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Bad Ded В® (alias Circle В® and Grandfather) -Grandfather Founder with a Big Letter

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Logo authorelektrokot777, him and thank you say

March 8, 2019
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FLAGUS PALATUS When opening a spoiler, take it to guard and salute.
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General rules for permanent residents and guests of our Durka:

FAQon the House - Was ist das Palata? and other questions:Tyts

(Charter of our mental monastery - requirements, rules, chants)
I. Requirements for participants in the mental process:
- friendliness;
- sense of humor;
- fantasy;
- imagination;
- sociability;
Ii. Four Immutable Rules of Chamber 6:
Rule from Marlene:
We are all here for a good time, so the ban is only one, but its non-observance is fraught with:
in our country it is PROHIBITED to create discomfort to others, and to offend each other in any way.
Rule from olimo:
The Chamber is our story. It is not good to remove posts in the House. For this, the guilty person may be punished in the form of negative turnips, and in the event of a relapse, get the World Cup, regardless of the status on the forum with the removal after 2 weeks of impeccable behavior.
Rule from papamuller:
A real psycho, there is always something to say. It is precisely this that distinguishes the palatchanin from the ordinary fluder. I urge the contingent to reduce to the minimum messages with cool content in the form of one smile.
"Chamber number 6" - only quality chatter "

Black Marker Rule.
- A patient who has received 5 minuses in a turnip from psychos who came to the Chamber before him gets a black mark - is expelled from the 6th Chamber for a week. This is not a RO, but in case of violation (i.e., when fasting in the House), a real RO is given for a week. Cons from the same psycho are considered one minus. Minus Dad, Faceless or Lenso is considered for 2 minus. If the patient receives 2 black marks, he is expelled from the Chamber forever.
A few words about turnips (Faceless):
Friends, old-timers of the chamber should remember that at one time, multiple reputation raises threatened to lead to the closure of the chamber. Now many have begun to abuse the pluses again. Therefore, I have to ask you to express your joy about the poles and other things verbally, and not by pluses.
Important information on the arrest of nines from johnnyk!
Tyts, however!
A bit about politics fromLdrlo
LdrLo @ 01.22.18, 07:25 *
I would write a lot of things that I think about politics, and a discussion of my country and everything that is happening in our east: this topic causes strong resentment and sadness in me. But I will not write, because I love this site and do not want to turn it into a trash can, which are the majority of forums

Iii. Our hymns - listen, know and respect:
1) This hymn should all learn, why the hell with me, but should! Attached fileimg_60896_gimn.rar (307.45 KB)

2) Anthem. Part 2 (dance remix) Attached (1.38 MB)

3) Vysotsky - our FSE - "Expensive Transfer" (thank mickles );
Neo-friendly versions of the anthem from the contingent :
- Anthem resistant ward psycho from Johnny P : Tyts ;
- Another Anthem of the Chamber number 6! by carlsson77 - Tyts

Iv. Ukun-Ukun-Sukret:
Chamber in Jabber, panimsh! If anything, get crazy about psychos and there :) "Konfa is by no means a replacement for the Forum Chamber" (c) Wanderer

Chamber IRC channel:

V. Brownology of the Palatine
Ward number 6 (Post Father Brown # 80737302)
(Ward Mafyna Vremeni - dates of events and events)
Ward Calendar:

- Day March 13, 2007: Opening of the institution "Chamber number 6" ;
- Day February 11: World Day of the Sick. The meaning of the holiday: make you feel the need to provide better care for the sick and infirm, alleviate their suffering ;
- Day May 12: World Nursing Day. Celebration Lenso . On weekdays, she scatters sneakers, and on a holiday, they cram them together;
- 3rd Sunday of June: Day of the medical worker;
- October 10: World Mental Health Day;
- Day of October 25, 2008: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-3000";
- Day 03 of November 2008: The first theatrical production in the "Chamber number 6" (details in the section "In the Greek Hall);
- Day January 25, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-4000";
- April 07, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-5000";
- Day June 14, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-6000";
- Day July 10, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Diablo-Pajina # 6666";
- Day July 23, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-7000";
- Day August 13, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-7777";
- Day August 23, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-8000";
- Day 06 October 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-8888";
- Day October 13, 2009: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-9000";
- Day December 12, 2010: Psychological Marathon "Padzhina-13000";
- Day 27-31 December 2017: Marathon: Flooding generator N.G. 2018 - "Padzhina-15000" - took Ldrlo
- Day of March 24, 2018 Padzhin Marathon 15555!* LadyTexxi , gets yellowjerseyLeader skirt and rankMiss Poulpozishn 15555!
- Mental Illness Day: daily and vigil.
Dnyuhovaya Khreonology psychos from Carleson: Tyts!

In the Greek Hall - a catalog of theatrical plays, poetry and other performances:

- Theater production number one (Directed by: Johnny P ) part 1 , part 2 ;
- Theater production number two (director: Johnny P ):
- Main action;
- Short poetic retelling(author and performerMiki01 );
- Cuneiform from Radio Psych-FM:Tyts
- A mega-post about forty nine inserts from Catg : Tyts ;
- Mega-post about seventy three inlays from izmalkoff : Tyts ;
- Mega-post about two hundred and nine gluing (!) From MissAlenka: Tyts ;
- Mega-post about two hundred and eighty gluing together (!!!) from DRago777: Tyts ;
- Mega-post about four hundred and thirty-six gluing together (!!!) from Pavel: Tyts ;
- Mega-post about six hundred and ninety-six gluing together (!!!) from Pavel: Tyts ;
- Old Russian epics about Friday the 13th in the Chamber number 6fromMiki01 ;
- Saturday songfromJohnny P IT'S TIME FOR CHAIRS! (Ispolnietstsa choir of the chief physician-papamullerov, conducts - the sheriff, the whole Chamber sings! Challenger for the title of the unofficial chamber hymn and Eurovision-2009 song from Chamber в„–6 of the 4 pda forum!);
- He performs karaoke on the tune of Oleg Mityaev's song "How cool that we all gathered here today" from papamuller ;
- Poems about the chamber and the plot of black and white moderators ( April Fool's Day ) from Miki01 ;
- Disease song author dendylinux
- Lullaby for a psycho lulls elektrokot777
- Ward - Feline sings in the voice of Y. Antonov elektrokot777
- Psycho nervous - song for choirs singing psychos
- Psychic, clockwork !!! - another song for choirs singing psychos
- Zastennaya sing along dendylinux
- Psycho-suffering "Working Saturday Part I" suffers elektrokot777
- Psycho-suffering "Working Saturday Part II" suffers elektrokot777
- Dictionary of Mental Disease Doctors(although in reality there is another, no less important dictionary fromCatg
(All Ward Dat)
Head Doctor -is drinking: king: ;
Deputy Chapters. Doctor - Johnny P ;
Physicians: Lenso , da108 aki Yasha! , Dr_sat
Mad-Brazer (Chief, YOU!: Girl_blum :): Ronon
mad-peresal on leave to care for themselves: popezio , r00tk1t , Danmer , vvzvlad , Hoob , DIK61 ,
And it's all about him:Regulation on Durkomat .
Snake Potapych *, Neadi **, dr @ ko_n ***, drum1k (aka Drago777) ****
* - ochchchen evil
** - dragon - keeper of the registry keys
*** - reactive and simpatishny
**** - funny and curious
algaloff , Dynamite (discharged under a non-statement subscription) Zlata , papamuller , yesfan , carlsson77 , Miki01 , Johnny P , salex , ErlGrey64 (under cover. Always with us ), qq1978 , sergei75 , SHTIRLIC , imurloc , sam1984 , en-trance , kus-ukus__ , slimest , koordinator , mickles , Hanzo (a vagabond with the right to a bed in a traveling condition, slippers in a corner, as well as a permanent place for that bed - upon the fact of a flight), magisterrr666 , Danusha , GUI , IManiaC [s . ] aka Maniac! , MissAlenka (along with the teddy squire Misko Panza), Sergey Viktrich , kzvs , o.a.i. , lindes , Valerius the Dark , krank_01 , Ronon (ex 6DEVIL6 ), wandererbk , Filislav , ProSamara , dboris , Godless , urov , kardan13 , CT.DAW , I do not know , Ghost face , S.N.I.K.E.R.S. , Smalldoom , J777 , Seryyck aki CrazyMoments В© , papamuller , golden_dragon , baldushejka , Andrei from Samara , Spangron , Paul , alex , man_in_37 , 111virus.96 , suhestvitelnoe , elektrokot777 , Kitoman (Frustrated as a starter) january73 , dendylinux (he is not bro), Ldrlo (Lazy Lord - Head of the Quotes), Bfzill , velikashkin , Debinator , LadyTexxi , uu7jf , Father brown , chupacabra
Ardent , DEEMA01 , URBANUTS , romera , _AusTiN_ , Demy , Slid , Stranger's leg , Dde11 , MASter-UA aka illustris , dima.bespalov.s , Ymo , johny2001 , siamskiykoshak , hippik , В®udzinsky , FoxFox4444 , Cryol254 , Kit_Slava , Starik4116 , vik.74 , Rastyk (ward executioner), Heraldist
Catg , Southern Fruit aka NeoXXX , den1003 ,
a) violent resort visitors: solberg , olimo , mo3ulla , kozhura , Black combine , AbraX! $ ;
b) patient sanatorophiles: Nickitka , >Sheff< , Oktan , Jr , d567o13sx , Pektin , vladslav , Artman , Ujinp , Korman , Timoshka , irokez_v , liguan , Undead , Harvester , Therazer , Null Pointer, DeeMON , freonfreon , man , VIA GRA , warez3000 , vvc77 , qtekpda - = stranger = - , New_day, Aikin , iPryanik , Midnight lady ;
reanimatologist , Marlena & Sweetness , Eugener , angel_alen & A_N_G_E_L , JUVS , kochrob, brut , GNOM , izmalkoff , MakeDi , Kostja_V , peacemaker , Man Without A Face , paladin7 (with the right to edit the caps of the institution)
Kavo write nada there, or what else is the thread, write to koumiss or Lenso, shenotI know
(Decisions of Durkomat - in life)
Durkomat, part one:
MissAlenka (along with plush squire Misko Panza), slimest, carlsson77, salex, ErlGrey64 . Term of office of the staff of Durkomat from 08/01/09 to 10/31/09
Durkomat-cleared! Special for Golden! Term of office of the staff of Durkomatcanceled
(Digest of ward news - while it is languishing without an exact name)
(Now a bird has flown out of here or a complete chi-and-s from lindes)
Gallery of Ward Photographic Creations
Staff Ward Sniper:

- Issue Namber One: H-and-z, that is, tyts!
(Persons close to the emperor)

- Johnny P *** 1. The Order of the Odd-Honored 3001st Legion and the right to register every 3001 page, as well as the right to park their carriage and the squires Sanchu and Pansa in the wardrobe for the QUALITY patients and doctors. 2. Cavalier of the Order "Ward Polaroid" for creating the photo stand "Genealogical Chamber Oak".
- carlsson77 ( 1. The Order of the Latex Propeller with the right to carry this rank in the status of 365 days a year, as well as February 29 of the Leap Years and serviced at propeller filling stations with a factor of 0.5; 2. The title of the Night Tent Brigade "Night Watch" and the right to make night flights of the territory under their jurisdiction with the slogan "In the Chamber everything is calm" and without using a propeller silencer); 3. The Order of Ward Poul duelanta (DFND) with the obligation to wear order decoration (Superman costume with a slot for the propeller and a neon sign on the chest "Not sure - do not poult"); 4. Certification of the “Drummer of Fludil Labor” and the Order “ZachOt Mark” - for the achievement of 10,000 posts in the “Chamber 6”. The reward does not exempt Flood-days and flood-nights from the Ward.
- Lenso (The title of the Guardian of the "Chamber" with the right to preserve the traditions and the fallout of these contingent-a disease and medical aki on land and at sea and in the air. Slippers two pieces for wearing ali boomerangia are attached to this title: style number time , style number two ; "... it all depends on my mood and riot of Psihov." (Lenso dixit)
- Miki01 (The title of the PPK - Poetic Palatine Kota with the right and immutable duty to publish poems and songs on the carrying and bearing surfaces of the institution; Vrezhden to the post of the Over-Special Special Radio Corps Psy-FM ")
- qq1978 (Assigned to the position of Psych-Jay by the “Chamber of News Service” (PSN) of the “Psy-FM” bike-station ”for collecting and popularizing psychiatric folklore. The psycho-history came to number 0000 and it will be aired)
- salex (The title of the Ward Noble Lytsar with presentation to the title of the round table of King Arthur, the reusable Grail cup for casting nobility and with the right of detour on the rocking-horse of the PM of the ward areas on February 29 of each year)
- slimest (The title of the Full-bodied Brain Brain Breakdown (CPM) with the award of a rubber mallet to check IQ)
- lindes (The title of the Staff Ward Sniper (PSS) with imputation in the rights, the left and the duties of the holder of the exposure, aperture and shutter speed for firing from the photo and eyebrow and in the eye, and in profile, and full face)
- sam1984 (The title "Exuberant YASTRANICHKO" with the right to recruit Kirgizids for ward record making;); The title of Drummer Marathon Flud (MFI) for victories in Marathon-3000, 7777, 8000)
- MissAlenka 1. (The title of the Landscape Ward Designer (LAP) with the right to set up a garden and garden hacienda on the ward territory for walking psychos on it); 2. The Order of the Golden Remington (not to be confused with the gun!) For creating a mega-post about two hundred and nine inserts.
- Dr @ ko_n (The title of Chamber Perun with a narrow specialization (PPUS) - piggy cloudy, possibly piggy rain - with PM (papamuller) - gusty)
***- Johnny P Manarshe autumn PM.
(Dry out my darling)

Threat New The attendance record is fixed on August 11, 2009 at 23:12 Moscow Frolainlindes in the presence of all, all, all !!! (secretly shamanil kyrgyzoid sam1984 )
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Record-related total Ward Eclipse on the main page, which saw the genossekoordinator : Tyts!

The attendance record is fixed 3.1.2009 1.43 Johnny P with the participation of Zhuvs (e202) and all-all-all!

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30 lucky winners of free invites to the lines of the Magadan narrow gauge railway :
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Election 2027 :
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Where the psycho's useful foot steps on the Forum (compiles and replenishes Filislav): Tyts!
Who! How many? What for? Why? - ward calculator posts: Tyts!
(Piggy bank)
P.S. There is no advertising on the forum, and even if the juice “dedulin” is really very tasty and healthy, you shouldn't say that the juice “dedulin” is very tasty and healthy, and it is very profitable for the price. For this is advertising. The words "papa", "papal", "batyana" and their derivatives are trademarks of papamuller, transferred to the House No. 6 without being paid for (i.e., gift).
P.P.S. As a gratuitous and inalienable gift from Chamber No. 6, I give the Chamber all the symbols of the Russian and Latin alphabet, as well as Arabic and Latin numerals. The gift includes all punctuation and special characters. From now on, and forevermore! Kot. = ^. ^ =
P.P.S. Such books on the road do not roll ... fromMiki01 , a special mentally ill literature: Chamber number 6 (Post # 3458672)
(SpecsileGe. Only for Chamber staff!)
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Options flag of the House number 6

Remember that all the inhabitants of a madhouse are friends and we should do with each other no worse than we would like them to do to us. * to be a Psycho is a privilege not given to everyone; it is honorable and welcome here.
"I do not need to choose .... I come back here every day" - ward slogan, capaciously formulated qq1978 and they also transferred to the institution in perpetual and unattainable use, that is, by gift. For what qq1978 a great shukran and a respected will be done.
В© All rights reserved. Chamber в„–6 2007-2016 Bad Ded В® (Circle В®)
Use of material from this topic, only with the consent of the administration

Ward declaration (founder: Johnny P):


Propeller Call Button!(Telegram)

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We kindly ask you to hide the images under the spoiler, respect other users, not all have high-speed Internet! but you can not hide, do not care, I have no limit ... Attached Image

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Thank you, Vladimir! : Friends:

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the way from pole

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aha: congratulate:

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: thank_you:

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Hello everyone! : pioneer_smoke:
Psycho polulators: congratulate:
MissAlenka, : daisy:

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: drag:

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Hello! Toothy-bitten with pole! Valerius well-being: rofl:

Posted on 07/08/2009, 16:44:

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Colleagues, aren't you terrified in three, in a huge, darkened room with empty neatly made beds? : ph34r:

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Why are you guys guys? Well you wake the dead! ))))

All honest company - salute! I welcome all the children of Palatin, returning to my native land !! Yes, we accompany you a green traffic light on all vital roads! : D

Content flood to all of us! Cheers, comrades !! :)

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Demyurg @ 8.7.2009, 18:01*
Why are you guys guys? Well you wake the dead! ))))

All honest company - salute! I welcome all the children of Palatin, returning to my native land !! Yes, we accompany you a green traffic light on all vital roads! : D

Content flood to all of us! Cheers, comrades !! :)

yes, something is quiet today. the main thing is to make brilliant green on hand

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I urgently sell the last three letters of my nickname! Personally, you - 50% discount - on a big pull !! : D: D Pickup. : blush:

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: girl_curtsey: Hello)

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Demyurg @ 8.7.2009, 18:07*
I urgently sell the last three letters of my nickname! Personally, you - 50% discount - on a big pull !! : D: D Pickup. : blush:

no: D, now if you were selling the last three digits of the turnip ...: hemp:

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Hello! ))

Demy @ 8.7.09, 18:10*
no, if you were selling the last three digits of a turnip ...

"No, Rubik, dear, I can not. How do I sell, to whom will I sell?" (c) Mimino: D: D

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: roll:

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: girl_teddy: sit like me here ...... just in case ....: girl_prepare_fish:

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Demiurge! Welcome back!
Received a diploma? Everything is good? How are you?

And I'll be back soon ... from vacation)) xD

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I watch you selectively, or in ICQ or here)))) I answered there: bubble:

Posted on 07/08/2009, 17:27:

MissAlenka @ 8.7.09, 18:26*
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: russian: there are not enough guests

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looked in ICQ ... = (

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