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Sony Xperia J - Talk | Smartphone 4 "
You already upgraded to JB 4.1?
You already upgraded to JB 4.1?
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Not [ 363 ] ** [27,88%]
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DiscussionSony xperia j
PictureSony Xperia J, ST26i, JLo
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Technical data phone, reviews, videos and photos
Specifications Sony Xperia J (ST26)
Network: GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), WCDMA / HSPA (900/2100 MHz)
Platform (at the time of the announcement): Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Display: capacitive, 4 ", 854 x 480 pixels, 16 million colors, TFT
Camera: 5 MP, autofocus, flash, video recording VGA @ 30fps
Front camera: 0.3 MP
Processor: 1 GHz, Qualcomm MSM7227a
Graphics chip: Adreno 200
RAM: 512 MB
Internal memory: 2 GB
Memory card: microSD
Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n), DLNA
FM radio
Bluetooth 2.0
microUSB 2.0
3.5mm headphone jack
Light sensors, proximity and positions, digital compass, gyroscope
Battery: 1750 mAh
Talk time: 7 h 18 min
standby time: up to 618 hours
Hours audioplayer time: 39.5 hours
Video player operation time: up to 8.5 h
Dimensions: 124,3 x 61 x 9,2 mm
Weight: 124 g
Form factor: monoblock with touchscreen
Type: smartphone
Date of announcement: August 29, 2012
Release Date: 2nd half of 2012

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Gallery Sony Xperia J
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Video Reviews Sony Xperia J


What can edit / contacts / SMS, install / remove applications to take screenshots on your phone through the computer?
A: It is convenient to use the free program MyPhoneExplorer. Connection via USB / WiFi / BT, a lot of useful features, export / import contacts, view the data on the phone, and the virtual keyboard.

Is it possible to connect an external (removable) SD card as a USB drive?
A: The default is MTP mode (view phone content through Windows Explorer). Connection Mode can be changed via the "Settings - Xperia - Connection - USB Mode".

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Post has been editedsanaevvadim - 07.03.14, 22:05
Reason for editing: Sony Xperia J - amateur review from Kapmansay97

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In general, such a device has shown us (or rather show August 29) SONY. I do not know whether the photo visible, but the body is curved like the SE Arc. About GPS does not say anything, but he (the unit) has to be integrated into the chipset. And even in different sources write about a different frequency and CPU model (for example:time, two, three) I left the model, which Murtazin have in the review. Well, and the frequency is only my guess (let's say, a necessary minimum).

In general, if the price tag will not raise above 10,000 rubles, in a number of decent public sector expected completion. The more so because the wait is long.

Post has been editedNordborN - 24.08.12, 15:35

Rep: (890)
NordborN , Everything is good, but too old pictures. Under the latest spoiler. Yes, and Mr. Murtazin quite curious nafotkal in the review)
Attached Image

Voobshche subject as state employees with 4 "ekranom- looks very interesting. The deflection of the body, again ...
Willing gig and RAM 2 cores from kvalkoma (

Rep: (4)
Thank you for the photo. Others did not add due logos online resources, you never know, suddenly would be considered for advertising.

Incidentally, I wonder about the opinion of members of the forumSony Sola vs. Sony Xperia J .

Post has been editedNordborN - 24.08.12, 19:10

Rep: (890)
NordborN @ 24.08.2012, 20:08*
suddenly be considered for advertising.

And it's true)
NordborN @ 24.08.2012, 20:08*
By the way, interesting view of members of the forum

xperia j merges, for quite objective kriteriyam- in sola novaThor u8500 dual-core on a single-core cortex a9 against state employees from kvalkoma in xperia j with very old graphics. Sad but true. (

Rep: (4)
Spaun_Studio @ 24.08.2012, 20:20*
xperia j merges, for quite objective kriteriyam- in sola novaThor u8500 dual-core on a single-core cortex a9 against state employees from kvalkoma in xperia j with very old graphics. Sad but true. (

But J larger diagonal (as much as 0.3 ") and a battery (380 mAh). And the price should be lower.

Rep: (42)
NordborN @ 24.08.2012, 20:08*
By the way, interesting view of members of the forum on the Sony Sola vs. Sony Xperia J.

I would compare the SE Arc vs Sony J ... and the arch looks much more interesting, the most useless byudzhetka red ... 6 t.derevyannyh price for it

Rep: (4)
Santyaga77 @ 25.08.2012, 00:12*
I would compare the SE Arc vs Sony J

Yes J will cost 1.5-2 times cheaper Arch

Rep: (121)
and how much RAM is unknown? 512 perhaps?I did not pay attention to the headline, add a spoiler and under Features chtoli
dvuhsimochny not? :)
with a long battery should hold) at least zteshka on the same two days the gland keeps the average load

Post has been editedand112233 - 25.08.12, 12:51

Rep: (4)
and112233 @ 25.08.2012, 13:26*
dvuhsimochny not?

SONY did not seem especially to the market seeks.

and112233 @ 25.08.2012, 13:26*
zteshka on the same hardware

And, please tell me how you do on this gland with 2D games such as Fruit Ninja?

Rep: (35)
Great budget solution
The photo looks more expensive than some other flagship companies

Rep: (121)
about this game is not to say, and angry birds and doodle jump are operating normally, without lags. Other users and 3D games played, judging by the reviews are more or less pull, just me playing on the galaxy in general, but on zte only birds and skipping ropeherea certified listmost likely they will go on xperia j

Rep: (4)
Live broadcast from IFANow is

Rep: (4)
Photo Sony Xperia J
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Post has been editeddabassick - 13.02.13, 21:49

Rep: (4)
all infa on devayse (pdf file developer.sonymobile.com):tyk
by the way, GSMarena talking about a price of 160 pounds instead of euros)

Post has been editedpohgejib - 30.08.12, 22:36

Rep: (1)
Appeared inCU 209,24 €
and inClove ВЈ 159.00

Rep: (21)
You have the first reference to Sony Xperia T

Rep: (13)
NordborN @ 24.08.2012, 19:08*
By the way, interesting view of members of the forum on the Sony Sola vs. Sony Xperia J.

Sola course seemingly interesting, but in J have great advantages - a more capacious and most importantly a removable battery is worth a lot (this is important for the public sector) and super flagship same sola is not, so the comparison is really a multi-faceted.

Rep: (249)
No one knows when the sales start?

Rep: (910)
Walksik, The middle - the end of October in Russia.

Rep: (249)
Raschke has recently should appear. In CU still do not even know :(

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