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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (OS 4.x)

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (OS 4.x)
Attached ImageSamsung Galaxy S III, SGS3, GT-I9300, m0
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Remember! Everything you do with your phone, you do at your own peril and risk.
For the consequences, except for you, no one is responsible!

Be sure to backup EFS and keep it on the external card / PC / in the cloud storage. Right now. Otherwise there may be a lot of things.
go wrong.

Do not reset to factory settings via the firmware interface! Those who want to reset - read THIS.

Frequently asked Questions
Alternative firmware (ROM) - is an aftermarket firmware for cell phones and tablets based on the open source Android OS system. It has features that are missing in the official firmware of the suppliers of Android devices, including the original theme, the codec for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), compressed cache (compcache), a large APN list, OpenVPN client, reboot menu, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , USB modem.
ATTENTION: there are no Samsung programs in the firmware and it does not support KIES!
The main features of alternative (custom) firmware:
The latest version of Android available
Full root access (in some of which the firmware must be installed separately or enabled in the system via the menu)
FLAC support
Compress Cache (compressed cache)
Firmware code optimization
Greater speed
Regular updates and support from developers
Preset equalizer DSPManager with analog Voodoo Sound
Incognito mode in the browser
Built-in tuning and customization
Profile Settings Support
Camera with a choice of a place to save photos and videos (in the official assembly is available when installing a mod camera, see under the spoilerGapps, modems and other utility )
The ability to fine-tune the color
Support themes
Customizable shortcuts from the lock screen
Installation Instructions
  • Download the necessary firmware and place it on the memory card
  • Restart the phone in Recovery (volume up button + Home button + power button)
  • After entering Recovery, select the following items:
    !!! If you have a PhilZ Touch custom recovery, then instead of all the items listed below, we use only one - Clean to Install a New ROM (i.e., then go to step 4) !!!

    - format system
    - format data
    - format cache
  • Next, choose choose zip from sdcard (if the firmware is in the phone’s memory) or choose zip from external sd card (if the firmware is on the memory card)
  • Select archive with firmware
  • Restart your phone, wait for the firmware to load.
Q: Does Samsung's proprietary technology work on CyanogenMod? (Such as SmartStay, MultiWindow, etc.)
A: No, they do not work.

Q: There is no photosphere
A: The photosphere is a feature of Google Nexus devices. If you want a photosphere, then buy Nexus, or use third-party cameras.

Q: What recovery should be used with CM10.1?
A: Use CWM or higher.

Q: I want to post logcat / report an error. What should I do?
A: Post in topics about nightly builds CM10.1. Since this is a nightly assembly, do not expect a quick fix. The remaining discussions, such as suggestions for what you would like to see in CM10.1, leave in the official topics for discussion of CM10.1 or in the topics for discussion of night assemblies. Do not forget to follow the rules.

Q: Some applications crash with / do not start. What can be done?
Рћ: Settings ->Applications ->Find the problem application ->Clear data ->Reboot. If this does not help, then perhaps the application is not compatible with the current version of the android. In this case, check if the application has been updated to fix the problems or contact the developer and report the problem.

Q: Why was there no night build today?
A: Either there were no new changes, or Jenkins (the assembly server) was unable to combine as a result of any problem. If the latter, then someone will manually check the problem and solve it. Please be patient and do not clutter up topics with similar questions.

Q: Is there a patch from Exynos root exploit and from Sudden Death ("Sudden Death") in CM10.1?
A: Yes, there is. You should also use patched recovery to completely get rid of Sudden Death. Recovery can be found on xda.

Q: How to enable "Developer Mode"?
Рћ: In Settings ->About phone, click 7 times on the "Build Number"

Q: What is Google Apps and what are they for?
A: Google Apps are Google applications and services (for example, Google Play). Initially, they are not added to the firmware (under the license of Google, developers are not allowed to do this). GApps need to be installed independently after each update.

Q: I can not find a market / add a Google account /
A: No Google Apps package installed. Download it from the links in the header and install via CWM.

Q: I installed CM some time ago. Now I saw that since then there have been several updates. Do I need to put all the updates in a row or is it enough to put the latest.
A: It is enough to put the latest.

Q: Why does the network icon change color after connecting to the Internet (from gray to blue)?
A: Blue is a connection to Google servers. You can disable the check only by turning off the background data transfer.

Q: Where can I turn on closing the application by holding the Back button?
Рћ: Settings - For developers - Closing applications (check the box).

Q: Where can I see the numbers on the SIM card?
A: In the standard contact manager, they can only be imported.

Q: The regular player does not play AVI files.
A: There are no AVI codecs in the firmware - the Cyanogenmod team has no right to add them. they are proprietary. When developing CyanogenMod, only OpenSource is used. Use alternative video players.

Q: The program% name% does not work.
A: Check the compatibility of the program with ICS / JB. Most likely, this is the problem of the application, not the firmware.

Q: The program% name% is not available in the Market. "Device not supported"
A: The program may not be adapted for Android 4 ICS / JB. Perhaps the reason is the modified DPI, if you changed it.

Q: Why does the battery consume so much?
A: 1. The first 2-3 days after the firmware can quickly discharge the battery. To calibrate the battery must go through 2-3 cycles of full discharge and battery charge.
O: 2. After disconnecting from the BB, reboot and turn off debugging, if enabled.

Q: How to configure the restriction of the use of Internet traffic?
Рћ: Settings - Data transfer - Set a limit (put a checkbox). In the diagram, set limits for warning (orange slider) and shutdown (red slider). To view the use of Wi-Fi in the Menu (press the touch Menu button), you need to turn on Wi-Fi traffic display.

Q: How to disable background data transfer?
Рћ: Settings - Data transfer - Menu - limit the background. dir (tick box)

Q: How to disable broadcast messages?
A: Look here:Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (OS 4.x) (Post # 24595433)

Q: How to set 3G / WCDMA only mode?
A: We dial in the dialer * # * # 4636 # * # *, select WCDMA only, go back, after about a minute the phone switches to WCDMA only mode.

Q: How to assign the completion of a call to the Power button?
Рћ: Settings - Special features - tick the "Power button ends the call"

Q: What is the "nightly build"?
A: Automatically generated firmware builds with all the latest changes. Go out daily. May include errors.

Q: I recovered data using Titanium Backup, but my applications don't work?
Рћ: Do not restore the system data, you will not see it. in CM is a different data structure.

Q: Does CyanogenMod switch music by holding the volume buttons?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Why does my light bulb turn green by 90%?
A: Regular batteries are initially designed to charge up to 90% and not up to 90. Firstly, this prevents excessive battery wear, secondly, it helps to avoid overcharging (link1, link2).

Q: And why then on other firmware the light comes on at 100%?
A: The most plausible explanation is that in official firmware, the threshold of current drop in charging, switching the light bulb to green, is significantly lower than in CyanogenMod. In fact, the battery still charges up to 90%, just Cyanogen shows it more honestly.

Q: Why does the first 10% charge go so fast?
A: Because it’s actually not 10%, but much less, just the system displays them as 10% (link).

Q: Is exFat supported in CyanogenMod?
A: Supported from 07/08/13

Q: I flashed CyanogenMod and noticed that Bluetooth is too short. Can this be corrected?
A: You can try this method:Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (OS 4.x) (Post # 21091664)

Q: During the conversation, the interlocutor does not hear me and I also cannot hear him. What to do?
A: Readthis message.

Q: After the firmware CM9 / 10 / AOSP / AOKP, KIES does not see the connected phone. What to do?
A: The fact is that the "Kies from Samsung" program works only with official firmware for phones that were officially released by Samsung. And all the mods coming out on the basis of or under the name CyanogenMod are an unofficial development. And in this case, the Kies program simply does not see the firmware data.

Q: What is the folder "0" and is it possible to remove it?
A: This is because Android 4.2 supports multi-user profiles. You are the first user and your personal folder on sdcard "0". Add another user and a folder "10" will be created for the new user.

Q: Tell me the device with this firmware is defined in Mac OS?
A: Yes, it is determined. Detailshere.

Q: NFC does not work. What to do?

Q: How to make a screenshot of the screen?
ABOUT:AnswerorAnswer number 2
Android 4.3
Temasek's cyanogenmod
SuperNexus 3.0
crDroid AOSP
Slim bean
Android 4.1 / 4.2
Temasek's Cyanogenmod (4.2.x)
Slim Bean (4.2.x)
SuperNexus 2.0 (4.2.2)
ReVolt AOKR (4.2.x)
Omega AOKP (4.2.x)
Dirty Unicorns (4.2.x)
JellyBeer (4.2.x)
LiquidSmooth (4.2.x)
crDroid AOSP (4.2.x)
ArchiDroid (4.2.x)
Luna ROM (4.2.x)
site - XDA
Yank555.lu kernel
The option of kernel settings and a description of the functions during installation:
* Consider I / O as CPU load - Yes
* CPU maximum frequency - 1.6
* MMC readahead buffer - 1024
* MMC I / O Scheduler - CFQ
* Low Memory Killer Presets - Light
* Hardswap - Yes (or space setting, I don’t remember. It’s on exactly, in general)
* zram - 250
* Fast charge - did not change
* Sound output level - both +1
* Dynamic fsync settings - On
* init.d script support - off

If briefly explain -
* Load the processor while the disk is loaded
* Maximum processor frequency
* Preloading buffer (allocating space to the application before its request for allocation. I do not advise you to set great value, because the application may not require it to allocate space)
* CFQ - preset on disk write performance. There are still Noop and Deadline in this core - both to save charge
* Setting the closure of applications when there is a shortage of RAM. I put almost the most gentle, because with my applications it is simply not necessary =)
* In fact, the expansion of RAM, allocated a section on the disk that acts as a buffer, there are cached processes. It may slow down the download of some applications, but I'm not in a hurry =)
* Compressed section of RAM, to save it
* Fast charging (change of voltage). I do not advise to play with it, because you can burn the power controller, if you do not know. I have a charge for Nokia with a current of 1.2A, but I still do not increase it, for nefig.
* Sound booster
* Long to explain what it is. In short - recording performance gains without any damage to the battery.
* Too long to explain, but I do not advise you to change it if you do not know what it is.
XDA thread
Download (all versions)
The kernel is based on the siyah core, supports dualboot.
Google apps
Cameras for CM10
JB 4.2 CAMERA - spherical shooting works
Camera JB +
SIII AOSP Camera Mod- mod standard camera from CM10 (.1) with additional functionality
List of different cameras for CM10
Small mod camera. Adds 4 mode spherical panorama for JB 4.2.2
Camera port from the official firmware from Samsung
Charge cameras
On the transition to F2FS and redevelopment of internal memory.
ExtSd2InternalSd- we swap the internal and external memory cards, thus we have more space for applications(only CM10 (4.1.x))
SGS3 Easy UMS- mount an external memory card as an external drive
Themes and Decorators
Cleaning scripts
Other Utility
Screenshots of Cyanogenmod 9/10
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Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Screenshots of Cyanogenmod 10.1
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
Screenshots Cyanogenmod 10.2
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
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Polls archive
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* TET086 , Discussed here, see 9-10.2
To see 14 go to the profile subject.

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Hello, can someone here knows why firmware slim wifi is not working? Topic 4.4 not vkurse.stavil and 9 and 8 slim, everything is fine except wifi, sees the point, but not podklyuchaetsya.na other firmware everything works (drain, see, miui )

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Finally got his hands full cleaning up caps.

Removed broken links. Many firmware upgraded to SM 11 and is here, therefore, have been removed.

Broke spoiler utility on podspoylery.

Added new instructions suitable for cm 10-10.2

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Nik2001Nik3006 released from curating topic. Thank you for your work!

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please give a link to the work 10.2 Xi'an, sew 11 network disappears and does not rises, let's sew 10.2, the network remained, and then shilsya 13 Xian, or 12 without a difference

Rep: (2549)
DeadPool_x @ 19.03.17, 14:41*
10.2 Sian

their site has long been deleted. if someone left the firmware on the cloud, you can ask to throw, as well as - in any way.

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DeadPool_x @ 19.03.17, 08:41*
please give a link to the work 10.2 Xi'an, sew 11 network disappears and does not rises, let's sew 10.2, the network remained, and then shilsya 13 Xian, or 12 without a difference


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Good day!
Faced such a problem:
I i9300 64gb, android 4.3.1, see 10.2
one morning woke up found that the phone is switched off (left from the evening included in the charge) and is not included. I handed in for repair. Breakdown (as I understand) - is not going to charge by phone. Payali some contacts, all repaired. On the phone was the standard firmware, I re-flashed the CM 10.2. And one day discovered that the phone has become the internal memory 11gb. I do not know at what moment this happened: Immediately after repair or later. It can not associated with repair. He became reflash. First Service 4 file with Pit firmware file 9300. Then again CM 10.2. Memory increased to 16gb (look in the settings). Information on this failure never found (
Communication module firmware I9300XXUGNB1
How do I get my family 64gb)? What do you advise?

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People as a 4.3 increase the volume of the headphones. Prosha QS I9300 JB (OB2)

Rep: (30)
core boefla put

Rep: (11)
A sobsno where a reference to the cap Off cyan? Now there's only custom bikes

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Brought the problem of self-switching and switching.
Vodichku suspected, but Klien vowed that the waters had never seen.
Has promised to try to stitch, the more I myself inclined to this.
Download Firmware connected, the phone saw ODIN, but the firmware hung tight in the beginning on the boot.img
Is connected to the BST, and he read it from the Old, but hangs at the same spot.
Then he noticed that the connection with the phone is dropped under a perturbation of the cable connector. Cleaning does not help, but after the computer is no longer was to determine the phone, such as an unknown device. Then I have decided to open. Saw oxide on the connector housing, but the contacts are clean.
In short it was necessary to put a new connector, but the computer and did not want to identify the phone. Oxide was noticed and at the top, a polyphonic speaker. Everything was carefully removed. Reload cause monoxide found on the connector, so did not suffer further, but simply did hardreset through rekaveri.
I have it for half a day to work properly, without rebooting. The client, he became off on the same day. Even on the charge, when it is switched off the lamp does not rotten and helped only distortion of the battery. Just pumping renovation, he hung on tightly Samsung apps, 33%. After Klien, something was removed and the phone worked all day without a reboot.
Reactions to the mechanical effect on the body is not present, that is, he does not hang from it, it does not try.
It remains the only option complete its firmware. There is a suspicion on the USB flash drive is dying, and therefore I hope that the firmware will arise at a particular place (the client is ready for it).Only one question, as the plague it flash? What prevents him whether the flash drive itself is broken?
Yes, the phone some see operator, although it gave brow, bought in St. Petersburg in the store? officially.
Specially post the photo wallpapers and stickers. Like the original board with inscription and i9100 percent Exynos.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Naryl CM10.2.0 in our Galaxy S3 GT-i9300
Take away.
https: // androidfilehos ... fid = 673368273298951513
Informal tsiany for i9300 - take away the link, download, try it.
https: // androidfilehos ... e & sort_dir = ASC & page = 12
Official tsiany here

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Does it make sense to reflash if the brakes after a rollback to factory settings?

Rep: (2)
* Serega0585, of course, maybe when you have sewn you full demolition of the system and rolled it again on the flash memory in the TEL, and if memory bitost problems or simply went out of order some components of the system that the firmware should help, but rather generally under percent eksinos android not especially sharpened

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The cap Cast please.
https: //web.archive.or...nmod.org/ device = i9300?

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