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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Accessories

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Accessories forSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1
PictureSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1, GT-N8000
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Memory cards
Protective films
Car holders and chargers
Docking stations / Keyboards / Backup batteries
Questions / Answers
- Will the usual AV video cable (tulips) work with the Galaxy Note 10.1? Answer here ... and here
- I got the Samsung adapter, and it only connects flash drives, swears at any hard, they say a powerful device. Answer: here ... and further infa ...
- You can put Russian characters on the keyboardengraved. Way easier:stickers.
- If when connecting an external disk formatNTFS, the system writes: "USB-drive is empty or has an unsupported format" ... You can try this program:USB OTG Helper. (need root!) ... Or this:Paragon NTFS & HFS + (need root!)

Personal thankska81for help in filling caps
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Reason for editing: Connecting an external drive (hard drive) with additional power

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ka81 @ 25.11.2012, 12:53*
External Battery 9000mAh - EEB-EI1CWEGSTD


I obzavolsya this miracle.
discharged to zero the plate, connect this gizmo and accomplish your goal whatever it is ..

Posted on 04/02/2013, 15:39:

and again - someone somewhere saw on salehttp://www.samsung.com/hk_en/consumer/mobi...bsubtype=others ???
toWITHOUT Korean letters and delivery in Russia / Ukraine? ..

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Pro powered by usb.

Some time ago, when mobile gadgets were mostly just mobile phones, each of the manufacturers of pure specifically invented for themselves and apply their own, with nothing is not compatible form factor interface connector.
It is drawn for a your own data cable to connect to a computer and, accordingly, its own power supply. With 220 volts, and charging converter from a car's 12 volt.

Then they took counsel, and promised to come to a common denominator and unifying their interfaces.

Looking at the various current models of mobile phones, there is a tendency on the use of micro-connector yusb. Maybe this is it is, which is a universal ...

But on the second end of the data cable has long been the default put good old yusb simple.
This connector has almost every BB - laptop and desktop (or underbench who have both). It is simple as a corner of the house - two wires to transmit data tudym-syudym and two wires plus and minus for food.

This type of connector in addition to the flexibility, which is standardized at the international level, was also a mechanical Vandal.
It was the beginning of that power supplies have also started to do not with rigidly embedded power cable and supply plug yusb. It possible to use the same cable as the date when the connection to the BB, and as a charge from the power supply.

Here it should be noted that the standard defined by the output yusb BB load current limit of 500 mA.
As long as mobile telephones have a battery capacity of conventionally not very large capacity, then this current enough to charge.
But then we went to a large color screen, which were very greedy for food and the capacity of the batteries began to grow by leaps and bounds

As a result, power supply units also increased their power. But it would seem, with universal connector yusb to obtain a power supply for one or two, but at least five amp load current, then connect any device, take all the money in the current ....

It's something like that, but not so. Here begins the second phase of contradictions Contrary unification.

Each manufacturer in order to trick the user into buying them and only their products Accessory, began to invent all sorts of tricks to the user such as the iPhone not able to connect the charging of the same in Nokia or Samsung, which had lying around in a drawer and can even give the required value of charging current.

Standard scheme for high power devices HTC, LG, etc.
Attached Image

Contact Closure Data + and Data- tells the device that connected a powerful source, can give 5V and more 1A, if the findings do not close, the unit thinks that is connected to a standard USB and a maximum given out current total 500mA and sometimes less, thus reducing appetite or all refuses to charge.

HP almost the first began to struggle with third-party accessories by any limitations in the software and tricky wiring diagrams. Circuit of the HP iPAQ
Attached Image

Next Samsung. The accuracy of the selection of resistors - 5% (!!!)
Attached Image

Memory Sony.
Attached Image

The leader of the complexity of schemes has traditionally been Apple. Scheme for iPad. In this scheme, the Apple device will turn consume about 1A.
Attached Image

iPod and iPhone power supply different denominations of 1 resistor. In this scheme, the Apple device will enable to consume no more than 500mA.
Attached Image

It is worth noting that the power supply can be a current carrying capacity at least 10 Amps. As phones and tablets have built-in charge controllers and more than you need the device - do not take. And do not burn up.

For those who are poorly acquainted with electrical engineering, physics and who forgot to do poorly in school, as an illustrative example, here a bath and two pipes - thick and thin.
On thick tube filled bath at a short period of time, and a fine - for longer.
We believe that through the overflow edge is excluded - there is a protective drainpipe. To simplify the view that as soon as the protective overflow pipe water appears - on the main supply ceases.

Also works charge controller - is greater than the current set for the battery manufacturer is not taken, and when it reaches the desired voltage value, the charge is stopped.

That's right around the chargers have from which the plate is charged quickly and without problems, and on the other - in any ... ..
Another important point - the cable is best to use native or of the recommended for each specific line.

My verbiage.
Schemes honestly peeped on the Internet.

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kym @ 05.02.2013, 11:45*
Verbiage moe.Shemy honestly peeped on the Internet.

you could not take any such "a council" result for conventional narrow-minded users?

I, for example, "I read the book - see fig" .. :(

Rep: (146)
ka81 @ 05.02.2013, 10:59*
you could not take any such "a council" result for conventional narrow-minded users?

so simple - use natures-product and you will be happy

post was created based on the constant complaints of charge and search for "where else would stick a wire ..."
and then caught the above scheme, that tried to explain the "why not charging"

need to try
but if you have experience in radiomontazhnom fact, you can resharpen available to suit your needs and Soup

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kym @ 05.02.2013, 12:08*
so simple - use natures-product and you will be happy

All my accessories for tablets and smartphones - from the original manufacturer of the tablet or smartphone.
another question - and maybe they too g..no and should still have recourse to them "improve"?

for example, the Note 10.1 in the presence of: Original docking station, memory origami cars, storage Original 220, orig additional cable to the PC.
question: can the memory in a car is not so good !! ..?

anticipating the question, just write: charges such as no red X over the battery icon without no problems ..

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Well, in my car charger for 4 bucks and works fine
but the friend took their own kind, but he left the balance of only 500 mA, although the charging at 1 amp .....

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Please tell me whether or not to hold the tablet using TETRAX XWAY (http://Sidex.ru/view.php?id=1470)?The description is written that holds up to 1.5kg, but I am embarrassed by the area of ​​contact ...

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Does anyone have a hub>>>
Attached Image

There is a connector for power supply (from the power outlet if I am not mistaken), from which you can pick up power supply for it?
link to the product

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The question has been raised, but the problem has not been solved.
The essence of the following. I bought a set of 2 adapters - SD Card and for USB. Here such: epl-1plrbegstd
When connecting an adapter for SD no problems.
But through USB do not read. When connected appears in the tray label (and immediately disappears) "USB Device".
The order of connection and media adapter in the right plate. We used different flash drives, different volumes with different file systems. Not seen in any.
Hard not even tried to connect, power is clearly not enough.
Gugleniya nothing at all does not have 99% bought everything works ok. 1% or timidly silent, or a couple of times to ask about the problem and also stops due to the lack of answers to your question.
What can you advise? The first thing that comes to mind - flashing with Ruth (though I slightly understand how it can influence), but too lazy to do it .... :)
Update: Connect the mouse - the result is zero, even optics is off. When connecting Claudia begin her blinking LEDs (caps, and skrinlok asl) and also .. all.

Post has been editedst0rm - 06.02.13, 12:21

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so where was bought? Can be exchanged?

Rep: (8)
I also have a problem: bought an adapter for ebee 5 in 1 card sees a stick in any! Not particularly upset, maybe I buy him for 80rub and more interested in the transfer of photos from the camera card.

Rep: (7)
Likely dead adapter.
Alternatively: take the stick, formatted in FAT32 or extFAT, come to the store and try this adapter with other Noth. The second option is to try the other adapter of the same in the store with their Noth.

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Who knows, this pieces for GT-N8000 is suitable?

Rep: (4)
Alexander_Liseev @ 26.01.2013, 17:00*
nce a cheaper alternative, but to charge in operation?

I ordered here such an adapter for connecting non-original zaryadokUSB adapter
How come, check and accomplish your goal.

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I suddenly appeared two extra cable for syncing and charging for a tablet .... anyone interested in a personal email.

Rep: (-2)
adapter for all normal? but it seems to me what that flimsy that after a while a break

Rep: (149)
GeRQoG @ 07.02.2013, 17:36*
adapter for all normal? but it seems to me what that flimsy that after a while a break

you about any moves? to charge? and what he hlyupky? boltaetsya?

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Keyboard for Note 10.1 does not officially comes to Russia. Rumored expected a universal keyboard for the entire current line Tabov, but so far it has been delayed.

Rep: (-2)
No, but then so strongly leans close to the side plate end as it becomes scary

Rep: (63)
D.VZ @ 07.02.2013, 21:59*
Keyboard for Note 10.1 does not officially comes to Russia. Rumored expected a universal keyboard for the entire current line Tabov, but so far it has been delayed.
about what speech?
in the subject line actually contains their official Claudia from the official link and not just written that at the moment it is only for Asian of our brothers and Great Britan. It seems like more recently began selling in Spain ...

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