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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Games | Discussions start and help to launch

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Games
PictureSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Firmware | Custom firmware | Modification of software and decorations | Marriage Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III

= A =
Angry Birds Rio + backups
Angry Birds all episodes at the moment for three stars + all eggs (backup + prog for backup / restore)
AirAttack HD
Angry birds space
Angry birds seasons
Angry birds star wars, still
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Asphalt surfers
Angry birds friends
Agent sheep
Angry Birds Seasons: Abra-Ca-Bacon
= B =
Bouncy seed
Bad roads
Bloody alice defense
Battle Killer T34 3D
= C =
Clash Trip Racing: Nation Saga
Catapult king
Cool cubes
Clouds & Sheep
Combo crew
Clash of puppets
= D =
Defense effect
Dragon frenzy
Death worm
Demolition Master 3D
Daddy Was A Thief
= E =
Earn to die
= F =
Furfur and nublo
Frontline commando
First wood war
Fangz hd
Fractal combat
Fixie joe
= H =
Hungry Shark Evolution
Hardest Game Ever 2
= I =
Into the dead
Icy Tower 2
Im jack
Iron man 3
= G =
Geometry Dash
= J =
Jungle book - The Great Escape
Just shout
= L =
Little Gunfight: Counter-terror
= M =
Mini dash
MAYDAY! Emergency landing
Miami zombies
Monsters U: Catch Archie
= N =
Nanosaur 2
NFL Flick Quarterback
= O =
One epic knight
= P =
Polar Bowler 1st Frame
PandaVenture Retro Platformer
Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame
= R =
Real steel hd
Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap
RealParking3D Cappuccino
Rage of the Gladiator
Rescue Me - The Adventures
= S =
Space out
Street Fighter IV HD
Star Defender 4
Sonic jump
Skull squad
Shiny the firefly
Stick Stunt Biker 2
Season Match Full
Sheep Up! в„ў
Sine mora
SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot
= T =
Temple run
Team dragon
Temple Run: Oz
The samurai
Tap the frog
The Legend of Holy Archer
They Need To Be Fed 2
Tug the table free
Total recoil
Tetris 2013
= V =
= W =
Waa Cha!
= X =
Xelorians - Space Shooter
= Z =
Zaxxon Escape
= D =
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering
= M =
Sea battle
= P =
= C =
Sumo (two players)


For kids

Quests, adventure, RPG

Puzzle games



Sport games



Action Games

Directory bind -transfer any files and directories to microSD.
GL to SD (root)-move game cache from Gameloft
Chainfire3D- program to spoof texture decoding method, the official support is only stated for certain devices, e.g., Sony Xplay or apparatus based on Tegra2 processor. The program also allows the settings for each application include compulsory anti-aliasing (MSAA), which in theory should improve the image, the function works for all devices, except for Tegra. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the resolution and quality of texture (in real time) to run on slower devices.
Caches for games on the torrent rutracker.org
Checking the cache of games over the 3G network
Foldermount- mount the directory c internal memory to an external SD Card, running on Android version 4.2 and above. In connection with the introduction of Android 4.2.1 the new multiplayer mode, a mount directory of the program with the internal memory to an external memory stick (Type Directory Bind) stopped working. This program is the first real alternative to Directory Bind for the new Android. Elementary interface is simple and clear and, most importantly, mount directories from the internal memory to an external memory stick really works on Android 4.2.2, including on CM 10.1
PPSSPP-Raduemsya forum users! The man with the nickname by Henrik, who brought the world a fully working Wii emulator called "Dolphin" for the PC, developed the first PSP emulator for Android - PPSSPP. Now PPSSPP is more or less working emulator which will allow you to play PSP games on your device Android. However, there are still many bugs and flaws, so can not yet count on the launch of serious games. Nevertheless, he was able to play some games at full speed, and it has a beautiful interface. PPSSPP missing a few things, such as display hardware keys, and normal PSP Eboot files are not supported. PSP ISO files are now working. Curiously, the program works on most Android devices, and not only on the High-end devices, your device must only support OpenGL ES 2.0.
ExtSd2InternalSd v6 | Increase your data storage | 100% Working |- substitution of the internal flash memory of the phone on microSD (after all the manipulations, the external memory card will be perceived by the phone as internal memory. Why is this useful you ask?
With the presence of a 32 or 64 gigabit micro sd card, you can get an analogue of 32 or 64 gigabit versions of SGSIII, i.e. for applications and games will be available
to install the amount of memory equal to the existing amount on your micro sd-card, simply put - all applications and games (including cache) will be
installed on a micro sd card)

Free Games from Samsung Apps
Asphalt 7,
Dungeon hunter 3,
Modern Combat 3,

Free Games from the Play Store
Dungeon Hunter 3,
Real racing 3,
Iron Man 3 / Iron Man 3
King of mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
AT: What is a cache and what is it for?
ABOUT: The cache is the textures, music, video, service files and folders needed to run and complete the game.

AT: What versions of games and which cache to choose?
ABOUT: For I9300 SGSIII, you need an apk for a processor with an ARMv7 architecture and a cache for Mali-400MP.

AT: What to do if at launch the game crashes?
ABOUT: For the games to fully function in our theme, you need to have a google play account on SGS III.

AT: I downloaded the cache, but it is archived. What to do?
ABOUT: Unzip and copy the unpacked cache to the game folder.

AT: How to unzip the cache, if it is several parts?
ABOUT: Firstly, you need to download all the parts, since this is one folder, packed in an archive and divided into several parts, so that you can upload to the forum. Then in the total commander or winrare, select the first part, click on unpack and wait for the result.

AT: What is the correct way to set the cache?
ABOUT: 1. Games from Gameloft-sdcard / gameloft / games / cash . If the game is from the market, then the path will be different - sdcard / Android / data / cache
2. Games from Electronic Arts (EA) -sdcard / Android / data / cache
3. Glu Games -sdcard / glu / cache
4. Games from other developers -sdcard / Android / data / cache, sdcard / Android / data / obb / cacheorsdcard / cache
Usually the user posting the game writes the correct cache path, we look in the posts ...

AT: I do not have obb folder in the Android folder, there is only data. What to do?
ABOUT: Create the obb folder manually.

Post design template
[size = 3] [color = "blue"] [b] Name of the game [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
[b] version: xxxxx [/ b]
[b] Genre: [/ b] xxxxx
[spoil = Screenshots:] Additional screenshots if available [/ spoil]
[spoil = Description:] xxxxx [/ spoil]
[spoil = Download:] xxxxxx.apk "]
[b] Path cache: xxxxx: [/ b]
Links to the cache (if available) [/ spoiler]

All laid out games are freely distributed on the Internet and are laid out only for reference, after which you are advised to buy a licensed game. It is not recommended to upload purchased versions of games in the subject!

Be sure to read
Dear forum users!
Please upload games that have been verified personally, with a screenshot, a link to the profile branch and a working .apk.
Be mutually polite! We have to say on the forum "thank"by increasing reputation by clicking on the button+ .
If you have less than 15 messages, then click on the button.a complaint and let us know who helped you.
We kindly ask you to stick to the theme of the topic, to avoid flooding and offtopic!
Thank you for understanding! Sincerely.

Those wishing to make additions to the header, please contactendru .

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Waa Cha!
Attached Image
Waa Cha! - Help the master of kung fu, taught his disciples! Waa Cha! it's a game with the style of Chinese kung fu. Your goal is to help, Master Wu Shu teach their 3-x odarennyh students. All you have to do is knock out all kinds of items that will fly to you on both sides of the screen. Your finger across the screen to hit and hitting objects. Failure to comply with this art you will need patience and skill sets. Good luck !!

APKAttached filewaachafree.apk(34.4 MB)

Cache is not required

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Team dragon
Attached Image
Attached ImageAttached Image

Fight around the world and defeat crime that defies justice.
Try both single and multiplayer game modes in the fight against crime in the best fighting game on Android!
Attached fileTeam_Dragon_1.0.0.apk(47.94 MB)

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Battlefield tank
Attached ImageAttached Image
Welcome to the city with thousands of enemy tanks.
Your mission - to destroy as many enemy tanks, surviving as long as possible.
* High quality graphics.
* Extremely addictive gameplay!
* Thousands of enemies!
* Shoot! shoot! shoot!
Attached fileBattlefield + Tank.apk(28.36 MB)

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Cut the rope hd
Attached ImageAttached Image
Cut the Rope HD - is an addictive puzzle game that combines the excellent physics, interesting but challenging levels and excellent graphics!
You got a package, and the creature inside requires ... CANDY! Deliver the lollipops to Om Nom, a cute monster, in this unusual and addictive game. Combining vibrant graphics, tricky levels and a realistic physics engine, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and exciting games in the App Store.
I want some sweets!
Cut the ropes with a simple swipe of your finger and collect the stars with a lollipop. But not so simple! It is worth thinking carefully before cutting, so as not to stumble upon enemies and obstacles. Each level is different from the previous ones, and delivering the lollipop to Om Nom will not be so easy!
Measure seven times - cut once
In Cut the Rope you have to not only feed Om Nom: to get the maximum points you also need to collect three stars at each level. Sometimes this is simple, but sometimes damn difficult: you will have to connect not only brains, but also a good reaction, because some stars will not wait until you collect them! Dodge the shirs that can break the candy into pieces, and watch out for the tricky spiders that strive to grab your sweets.
Chasing the stars
Use a variety of Om Nom candy delivery devices. Make the candy soar in the bubble, adjust its flight with the help of special blowing pillows, catapult sweets through the level, use special levers - all in order to get all the golden stars!
Think outside the box
Cut the Rope is easy to learn to play, but hard to tear yourself away from. As the game progresses, Om Nom moves from one box to another, and in each of them new levels will be waiting for you. Can you pass them all, overcoming all obstacles and collecting all the stars?

Attached fileCut + the + Rope + HD + v2.2.apk(44.96 MB)

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Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Kill the zombies and monsters! Let the crystal ball continues to work! This is the only way to protect your town! You will become a hero!
Attached fileEverBlood v1.0.apk(22.78 MB)

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Star Defender 4
Attached ImageAttached Image
Ready for the decisive battle? Then at the start! Star Defender 4.
In a distant galaxy Darkfog found a large concentration of enemy spaceships. Treacherous beetles from the planet Insektus recovered from injury and are planning a new invasion of the planet Earth. Headquarters directs you into the lair of the enemy, to prevent the attack and destroy the enemy on its territory.
The game Star Defender 4 you have to master the management of super-spaceship, equipped with the most modern weapons. Lose more than 100 challenging levels, follow the 8 secret missions and save humanity, crushing everything in its path!
Game features:
- Wide variety of spacecraft
- 8 large missions
- Flexible system of bonuses
- The new heavy-duty weapons
- Over 100 challenging levels
- Colorful graphics and fun setting
Attached fileStarDef + 4.apk(43.26 MB)

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Attached ImageAttached Image
Are you ready to re-enter the arena and fight with the strongest warriors? Throw away the fear and go on a deadly battle with the game BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND. As promised the developers of the studio Glu, we can enjoy a continuation of a great play BLOOD & GLORY! At this time, you will find a good, though, and linear story in which you have to go to a difficult journey through different countries and byways of the world where it is possible to survive and gain respect only in the arena!
The game is tuned for ARM7
Attached fileLegend 2.0.2.apk(20.46 MB)
Cache swing on wifi or from here (downloadsall 3 parts, Razarhiviruem, we lay down on the animal on the wayAndroid / obb ):
Attached filecom.glu.gladiator2.part1.rar(100 MB)
Attached filecom.glu.gladiator2.part2.rar(100 MB)
Attached filecom.glu.gladiator2.part3.rar(96.13 MB)

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Crazy chicken deluxe
Attached Image

Attached ImageAttached Image

Crazy Chicken Deluxe - a terrific return on gadgets with os android.
Now, in the childhood game, you can play on your device.
- a couple of modes of difficulty;
- stunning graphics;
- Easy management;
- a unique weapon.

Download: Attached filemoorhuhn2.0.5.apk (12.2 MB)

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Stargate command
Attached ImageAttached Image
for fans of the series "Stargate"
Compatible with Samsung Galaxy s2, HTC one X and similar hardware devices.
More devices compatibility are coming.
Complete special attacks and combos to unleash Teal'c's fury on enemy Jaffa in this Stargate combat game.
Stargate Command is under attack by legions of enemies and only Teal'c remains to defend the SGC in a series of one-on-one battles against Jaffa, Replicators and Goa'uld.
Left alone, Teal'c, the beloved Jaffa warrior allied with SG-1, must defend the SGC from being overrun by the enemy. Can he hold off the invasion with his staff weapon and awesome combat skills? Each enemy unleashes a variety of attacks so be ready to dodge quickly and strike back. Earn XP by defeating enemies and cash it in to bolster Teal'c's health, shield, attack and defense.
The game features console quality graphics with an intuitive touch control system for ANDROID devices. With infinite ranks, Teal'c gets stronger and faster with each and every kill.
Based on the blockbuster TV series Stargate SG-1 from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Stargate Command allows you to play exciting games, explore the halls of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, discover key items from past SG-1 missions and test your knowledge with Stargate trivia.

Attached fileSG.apk(34.68 MB)

Cache (Android / obb):Attached filecom.arkalisinteractive.sgapp.zip(50.16 MB)

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Zaxxon Escape
Attached Image

remake of SEGA
In 1982, kids everywhere saved their money to invade the evil robot ZAXXON's space fortress in SEGA's first video game with a 3-D isometric perspective.
30 years later, ZAXXON is back and rebuilt for a whole new generation in this fast action arcade game. Get ready to maneuver your spaceship and escape the fortress at warp speeds!
Your new mission is to escape ZAXXON's asteroid city. ZAXXON's minions have transformed the fortress into a maze of tight corridors and you must fly your ship out safely!
Guide your sleek craft and shoot, steer and tilt your way through an ever-changing maze of narrow tunnels and force fields. Earn Z-coins throughout each mission to help you level up and power up. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUT ... WARP SPEED AHEAD!
Swipe your desired direction, blast away force fields with missiles and tilt your device to steer through obstacles
Use in game currency to activate Power Ups and Level Ups. Auto Pilot and Light Speed ​​Boost give you a head start. Initiate a Cloaking Device to help shield your ship from destruction. Use Tractor Beams to attract all the Z-coins you encounter.
-Complete over 30 game objectives
-vRace as optional ships available for upgrade
Attached fileZaxxon Escape v1.1.2.apk(29.41 MB)

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Attached Image

You need to bring your faithful dog Bravo to victory in the hard-edged air dog fights! Code for a long time the father of our dog was undefeated champion, until he was defeated by an opponent named Rocco. All told, it was dirty and unfair fight, but the past can not come back! And his successor Bravo has to prove that he is worthy to wear the championship as his father had won in all competitions!

Attached filedaredogs-v1.0.apk(21.96 MB)

CASH is not required

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Call of duty black ops zombies
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - one of the most popular toys to gadgets os android. In the game you expect 50 cards filled with the walking dead. You will be able to play as a team and alone. With the help of its high-end weapons, you can destroy a crowd of insatiable zombies. The game has a built-in store where you can pay or real money or points. Just earn points you can spend on the opening of locked doors, boxes and other things. Buy weapons for powerful and forth to shoot the crowd of insatiable zombies!

Apk: Attached file1352569724_boz.apk (43.16 MB)

CACHE: http://narod.ru/disk/58814078001.6d81815132694139638534cd100277bd/com.igs.blackops.rar.html
Way:sdcard / android / obb

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Attached Image
The case comes to the edge of the solar system ...
Come the mission to unlock weapons. 2 additional weapons at the beginning of each mission. Select your arsenal wisely.
Main characteristics:
* 3D horizontal shooter
* 10 missions
* 8 different weapons
* 3 levels of difficulty
* More than 50 types of enemies
** Challenge Mode coming soon!
** No in-game purchases
** No ads
Attached filecrisis2150.apk(35.17 MB)

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Resident evil 4
Attached Image
Attached Image

As in the original game (which appeared on PC and consoles in 2005 and 2007), we will tell the story of Leon S. Kennedy, who was also the protagonist of the second part. President of the US decision to destroy Raccoon City Nuclear rocket led to the subsequent fall in stock bankruptcy and disappearance of a sinister corporation Umbrella. Leon, who works in the US Secret Service, has to rescue a kidnapped someone the president's daughter. Arriving in a certain village, we find people, parasitic organism converts into zombies.
Attached fileResident Evil 4 v1.00.00 apkmania.com.apk(33.7 MB)
Cache (Android / obb):Attached filejjp.co.capcom.android.googleplay.bio4.rar(42.76 MB)

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News of play peace Android OS (Post # 26420558)

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Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap
Attached Image

Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap - a game based on the great Indian epic, Ramayana. The Ramayana, written about the fifth century BC, is the story of Prince Rama, who is the human incarnation of the divine Lord Narayana. Ram is facing its biggest challenge, when his wife, Sita, kidnapped by an evil demon king Revanoy, who wants her for his own wife. Hanuman, the son of the wind, was tasked to find Sita and assure her that Ram is on his way to save her. He has to learn to fly, jump across the Indian Ocean to Lanka, where Sita is held, and give her the ring frame. But there are hordes of demons and demonesses, with whom he must fight and defeat or kill before he could reach her.
Manage Hanuman to the speed of sound and learn to fly over the Indian Ocean, using gyroscopic controls or controlled by the thumb joystick. Slide down the esophagus Simhiki avoiding internal spikes, and then use it gada giant to fight his way out of the belly Simhiki. Fight with more than 50 on the demons Lenka Island before bringing Lankini demigod to its knees. Finally find Sita. Give her a ring frame and lift her spirits with History and Rama song.
- Innovative use of mobile accelerometer and gyroscope.
- Game experience customized for your device.
- Action and adventure gameplay, which teaches you the stories from Indian mythology and spiritual meanings behind them.
- A professionally composed music.
- Amazing artwork, environment, fights and signs created to blow your mind. Check our website games www.ramayanwars.com, to see sample artwork.
Attached fileramayan-wars-the-ocean-leap-v1.0.2.apk(11.95 MB)
Cache (sdcard \ Android / obb):http://yadi.sk/d/FQJVw9qW2Ae_s

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Temple run 2
Attached Image

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
Temple Run 2 - continuation of the hit is legendary, who took the world by storm! More than 170 million downloads have Temple Run. Simply click on the dangerous rocks, mines and forests, escaping from the cursed idol. How far can you run?
Attached fileTemple Run 2 v1.0 ARMv7.apk(32.98 MB)

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Cracking sands
Attached Image

Race to the bottom. Waiting for you crazy race, different cars, stuffed to the eyeballs wide variety of weapons. Graphic part of the game is very colorful, lots of effects, dirt and sand, as well as numerous items of relief executed well enough.

Attached fileCracking + Sands.apk(13.38 MB)

Cache: download all parts, extract (Total Commanderom or winrarom) and throw on the path / sdcard / Android / obb

apk cache does not swing, take away or swing from a branch. Internet to run is not necessary.

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Age of Wind 2
Attached ImageAttached Image
You are the captain of a beautiful old sailing frigate. Your goal - to search for new land to participate and win in the sea battles against pirates, selling rare and exotic goods, and of course look for treasures! While in port, you can improve your frigate with the money. Excellent graphics and music, easy operation, by means of the sensor and the virtual buttons, and just a wonderful gameplay.
- 17 unique ships;
- 21 unique islands;
- 100 unique battles;
- A world full of danger and adventure
Attached filecom.galapagossoft.wind2_2.86.apk(33.54 MB)

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Jewels star
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
The Jewels Star game, your goal is to win all the precious stars, to pass the level and earn as many points as possible!
How to play:
1: 3 or more identical gemstones.
2: out the stones to clear the field to display the star.
3: Move the stars to the last line to pass the level.
Removing the jewels quickly, you can get extra points.
Game features:
- More than 100 levels and 5 scenes in the game, including the starry sky, mountains, snow world and so on.
- A sequence of 4 gives you a bomb and 1 lightning.
- A sequence of 5 gems allows you to change the color of gems and 2 lightning.
- Remove 20 gems continuous can win 1 zipper.
- Bombs can eliminate gems around.
- The color that changes a gem can change to any other.
- The time bonus can extend the playing time.
- Lightning can eliminate stones in the same row.
- For the chained stones, you can eliminate the precious stones around to unlock it.
- For frozen stones, you can eliminate the gems around to free it.
Attached filejewels-star-v2.7.apk(5.16 MB)

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