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In this topic we communicate completely on various issues, it is allowed to upload pictures,
preferably without frills.
We drink tea, coffee .... it is possible and all other drinks loved by someone.
You can laugh, argue, just talk about everything your heart desires,
true, not forgetting the rules of the site, without strong expressions and, of course
same, without battering.
P Ravil!
Required to read and execute.
If this is difficult for you, then we are looking for another topic! : rtfm:
If this can be called rules, just respect each other, respect the opinion of the interlocutor (s),
if they are different from yours, it does not mean that they are worse or not correct. Well
* In this topic, turnips do not cheat.
* Treat each other with respect
* Offensive words do not take with them in the subject.
*All scandalous messages passing on the person, as well as related
politicians will be removed from the topic without warning!
AT all meetings and solving various issues
Storage - Crown + Key
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Birthdays ... Everyone on the DR list automatically becomes a member of our club.
tolikvl - 30.01.1977
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Industrialman966916 - Michael - 16.12.1996
Nikolay Potapov - Nikolai - 18.12.2000
Zugumovich - Ali - 19.12. 1986
Dr_SAT - Sergey - 25.12.1978 - 30.04.2017 - Rest in peace, we will always remember ...
dima.bespalov.s - Dmitry - 29.12.1977
Menilanna - Angela - 29.12.2000
FunnyFinn - - = TheVimeR = - -Alexander - 31.12.2003
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Shonter - Eugene - 22.01.2002
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Elseri - Diana - 3.02.1996
Vik200 - Victor - 10.02.1999
vlasov3087 - Andrey - 11.02.2017
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milky way111- Alexey -17.02.1996
Vladimir17021974 - Vladimir - 17.02.1974
Gridzilla - Gregory - 18.02.1982
SAM + - Shurshik - - 19.02.1984
Alex Fry - Alexey - 23.02.2001
nurse practitioner - Irina - 02.03.1994
Rusm - shoma_81 - Rustem - 07.03.1981
CrapGreat - Maria- 22.03.1987
DSN2010 - Alexander - 01.04.1963
Guttentagen - Alexander - 03.04.1971
Ilam25 - Ilya - 12.03.2004
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Apolinaria - Elena- 19.04.2010
Ler0n - George - 03.05.1991
MILA.R - Mila -04.05.1980
super.nikita100 - Nikita - 06.05.1993
XAKERART - Arthur - 12.05.2000
- Serge - - Sergey - 16.05.1983 -09.10.2016 .... Eternal Light memory, rest in peace.
maximan_mh - Maxim - 16.05.2001
SGSP_USER - Alexey - 19.05.1973
Nikitop9 - 19.05.2001
Catwise - Anna- 21.05.2009
m16progen - 25.05.1997
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vilunia - Violetta - 27.05.1970
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samed089 - Alexander - 02.06.1999
Karibou_s - Alexander - 03.06.1991
SumatraUser - Egor- 04.06.1990..... ...- 03/23/2015. Blessed memory, rest in peace.
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melevshe - Olga- 07.06.2012
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Oar - Sergey - 10.06.1994
$ ta $ ik - Stanislav - 15.06.1997
aquilonem - Andrey - 18.06.1996
chymakandreii - Andrew - 19.06.2000
Sir Daniel - uu7jf - Daniel - 19.06.2004
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Mr. KOT - Constantine - 13.09.2061
alsu84 - Alsou - 17.09.2010
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Linne - Julia - 08.11.1981
veabro - Vladimir - 14.11.2017
StarScrim - Ilya- 16.11.1995
-SoilioS- - Eugene- 28.11.1971
vasit - Artem - 28.11.1994
Stories from alexymca
Seasonal Calculators
"Summer glasses 2013"
Competitors "Summer glasses"
Results of the competition:
1 place - kurtizanka
2nd place - Guttentagen
3rd place - DSN2010
3rd place - Didr
Beardies Fludilki
Competitors "Bearded"
Results of the competition:
1 place - Guttentagen
2nd place - Didr
3rd place - Dr_sat
3rd place - dim ^ n
The best pet fludilki
Results of the competition:
1 place - Simba and Khrustik
2nd place - Pic
3rd place - Yozhenka, Vasily, Natsu and Barsik
Our pets
The best graffiti of my city
Graffiti of our cities
1st place - №2
2nd place - №3
3rd place - №4 and №7
See off the summer, autumn rays
Autumn landscapes
1 place - aquilonem and Guttentagen
The remaining 10 participants:
dim ^ n
TOXA ...
Took 2nd place
Life stories

1. Place VOZMOGNO - 16 votes
2. place Guttentagen - 14 votes
3.places Mr. KOT - 12 votes
Colors of autumn
>Tony stark<
Alex Fry
Results of the competition
Mr. KOT -1 place
VOZMOGNO -1 place
DSN2010 -2nd place
Oar -2nd place
Dr_SAT -3rd place
urpek -3rd place
Kapmansay97 -3rd place
Competition "Our Land"
Results of the competition"Our land" First, I want to thank everyone and congratulate you for your participation and
beautiful pictures. As for me, so all the photos deserve
first place, there are no more or less beautiful places on
our planet as a whole in general. :)
1 place - -Denisych- (18 votes)
2nd place - VOZMOGNO (12 votes)
3rd place - DSN2010 (11 votes)
Place 4 - Guttentagen, louler, urpek (9 votes)
5th place - Mr. KOT (8 votes)
6 places - chasecollinz, Karibou_s (6 votes)
7 places - samed089 (5 votes)
Morning selfie
Competition "Baby photo"

Attached Image

All participants of the competition are great for participation, children's photos are all wonderful.
Therefore, we will act a little not entirely on voting, but I think this will be correct.
by decision.

Adhering to votes and relying on wisdom: D we will do this:
1st place - №4 and №3
2nd place - №2 and №7
3rd place - №5, №1 and №6
Results of the competition:
1m - VOZMOGNO and Didr
2m - Ophthalmologist and FallingUpwards
3m - Dgonix, super.nikita100 and XAKERART
We loved running barefoot
And they ate everything that came to hand.
Lilac with a five of rare petals,
Acacia is a dubious sweetness.
Peas, of course, with a pod,
Kalachiki and apples are green,
Radish with a soft pink side
And together with cherry bones cherry.
In the chicken rain jumped through the puddles.
In winter, icicles crunched like moles.
Just wanted, we all needed.

To everyone that grew we filled our mouths.
The land nursed us and took care.
She played with us, spoiled.
And treated to the early morning
Before the velvet night bedspread.
We washed the scythes with rainwater,

And plantain wounds were treated.
How do you want to return to the life of that.
Where this happiness was given to us.
Where did the earth reveal to us,
Filled with wonderful gifts
And treated generously and loving,

Let dusty, but clean fruits.
Do not clean, do not wash anything,
And just ate and stayed alive.
Recently it was ... and for a long time ...
When all the trees were big ...

Congratulations to all the contestants and wish not to lose the children's purity of the soul,
optimism and enthusiasm: daisy:

Competition - "April Fools' toasts for * Glassy *"
Toasts for the competition
Results of the competition
Congratulations to all the participants of the competition, but there were us who were so active,: D very much.
1.dim ^ n
All the toasts were interesting, so I divided them into different nominations, the first places only because
in all nominations there are four of us and I see no reason to add second and third places, congratulate with turnips
I can only once a single person. Thanks to Dima, Katya and Liza for responding to the competition and we
it still turned out): congratulate:: daisy:
Contest "Master of Flood"
The contest "Our creativity" is over
Conducted - 01/26/18 to 02/16/18
Voting - 09.02.18 - 16.02.18]
7.dim ^ n
Works of participants of the competition.
Smile contest is over
What was needed:
Come up or tell the real story,
which will be interesting and funny without
vulgarity essno: D You can take from the network,
but with the proviso that this story will not be a battle.
If you wish, I application in koumiss.
You can add your work by March 10 and by March 10 participants will be accepted.
We will evaluate the work from March 11 to March 16 inclusive
4.dim ^ n
5.-ATOM +
Fludilka-Boltalka (Post VOZMOGNO # 70574636)
1 place
2nd place
dim ^ n
Voting screen.

Recipe Book FB + Useful Recipes
How to eat in the great post before Easter
1. Useful recipes: Attached Image
Cough lozenges
Healthy salads
Wormwood Cough Vodka
Slag cleaning rice
2. Delicious recipes:Attached Image
New Year's menu for 2015 +
Useful tips or how to survive New Year's feast!

Cheese Fries
Meals for Lent
Egg breakfast
Delicious and healthy breakfast recipes
Utopentsy - appetizer to pivchansky
Kiwi jam + banana
Cheese cream soup with shrimps
Chestnut Bisque Soup
Turtle soup
Meat dishes
Lamb leg - 1 way
Leg of lamb - 2 way
Liver cake
Classic pilaf
Julienne bun
Chopped cutlets
Potatoes with meat brass
Manka with meat
Shiny liver
Marinade for shish kebab
Home-made meatballs
Fish dishes
Homemade mackerel
House ambassador of mackerel, herring, sprat and capelin
Pasta with tomatoes and shrimps
Herring under a Fur Coat
Salad "Navazhenie" (with herring)
Sicilian herring snack
Salmon and cheese snack
Fish Snack Cake
Vegetable dishes
Mushroom julienne in a bun
Potato zrazy
Eggplant with garlic and walnuts
Sauerkraut in a jar
Korean Tomatoes
Roasted Celery
Champignons in Korean
Pea Porridge and Pea Puree
Idaho Potatoes
Tasty tomato snack
Marinating frozen mushrooms
Lightly salted, quick cucumbers
Cucumbers in an hour
Marinated tomatoes in 30 minutes
Baked with onion cheese
Christmas salads
tiffany salad
Salad "Cone"
Salad "Velvet"
Salad "Ingenious"
Omelette snack cake
New Year's salad with caviar and salmon
Egg Roll with Mushrooms
Salad "Nonstandard"
Salad "Cheese"
Mushrooms under a fur coat
Salad with shrimps and quince
Salad "Man's caprice"
Cucumber Snack Salad
Vegetable Layered Salad
22 sauces for every taste
Hot pepper confiture espelet
Not sweet pastry
Homemade chips
Lazy Khachapuri
Meat jellied pie
Cheesecake with dill
Edible cocotte julienne
Pizza in a pan
Zur Belish Tatar meat pie
"Pie" Charlotte with cabbage ""
Pie "Charlotte with cabbage"
Pasta for pasties
Potato Cake
Napoleon classic cake
Kiwi-banana cake
Homemade caramel
Honey grapefruit
Cake "Anthill" classic
Chocolate Roll Cakes
Pie "Easy" (in the pan)
Almond in honey
Egyptian fatir
Profiteroles - Choux Cakes
Easter Kulichi
wulff apple pie
The easiest apple pie: D
Sweetened Cookies
Cake "Emerald Heart"
Black Forest Cherry Cake (Black Forest)
Homemade ice cream
Custard pancakes with milk and custard pancakes with yeast
Fishnet pancakes and pancakes with yeast
Russian pancakes, thin pancakes
Pancakes "Mixed"
Pancake Lasagna
The drinks
Cream - liqueur
Garlic Coffee Recipes
FB activists!
Attached fileA dozen activists! .Mp4(5.44 MB)
2015 10,000 posts
Attached fileThe Magnificent Seven.mp4(9.24 MB)
2016 year. 20,000 posts
Activists for 2018
Memo for long absent
Five reasons (with reservations) that are taken to justify non-attendance of the fludilki.
Only they act

1. Weather: D
A. In the puddle fell smart, the connection is lost, there is no money for a new one
b.net cable flooded with water (rain, snow, ice), the connection was gone. All the technicians paid off

2. Work
A. sent to the damn place, there was no connection
b. tied to the table with a chain, do not reach the smart, I spend the night there and while I live

3. Sleep
a very strong, lethargic month could not wake up (could not)
b.pogruzili to sleep with the help of the new law. Who will sleep longer, will receive an increase
to salary

4. Flora
donated a poisonous flower, was (was) in a coma until it was thrown away
6. flattened while he drank tea (tea), unraveled for a long time, waited for a psychic from Siberia

a.v zoo tiger pulled into a cage and swallowed only smart, lived (lived in a cage)
until you find the caretakers
b.blocked the door of the neighbor’s bull terrier (or any predator), the owners went on vacation for a month
6. CHP
a.catastrophe (natural disasters), loss of im-va (robbery, flood)
b.the head loss
Our FluDowntown
Emblems and Stengazeta on New Year's contest
Our music
We check knowledge of Russian language
Entertaining page

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Reason for editing: We are 7 years old !!!

Rep: (1444)
Captain Jack Sparrow,
Hello: rolleyes:

Rep: (747)
Captain Jack Sparrow, Hello!.. :)

Rep: (910)
Well: drag:

Rep: (1103)
Captain Jack Sparrow,
: yes2:

dim ^ n @ 03/23/2014, 10:11*
many who swim away
: yes2: for sure.

Rep: (1444)
Google encrypted Gmail from intelligence services

According to Google in its official blog, starting March 20, it expands the encryption of email traffic - the Gmail service, regardless of the location of the user, will always use a secure connection via HTTPS when checking and sending correspondence. At the same time, it will not make any difference from which device you log in - from a computer, phone or tablet.

As noted, HTTPS has become the standard for Gmail since 2010, but previously users could turn off encryption to speed up work, now they will not have such an opportunity.

But most importantly, now all e-mail messages will be encrypted when exchanging traffic between data centers. As it turned out, cryptographic protection of channels is the most vulnerable place, since such an exchange of information is either not encoded at all or is minimally protected.

So, for example, from the publication of the Washington Post, citing documents by Edward Snowden and other competent experts, it follows that the US National Security Agency monitored the communication channels between the Google data centers and Yahoo! directly through fiber optic cables.

Google’s efforts are delicately called “top priority after last summer’s revelations.” The company also notes that they have introduced many security features that allow you to avoid intercepting user correspondence while writing, sending, or checking.

In 2013, the Gmail mail service was available 99.978% of the time, which, on average, is less than two hours of downtime throughout the year.

Now you can be calm: rolleyes:

Posted on 03/23/2014, 9:18 PM:

Mr Cat, it's time to deal with this: rolleyes:

Rep: (1309)
Mr. KOT @ 03/23/2014, 10:08 PM*
As they say: it’s always nice to talk with a smart person

That's for sure! : rofl:
Mr. KOT @ 03/23/2014, 10:08 PM*
You never get drunk

He never sobers up. Therefore, when Doc is sober, it seems to him that he is drunk, well, this is not his condition. :-D

Rep: (1444)
So why did Lesha begin to minus? Somehow I went in, but I can’t directly recognize him o.O

Rep: (910)
dim ^ n, Yeah: popcorm:

Rep: (1309)
Captain Jack Sparrow,
Jack Sparrow. Oh no, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow! Well welcome! If you are inside yourself ...... :-D

Rep: (1103)
dim ^ n @ 03/23/2014, 10:18 PM*
it's time
: yes2:
Have a plan?

Rep: (1444)
He never sober up

how do you know : rolleyes:
That's for sure!

it’s more interesting with others: rolleyes: How long will you survive yourself?

Rep: (910)
dim ^ n @ 03.24.2014, 0:19*
So why did Lesha begin to minus?

Lesha is bad, Lesha Byak: D

Post has been editedOar - 23.03.14, 21:23

Rep: (1309)
dim ^ n,
Dim, hello again. Alex said very much to all apologizes and asks in PM. Said more will not be so. :-D

Rep: (2512)
you broke my brain: D

Rep: (1309)
dim ^ n @ 03/23/2014, 10:21 PM*
how do you know

Intuition! :-D
dim ^ n @ 03/23/2014, 10:21 PM*
How long will you stand yourself?

Imagine, you have to live with yourself so terrible and unbearable! I would have been killed long ago, but I don’t give another! : rofl:
Serezha, and you and I did very badly today ...: sorry:

Rep: (0)
Jack Sparrow
: no:
Captain Jack Sparrow,
Oh no, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow! Well welcome!
this is another conversation: yes :: D
Thank :)

Rep: (910)
Lionsha @ 03.24.2014, 0:25*
and you and I did very badly today ......: sorry:

What? Where? When? : scratch_one-s_head:

Rep: (1444)
Katya, wait, you’ll scare away: rolleyes:

Mr Cat, my plan has not changed - we bring here something interesting that we are doing, or we found something in nete, we leave our negativity before entering, or we share problems, we do not reproach anyone for anything, we joke more often, and show friendliness, only without flattery, and not ulcerate whenever possible. And that’s it: rolleyes: What we started from, what was last spring, at our peak: rolleyes:

Rep: (1309)
Dr_SAT @ 03/23/2014, 10:23 PM*
you broke my brain

Well, I'm not on purpose. I am logical. : rofl:

Rep: (1444)
Said no more like that

oh how wonderful: rolleyes:

Captain Jack Sparrow,
well, how's the day off? : rolleyes:

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