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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware> ZTE


ZTE Axon 7 download

ZTE Axon 7 Mini

ZTE A21Plus(v880s, Turkcell MaxiPlus 5)

ZTE Blade A1(C880U, C880A, C880S

ZTE Blade A465

ZTE Blade A520

ZTE Blade A601

ZTE Blade A610

ZTE Blade A813

ZTE Blade AF3 / A5 / AF5(ZTE Blade AF3, T221)

ZTE Blade A5 Pro

ZTE Blade AF5

ZTE Blade GF3 (T320)

ZTE Blade HN(V993W, ZTE Blade L3 +)

ZTE Blade III(P772N10)

ZTE Blade HN(P772N10)

ZTE Blade L2

ZTE Blade L3

ZTE Blade L4 (L4 Pro)(T610 (A460), A475)

ZTE Blade L5 plus

ZTE Blade L110 (Velcom)- (MTS Smart Start 3)

ZTE Blade Q Lux 3G

ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G

ZTE Blade S6

ZTE Blade X3

ZTE Blade X7 / Z7

ZTE Geek 2

ZTE Grand Memo(N5)

ZTE Grand Memo Lite

ZTE Grand S(Z753)

ZTE Grand S II

ZTE Grand X Quad(V987)

ZTE Leo M1(V883M)

ZTE Leo Q1

ZTE Leo S1(V972M)

ZTE N760 Roamer(Avail)

ZTE Nubia M2

ZTE Nubia Z5 | ZTE Nubia Z5S | ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini | ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max | Nubia z7 mini

ZTE Nubia Z9

ZTE Nubia Z9 Max

ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini

ZTE Nubia Z11(NX531J)

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S(NX549J)

ZTE Nubia Z17

ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini

ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite

ZTE Skate(Orange Monte Carlo, BASE Lutea 2)

ZTE G3(U793)


ZTE U950


ZTE V5 RedBull(X9180)

ZTE V71B(ZTE Star Tab 7)

ZTE V790(Mimosa, Beeline E600)

ZTE V807(Blade C, V889s, Beeline E700)

ZTE V811(Beeline Smart 2)

ZTE V815W(MTC Smart Start, ZTE Maxx, Amazing A4S, ZTE Blade Buzz, ZTE T815)

ZTE V830 Blade G Lux

ZTE V880 Blade(Orange San Francisco, Project JAL, Beeline E400)

ZTE V880E(ZTE Skate Acqua

ZTE V880E Dual Sim(ZTE Lanck)



ZTE V881 Blade +(ZTE Aglaia

ZTE V889M(ZTE Dual Sim

ZTE V967s

ZTE V970 Grand X(Mimosa X

ZTE V970M Grand X(MT6577)

ZTE V975 Geek

ZTE V985 Grand Era(V985)

ZTE X850 Raser(MTS 916)

Zte libra(ZTE X880, Kyivstar Spark)

ZTE Light Plus(ZTE V9 Plus, MegaFon V9 +)

ZTE Light Tab(Beeline M2, MTS 1055, V9)

ZTE Light Tab 3(V9s)

ZTE V9C(Reliance 3G Tab, RTK V9)

ZTE Nubia Z5S mini NX404H

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