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Sony Xperia Go - Discussion | Smartphone, 3.5 "
Your attitude to the phone Sony XperiaGo?
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DiscussionSony xperia go
PictureSony xperia go
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Rep: (514)
SuicideFun @ 05/30/2012, 12:44*
Xperia go offers users a 3.5 "mineral glass display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine technology and a resolution of 480x320 pixels, a 5 megapixel camera, a dual-core 1 GHz processor and Android 2.3 OS with the ability to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. The device is protected from dust and moisture by the standard IP67. Memory capacity - 8 GB, but it can be expanded with a micro SD card. Battery capacity - 1305 mAh. Case dimensions - 111x60.3x9.8 mm, weight - 110 g. The smartphone will be available in black, white and yellow colors. , and in the US market will appear as Xperia advance.

Rep: (772)
Spaun_Studio @ 05/30/2012, 3:15 PM*
On of.sayte three main points are not indicated: a slot for a flash drive, the amount of RAM, and the screen resolution. For leaks xperia lotus screen should be 480 * 854.

There is a flash drive slot, RAM 512, resolution 320 * 480

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Rep: (407)
And the Germans on Chip.de wrote: Prozessor: 1,5-GHz-Dualcore (see the tablet). Maybe a mistake, although an authoritative edition.
Screen of the table with parameters from Chip.de
Attached Image

I also liked the yellow one, but Sony again, like last year (SE active), will be released at the end of the summer, and I would take it as a second phone for hiking on the beach, barbecues, etc. It should have been released for the summer season, and not for the autumn. : wallbash:. If it comes out in early July, it makes sense for me to take it, if the end of August is in the furnace.

Here are the full specs from the official page, it is worth the frequency of 1 GHz:Attached filexperia_go.pdf(716.78 KB)

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Rep: (888)
resolution 320 * 480

Yeah, already looked at white pepper, yesterday they were not there yet. Again, not my option (

Explain to me the fool, with such a screen, there are two cores?)) By the way, yes, Sony is probably the first company in the world to launch a dual core processor with such a screen. Well, also an achievement. Waiting is fate, lol.

Rep: (0)
Just came to the conclusion that you need a phone with a barometer =)

Aktive twisted the other day - a bar, not a drop of style, refused ...

And there is such a lure! It remains to wait = (

Rep: (249)
With this resolution, it will be the most powerful 2x core: D

Rep: (0)
Less resolution - less power consumption?

Rep: (249)
No, power consumption depends onsquare screen refreshments

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Rep: (-1)
And he also does not support NFC. I will not take him for sure, even though I like protection. Better podnakoplyu and take an acre: rolleyes:
The SOLA test will be cheaper when the HO will issue and the characteristics of the processor and memory are ALSO. Sense to buy protection. That I do not remember that at least one body I was wet. I will wait and take SOLA.

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Rep: (43)
An interesting device, but the battery in 1300mah spoils it greatly. Now Defy +, battery 1700, I would say I don’t want less. The wife of Ray, 1540, but the Ray has a smaller screen, IMHO.

Against this background, 1300 looks so that the bodies will be basically a corpse, and not a working device.
What is somewhat surprising, due to the fact that usually where it is wet and dusty - it will not work.
But it would be interesting to feel in your hands anyway.

Rep: (3)
Against this background, 1300 looks like this.

excellent keeps sol.
Soney have tried to save energy.
I even think that these manufacturers of Samsung XTC are so crooked that the battery consumed a lot.
In theory, this is an adequate capacity (1500Mach would be better, of course, but the 1350 is also the norm) - with proper study - they will work as the same symbians. 2 days at least.

Go is pleasant - but the resolution is small (

Rep: (12)
Spaun_Studio @ 06/24/2012, 1:36 PM*
Ok, what is the best dustproof dual-core for this price PCT? : rolleyes: By the way, nothing about the price is yet known.

But damn, for all the time using the phone (since 2001), not one did not fall into the water or did not fall under the water and did not fall into the sand. I just like gadgets with heat and moisture protection. I would like to purchase and see how they are :) And so if it is above 10,000 rubles. in the furnace.

Rep: (41)
Serj-9 @ 06/24/2012, 16:55*
But damn, for all the time using the phone (since 2001), not one did not fall into the water or did not fall under the water and did not fall into the sand

It all depends on who uses it and how. I set my sights on buying one of my own, but the previous Samsung Corby for almost two years now looks like it’s been in a washing machine (but still works by a miracle, even the broken screen reacts to the touch). I think that she will live longer. Wife bought for the birthday xperia s - and literally fell in love with the device! Holds the battery well, does not brake. everything is clear and beautiful + smart camera, shoots quickly. I will wait for the release of acro S. Not because my technician has died in my hands, but to be protected from force majeure. I will give an example: a week ago they walked in the park, a thunderstorm struck, the people did not even have time to run up. Soaked, what is called, "to the thread"! Even my netbook bag in polyester was wet inside. Would we have at that time xperia s - would not stand it. But acro, and xperia Go will survive this trouble with ease.

Post has been editedGemma - 24.06.12, 15:18

Rep: (28)
But is the sim card ordinary or microsyme?

Rep: (12)
LMT-LBF @ 06/24/2012, 17:06*
But is the sim card ordinary or microsyme?

Usually microsim is put in top versions.

Rep: (17)
made at least 3.7 inches screen ... and better 4.0
ArcoS 4.3 will be big. A 3.5 too small)

Yesterday we swam in the pool, next to the company fooling around, one threw the other into the water, he had a mobile phone in his pocket) Drying didn’t reanimate him ..
I immediately remembered Sonya GO)))

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Rep: (26)
Attached Image


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Rep: (966)

Already 279) I understand, he will go on sale on the trail. a week? Or is it their pre-orders?

Rep: (17)
when will be in Russia?

damn .. waited Rshku ... they started selling, marriage and grievances fell down ... and I wanted to ... Komachi is not known when it will be and whether it will be in the euro version ... Acro ))))) ???
In GO, the screen is small .... and the battery ... although if it is as reliable in the system component as in the claimed IR67, then it doesn't care about the screen, because the late Steve Jobs said that 3.5 inches is the most optimal screen for phone))))

Rep: (21)
Maroc @ 06/26/2012, 11:16 PM*
In GO, the screen is small .... and the battery

With this screen resolution of the battery, you probably do not have to worry

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