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Google Nexus 7 - Marriage and Repair

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Marriage and RepairGoogle nexus 7
PictureAsus Google Nexus 7, Asus Eee Pad MeMO ME370T
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Dating marriage:
Image delay
It all started with a white Nexus 7, presented to participants Google I / O . It turned out that on the screen of the novelty when changing the image, which was on the display for two minutes, there is a delay of the picture, and it “shines through” the new one. The greatest disadvantage is noticeable when the display is operating at maximum brightness. After working with the tablet, when the screen "warms up", the lack of almost disappears.
Attached Image
Attached Image

It was suggested that this is a feature of the IPS display, but after comparing with Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad 300, also made by Asus and also with such a display, it became clear that only the donated tablet has a problem. True, iPad owners also admit that they have such “ghosts” on the tablet - you can watch the video.
So this is not the most unpleasant, especially if the shortcomings of the new product were limited to the image delay. In the end, this does not happen with every tablet, although in a rather large part of them. But the delay was only the first bird.
Screen lag
The lucky ones, the first to receive a new Android tablet, very quickly found in it a reason for frustration. The screen loosely adhered to the case, creaked, exfoliated from the frame. Video showing how the screen lags behind:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...p;v=2jDIgiWFPgc
Most wisely handed the tablet back, receiving a refund of its value - or another tablet, hassle-free. Yes, by the way, Google gives 15 days to return a Nexus 7, but for many other sellers this period is all 30. So it is better not to wait for a miracle for a long time, but to run to exchange a marriage.
Dead pixels
The so-called dead pixels have become the new misfortune of the owners of the fresh Android tablets Nexus 7. These pixels (the dots that make up the image on the screen), “forgot” that they should change color. It is clear that the picture of this is clearly not improved. But this is not the end.
Backlight problems
Nexus 7, the long-awaited tablet with Android Jelly Bean, especially upset some reading users. After all, for the same price as the Amazon Kindle Fire, they hoped to get at least the same convenient device for reading. But the photo shows very well how a “good” backlight is offered by a defective tablet. Surely this is due to the lagging screen. The only question is how often this defect is found in Nexus 7 tablets.
Attached Image
Sensor problem
I clicked on the 1st place and the tablet arbitrarily clicks there itself within 5-60 minutes

Flash memory issues
The problem with the sound of the external speaker
The problem is noticed that on the n-th day after the purchase, the speakers began to wheeze, the sound quality of them was decreasing. More often the left speaker suffered. Presumably, this is due to the failure of the audio amplifier for speakers. No problem found in headphones. Video example, wheezing:http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=kw...ature=endscreenA hard case is shown.
How to determine which batch of the device?
A batch is nothing but the date of production of the product. Determined by the serial number of the equipment.
a photo-SSN: first two letters (or a letter and a number)
The first character of the serial number indicates the year of production (1-9 = 2001-2009, A = 2010, B = 2011, C = 2012, D = 2013, E = 2014, F = 2015), the second character - month of production of this device (1-9 - January-September, A-October, In-November, C-December).
Previous polls
Attached Image
Attached Image
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
1. What is considered a marriage?
hoarse (e) speaker (s), peeling off (peeling off) the screen from the frame, many dead pixels (morehere), not working GPS, not working 3G module, not working touchscreen, not working volume and power keys, no charging from a working power supply.

2. Sometimes black bars flash across the entire width of the screen (most often in the Google Chrom browser), can this be cured?
cure no

3. Is the squeaking back cover crepe?
No (there were many ways to fix it on the first pages, but there is no definitive solution to the problem)if you decide to eliminate yourself, be sure to read this and this . Please note that this is how you lose your warranty and may be So and So

4. Does the ASUS global warranty work in Russia?
Yes - valid (the place of purchase does not matter).

5. Need to contact the ASC check, warranty card and packaging?
In Russia there is no(ZoPP 18, p. 5) forbids them to demand, warranty card may be needed if a year has passed since the release, but not yet from the date of purchase.

6. My own glass burst, can I change it under warranty?
Yes, if the SC will give the conclusion that it burst itself (such cases have already been).

7. I read the topic of marriage - is it really that bad?
We readhereandhere

8. Why is there no survey of marriage by lot and vendor?

9. After the tablet turned off due to the discharge of the battery, there were problems.
GOLDEN RULE Nexsus7 owner do not allow a deep battery discharge. CAN BE PROBLEMS: Tymts . Solutions in the same place (it also helps if the charge indication is incorrect and if the tablet turns on only when connected to the power supply).

10. Bad charging from the network.
We readhereandhere; discuss and ask questionshere.

11. Where can I buy a screen?
We lookhereandhere.

12. Can I change the glass with that separately from the screen?
Attached Image

13. Is there a global guarantee in Ukraine?
Yes, we lookhere.

14. How to check the tablet when buying?
We lookhere.

15. Is "lit" a marriage?
No - this is a feature of highlighting devices with IPS screen (type in the search engine "IPS screen lights" and read).

16. After watching the video screen fades, how to cure it?
Need root and programNVidia Tegra PRISM Toggleorlike this.

17. How to disassemble the tablet?
videoanda photo.

18. The screen flickers with minimal backlight, is it a marriage?
No - the difference between blinking and flickering, and the answerhere.

19. Do I need to make a wipe battery?
No - answer from Google’s lead engineerTymts

20. Gathered in SC - do I need to delete the root?
It is advisable (to flash the stock firmware (if changed), remove the root, return the stock recovery and close the bootloader (if the motherboard is damaged, they can be denied a guarantee). How to do it infirmware theme.

21. How to determine unstick (peel off) my screen?
We lookhere.

22. How to check the speakers?
We go to You Tube - we test the stereo and check it with any program that appears (for examplethis).

23. I have more light (less) than in the photo (and whether it can be judged by the photo)
We readhere.

24. Can I wipe the screen with alcohol?
No - remove the oleophobic coating (although ASUS does not officially indicate its presence).

25. I want to put the missing bolts, where can I get them?
In any repair of cell phones (PDAs, tablets, navigators, etc.), well, or in the next)).pay attention to their length!

26. Marriage occurs in the last series?
Yes - it is found (as with any manufacturer).

27. When using a cover, the tablet spontaneously blocks, is it a marriage?
No, this is how the magnet works in the case (put a piece of thin iron or a coin behind the tablet, or do not bend the cover back).

28. Lost battery charge indication. wipe did not help
Try to fix the battery connector.

29. If the speakers are wheezing, try to immediately restart the tablet, sometimes it helps (example).

30. Is the warranty lost if you remove the back cover of the nexus?
No, it does not affect the warranty.

31. What is the permissible limit for play between the glass and the screen frame?
We lookhere

32. Yellow spots appeared on the screen. What to do?
we readhereandhere

33. Appeared screen detachment. I want to eliminate yourself. What to do?
Replace the tape between the frame (silver) and glass. Scotch 3M (preferably high temperature). Video in p.17

34. Why do yellow spots appear on the screen?
Yellow spots that appear after a long load smartphone is deformed adhesive that is present when using the OGS technology. Such spots appear if smartphone temperature rises above 45-55 В° and held for a while. Yet to get rid of these spots can not, in the future, perhaps, a way will be found. But you can try to do so: turn the tablet on charge, turn it a day video (you can just turn on the white background in the maximum brightness and disable the lock screen) and leave for 6-8 hours. sometimes stains disappear, but not all.

35. Charging began to go slowly (disappeared), indication disappeared (or became wrong) - what to do?
The tablet turns on when you hold the power button for a long time or does not respond to the power button

We try to makeSo

36. After the battery is completely discharged, the tablet does not turn on, charging does not go
Go to the repair of phones and ask to wake up the battery (recharge it with a stationary charger taken from the tablet) or use another battery (remove your own, connect the donor to it - red "+", black "-" and hold for a while).

37. Problems with the work of the tablet began, immediately contact the SC?
Try to first flash the full image of the firmware, if it does not help - SC.

38. How to check the tablet (sensors, screen, microphone, speakers)?
Use itAttached fileSMMI_TEST_V4.0.16 + 4.0.17.apk(12.34 MB)

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.
If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingRequirements for candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators).

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Rep: (6)
ldel @ 19.02.2013, 11:03*
Ex and decided to take a chance and ordered this device will go tomorrow to take bad odds that the next 100 km and a shop where I ordered the same
Guys tell me what should be paid at the time of devaysa

ldel - take heart!

And on the topic:
The screen on dead pixels you still do not see, because it will have to register the device by entering your google account, it is unlikely the seller will allow.
See back cover creaks, ponadavlivayte it on the perimeter, ideally squeaks and backlash should not be at all.
Look at the screen lag. The screen should not stand out above the frame, and should be slightly recessed into it.
When the tablet must request registration.

Well, all the other "surprises" if you will - that come out later :(

Post has been editedCapfunny - 19.02.13, 10:54

Rep: (5)
Capfunny @ 19.02.2013, 11:45*
ldel - take heart!

Already after reading many posts especially reviews on the store which gives the wrong time
Capfunny @ 19.02.2013, 11:45*
The screen on dead pixels you still do not see, because it will have to register the device by entering your google account, it is unlikely the seller will allow.

This happened to my old man HTC Desire S will raise a WiFi mozheno and boldly go in to account
Capfunny @ 19.02.2013, 11:45*
See back cover creaks, ponadavlivayte it on the perimeter, ideally squeaks and backlash should not be voobsche.Smotrite on screen lag. The screen should not stand out above the frame, and should be slightly recessed into it.

Thanks for the advice
And at the point of receipt I will check it out

Rep: (2)
maxminlove, Like a marriage oleophobic coating. My spot was on the small center is the same. Greatly annoyed. As a result, I ordered film and more have not seen him.

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Rep: (408)
vitahasosnin @ 19.02.2013, 21:31*
Show me how it looks at least. If possible, lay out screen. (With I +)

Attached Image

Posted on 19/02/2013, 14:31:

Housing squeaks left. Now I have another problem. While pasted film scratched it ... Now the scratch (on film) is poured on a white background with rainbow colors. It's a shame. Paste the film perfectly, and then scratch. Maybe you can somehow fixed a? Something to polish it?

Rep: (7)
__Intruder__ @ 28.01.2013, 02:08*
For those who have problems with the charge controller to nehuse, dedicated ...

Good afternoon. I just had the same problem with my Nexus 7.
But it happened, the problem is long on and samovklyucheniya when connecting to the charging SOLVED !!!!
Only need to upgrade to the new firmware 4.2.2.
I updated last night to her and everything was wonderful. Starting to include tablet (Google appears) after 3-4 seconds the ON button.
When connecting to the charging off the tablet NOT TURN itself.
all is well now. And I thought to carry it in the SC. Guglovtsy seen were aware of this problem and fix it at last.
Check outForum Rules!
4.19. Forbidden abuse of quoting (overquoting, overquoting). It is not necessary to quote fully opponent posts - just highlight the main points and click on the "Quote" button.

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Rep: (0)
People tell me how this marriage and the marriage if at all. I apologize in advance, may have been where a similar question, but too many pages ... On the big brightness bright spots in the corners of the screen (in the photo is not so clearly as in life, but the localization of the spots is true)

Attached Image

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Reason for editing: removed the photo under the spoiler

Rep: (10)
And what do you think about bands in the form ofPixley?

Rep: (1)
The upper left edge of the screen, then flex games, play. How to deal?

Rep: (0)
It looks like this kind of lit up with the curve of the frame on which the display sits a try now ... one more tablet (there is no frame, plastic ... and the same IPS) bend Maleh, one in a similar spot

Rep: (7)
I bought today at CSN 16 GB. version. D1 release date means of checking the display was not ((brought home to connect to and display almost 4 pixels in a series of dark. Took back, took the examination, but feel the need to argue with them.

Post has been editedRedcell - 19.02.13, 21:21

Rep: (0)
Hello! I have a huge problem with flare:
Attached Image

And yes, he really looks!

Previously, this was solved by locking-unlocking in seconds, but this time the plate was just moved to such a regime and remained in it, in my opinion, in perpetuity.
The problem is corrected, "warming up" of the screen for 20 minutes, but doing so every switch-impossible.
I have tried to rearrange all that is possible, disable "tegra trimming", put TsianogenMod, disconnect the battery on the day, but nothing worked ... I still have hope that Softovaya problem, not hardovy.

But if the problem still hardovy, thenthat should change ? (In SO nemogu include, firstly, rutovanny secondly, taking summer in America, one of the first)

Rep: (1)
Casak Try NVidia Tegra PRISM Toggle.
GPP [c] , I have the 3G version of the party CB (November), the same key :)

Rep: (0)
Such problem: cracked glass Nexus 7 3g, left side refused sensor. Nirazu tablet or fall as a mystery cracked cover book + lying between notebooks, I understand this is not a warranty case is interesting how much is repair. Glass and sensor are one? again denied sensor.

Rep: (4)
Hi guys. I became the owner of N7 32gb 3G, production 2012.12.
Bought at CSN, on the box there is one big sticker and place the sticker under the smaller but it is not.
Now the problem of native lead from the kit moves if you move to the side to use it is impossible (About this is written by a man with this topic even did a photo curator topics can be added to the cap about such a marriage)
The first step is discharged it to zero, the house was another wire fat is and m 2 long as this plague him off from his own charge per day charge on the 11 per cent although it via PC, I unlocked the bootloader did Ruth flashed rekaveri for PC go from him, too, even slower charging. Took on the lead from Samsung do not know what all the all the problems with charging disappeared. I did not expect this from Asus, the Nexus is not as some kind of expensive currency prostitute that can do everything but also has a bunch of stocks)))))))

Rep: (5)
In America no one is 200 Baksova tablet delat.I we .... I personally Galaxy With glue 1/3 of the display screen prices pulled, and when more flow for the replacement of asking (over $ 200) .Schas plow like a native ....

This section helps traders and overpowering took no braka.Info very helpful.

Post has been editeddenius4 - 20.02.13, 11:02

Rep: (6)
Alekceu444 @ 20.02.2013, 15:42*
where to watch the serial number, whether it is on the box or somewhere else, not including the tablet can be?

with a box that everything is easier ...Google Nexus 7 - Marriage (Post # 16326283)

Rep: (0)
To choose, of course, the class, but there are schools that are not picked off on .... I bow to the fact that the party is newer, the less chance of marriage. (Should they work on the bugs.)

Rep: (149)
my nexus battery unrealistic quickly sits down. Can I demand the replacement of the plate in such a case? 20 minutes in standby mode 2% leaves, stock 4.2.1 firmware, reset to factory default settings, without third-party applications. first 2 weeks kept normal. but right now it can be a maximum of 4:00 juzat, charging all the time necessary to carry on the work. home he mostly lies, and discharged to the eyes.

Post has been editedArmada17 - 20.02.13, 14:56

Rep: (0)
I would go to the store and asked for change. They are all-equal to the examination should take, and there will be clear.

Rep: (0)
There was such a poser. I bought a tablet about 1.5-2 weeks ago. There are not weak vayfay router in the back room (10 m + 3 walls). In the first day or two or three great was caught with the nexus (2 of 4 sticks, shaking and watched HD-video with no brakes). And then suddenly he stopped to catch. Chain saw (0 sticks, sometimes 1), but not connected, even though the laptop in the same place shows 2 of 5 poles. Even in the same room where there is a router (2 meters away) manages to show a nexus 2-3 sticks of 4 (or rather gallops 2-3-4 poles).

What could be the problem? Marriage?

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