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Library organization on PC and E-book (reader)
That is, the "library" - an orderly display of books (catalog).

1. MyHomeLib - is a program for managing collections of electronic books in any format. The program is absolutely free, its source codes are open.
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Key features:
- convenient viewing of collections of books in the form of a tree list grouped by author / series
- ability to work with lists of books in tabular mode, sorted by any column
- display covers and annotations when viewing the list of books
- reading email. books in fb2, html, doc, txt formats without installing additional software (using AlReader 2)
- unlimited custom collections
- automatic import of fb2 from folders and zip-archives
- non-fb2 collection, the ability to work with any type of file.
- full FBD format support (import, conversion, editing)
- quick search by author, book title
- full search by author, title, series, genre, etc.
- sharing custom collections using inpx files
- customizable folder and file name patterns when exporting books from collections
- export of fb2-books in, txt, lrf format (using fb2lrf converter)
- quick connection of e-pub and pdf converters
- import / export of user collections in xml and inpx formats
- connection of user scripts for processing books (creating collections, converting)
- editable individual lists of genres of any level of nesting
- ratings and reviews of books, marks of reading
- work with groups of books (Favorites, For reading, etc.)
- the possibility of "two clicks" to connect other collections (Traum Library, etc.).

Working with the archives of the library

- support for fb2 and usr archives of library
- automatic update of book lists for archives
- download reviews from the site

Working with libraries on the engine (Flibusta, etc.) in the on-line mode:

- download manager
- download books in the background
- automatic update of on-line collections
- download reviews from the site.

2. MyRuLib - A free (free and open) program for organizing a home library (collection) of electronic books in fb2 format.
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Can be used to work with libraries and

Created as a cross-platform alternative to the MyHomeLib and LibRusLib programs, it works in Windows, Linux and Mac.

3. freeLib - cataloger + EPUB / MOBI + OPDS / HTTP server converter
System requirements: MAC OS X, LINUX, WINDOWS
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Key features:
  • Import library from inpx files
  • Send selected books to email
  • Save books to selected folder
  • Work with several libraries
  • Search and filter books
  • Additional processing during export
  • Work with custom libraries (based on fb2 / EPUB)
  • Built-in conversion to MOBI format (based onhttp: //www.the-ebook.o…/viewtopic.php? t = 26775does not require installation of python)
  • Built-in conversion to EPUB format
  • Convert fb2 / epub files without adding to library (drag & drop)
  • OPDS / HTTP server

Download here:

For Linux x64, you must install 32-bit libraries.
For Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Author -alnet
Checked - works on Win 7-8.1.

3. Libro - library manager / fb2 and epub file converter
Works under Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux.

To convert azw3, mobi, epub, kepub files and send by email (Send to Kindle), you need to install the fb2converter program and make the appropriate Libro settings, as described in the documentation. It is recommended to use fb2converter version 1.17 and higher.

Key features:
Manage the library of your books in fb2 and epub formats
Convert books to azw3, mobi, epub, kepub formats (requires installation of fb2converter)
Full-text library search using search query language
Built-in editor of book metadata - title, author, cover, etc.
Sending books with one button to a reader via USB, via e-mail (for example, through Amazon Send to Kindle)
Two modes of operation - library manager and converter (as GUI to fb2converter)

Project site on Github
Download the latest version of the distribution

Is there some more
1. CaliberandLibRusLibbut they, PMSM, are not so functional.
2. Fb2converter - Library organization on PC / reader | PC applications
3. fb2mobi - Library organization on PC / reader | PC applications

If there are additions - welcome.

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Is there a notebook on the reader?

Posted 04/04/2019 00:54:

To edit it was possible

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Is there a notebook on the reader?
To edit it was possible

On what? I advise you to contact the topic on your device.

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People how to caliber to force books not to copy to the internal disk of the computer? There are a lot of books. The program is on an external hard drive and the creature copies the books to the internal disk.

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* leha862,
Specify another folder for export

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* Pipivi , how to do it? where to dig in the settings

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* leha862,
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* Pipivi
Where is Caliber and where is freeLib: rolleyes:. Do not confuse the person, although the idea to switch from Caliber to fL is correct: spiteful :.

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* vadeus,
The mind went beyond reason.
I also use the caliber and the library on an external disk.
* leha862,
You need to transfer the Caliber folder to an external drive with a closed caliber (if you want to save the existing library), then in the initial setup wizard specify the desired location of the library folder.

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Good evening! Does kpw1 support pop-up footnotes? Can I configure fb2mobi for kpw1 in qms?

Posted 05/05/2019 at 21:16:

Wow, I see a new converter appeared) I remember when I just bought everything I used fb2kf8, then fb2mobi, now kb2converter)

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I tried freelib books about a million added only 40.406 books .. there can be so many of them even considering pdf magazines and stuff .. caliber cattle from gig books will eat 500 meters of space and will not choke, and only two terabytes will take, and there is no place and it eats the creature from the disk in the laptop .... not external, although there is already no space, the caliber is on the external disk and the creature eats the internal (all the books it adds to the local disk, username Caliber library)

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* Pipivi I do not have when installing this wizard

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* leha862,
Somehow messy. And nothing is clear. It is clear only that it is very difficult for collectors of books. To read - it is somehow easier.

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Leha862 @ 05/11/19, 04:52*
about a million
there are no duplicates?

Shl. I do not remember exactly, but on the filibuste, emnip, about 400 thousand in total

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* Stopkin No duplicates, these are separately downloaded and collected books

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* leha862, Sorry, but I do not believe that this is true. I believe that for some reason they have accumulated a million files. into what consciously collected a million different Books - no. even if you count one book in two different languages, as two.

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* Stopkin , and there is a program that duplicates books can show?

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* leha862, hz. Freelib seems to have some kind of daw about doubles. but (again - if I remember correctly) it enables / disables the display of duplicates. and so, to show exactly duplicates ... did not even ask such a question.

Shl. or maybe not friliba.
In any case, your folder with files must be completely fed to the cataloger.
well, or write a program that reads all the author / name tags and throws at least complete matches

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It skips the archives in the archives of the freelib book and some more, the folders in the folders eats normally, but the caliber cannot be defeated, it creates a folder with books on the internal drive on the way c users username Caliber Library and that is where this program takes the scum out depending where it is installed. The portable version works fine caliber but still uncomfortable that she guzzles books by copying them into herself ... Foolishly made her

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* leha862,
Arrow at Caliber button, switch / create library
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It would be necessary to make an edit in the header to the effect that the project MyHomeLib is closed, the domain itself is not extended, the site is unavailable, there is no update for flibusta On-Line.

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