I do not mind). Sometimes she drops by to help us develop a theme.
bohdan111- helps us develop the theme.
Dacket- undeservedly remained among the floods!
Shoore- moderator, in one word. That is, he knows!
Rage- a former member of the special project DevfAQ, who occasionally comes to us ongatheringsdiscussion.
Skipper73was active at the beginning.

Our floodsters are obliged to them by a large number of floods and a large volume of the topic, sometimes to the topic, and sometimes to the “milk”: D.
hippik, he is the Unique, the Most Ardent and Famous Saloed Forum!
Want to know more about the site?

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dima.bespalov.s @ 8.06.19, 22:13*
But something changed in the records?
actually here he is a record
dima.bespalov.s @ 8.06.19, 22:13*
looked after 5 years
The question is where to get proofs .. evidence for :)

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In the rules, besides numbers, there are more letters .. By the way, they are more important than these same numbers :)
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* LeoMat8 years the record was like, and I went to download the program, but did not write, yes

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