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Modification and decorations Sony Xperia P | Topics, decorations and discussion

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Modification and decorationsSony Xperia P (OS 2.3.7 / 4.0.4 / 4.1.2)
PictureSony Xperia в„ў P / LT22i / Nypon

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When installing the mod - carefully monitor the correctly set permissions (permissions) of the files!
To transfer system files can only be "MOVE" command. Otherwise, the phone can go into eternal reboot

Be sure to backup your system before installing themes and mods!
This can be done with the help of* CWM Recovery *
Install mode is possible and if there is one root, but keep in mind that if you forget something when replacing system files or do not -We have re-sewn .


useful links

Modification and embellishment "Android 2.3.7"
All on p.1 : this:

Modification and embellishment "Android 4.0.4"

Fashion blinds and statusbara:
Curtain with 14 switches
Transparent status bar without batteries%, c%, and no circuit breakers.
The status bar of the Sony Xperia GX, without interest, with the switches in the curtain notifications
The status bar with the clock in the center
StatusBar_with_toogles_and_Battery_mod and StatusBar_with_toogles_Battery_mod_and_Brightness with dimmer in the curtain.
Statusbara with AOSP%
Without statusbara% battery 14 switches in the curtain without signatures, blue backlighting of icons included
Statusbara in Jelly Bean c style switcher 14 and other versions 9fromSpaun_Studio
Shutter Jelly Bean with support for Small Apps and otherfromSpaun_Studio
Stock statusbara of 4.0, without interestfrommiakqi
Xperia Jelly Bean Tab 'n' Grid | 20/23 Toggles | Puzzle
Slide Tab 'n' Grid | 23 Toggles | Puzzle Options
Patch 2G / 3G switch statusbare
SystemUI and keyboard frommiakqi and blind and theme

Xperia S Lockscreen with Application ShortcutsfromSpaun_Studio
More modified lokskrin
Loxcreen AOSP
More lokskrin style AOSP
Xperia JB Lockscreen for ICS
Another option JB lokskrina
Xperia Z1 LockScreen Style

Launchers and widgets:
Modified native desktop Hperia
New Sony Xperia Home Launcher
Modifications New Sony Xperia Home Launcher

Wallpapers / Themes based Xperia Z
Topics for Xperia P Remastered

Interface Mods:
NFC on off and / or the lock screen
On-screen navigational buttons Android ICS (navigation panel) Xperia P
Enabling nekrannyh buttons using the application
Select "Restart" and "Transparent background" applicationsfromSpaun_Studio
SmallApps of Xperia T
Paragraph "Reboot", "CWM Recovery" and "Take a screen shot" by pressing the power key. Also modified icons in the menu.

Fashion Media:
We do tracks switching on the camera buttonfromSpaun_Studio
Mobile BRAVIAВ® Engine 2
Quick closing applications to dump the memory to retain key back
Switching tracks with volume buttons.
Loading information about the music in your own player with an unlocked bootloader.

Application of fashion:
Appendix "Saving energy"
modified SemcPhone.apk
Xperia V WALKMAN & Media App full port
App camera on Xperia GX
[url = "http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=358103&view=findpost&p=18711501"][mod]XPERIA S, TX and V Camera & New Version Cyber-shot в„ў 5.7.2 For Xperia S / Acro S / Ion / P / U / Sola [/ url]
Reports from JB
MyXperia в„ў (Hayti your lost phone)
St Octane Settings with Quickpanel + More
Xperia Z Backup And Restore
Modded Socialife for all ICS / JB phones

Modification and embellishment "Android 4.1.2

Fashion blinds and statusbara:
System UI of Xperia honami
LED speed Internet connection in the status bar
The shutter 18 configurable switches
Curtain mode with 18 adjustable togs (there is also a 2G / 3G switch) for (JB 4.1.2) (.100)
Transparent status bar Honami
Patch the cleaning stock switcher and raising the notification [JB. .400]

Launchers and widgets:
Galaxy S4 Launcher and Accuweather Widget for JB
Xperia Honami Home
Honami Clock Widget
On Off tougles of Xperia Honami
Modified widgets WALKMANa
Transparent weather widget

Interface Mods:
SmallApps for JB
Small fixes for JB 6.2.A.0.400
The item "Restart in the shutdown menu" for JB
Points Light effects (LED-indicator control) and the control processor in setting (JB 4.1.2) (.100)Framework of the Xperia Honami
Reading background from the desktop with the advanced Power menu
NEW Icon Themes for Xperia P BY EntrySKY
Fix the drain without the keyboard pop-up window when you change the language for the firmware (JB 4.1.2) (.100)
Xperia ZU Style Settings v5.1
4.3 Google Boot Anim Xperia Edition Updated V1
White & Black Xperia Z1 Style Settings

Fashion Media:
30 volume levels instead of 15 for JB
Led notification mode "Stamina"
Mod Volume Panel + Step Volume mod 30 for firmware (JB 4.1.2) (.100)

JXR.Framework Xam1988 100fw
3 the pack for JB
Topics of ZU
Original theme "Life" only for Xperia P JB
New Collection Themes for JB by Maks398Tim ThemePack 5

Application of fashion:
"Messages" in the dark style for JB
Dialer in a dark design for JB
Dialer in a dark design with a photo on the full screen for JB
Modified Lock Screen with extended text
Modification of the phone book on JB 4.1.2
New stock "notes" (2.0)
Walkman from 4.2.2 - mod Rainbow
Cyber-shot 4.7.3
WALKMAN from Xperia Honami
The keyboard of the Xperia Honami
Xperia ZU (Honami) Clock Black
Appendix A sketch of Xperia ZU
Reports from Xperia ZU
Hours of Xperia ZU
Walkman Album and Video Of Xperia ZU
transparent LockSkreen
Google Edition Camera 4.3 for JB Sony Xperia P 6.2.A.1.100
Tweaks for Xperia P Neutron Energy Edition Build.prop
Dialer Honami (XDA)
Fix by xam1988 (Scrolling without lag)
New Album 5.2.A.1.20 of renovation Smartphones Z-series.
WALKMAN 8.0.A.0.3

Modification and decorations for SyanogenMod9.1

Modification and decorations for SyanogenMod10


Remove the notification icon on / off rate of traffic in the status bar Attached fileRemove_DATA_Disabled_Notification.zip (134.08 KB)
Archive for rekaveri. You can move the file manuallycustom_settings.xml in a similar way that it is in the archive with the rights rw-r - r--. Native file from the Xperia P and edited specifically for him.
Disable notification and confirmation of inclusion of transfer of data to the curtain. Jelly Bean
The installation method without turning wallpaper

Before you upload images to this topic, I advise you to carefully studythis

All files from the current stock at the moment 6.2.A.1.100 firmware arehere

Post has been editedsergei-sf - 22.05.14, 11:00
Reason for editing: Added: JXR.Framework Xam1988 100fw

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Good evening, I ask you, my xperia p, want to put a walkman 8 .... root & cwm is, me in the app SemcMusic.apk application folder, exhibit typically added lines
dalvik.vm.verify-bytecode = false
dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags = v = n, o = v, m = y in build.prop. But walkman does not work, the application is stopped and all. You may suggest the sequence in which you perform all the actions I have already put through cwm manually and changed the version. Album and video stand up well, but that's it walkman not.

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IZ-IS @ 29.06.2013, 03:30*
Put service.jar from the post above, all applications have risen, though handles instead of under rekaveri.
I liked Claudia, and volkman.
ZY Firmware drain.

I for some reason there is no application, Jar set as the said rights set rw.r.r and still do not have any applications

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xam1988 @ 01.07.2013, 20:43*
Mod Volume Panel + Step Volume mod 30 for firmware (JB 4.1.2) (.100)

mod updated, adding support for applications with Xperia Honami




I would like to thank the authors of the original mods (If someone in the know their names write to the PM) for their work. as well as say thanks ivan-68 for Volume Panel mod for Xperia SP which has served as a sketch.

Attached faylVolumePanel_30_Step_Volume_XP_100 [1] .zip (4,2 MB)

Attached faylVolumePanel_30_Step_Volume_XP_100_fix_ut_4.2.zip (4.2 MB)

How to set the settings so that the sound was not applications, and the ring tone has been turned on?

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wolfpw @ 20.01.2016, 19:57*
How to set the settings so that the sound was not applications, and the ring tone has been turned on?

Not sure it can be customized. I searched all day, but was unable to do anything. If, nevertheless, it is possible, we would like to somehow knows how to explain.

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rebyayayat, I set [mod] Tweaks for Xperia P Neutron Energy Edition Build.prop
previously made backup in cwm on vsyakiy..tak here

I turn on the phone and just a black screen after the inscription xperia!
I can not even go to rekaveri! What to do?
Xperia P JB 6.2.A.1.100

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* 4emooo,

a nucleus stood what rekaveri, better to give a reference to the fact that ustanvlivali!

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Can it be done in 4.0.4 material design? On the Nova Launcher is that possible to do?

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Can I turn off the backlight?

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Has anyone stayed apk for Led notification mode "Stamina"?
Share please!

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Attractive animation as flares.
To install - Move in: / sytem / media / ... and ask the right "644"
PNG prewiew
Attached Image

GIF prewiew
Attached Image

Attached files

Attached filebootanimation.zip(2.47 MB)

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Modification and decorations Sony Xperia P (Post Freemannn85 # 30236294)who have ikonopak?

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Good afternoon, for the first time hold this device. Need xposed, can someone give the link to work for this model.
ps Search Search, and time to spear lacks method)

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