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WazHack [Online] | [RPG] hardcore RPG with elements of survival

Rep: (553)
Genre: RPG

Last update of the game in the header:22.03.2018

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Short description:
Half step dungeon crawler with a developed system of interaction with objects.

The hero came into this dungeon for the amulet "The Amulet of Zaw". The toy is unique in its scope and advanced system of interaction with objects. In the beginning, it can slow down a bit even on high-end devices, but this happens when the location is fully loaded. Before installing this game, you can familiarize yourself with it by playing directly in the browser from any device:http://www.wazhack.com/play.

• Food and hunger
• Death comes only once and for all
• About 100 types of enemies and 250 different clothes and things
• 12 skills
• Pets (train the dog, feed the dog, the dog is growing)
• Physics is on the side of the smart: fall on the heads of monsters or inadvertently fall off the stairs - of course the player
• Tactics: plant an arrow in the head of the enemy while he is sleeping soundly
• Scrolls, swords, bows, black magic, and even the most harmless item can become dangerous weapons (for example, throwing weapons)
• The function of removing screenshots is built into the game, no root is required
• You never know what will happen if you put on an amulet picked up from the floor, drink liquid from a bottle (it may be orange juice, it may be a potion of high scent, or it may be poison or something even worse), or read an unfamiliar book (again, maybe anything happens: from poisoning and storming the brain to a curse or summon a gang of angry goblins)
• It depends on the character of the character what things he will come across more often

Android 2.3 minimum required to install

Homepage: http://www.wazhack.com/
Google Play Web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...wazhack.WazHack
Wikia Guide: http://wazhack.wikia.com/wiki/Wazhack_Wiki

Features: Online
Russian interface: Not

version: Mod WazHack [Online] (Post by Vadima666 # 68258001)
Version WazHack [Online] (Post gotva # 46979271)
Past versions

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Reason for editing: New version of Mod

Rep: (4)
Well, and how, who tested it?

Rep: (37)
I played in the browser - I liked it. :)

Rep: (9)
it sounds delicious - now let's try ...

Posted on 07/28/2012, 9:19 PM:

will she dawn her?

Rep: (27)
Bagel + platformer galleries?

Rep: (9)
to be honest, not really. and the hero’s dog is stupid - he immediately dumped somewhere, he went looking for it.

Rep: (44)
lags for some reason. although the graph is not very steep. Krivorukov developer

Rep: (21)
Is there an opportunity to post a version with purchased dungeons? : blush:

Rep: (1)
Nethack platformer?

Rep: (14)
I would say that this is not a hack for mere mortals. With sane graphics, a convenient intuitive interface (an intuitive interface in a bagel, what vulgarity ..) well, we move only in two dimensions. Many features of the nethack, apparently, are absent, immediately rushed into eyes, for example, that you can’t taste the corpse of the enemy .. My personal verdict is to refuse. Only hardcore, only net hack.

Rep: (0)
Keeps below 300 meters. Asks to buy.
And it’s very nice, if you would have realized all the functionality of a nethack - it wouldn’t have a price.

Rep: (29)
It’s not worth even comparing with a nethack and especially a slash

Rep: (82)
Great dungeon. At first it lags, but then, as it loads, it goes smoothly. A lot of things, monsters, good graphics, an interesting idea.
It is a pity that it is not complete, 300 meters underground - asks to buy.
I hope someone post the purchased version, as This is a hit game for the droid.
ps I liked this vidos, especially the end:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtCgaZU431w...;feature=relmfu

Post has been editedlames - 30.07.12, 10:47

Rep: (55)
Spark C, departure immediately after launch.

Rep: (5)
Kyogre @ 07/28/2012, 8:12 PM*
Death comes only once and for all

Permasmort? No, see such a game.

Rep: (2)
Ice, immediately a crash with an error, they say such a process is stopped ...

Rep: (5)
put bought, the game is one of the best on android.

Rep: (553)
the purchased simply does not exist (in the sense of the game), i.e. you buy not a game, but a premium account for the game, so hacking will not work

Rep: (325)
The game is interesting. Highly. Passed the nth kolvo times up to three hundred meters. Damn, I'm 13 years old, no credit card, how to buy ???

Rep: (553)
1. create a QIWI wallet through their website (it will be tied to a phone number)
2. through any QIWI terminal, go to your personal account and deposit money into your account (lodges 300 rubles for fidelity)
3. Then on the QIWI website you create a virtual visa (it will last about 3 months, and after that all the remaining money will be returned to your account)
4. bind it tohttps://wallet.google.com/manage/and pay for the game through the game itself

Post has been editedKyogre - 15.09.12, 20:50

Rep: (55)
Kyogre @ 09/09/2012, 11:38*
the purchased simply does not exist (in the sense of the game), i.e. you buy not a game, but a premium account for the game, so hacking will not work

backup titanium

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