Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300) - setting and problems with Wi-Fi | [Problem] to discuss the problems with Wi-Fi

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Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300) - setup and problems with Wi-Fi
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Important: Solution Wi-Fi problems, which with some SIM cards refuses to connect to the access points in the 802.11n standard and 5GHz frequency.

Due to an error in translation, Wi-fi settings in "Do not disconnect from the wi-fi in sleep mode" is recommended to use the "Always".
teddy02 @ 23.08.2012, 01:06*
In my experience:
As for "always" and "never."

In "Always" Wi Fi is constantly active. When I get to the house, the body in sleep mode connect to my point automatically. Connection occurs even if I had previously been in the 3G internet mode.

In the "Never" after locking Wi Fi phone still works for some time (about 15 minutes after falling asleep). Only then Wi Fi is turned off. Apparently this is done in order to avoid constant on / off Wi Fi during a short sleep. If the device is in the mobile Internet, he turns instead of Wi Fi after 15 minutes of waiting in the sleep mode.
dr_grip @ 06.05.2013, 21:35*
Many of us have to solve certain problems with the power on the phone. Despite claims by some users that the wifi does not affect the phone's power consumption, I can say with confidence that the wifi module really much spending our battery. The phone's settings tab has a "Wifi", press the left soft key, turn on the "Advanced" tab, then under "do not disconnect from wifi" select "never". (Some firmware must be selected "always") After selecting the item, the wifi module will be switched off automatically 15 minutes after switching the phone to sleep mode. However, some applications do not give the phone from going to sleep, and therefore enabled wifi module clock. These programs include "OpenID", "Classmates", "Mail" (Mail), "Viber", etc. To be able to transfer the phone to sleep mode you need to enter in the settings and remove the check mark in paragraphs notification. In particular, in paragraphs "Push-notification", "Manner", "alert", "Wifi - policies standby", etc. Do not declare that discovered America, a lot about it and so know, but when faced the problem in the search for applications that do not allow to go into sleep mode wifi module, no one could help me.

For those who have problems with wi-fi on firmware 4.1.2

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Reason for editing: quote on energy consumption

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magicm3n @ 14.07.12, 22:58*
Next, open the regular dialer (phone), it is regular, rather than a third party, dial the code * # 94349 # and press "call"
4. At the bottom in small print we see an inscription confirming activation of fixation, Wi-Fi reconnect.
The program code when asked to set the transfer of money !!!
What a divorce ???

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alister_a @ 26.06.15, 10:05*
Hello everyone. A couple of months ago there was such a problem, the phone connects to wi fi, after receiving an IP address, connection quality control starts to the Internet, then asks "Log in wi fi network." A minute later disconnected and writes "The device is disconnected from this seti.Vremya session has expired" .Sbros to factory settings and firmware upgrade did not help. Maybe someone knows how to fix the problem !?

Who has the problem solved?

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Hello everyone, accidentally deleted the etc folder, can anyone throw off the etc folder completely? (Android 7.1.2) Now I can not connect to WiFi

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Good day.
Such a program, degrade the wai faille, how to fix it?
And someone can demonstrate where on-board module and the antenna for this wai faille?
In an Internet climbed, I did not find anything sensible (

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This question has acquired this unit with it, as it turned out later, not Robit wafer. I have made a custom request, such as the start, connected to the network, normally a couple of minutes and off. Although the wi-fi works, sees the network and connect can not until you turn off and turn it, and then all over again. There are suspicions in the module was replaced for a bunch of firmware, various fixes applied. Who has any ideas? Already nerves not enough .. And just maybe an hour to work out, or may immediately shut down.

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Maybe someone will come in handy.
On tefone sgs3, in the latest official firmware, does not want to see the 14 wifi channel.
I tried everything - I was recording in build.prop, changed / settings.db
Nothing helped. The channel is empty, do not see anything.

Helped edit the file /system/etc/wifi/nvram_net.txt
The line "ccode =" put the value of JP

Reserve, turn off, turn on wifi.
14 channel appears.

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Help please, after returning to the factory settings. my phone is no longer include wi-fi. I translate it into the mode on, and will automatically shut down. What is the problem? What to do? samsung s3, android 4.3, firmware I9300XXugNB1

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Subject nearly umerla.No you most likely hardware problema.V odds on resolder (replacement) WI-FI chips.

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After a long test on your S3 I have come to the conclusion that he is not friends with d-link, and with those who have the processor (chip) is not Qualcomm .u me Tenda router with Qualcomm chipset net.Mozhet problems with this should have been the subject nachinat- compatibility S3 chipset and router? On the other (routers) are constantly perepodklyuchaetsya.Proshivka 4.3

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* alister_a,
What helped rewrite router? I just have the same problem.

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Please tell me how to do so the phone is constantly working in the mode of Wi-Fi access point. It must be somewhere a timeout activity but can not find, and the point itself off after time, if nothing is connected to it ..

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* Elinariya,
No, it didn’t help.

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Sgs3 android 4.3 i9300xxugna8
Through setting the shutter or turn on wifi, icon changes color from gray to green and vice versa. Those. wifi is not switched on

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hello. NID e Advice. tel Sams geleksi s3 - GT-I9300 (like so). bezprichinno often falls off vaflyay though a router in the room and is in a direct line of sight to your phone. which would put the example program so that it is constantly kept a connection?

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Tell me what it means to "Sign-in required" appears in the list of wifi networks is on my access point? When connected, is connected, then the login window will appear prompting you to select a browser. I'm canceling because just open the browser. After that wifi works a few minutes after going off from the access point and then 'Sign-in required ". So it can be repeated many times, until you get bored. Previously, this was not happened suddenly. Another tablet android 4.4 works fine with this point and the other device with wifi.

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Guys, I do not understand what the reason. On Samsunge S3 suddenly stopped working Wi-Fi. When you press the On button lights are not bright green and dark green, a few minutes Powys and is cut down. I am doing a factory reset, reflash - useless.

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Show you how to flash the bin modem via Odin and TWRP.
Or poke my nose in the instructions, something himself through the "search" is not found. : Thank_you:

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help is needed
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is a problem with Wi-Fi, on the router TP-LINK it catches, it's okay but on "Huawei e8372" is not connected, I wonder what's the problem

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Interesting problem was, it seemed that with Wi-Fi
Nullify an old smartphone to firmware 4.1.2, insert a SIM card has not yet managed. But I managed to replace the files in the folder, and even started to think about resoldering chip ...
But it was guilty obnovlyalka firmware! because of it, when you turn on Wi-Fi and the advent of the Internet, smart phone would start reloading, and it happens to turn off the Wi-Fi!
If you stop the Update (stupidly regular means), the smart phone for a long time working with the Internet. However, after some time (maybe one day), this stuff is restarted and reset continuing): NeRutovy firewall does not help ...
Attached Image

Descriptions of this problem is not as suitable solution options.
Apparently, it is necessary to upgrade to 4.3):

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because Ruth is, set Titanium backup, update froze and left 4.1.2, restart stopped. Ruth disabled.

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