How did we start with the BlackBerry?
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Since when did you use your BlackBerry?
2005 and below [ 4 ] ** [2,53%]
2006 [ 1 ] ** [0,63%]
2007 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
2008 [ 2 ] ** [1,27%]
2009 [ 5 ] ** [3,16%]
2010 [ 14 ] ** [8,86%]
2011 [ 27 ] ** [17,09%]
2012 [ 48 ] ** [30,38%]
2013 [ 57 ] ** [36,08%]
Total votes: 158

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Dear! We invite you to talk about how you became the owners of these wonderful smartphones. We are interested in everything from what you used to BlackBerry and how and when you became members of the BlackBerry family.

Yours faithfully, BB-waters devoted to you, Alexander.

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Rep: (423)
I always liked Blackberry phones, but I only managed to become the owner of the device from RIM in October 2011, bought my first bb 8520. This phone also attracted my wife, after a month of using it, I gave it to her, and for a while I took it from my friend 8800 By the way, the 8800, an excellent phone in terms of voice quality, has a brutal - gothic design and doesn’t require charging for a very long time, charging it literally a couple of times a month. But nevertheless I wanted something else. So I broke up with 8800 and bought 9700 - living classics, there are no comments here, everyone knows the merits of this model. Then I liked the Blackberry Playbook well, and I had to buy it. I use it constantly in my work, he was not replaceable, without him as without hands. Well, sometimes I kill time in toys. Three weeks ago it was time to say goodbye to 9700, because I was unbearably keen to buy 9790. As a result, I am now the owner of 9790 and the Blackberry Playbook and almost the owner of 8520 for family reasons.

Rep: (102)
I came to Blackberry quite recently, in March 2011. Before that, there were many different devices on different axes, he knew about Blackberry only by hearsay. But a close acquaintance took place, I purchased 9780, I really liked the device. Then there was 9900 on which I now sit. RIM devices have a unique design, excellent communication quality and great personalization. I'm a big fan of keyboards, Blackberry is the best among them.Simple, convenient, individuallyI would say that. : happy:

Rep: (103)
Thanks for the stories. Well, now it's my turn.

I first saw the BlackBerry in 2007 or 2008, as I remember the 8800 was a model. I liked, and very much so. Another year I was like the Nokia 6300, which I acquired in 2007 or 2008. After that, my brother's godfather and family friend brought us 8310 from the USA. At first, my father used it, then, due to the fact that 8,800 came to him. . In early June, I got Storm 2. It seems to be all.

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I had a lot of smartphones. He started with Motorolla MPx 200, then Siemens SX1, Nokia N70, Motorolla A1200e. And finally, my first acquaintance with the keypad SE X10 mini pro. I really liked to use a full quarty keyboard on the smartphone. Android as an axis was quite convenient, but it finished off, that sometimes they got out different bugs in various places. I would continue to use it further, but it turned out that I dropped it (for the umpteenth time), and as a result, he started to get the auto focus in the camera, and it is just vital for me. There was a question about choosing a new phone. I have only a few requirements for them, namely:
1) To make it easy to call (all the same, I buy a phone)
2) Intuitive interface (I do not want to sit for hours reading manuals on the phone)
3) Smartphone (Out of Regular Dialer)
4) Camera with auto focus and flash (I often have to shoot text and diagrams)
5) Convenient surfing the Internet
6) Querctile (not fundamentally, but desirable)
7) Player
At first I was looking in the direction of the new ski L5, but in my opinion I caught a blackberry 9800 torch, lonely standing in the corner of the rack. I asked him to show me, and immediately realized that it was my phone.

That's how I became the proud owner of this unit.

PS: something I seem a bit overdone with the number of beeches.

Rep: (29)
Glassss, beeches just right. :)

Rep: (104)
Became a user of blackberry this year. The reason for the acquisition: simbian, winmob and apple-covered stage. Now I am writing an android. I acquired 9800. I bought the design. I liked the devil: happy: And also versatility: touch screen and sliding qwerty. case: lol: The trackpad's thrill also draws the eyes of the curious. Now there is a phone to go out with which phone: P A xcover from Samsung remains for outdoor activities and riding a bike.

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I used an iPhone in 2010 and had terrible nostalgia for quarters (before this was the Nokia e61 e90), eventually I switched to bb, then it was 8900.

Rep: (8)
Hi forum users!)
I will share my story:
In the direction of "Blackberry" looked for a long time, I liked the design and the concept as a whole. However, due to age, probably, she did not dare to buy for a long time. Dabbled androids and an apple. And I gave the final preference to the green robot) There are many advantages in android - there is no point in arguing here. But as a business / business phone, modern "droid combines" did not satisfy my needs. I wanted to keep a comfortable diary, but most of all I wanted a good battery and a comfortable keyboard. Nokia's QWERTY seemed inconvenient to me, high-capacity batteries for android-backgrounds turned out to be very dubious ways out of the “from-charge-to-charge” position, and the touch-keyboard is inconvenient during business correspondence, when a lot can depend on typing speed). Thus, already seriously thinking about acquiring BB. I was saddened by the choice of models, I liked three - 9780; 9790 and 9900. But the barbarically cut-down battery at 9790 and 9900 (with increased processor frequencies and touch screens!) Determined the choice - 9780. In addition, the dimensions of this “fatty” in comparison with modern slimmen bribed me immediately. And yesterday, I became the proud owner of this extraordinary device. There is no choice in my country, and at the mention of Blackberry, the sellers make round-round eyes and ask, “Why do you want this ?! Buy Samsung / Nokia / HTC.” The new BB found only in white, did not dare to use the black one. The BIS, in my remaining homeland, will hardly be able to connect in the next five years, but the “crutch” solutions also work with a bang. Servicebooks for operators were easily found (kowtow to Google)).
I summarize:
The device does not want to let go. (very convenient form factor)
It works very fast. (despite the fact that the model is old)
QWERTY is the most convenient of all currently on the market.
Fonts! I have not experienced such aesthetic pleasure from communicating with the phone for a long time.
Great variety of settings!
Good sound. (as a "multimedia processor, I have HTC Incredible, so in comparison with it, the sound is just great!)
Style - a very serious "tube". Want to impress on an important meeting? - BB by the hand!
The article "choosing a Blackberry for the first time is dedicated" helped. Indeed - these phones are for a separate user segment. While I don’t see any flaws, I’ve got all that I wanted to get from a business smart thanks to BB.
P.S. I apologize for the "multi-letter")

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a couple of years ago, after a friend suddenly caught fire bb dug 8830 on ibei to try, in those troubled times our valiant operators connected the encore to corporate employees only, and ended up with the obamafon for two months and put it on the shelf, hoping one fine day to fully take advantage of. Well, a year ago I matured, I took 9700 on the forum, I connected the encore, I didn’t think that I could get used to the phone so much, but here you are, as a result, now you’ve changed from 97 to 9900 and wait for the quartet on the top ten

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In June 2012 a friend tells me that he needs to change it to a Blackberry on an IPhone because his Blackberry doesn’t work well with the trackpad ...: lol: I asked him what kind of assurance was this (I had never noticed such a brand before), he gave it to me, I liked the phone and I asked for a week. After a couple of weeks I purchased my 9900.

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It looks like support and rehabilitation centers in America, where everyone is sitting on the chairs in a circle and telling their story))))

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Once posted a message, speak and you.

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I use the PlayBook 64 GB in conjunction with the Nokia E72 and I am very pleased - this tablet (yes, perhaps, the whole bundle) price / performance / functionality ratio is one of the best I think (IMHO). Blackberry smartphones never considered, because there were not some important functions for me (automatic recording of a conversation from the line, normal Skype and ICQ, easy access to the memory card). Waiting for the Blackberry10 touch - I really liked the advertising descriptions and commercials - I hope it will be successful and practical.

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Eh ... 8100, only recently the device died, or rather was killed. Brought from amerikosii back in 2009. There was no bis, nothing)), this is what is called a telephone, and why it was actually created - to call !! A clear connection, like my first Nokia with antenna)). With the Internet without a bis, of course, no ice, the Yandex and Jim maps were unstable, and I didn’t demand more. He took for calls, and to be honest, never regretted. I do not understand the devices without buttons, and that everyone on the sensors are obsessed. It is a la businessman in a suit and tie, while he himself holds an apple-phone with one hand and pokes a finger at him in his second hand, but the word is funny. The Sonic p1i (which is still very much alive) and the BBShechka lasted the longest. In general, always in touch, it is to call (on the run, one left, without looking) to write a letter and send, and not like likes on Facebook. If the phone is for work, nothing but the old Simba and the Blekber axis were seriously not done. Management and ergonomics at the height of both phones, I no longer imagine the list of menus on the menu without a wheel (on the Sonic) and a pearl on the BB. Now I bought 9105 again, alas, I did not find the 9100 quickly, I really wanted it. I look at the pill, it's very tempting to put them in a pair.

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I was looking for a second phone for myself, I wanted a quartie. For a long time I lived Nokia E75, in which the sliding quarters.
Searched through Yandex. And accidentally stumbled upon a BlackBerry. Before that, I heard about them, but very little, I have never seen it live.
It was just 9900. It was difficult to get it in this country, not to mention the reasonable price.
Bought on ebee. In the end, everything was above praise. You can write a lot here. A lot has been written.
I can only say that now it is a religion :) What a pity that I did not know about the blackberry before.
Now it is number one. If I change it to Q10 - and then, if it is better.

Cons, of course there are - few applications. It's good that there is not as much garbage as Android and a stub.
But, there are no really useful applications. For this second at the moment is the Galaxy SIII.

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Until now, there was nokia 6630, then it took 2-3 SIM cards - I bought a fly. When the quality of speech was no longer just to get it, but to take out the brain with constant re-inquiry, I thought about buying a new phone. The main criteria - Speech quality, good address book, battery, so what if my eyes rejoiced;). The choice fell on the iPhone 4s (although here it does not fall under a good battery) and bb. I used to hear about bb only as a corporate device. I went to the operator, looked at 9700, and since he was cheaper, he bought it 2-3 times cheaper. Immediately I flashed on the 6th axis, I did not connect bis. In principle, everything suits. The voice of the interlocutor for 5+, the battery lasts for 4-5 days (only to call + morning Internet), well, the address book is just fine.

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In all previous phones I lacked a normal organizer, I was ideally suited for explosives, there are a lot of minuses, but there are many more advantages. 9780 is what I lacked on other axes. Although many people are positioning the explosives as a kind of terminal, this is an absolute normal phone, well, or a heavily clipped smartphone. If ROME opened the source code, and gave the norms tools - I think the situation has changed dramatically in the best direction, but this will never happen.

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Rep: (39)
I have a very recent story)
What is blackberry knew and heard for a long time, but I was not drawn to them. I used the first android, then the iPhone and somehow I did not want to change anything. But my girlfriend really wanted to blackberry, and I decided to make her the desired birthday present. I decided to sort it out in all of this world, so as to help the girl not to be disappointed in her choice and my gift. The best way to figure out is to take this company. So I switched from iphone to ku10, later I was 30, and now I have a passport. I used the iPhone for a week in September (it was necessary), so I counted the days until the return to the BB :) and it all started in March 2014 ..

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