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Cheaters Club! | Here are the forum cheaters, and collect useful information.
A test for loyalty to the Club of Cheaters!
Do you think a device without root is completely yours?
Yes [ 935 ] ** [12,35%]
Nea)) [ 1985 ] ** [26,21%]
How dare you !? [ 626 ] ** [8,27%]
What do you like more: play or hack games?
Play of course [ 1453 ] ** [19,19%]
Break!) [ 1832 ] ** [24,19%]
Develop... [ 257 ] ** [3,39%]
How many games on android you broke yourself?
Well maybe 10 ... [ 1828 ] ** [24,14%]
What if 100? [ 878 ] ** [11,59%]
I think more than 500 [ 253 ] ** [3,34%]
I am punish [ 222 ] ** [2,93%]
I am Vadima666 [ 67 ] ** [0,88%]
Can admins vote? [ 280 ] ** [3,7%]
How long have you been playing the game after it was hacked?
5 minutes [ 491 ] ** [6,48%]
Yes, boring - I'm going to sew a mod) [ 186 ] ** [2,46%]
Breaking further on everything! [ 860 ] ** [11,36%]
Pass, and why broke then? [ 1998 ] ** [26,38%]
What games do you like to break the most?
Donut !! [ 1489 ] ** [19,66%]
Online ... [ 586 ] ** [7,74%]
Everything [ 1323 ] ** [17,47%]
If you break it, it will not be established? [ 136 ] ** [1,8%]
What is your favorite profile program?
Lucky Patcher [ 2270 ] ** [29,97%]
Freedom [ 972 ] ** [12,84%]
Gameguardian [ 2010 ] ** [26,54%]
Titanium backup [ 544 ] ** [7,18%]
Text editor [ 438 ] ** [5,78%]
NET Reflector [ 110 ] ** [1,45%]
dnSpy [ 115 ] ** [1,52%]
IDA Pro [ 160 ] ** [2,11%]
APK Editor [ 635 ] ** [8,39%]
I do not know)... [ 400 ] ** [5,28%]
Total votes: 7573

Rep: (677)
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Here only Android games are hacked; about hacking programs, contactClub Mod APK. There you need to attach the apk-file to the order.

Friends, if you are not sure whether this or that game is allowed, before looking for or publishing a mod, hacking, or ordering a mod in a club, first look for the corresponding ban in the theme of the game;curatorthemes or one of the respected moderators of the section "Android - Games":KaterinaN7, HoRRicH
It looks like you need to hack a particular game and you have already searched the Internet, looked at the relevant topic on the forum and used the search on the topic of the club, where you didn’t find anything either, then read the following spoiler block, moving from top to bottom:
Unbreakable games
Chances of hacking online games
Online games are of two types:
  1. Games that can be played over the network, but they also work without the Internet - such games are usually hackable, like offline ones, because data is stored on the user's device.
  2. Games that require a permanent connection, and especially those that can only be played through an account, usually cannot be cracked, since they store data on the server, and it is impossible for us to hack it. In addition, it is called "hacking" to which our club is irrelevant.
Ready hacks
Listsites with mods.

Collections of mods and backups:Look for all the old and especially old hacks in the first two caps inarchiveand "search by topic".
Theme Rules
The club are all without exception.Forum Rulesand sectionbreaker.

For all questions: adding information to the header, editing, composing and deleting messages, protecting honor and dignity, calculating the exact end of the world date and others not directly related to hacking, write to the curatorQMS.
Order Form:
  1. The exact name of the game and the version you want to hack.
  2. Link to the topic of the game on the forum or link to the page of the game in the market.
  3. What is needed hacking.
  4. Is it required to play the Internet or maybe it only works with the Internet.
  5. Do you have root rights?
Form code to fill:
The code is expandable: you need to click on the word "Code" above and copy the form completely.
[list = 1] [*] The exact name of the game and the version that needs to be hacked.
[*] Link to the topic of the game on the forum or link to the page of the game in the market.
[*] What is hacking for?
[*] Does the game require internet or maybe it works only with the internet.
[*] Do you have root rights. [/ List]
For self-hacking, in most cases, root rights are required, and for creating, restoring backups and building mods, they are always needed. If you are interested in understanding and breaking with your own hands, creating backups and mods, then below are the materials for you:
Hacking software
Starting from version 8.50.0, it became possible to use GameGuardian without root rights throughvirtual environment.
  • APK Editor- program for viewing and editing apk through applicationpatches: stitching saves, replacing images, removing ads, checking licenses, signatures and pop-up messages, decoupling Google services, downgrading the android version and many others
  • Charles- a tool for hacking online games, is placed on a computer and works as an http monitor, giving the opportunity to view and edit all http traffic between the game client on the device and the server - it will go through Charles
  • Cheat droid- A program for easy editing of files in the shared_prefs folder, where settings and save Android games are often stored
  • Creehack- emulates purchases, it is not particularly relevant in new games, but in rare cases it works where LuckyPatcher does not work, works without root, Google services, market and other things, there isoptionwith tshlglv stylish icon
  • dnSpy- allows you to decompile and edit assemblies of the .NET type: you need to open all dll files from the managed folder in the program, including the edited Assembly-CSharp.dll itself, and you can view the apk, find the managed folder and get the dll files without disassembling apk - via 7-Zip archiver
  • Freedom- shopping emulation - it helps in cases where LuckyPatcher did not help, but if there are both programs in the system, then before using Freedom, you need to disable "Google Billing Emulation" in the LuckyPatcher switches, and if you delete Freedom, you must click on " Stop "in the Freedom menu
  • Gameguardian- the most powerful tool for hacking games: searching and changing values ​​of various types, including unknown and encrypted, group search, freezing, saving values ​​to a file, speeding up, slowing down and stopping time in the game, anti-game, support for scripts, anti-cheat protection for a unique installation system, unlikeanalogsIt works on almost all versions of android, architectures and emulators, the program is developing rapidly, has a stylish customizable interface, blackjack and much more ...
  • IDA Pro- This is an interactive disassembler and debugger that allows you to analyze programs at a high level.
  • LuckyPatcher- emulates purchases, removes ads, puts a broken market, android patches (installing any applications without syntax errors and installing any versions of the application on top of each other, including down), supports various user patches with cracks and hacks, clones applications, back up apk and data, recompiles apk with a cut license check, brews delicious coffee and so on ...
  • SaveToGame- a program for stitching TitaniumBackup backups in apk, and almost free individual full version can still add to apk cache from Android / data, Android / obb and toast when running the assembled mod; StG has a very simple and convenient interface, but a computer program - there are no similar programs on Android
  • Titanium backup- writes and restores data backup from data / data (there usually save games) and applications themselves, one at a time and in batches, supports freezing and defrosting applications, including system ones, converts system applications to regular ones and vice versa, deletes unnecessary system applications , changes and restores Android ID and much more ...
*- only root*- without root rights*- for pc
Below you can see the archive and other club information, to get acquainted with the composition of the club, and you may want to join us.
Archival information
Burglars of our club
Users who are in the club, break the game, write instructions for hacking, create backups and mods:
  1. Vadima666- cracker, creator of mods and backups, ex-curator of the topic
  2. Bloodyrain- Cracker, backup creator
  3. Face_man- Cracker, backup creator
  4. keks40- Cracker, author of patches, creator of mods and backups, APK moder
  5. vahramoss- Cracker, backup creator
  6. deleted by personal request
  7. Iron guy- Cracker, backup creator
  8. Anvarchiki- Cracker, backup creator
  9. dani.elvis- Cracker, backup creator
  10. liaman- Cracker, backup creator
  11. LonelyItachi- Cracker, backup creator
  12. vchannel- Cracker, backup creator
  13. MegaVasiliy007- Cracker, backup creator
  14. deleted by personal request
  15. Debussy- Cracker, backup creator
  16. endermenPRO2003- Cracker, backup creator
  17. irlan12345- Cracker, backup creator
  18. NiKuPa- Cracker, backup creator
  19. AndresianDD- Cracker, backup creator
  20. ChuckTheCat- Cracker, backup creator
  21. g-hack- Cracker, backup creator
  22. Gleban009- Cracker, backup creator
  23. Big griefer hacker- Cracker, backup creator
  24. karak- Cracker, creator of mods and backups, storm of the seas
  25. alex @ rya- Cracker, backup creator
  26. frol_82- Cracker, backup creator
  27. MrBoomZoom- Cracker, backup creator
  28. AndreiFedoruk- Cracker, backup creator
  29. nanoakaoao- Cracker, backup creator
  30. tshlglv- Cracker, creator of mods and backups, curator of the topic
  31. Mr Ikso- The hacker, the creator of mods and backups, collects information on hacking and software
  32. deleted by personal request
  33. Zlookaut- Cracker, creator of mods and backups, lazy indigo
  34. Vologhat- Cracker, creator of mods
  35. stakan5ik- Cracker, creator of mods
  36. Vader- Cracker, creator of mods
  37. Aravav- Cracker, creator of mods
  38. Bubalex88- Cracker, creator of mods, is ill strictly for Zenith
Crackers from the old hat
  1. Farsis- author, theme creator
  2. vlad080399- cracker, gives everyone advice, ex-curator of the topic
  3. buzanov- cheater, hacker, gives everyone advice, ex-curator of the topic
  4. Tremy- cheater, hacker, honorary member of our club
  5. Kim5 +- cheater, hacker, specialist
  6. eppic- cheater, cracker
  7. woodIK ©- cheater, honorary, useful, active member of the club, we all really appreciate him, ex-curator of the topic
  8. BlackCorsar- cheater, hacker, IOS specialist
  9. Gvozd_OFF- cheater, cracker
  10. alexistrifonov - cheater, cracker
  11. Lizard1599- cracker games
  12. UVova- cheater, hacker, arm6 specialist
  13. mooonster32 - cheater, cracker
  14. polichka- cheater, cracker
  15. like81- cheater
  16. vlad123rus1- cheater, cracker
  17. dimichsd- novice burglar
  18. Dragon master- cheater, cracker
  19. Teslarossa- cheater, cracker
  20. Igor 97- cheater, cracker
  21. AMAKUS- cheater, cracker
  22. FOKOTSUKHI - cheater
  23. Anarchy droid- cheater, cracker
  24. patrick111- cheater, cracker
  25. Ghostcok- cheater, beginner hacker
  26. CharmingBastardXD- cheater, cracker
  27. Kipkaev Alexander- cheater, cracker
  28. shoker444- cheater, cracker
  29. RA_Nogay- cheater, cracker
  30. godfather "- cheater, cracker
  31. neon491- cheater, cracker
  32. INFIR- cheater, cracker
  33. Dima Sorokin- cheater
  34. sanek.mat- cheater
  35. Daniel3584610- cheater
  36. -rikudo-- cheater
  37. Gush933- cheater, cracker
  38. Hdmaster- cheater
  39. gig4ik- cheater, cracker
  40. Slash30000- cheater, cracker
  41. Tiger lion22- cheater, cracker
  42. Grindee- cheater
  43. Moka3323- cheater
  44. akasatana- cheater, cracker
  45. ..supermario ..- cheater
  46. mnbvcxzz- cheater, cracker
  47. Catzzz123456 - cheater, cracker
  48. DJEnergo- cheater, cracker
  49. Nurik 2- cheater, cracker
  50. weteran74- cheater, hacker, specialist in hacking the game MS3
  51. Kolt74- cheater
  52. pspmen97- cheater
  53. lolerka3- cheater, cracker
  54. Greigon- cheater, cracker
  55. TranE_the_punk- cheater
  56. Zmikol- cheater, cracker
  57. U36PAHHbIu- cheater
  58. ST3R- cheater
  59. Nero742- cheater
  60. METHOS98- cheater, cracker
  61. Denchik_Krut- cheater
  62. WCK_FAKE- cheater, cracker
  63. vlad353- cheater
  64. Charon- cheater, cracker
  65. RAMZES1232- cheater, cracker
  66. morozofff- cheater, cracker
  67. Zaybacu- cheater, cracker
  68. arslancharyev31- cheater, cracker
  69. DJEKSON1994- cheater, cracker
  70. rodion1996- cheater, cracker
  71. grotezk- cheater
  72. hivemaster- cheater
  73. slayer66- cheater
  74. gidroplan- cheater, cracker
  75. stepan000- cheater, cracker
  76. Medico_della_Peste- cheater, cracker
  77. werqq- cheater
  78. werty1029384756- cheater, cracker
  79. danshat- cheater
  80. Angrymice- cheater, the first girl in our club
  81. kasoyoy- cheater
  82. olegator201- cheater, cracker
  83. Kyzmingod- cheater, cracker
  84. Jajan12- cheater
  85. OURGAMER- cheater
  86. eugene20005- cheater
  87. Basildasil- cheater, cracker
  88. grinch1996- cheater, cracker
  89. Stesnyashka- cheater
  90. tmnt220- cheater
  91. BS131999- cheater
  92. shadewar11- cheater, cracker
  93. damnerok- cheater, cracker
  94. ricoshet8- cheater
  95. TpuCuKu))- cheater, cracker
  96. Vazelin86- cheater
  97. artem.ilinchik- cheater
  98. vas15- cheater, cracker
  99. Alexwin32- cheater, cracker
  100. Zer0_o- cheater, cracker
  101. zAKUMaz- cheater, cracker
  102. PC-MANIAC- cheater
  103. iSmily- cheater, cracker
  104. Olka.Plytenko- cheater, cracker
  105. baffer- cheater, cracker
  106. Coriander- cheater
  107. dimon199274- cheater
  108. danila2110- cheater, cracker
  109. Monster897- cheater, cracker
  110. mamazya- cheater
  111. LangonieR_- cheater
  112. 666hellraiser666- cheater, cracker
  113. Mr.Joooker- cheater
  114. Deni0077- cheater, cracker
  115. i.guliaew- cheater, cracker
  116. Sam1elb- cheater
  117. dan990606- cheater
  118. vener00- cheater
  119. dimas77798- cheater
  120. Vladkor97- cheater, cracker
  121. Skirow- cheater, cracker
  122. Starclock- cheater, cracker
  123. anrgry- cheater, cracker
  124. Ringil- cheater, cracker
  125. jogombi- cheater, cracker
  126. [___]- cheater
  127. Smile998911- cheater, cracker
  128. CHuKer69- cheater
  129. kolya2013- cheater, cracker
  130. 666sanek666- cheater, cracker
  131. Dosatak- cheater, cracker
  132. zetkal- cheater
  133. FeAlon- cheater, cracker
  134. gendolf1- cheater
  135. paulqq- cheater
  136. Alekseichch- cheater, cracker
  137. hahanov- cheater, cracker
  138. slavaKozel- cheater
  139. Crazy hacker- cheater, cracker
  140. kudgood- cheater
  141. RoboBoyRUS- cheater, cracker
  142. serbeev.ser.- cheater, cracker
  143. dragon_777- cheater, cracker
  144. ruslan-99.99- cheater
  145. prologin88- cheater
  146. Paul_Mendes- cheater, cracker
  147. misha1992- cheater
  148. denchik6612- cheater, cracker
  149. Keksario- cheater, cracker
  150. cakaxa111- cheater, cracker
  151. Vet37- cheater, cracker
  152. Vicenor- cheater, cracker
  153. Michael789f- cheater
  154. Timahoks- cheater, cracker
  155. Razor_64- cheater, cracker
  156. medvedXD- cheater, cracker
  157. Hormister- cheater, cracker
  158. K @ rden- cheater
  159. kaspro123- cheater
  160. oleg_haker_pro- cheater
  161. Kapmansay97- cheater, backup creator
  162. nekit7z- cheater
  163. hikita2- cheater
  164. samsung galaxy s III- cheater
  165. NicholasLapa- cheater
  166. Kolor11- cheater
  167. LEGION- cheater, cracker
  168. Mine Device- cheater, cracker
  169. Almaz_333- cheater
  170. opera-fan- cheater, cracker
  171. gofrator- cheater
  172. matt91- cheater
  173. narudat561- cheater, cracker
  174. mjad- cheater, cracker
  175. NOWER- cheater
  176. zxcvbnmpoiuytrewq- cheater, cracker
  177. Sokolov Michael- cheater, cracker
  178. Ruslanssc- cheater
  179. haker0007- cheater, cracker
  180. Phoenixs- cheater, cracker
  181. Rufusdima- cheater, cracker
  182. emil757- cheater, cracker
  183. heartless4- cheater, cracker
  184. Funky111112- cheater, cracker
  185. vlad11012001- cheater, cracker
  186. bugatti360- cheater, cracker
  187. Patron954- cheater, cracker
  188. NiKuPa- cheater, cracker
  189. android pro- cheater, cracker
  190. volk001art- cheater, cracker
  191. Van4iK911- cheater, cracker
  192. Hacker- cheater, cracker
  193. TestingUser- cheater, cracker
  194. shagaliev97- cheater
  195. Telefonguy- cheater, cracker
  196. oleg5432- cheater, cracker
  197. sergey71109- cheater
  198. dima_vol4ok- cheater
  199. Ha1se *- cheater
  200. man- cheater
  201. skyter789- cheater, cracker
  202. Wot-2013- cheater
  203. login3001- cheater
  204. lacobra12345- cheater
  205. tmosenkov @ mail- cheater
  206. karen2000- cheater
  207. Vovan4ik2011- cheater
  208. Starryeyed- cheater
  209. Zextree- cheater
  210. Buba Kastorsky- cheater
  211. killboss112- cheater
  212. Aleksey_Sh- cheater
  213. PaYk1345- cheater
  214. android_igor96- cheater
  215. vahramoss- cheater
*- cheaters*- veterans*- girls
How to become a club hacker
Application form for joining the club:
I want to join the club.
  1. Tell us what you want to help the club.
  2. Describe what experience you have of hacking games, what programs you own.
  3. Write here that you agree to follow the rules of the club.
Requirements for admission to the club:
  • Left in the subject of the club application, issued in the form described above.
  • The presence of useful posts with your hacks in the subject or completed orders.
Form code to fill:
I want to join the club.
[list = 1] [*] Tell us how you want to help the club.
[*] Describe your experience in hacking games, which programs you own.
[*] Write here that you agree to follow the rules of the club. [/ List]
Veterans Club
Sometimes, to hack the game, they just have to look at it.
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If someone wants - you can put this code in your signature:
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352"[b]>>[color = "orange"] Club [/ color] [color = "darkred"] READERS! [/ color]<<[/ B] [/ url]
The club’s signature looks like this:
>>Club READERS!<<
Cheat signatures
Signed by-_Space_Cat_-:
[url = //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=15462703[[b[⫸[color="#5EC4CD "] [/ color] [/ b] [/ url]

Looks like that:
🇨 🇭 🇪 🇦 🇹 🇪 🇷 🇸 🇨 🇱 🇺 🇧

Signed byAravav:
[URL = //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=15462703[[b]>>>[color = royalblue] ° CLUB [/ color] [color = darkblue] × [/ color] [color = indigo] READERS ° [/ color]<<<[/ b] [/ URL]
Looks like that:
Orders placed incorrectly will be deleted. Just take the code from the spoilercheckoutand fill.

Post has been editedgardener - 09.07.19, 23:18
Reason for editing: + instruction

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* Dtuffg Yes, there are even bugs in the game, I’m sure there will be more, I’m sure a little that the developers have hands on hooks, can you? : ok:

Posted 12/11/2017 at 21:51 PM:

* Dtuffg Yes, there are mods on hp current old versions

Rep: (6941)
tshlglv @ 11.12.17, 19:49*

you make all your backups in one post, then edit it and add new ones, and ask if you can add it to the header, otherwise you’ll fill the floor with your posts and there will be no order, and so one post and it’s all good and nice and order?

Rep: (1242)
Vutak @ 11.12.17, 22:35*
in one post

Yes, I agree, thanks.
The second cap - until 02/21/2018
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Attached ImageAttached Image

  • Before you place an order, you need to read the spoilerList of non-cracking gamesand spoilerWhy we do not break ONLINE games
  • To work with files and articles in the club, you need a ROOT
  • Do not forget about Forum Rulessavagemessiahzine.com
  • We actively use Search

Club basis:
Backups, hacking methods for games.
Back up collections
Quests .. Adventures. RPG.
Gangstar Rio City of Saints
Legendary Heroes
The bard's tale
Here, the description of the gameCheaters Club! (Post # 15799190)
Dungeon hunter 3
here is a cheat using the data path>dataDungeon Hunter 3 [3D, Online] (Post # 12320045)And here is the description of hacking with the gamecih progCheaters Club! (Post # 15795731)
Block story
Cheat modFan club game Block Story (Post # 14720848)
Cheat program, creates recipes.Fan club game Block Story (Post # 14810641)

Another cheat mod for the gameFan club game Block Story (Post # 15287713)

Can create any recipe, just ask him.UVova
Age of wind 2
Here's a cheat on the gameAge of Wind 2 [3D] (Post # 7391412)
Ninja royale
Here's a cheat on the gameNinja Royale [Online] (Post # 10083047)
Elements Battle
Rule the Kingdom
I need a Hero
Amazing Spider Man
Shadowgun Deadzone
The trick to the eternal premium SHADOWGUN DEADZONECheaters Club! (Post # 20489379)
Write to this person in QMS so that he hacked you:Hdmaster
Modern Combat 3: fallen nation
very cool and useful hacking:Cheaters Club! (Post # 16287976).
If you want us to crack your online account in the game, on lvl 90 and 99'999'999 money, write emy in HP.Catzzz123456

and if you want veterans to be hacked (any veteran), write to him too.
Modern combat 4: zero hero
I didn’t check this cheat myself, because I don’t play this game, but money and experience aren’t hacked, they are hacked in beta version, but alas, gameloft disabled their servers, so let's go ahead, we will be immortal))? Game Guardian (Post # 17833541)

And if you want to youhacked money online(we found a way) then write to him and do not forget to thank.
Alas, but the times of hacking are over, now there is no possibility to hack this game ((
N.O.V.A. 3
Do you want to be hacked online money and lvly, write to himCatzzz123456nickname and password.
Do not forget to put pros for hacking, it takes time to break.
Money cheatCheaters Club! (Post # 17623048)
Ninja saga
Global outbreak
Cheaters Club! (Post # 17191221)
This is further down the page read.
Extreme Road Trip 2
Wild blood
Wild Blood [3D, Online] (Post # 16184009)Link to the arc with money (about 777777)
Dead trigger
WWE presents: Rockpocalypse
Cartoon Wars: Gunner +
Cartoon wars
Cartoon Wars 2
Doodle jump
Defender ii
Kick the boss 2
Paradise island
Doodle jump
Doodle Jump To jump height Select Imput Name (Text value) And enter jump there. Two values ​​appeared in one of them, do not touch the value 0, etc. where more than 0, 11 .... Enter any number but not more than 7 digits and voila at 49-98 thousand at a time.
Here's a cheat on the gameGrow (Post # 8188459)
Subway Surfers 1.9.0 Sydney
Temple run 2
Angry birds star wars
Hungry sharks evolutions
Into the Dead 1.3.2
SAS3: Zombie Assault
Mini-Guide for Hacking: Cheaters Club! (Post # 23104972)
Baseball Superstars 2012
Here's a tip for cheat on this game, but alas, in English.Baseball Superstars? 2012 (Post # 14094823)
Trial xtreme 3

Defender 2
How to hack a game for moneyCheaters Club! (Post # 15824761),
and then how to crack the crystalsCheaters Club! (Post # 15852481)
hacking defender 2 into mana and lifeCheaters Club! (Post # 15868288)
Arel wars
Here is a description of how to hack the game with the Game Guardian software.Cheaters Club! (Post # 15736344)and then the continuationCheaters Club! (Post # 15741884)
Empire VS Orcs
Airport city
Ice age village
Green farm
List of non-cracking games.
This list will be replenished as orders are received.
    Clash of clans
    Clash royale
Why we do not break ONLINE games.
Online games are divided into 2 types:
1.Games that partially use the Internet.
2.Games that constantly use the Internet.
Games of the first category are hackable (not always), but games of the second category are VERY rarely amenable to hacking.
Why games of the second category are not broken? Data from such games are stored on a separate PC from the developer. To change this data, you need special knowledge in this area and equipment (The same programs). Hacking this data will be called Hacking. And our club is engaged in burglary, not hacking.
And finally, read this post:Cheaters Club! (Post # 35624024)
Software for hacking and more.
For the work of these programs need ROOT.
  1. LuckyPatcherby ChelpuS - untie games from checking the license of the market and their "treatment".
  2. Freedom / Freedom with a modified signature- analogue of iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocallAPstore for iOS. This program allows you to bypass the verification of Google Play's license, and thus the user can make purchases inside applications for free (the so-called In-App Billing). The program deceives Google Play, emulating payment for the purchase.
  3. GameSpector- A new approach to cracking games and programs (through patching).
  4. Google Play Store v4.6.17 Patched + Installer- always responds to applications about the correct license, even with the Internet turned off.
  5. Gamecih- the first analogue of ArtMoney for android. Add yourself a bunch of gold, make yourself immortal and everything that you can wish for in games.
  6. Scan Memory (aScanmem)- the second progenitor of programs for hacking games.
  7. Game guardian- cracker based on the ScanMem engine.
  8. Gamekiller- A distinctive feature of the program are advanced settings.
  9. SaveToGame- This program is needed if you have a Titanium Backup save, and you want to restore the data of this save on a device without root rights.
  10. Titanium backup- Backup applications and user data (sms / mss / contacts).
  11. SBgameHacker- A tool for hacking games.

Question answer
BUT:Hello, I have a problem. I installed GameCIH (GameGuardian too) and hangs tightly, I have to pull out the battery. Shich do?
B:Have a nice one you too. This problem occurs due to firmware. Solution: upgrade to 2.3.3. 100% tested there
There is another, more humane way to solve this problem. It's not about the firmware itself, but about the native core (I think so). I have Android 2.3.6 (XXKPT) with the installed core "Delano_Cooper_Kernel_v1.2.1-exp_version" and all cheat programs work as expected, without glitches and brakes

BUT: Hi guys, I installed a hack prog (GameCIH, GG, GameKiller) shows the error of the superuser of some kind and it does not break anything !!!!!
B: First: read the FAQ about your smartphone. Secondly, find how to install root (root, superuser, root, superuser) (usually write about firmware in themes).

BUT: Aha, right now, right now, I ran away with a guarantee and I'll break the bodies again!
B: With the root of rights, you will not break anything, but CCF3D progs are easy. But there are programs like root explorer here you can mess things up with parenhexes (delete UNCOMMEDIALLY launcher, well, or OS.

BUT: The guys do not break anything, but in the topics they write that they break even by the instructions they did.
B: Do you have a root?

BUT: Guys, I'm new to the current here, I bought a smartphone and I do not understand anything, what is required for hacking games ???
B: Smart brains - Adna thing, straight arms growing from the right place - Adna pair, 2 eyes with vision not lower than -3.00 - One pair.
Instructions for beginners about GameCIH
My installation instruction GameCih (For beginners who do not understand)
1. Making ourselves ROOT. (For each device, it is done in different ways, on the forum, look for root for your device).
2. Download GameCIH
3. Turn on GameCIH . (From the top, the GameCIH menu should appear (this will be noticeable))
4. Values:
Input number - Search for Digital Values ​​(enter the number and look for what you need)
Input name - Search for Text Meaning (enter the name of something and look for what you need)
Low level analysis - Search for value by sifting
= - the value remains the same
! - value has changed in an unknown direction
- - the value has decreased compared to the previous search
+ - the value has increased compared to the previous search
reset - reset search
related - similar values
lock - freeze the value (it helps when breaking the glasses, because they change often and the breaking is reset, and with a lock they will be defeated, use it more often)
4-bytes - most often digital values ​​such as gold, health, resources will be exactly 4-byte
How to restore a game from Titanium Backup
We will need:
1. ROOT .
2. Titanium backup .
3. 1/6 of the brain .
What yes how:
1. Install Titanium backup .
2. Download backup of the desired game.
3. Throw files in / sdcard / TitaniumBackup (these are 2 or 3 files one of which with the .properties extension).
4. Go to Titanium, tab "backups" click the menu - update the list.
5. We are looking for the name of the application, click on it, then click restore.
6. Go to the app and enjoy.
Everything related to Glu

Club Activity:
The order is submitted in the following form. When executing the order, thank the performer of your order, by raising the reputation.

  1. Name of the game + link to the gamesavagemessiahzine.com.
  2. What you need to hack.
  3. Do you have ROOT rights or not.
Burglars of our club.
How to become a burglar in the club.

Application for membership in the club:

I want to join the club.
1. Here to describe what you can help the club.
2. Do you have experience in hacking games or with programs for hacking games
3. I commit to follow the rules of the club.

Requirements for admission to the club:
1 Left in the subject of the club application, issued in the form described above
2 The presence of useful posts in the topic

Burglars from an old hat.
1.Author, creator. Farsis

2. Crackervlad080399 (hacks and gives advice to everyone) (EX-THEME CURATOR)

3.Cheater Vzlomshikbuzanov (hacks and gives advice to everyone) (EX-THEME CURATOR)

4.Cheater, cracker Tremy (Honorary member of our club)

5. Cheater, hacker, specialist. Kim5 +

6.Cheater, crackereppic

7.CheaterwoodIK © (Honorary, helpful, active member of the club. We all appreciate him very much) (EX-CURATOR OF THE THEME)

8.Cheater, cracker. BlackCorsar: umnik: (Specialist on iOS)

9. Cheater, cracker Gvozd_OFF

10.Cheater, cracker alexistrifonov

11. Cracker games Lizard1599

12.Cheater, crackerUVova (arm6 specialist)

13.Cheater, cracker mooonster32

14.Cheater, cracker polichka

15.Cheater like81

16.Cheater, cracker vlad123rus1

17.Novice cracker dimichsd

18.Cheater, cracker Dragon master

19.Cheater Teslarossa

20. Cheater, cracker Igor 97

21. Cheater, cracker AMAKUS


23. Cheater VzlomshikAnarchy droid

24. Cheater Vzlomshikpatrick111

25. Cheater hacking beginnerGhostcok

26. Cheater VzlomshikCharmingBastardXD

27. Cheater VzlomshikKipkaev Alexander

28. Cheater, crackershoker444

29. Cheater, crackerRA_Nogay

30. Cheater Cracker godfather "

31. Cheater Cracker neon491

32. Cheater VzlomshikINFIR

33. CheaterDima Sorokin

34. Cheatersanek.mat

35. CheaterDaniel3584610

36. Cheater -rikudo-

37. Cheater CrackerGush933

38. Cheater Hdmaster

39. Cheater Vzlomshikgig4ik

40.Cheater Cracker Slash30000

41. Cheater, crackerTiger lion22

42.Cheater Grindee

43.Cheater Cracker Moka3323

44. Cheater Vzlomshik akasatana

45. Cheater ..supermario ..

46. Cheater Vzlomshikmnbvcxzz

47. Cheater Cracker Catzzz123456

48.Cheater VzlomshikDJEnergo

49. Cheater Vzlomshik Nurik 2

50.Cheater Vzlomshikweteran74 (Specialist in hacking the game MS3)

51. CheaterKolt74

52. Cheaterpspmen97

53. Cheater Vzlomshiklolerka3

54. Cheater CrackerGreigon

55. CheaterTranE_the_punk

56.Cheater Vzlomshik Zmikol

57. Cheater U36PAHHbIu

58. CheaterST3R

59. CheaterNero742

60. Cheater VzlomshikMETHOS98

61. CheaterDenchik_Krut

62. Cheater VzlomshikWCK_FAKE

63. Cheatervlad353

64. Cheater VzlomshikCharon

65. Cheater VzlomshikRAMZES1232

66. cheater vlomshikmorozofff

67. Cheater VzlomshikZaybacu

68. Cheater Vzlomshikcmpunk228 ( Banished from the club )

69. Cheater Vzlomshikarslancharyev31

70. Cheater VzlomshikDJEKSON1994

71. Cheater Vzlomshikrodion1996

72. Cheatergrotezk

73. Cheaterhivemaster

74. Cheaterslayer66

75. Cheater Vzlomshikgidroplan

76. Cheater Vzlomshikstepan000

77. Cheater, crackerMedico_della_Peste

78. Cheaterwerqq

79. Cheater, crackerwerty1029384756

80. Cheaterdanshat

81. CheaterAngrymice (The first girl in our club)

82. Cheaterkasoyoy

83. Cheater, crackerolegator201

84. Cheater VzlomshikKyzmingod

85. CheaterJajan12

86. CheaterOURGAMER

87. Cheatereugene20005

88. Cheater Vzlomshik Basildasil

89.Cheater, cracker grinch1996

90. CheaterStesnyashka


92. CheaterBS131999

93. Cheater, crackershadewar11

94. Cheater, crackerdamnerok

95. Cheaterricoshet8

96. Cheater, crackerTpuCuKu))

97. CheaterVazelin86

98. Cheaterartem.ilinchik

99. Cheater, crackervas15

100. Cheater, crackerAlexwin32

101. Cheater, crackerZer0_o

102. Cheater, crackerzAKUMaz

103. CheaterPC-MANIAC

104. Cheater, crackeriSmily

105. Cheater, crackerOlka.Plytenko

106. Cheater, crackerbaffer

107. CheaterCoriander

108. Cheaterdimon199274

109. Cheater, crackerdanila2110

110. Cheater, crackerMonster897

111. Cheatermamazya

112. CheaterLangonieR_

113. Cheater, cracker666hellraiser666

114. CheaterMr.Joooker

115. Cheater, crackerDeni0077

116. Cheater, crackeri.guliaew

117. CheaterSam1elb

118. Cheaterdan990606

119. Cheatervener00

120. Cheaterdimas77798

121. Cheater, crackerVladkor97

122. Cheater CrackerSkirow

123. Cheater, crackerStarclock

124. Cheater, crackeranrgry

125. Cheater, crackerRingil

126. Cheater Crackerjogombi

127. Cheater [___]

128. Cheater CrackerSmile998911

129. CheaterCHuKer69

130. Cheater Crackerkolya2013

131. Cheater Cracker666sanek666

132. Cheater CrackerDosatak

133. Cheaterzetkal

134. Cheater CrackerFeAlon

135. Cheatergendolf1

136. Cheater paulqq

137. Cheater CrackerAlekseichch

138. Cheater Crackerhahanov

139. CheaterslavaKozel

140. Cheater CrackerCrazy hacker

141. Cheaterkudgood

142. Cheater CrackerRoboBoyRUS

143. Cheater Crackerserbeev.ser.

144. Cheater Crackerdragon_777

145. Cheaterruslan-99.99

146. Cheaterprologin88

147. Cheater CrackerPaul_Mendes

148. Cheatermisha1992

149. Cheater Crackerdenchik6612

150. Cheater, crackerKeksario

151. Cheater, crackercakaxa111

152. Cheater, crackerVet37

153. Cheater, crackerVicenor

154. CheaterMichael789f

155. Cheater, crackerTimahoks

156. Cheater, crackerRazor_64

157. Cheater CrackermedvedXD

158. Cheater CrackerHormister

159. CheaterK @ rden

160. Cheaterkaspro123

161. Cheateroleg_haker_pro

162. CheaterKapmansay97

163. Cheaternekit7z

164. Cheaterhikita2

165. Cheatersamsung galaxy s III

166. CheaterNicholasLapa

167. CheaterKolor11

168. Cheater, crackerLEGION

169. Cheater, crackerMine Device

170. CheaterAlmaz_333

171. Cheater, crackeropera-fan

172. Cheatergofrator

173. Cheatermatt91

174. Cheater, crackernarudat561

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189. Cheater CrackerNiKuPa

190. Cheater Crackerandroid pro

191. Cheater Crackervolk001art

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201. Cheaterman

202. Cheater Crackerskyter789

203. CheaterWot-2013

204. Cheaterlogin3001

205. Cheaterlacobra12345

206. Cheatertmosenkov @ mail

207. Cheaterkaren2000

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209. CheaterStarryeyed

210. CheaterZextree

211. CheaterBuba Kastorsky

212. Cheaterkillboss112

213. CheaterAleksey_Sh

214. CheaterPaYk1345

215. Cheaterandroid_igor96

216. Cheatervahramoss

Users who are engaged in hacking games, creating backups:
  1. Vadima666 - Cracker, backup creator, topic curator
  2. Bloodyrain - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  3. Face_man - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  4. keks40 - Cracker, creator of backups, APK moder.
  5. vahramoss - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  6. armaggedoner - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  7. Iron guy - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  8. Anvarchiki - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  9. dani.elvis - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  10. liaman - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  11. LonelyItachi - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  12. vchannel - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  13. MegaVasiliy007 - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  14. THUNDER_ - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  15. Debussy - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  16. endermenPRO2003 - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  17. irlan12345 - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  18. NiKuPa - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  19. AndresianDD - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  20. ChuckTheCat - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  21. g-hack - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  22. Gleban009 - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  23. Big griefer hacker - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  24. karak - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  25. alex @ rya - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  26. frol_82 - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  27. MrBoomZoom - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  28. AndreiFedoruk - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  29. nanoakaoao - Cracker, the creator of backups.
  30. tshlglv - Cracker, the creator of backups.
Signature club.
If anyone WANTS can put it in his signature.>>Club READERS!<<
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Theme Rules.

4.5.Creating duplicate messages and topics is prohibited. If you mistakenly created a topic or message in the wrong section where you planned (or realized the wrong choice), do not create similar topics or messages in another section. Contact the moderator - he will transfer your topic or message to the correct section.

4.13. It is forbidden to raise topics and messages (double posting). Namely, the publication of messages aimed at only raising the topic (messages) in the list and at the same time not carrying a semantic load, for example: “really nobody knows?” Or “an!”.

4.14. It is forbidden to write personal wishes in the subject line of the message, for example: “Setting up Bluetooth. Urgent !!! ". If the forum participants know the answer to your question, they will answer whether “urgently” you need it or not.

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Poll results.
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Hall of Fame
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Message count in topic
The old cap

Topics Curator - Vadima666

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Rep: (0)
one). Hello. I would like to place an order for the game Dungeon Hunter 5, url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=649647""Dungeon Hunter 5 [3D, Online] [/ url]
2). Ruth is right.
3). Interested in cheating resources, gold, quartz. Until the last update, everything was hacked by changing the numbers

Attached files

Attached fileCheater Corner v2 _ Dungeon Hunter 5 _ VKontakte.html(2.19 MB)

Post has been editedzoomzy - 12.12.17, 12:37

Rep: (29)
We are looking for a person who is able to track the traffic of a single game, in order to identify encryption keys. Good heart to write in drugs.

Rep: (5200)
Looking for a person capable of hacking a bank account with one bank, for the purpose of illegal enrichment. Good heart to write to the FSB.

Rep: (0)
1. Battle of Castles
2. Castle Clash [Online]
3. Gems (Preferably Many)
4. Android 5.1
5. Root Available

Rep: (21)
* Yarik228007 , but you do not need to look at the cap? ONLINE GAMES DO NOT BREAK (only 0.00001%)

Rep: (2022)
* 281203,
Post removed for incorrect ordering.

Rep: (1543)
Looking for a man capable of hacking the Pentagon, the FBI, NASSA in order to take over the world. Write in ps: rofl:

Rep: (1172)
* Yarik228007,
first server hack, then with the game they will help.

Rep: (0)
Mystery of the Opera®: Ghost Mystery
https: //play.google.co…e.motopg.android&hl=en
hacking into rubies is root

Rep: (1)
1. Tragedy Protein +Protein tragedy [online]
2. Coins or clothing
3. Root is available

Rep: (6941)
281203 @ 12.12.17, 17:07 *
Tragedy of squirrels

response to your post//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / ... & query =% E2% E7% EB% EE% EC

Rep: (1)
* vutak
there ordinary players answered, here is a pro)

Rep: (1242)
* mods by tshlglv
Here are my mods and backups of android games, hacking and hacking methods. Most often: everything is open, a lot of resources and almost nothing is passed. Mainly for playing offline.
race 7
casino 1
icons 1
quests 1
arcades 22
shooters 7
children 3
roleplays 8
clickers 1
runners 6
strategies 5
text 3
brain teaser 10
instructions 2
programs 3
sports 1
simulators 15
Adventure 2
platformers 3
scrolling shooters 3
103 ›››› This post is updated over time ...: ph34r:

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Reason for editing: Clowd City

Rep: (2022)
* 281203,
My game freezes when I click the Play button. I can’t help.

Rep: (1)
* Vadima666,
There through the social network you need to enter. I personally log in via VC - everything works.

Rep: (554)
* Yarik228007 , if there is a root, then pay attention to programs for intercepting and modifying packet data during communication between the game and the server. Look for programs in the topic header.
Ways really work, but bans come real.

Posted 12/12/2017 at 10:57 PM:

281203 @ 12.12.17, 20:06 *
There through the social network you need to enter

then for hacking it is necessary to provide to the one who will undertake to hack your account (login / password). You are ready? The result, sometimes, can be deplorable.
I do not write, I will not take the order.

Rep: (1837)
Karserkarser @ 12/13/17, 02:54*
I do not write, I will not take the order.

No, I took a bummer, but I just wanted to write: lol:
281203 @ 12.12.17, 22:17 *
there ordinary players answered, here are the pros

Show at least one: rofl: interesting to see

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