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  • Sleep of death - "dream of death":
    A number of errors (hardware and software; software fixed in firmware 9.1.A.1.140). The phone does not exit standby mode when you press the power / lock button, and to continue working, you have to remove the battery (perform a hardware reboot). The problem is not universal and most devices do not suffer from it even on older versions of software; With the release of update 9.1.A.1.140, it was preserved only on devices with hardware defects.
  • Working hours
    Battery Life Examples: MessagesSony Xperia V - Discussion (Post # 21622510), Sony Xperia V - Discussion (Post # 21616899)andSony Xperia V - Discussion (Post # 21652654). Specific use case with screenshotshere.
    Some users are also confused by the fact that in firmware based on Android Jelly Beanthe remaining charge indicator may increase instead of decreasing (This is also reflected in the graph of the charge level). This is due not to the "glitches" of the firmware or software, but to a change in the methodology for calculating the remaining time in the Android OS . These fluctuations in the charge level are also characteristic of many other devices based on Android 4.1.x and higher.
  • Android + PC = Internet
  • Transfer of the cache of games and applications to the SD-card (firmware 9.0.x; root-rights are required)
  • We use memory cards and drives in NTFS & HFS + thanksВ® Paragon NTFS & HFS +(need Ruth).Example
  • Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS
  • Migrate cache to SD
  • Existing service codes: * # * # 7378423 # * # * (* # * # SERVICE # * # *) - information about the firmware, region of the firmware, hardware tests, information about the bootloader.
    * # * # 4636 # * # * - information about the device, you can see usage statistics for applications.
  • Management from the complete headset: one tap - start / pause, double tap - track forward, triple tap - track back.
  • Does the phone not see the 5GHz WiFi network? - manually set the "USA" region and the channel in the range from 149th to 161st in the settings of the router.
Xperia V screen: manufacturers and quality
Xperia V has LCD matrices from at least three different manufacturers: Sony, Sharp, and Toshiba. The panel type of a particular device can be viewed in dmesg; instruction attached:
Need root-rights and adb or terminal emulator on the phone.

Immediately after loading the phone, execute the “su” command in the adb shell or terminal and followed by “dmesg>/sdcard1/dmesg.txt ". The dmesg.txt file will appear on your memory card; look for the default panel line in it.

Another option is to use just “dmesg” without redirecting the output and scroll back to find the desired line.

According to (currently unconfirmed due to the lack of information from dmesg) rumors the best quality is characteristic of Sony matrices; Sharp is in second place and with a significant margin followed by Toshiba screens. Displays:Sony, Sharp.
Another option for display differences.
by eye, you can easily determine the quality of the screen by setting the maximum brightness, launching the calendar application (you can see it very well on it), and look at the screen from different angles. The image should not fade and become yellow. The numbers on the calendar should be perfectly visible at any angle. Also, a good quality display does not cast blue when turned off (visible in good lighting).

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List of some issues upgrading to 4.3

Increased power consumption after the upgrade takes place, passes with time. It is better to update through SUS with reset of all data.

All Sony Xperia V (like AX / VL) are pasted with a factory protective film called Sony “shatter-proof sheet”. It is under the protective transport (the one with the inscriptions and the eye for removal). High quality film, stable and transparent. Film removalmay void your warranty(at least on the display), but there are also reversetimeandtwoapproval. Sony logo is removed along with the film, as some users experiencedProblemswith the sensor after removing the film.

A discussion of coverage areas and LTE signal quality is in the subjectLTE network in Russia .

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zashib! chotko! a cap!

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Leonid_F Casting a cap
"White list"
Xperia в„ў V - The ultimate LTE Smartphone experience
Sony Xperia V 3D view
review from
Sony Xperia V on
Sony Xperia V on
Sony Xperia V video review of

PS .... then you can remove the post
ZYZY ... corrected reference .... it's PPC! they fly off

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The second feature - this is LTE. Sony Xperia V will be the first smartphone in Russia with the LTE, there is support for frequencies that are already using the operator Megafon, so it is possible to try out high-speed data transmission, and in Russia.

Takenfrom here.

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No of information about the edge under a metal? It is a metal or plastic again, that in a year and a half turns into a translucent white oblezshy illiquid? After watching the video of Miley seems that everything is plastic.

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ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 12:35*
plastic, which after a year and a half turns into a translucent white oblezshy unmarketable

SE Xperia Arc - more than a year, normal flight. : Yes2:

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yet most interested in the information, whether it will be sold officially in Russia.
Because it is that it will be sold, we wrote only, but on the off site there are all new except for v-shki. and .com to everything.

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dmconsul @ 30.08.2012, 12:47*
Whether it will be sold officially in Russia

And what prevents the same CU buy?
ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 12:35*
No of information about the edge under a metal?

IMHO, processing looks like a metal .... well, as an option, if you take the line of the NXT, it was PEshka metal and VEshka just replacing PEshke .... still hope for the metal: yes2:

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Leonid_F @ 30.08.2012, 12:53*
Especially model LT25i

yes, by the way, from the model number can be a lot to learn! Look:
  • First letter - at the level of size until they are three:
    1. S - short (example - SK17i - mini pro, ST18i - Ray, ST15i - mini ...);
    2. M - middle (MT15i - Neo, MT11i - Neo V, MK16i - Pro, ...);
    3. L - large (LT15i - Arc, LT18i - Arc S);
    4. separately W - walkman (WT19i - Live with walkman).

  • the second letter - Form Factor: T - monoblock, K (keyboard) - a keyboard.
  • The first digit - year (1 - 2011 2 - 2012, ...). (LT18-Arc Si, LT28i-Ion)
  • The second digit - the position in the current line of models.

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muzontnt @ 30.08.2012, 13:12*
output to HDMI chtoli no?

There is. Merged with microUSB connector to a single MHL.
muzontnt @ 30.08.2012, 13:12*
Playground near the mini usb, for the docking station?

How to SXAcroS - charging from the docking station, bypassing the microUSB connector, not to once again plug derbanit
muzontnt @ 30.08.2012, 13:12*
and about the No Air Gap is not written anywhere!

One of the main chips here, actually, a glass screen sensor and coupled into one layer, as a result an element has become thinner, less than 1 millimeter
(From a review on

muzontnt Hello!

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And what a machine near Vyskov in the picture, the one that purple?
remove the gap in the link.
http: //

And by the way, this MHL capable of supporting USB OTG?

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ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 13:25*
And by the way, this MHL capable of supporting USB OTG?

Wiki MHL. some cable will be such as MHL - USB (female). Yes, and all the business somehow. : Rolleyes: SGS II on MHL works!

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Rep: (32) say that, nevertheless, according to Kant plastic.

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Cons of this phone before Acro S:
1) No camera button (fools)
2) 0.3 mp front chamber
3) does not recognize the touch of your fingers wet
4) The internal memory 8 GB, 3.7 GB of which is available
5) instead Incomprehensible MHL HDMI, which without adapter will not run on 99% televisions
6) On-screen buttons that will eat off too much space, the item 7
7) A large screen bezel, which is below could easily be used for normal touch buttons
8) microSIM (again)
1) S4 processor with improved power consumption, but almost the same performance
2) thinner, more beautiful
3) Removable battery (a trifle, but nice)
4) LTE, which nobody will use because of cost ogromennye
5) I want to believe that is really fixed viewing angles
6) Invented technology Mobile Bravia Engine 2 (brightness, contrast, etc.) and Clear audio + (Beats Audio equalizer type in HTC)
7) Camera made by the new technology without CMOS (debatable)
8) Program HDR, which is presented as an exclusive opportunity to a new camera, but are in fact the most common shooting and pasting 3 shots with different exposures
9) faster than previous models, the update to Jelly Bean

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It uses a new module Sony, Resolution 13 MP, RGBW-matrix
What is it like? White Magic matrix camera?

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ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 16:13*
What is it like? White Magic matrix camera?

that's read at least.... principle becomes clear

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By the way if you pay attention to the review of the TO MR Inside 8 GB of memory, you will get around more than five gigabytes for their dannyh.I way on the basis of those links. video card details have proca S4 plus 8960 adreno 305 or am I wrong?

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Santyaga77 @ 30.08.2012, 16:48*
And by the way based on those links. video card details have proca S4 plus 8960 adreno 305 or am I wrong?

There is, as it were "up to Adreno 305". In fact - Adreno 225.

ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 16:52*
pictured mint, aka Teshka

I agree, correct

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Incidentally soft touch only on the black device, by analogy with Ray?

Rep: (42)
ViTeK161rus @ 30.08.2012, 17:00*
Incidentally soft touch only on the black device, by analogy with Ray?

In the idea to vseh.No not exactly what was the earlier, other than with SXS (vowed will not sponge oneself)

Took the bastards have cleaned my favorite green logo, and now will not even ponastolgirovat on a new device: beee: If you buy it ... Once they got to the arch, perhaps with Ray-evolution priklyuchitsya..Sony a Sony)

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People, I looked at the data ZHSM arena for this model have seen in the specifications of the absence of an FM radio. Is that so? And I wonder whether there is in it YUSB host?

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