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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III, SGS3, GT-I9300, m0
Description | Discussion | FAQ | Accessories | Marriage / Repair | Wi-Fi setup and problems | Power consumption (autonomy) | Editing system apk | Modified and stock kernels | Custom recovery | EFS Recovery (IMEI)| Firmware:Official | Custom | MIUI | OpenSource ( 4.x | 4.4 | 5.x | 6.x-7.x ) | Topics for CM12 / 13

Drivers and Utilities


Firmware instructions

Frequently asked Questions
AT : What is the best firmware for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300?
ABOUT :Best firmware

AT :How do I get the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 firmware update?
A: There are several options for receiving updates:
1. Wait for the phone to notify you that there are updates for your phone. To do this, in the "Settings" menu ->"About the device" ->"Software Update" checkbox "Auto Update".
2. Install the Samsung Kies program on the Windows computer, connect the phone to the computer and wait for the update notification in the Kies program.
3. With the help of instructions, firmware, tools and explanations presented in the header of this topic. It is very useful to understand the essence of the process.

AT :Where can I download the user manual
ABOUT :By this link

AT :The Russian keyboard is displayed, and prints in English
ABOUT :Decision.

AT :Where can I see the modem version and firmware version?
A: In Settings-About device-The firmware version is the version of the modem (transfer curve from Samsung), the Build number is the firmware version.

AT :How to change regional binding (Sales code, CSC)?
ABOUT :I have 4.0.4

AT :How to check the regional binding (Sales code, CSC), why does the code * # 272 * (your IMEI code) # not work, why does the CSCSelect program not work?
A: On firmware 4.0.4, this information is checked by dialing * # 272 * (your IMEI code) #. On firmware 4.1.1 and 4.1.2, the code * # 272 * (your IMEI code) does not work. This code can be seen in stock recovery (text in yellow, line - Applied the CSC-code: three letters of the code) and in the Kies program in the firmware version at the end in brackets.

AT :When I try to update by air (FOTA), in response, he writes me: Access to the software service is provided to users one by one in the order of request.
A: According to some data (there are reports of a successful update), you can get a FOTA update without a queue early in the morning, around 5-6 am by MSK. If you do not want to wait for the queue, you can update via Kies / Odin PC / Mobile Odin.

AT:Installed 4.1.2, flashing single-file 4.1.1 or 4.0.4, after the firmware Samsung screen saver hangs and then the phone does not boot, what should I do?
A: You will have to do Wipe with everything and Dalvik Cache and Cache and Data / Factory from Recovery, since there are different databases, so take care of saving your data. Just installing over will lead to Bootloop and the phone will not load further. And just resetting it to the factory settings will not help, all Wipe needs to be done from Recovery. Upgrading runs without problems, and downgrading carries some problems that can be solved, but problems В© vasyadubov

AT :How do I remove the root?
A: In SuperSu, on the Settings tab.

AT :Why is the update on OTA not going?
A: With custom recovery there will be no installation of OTA updates. So for the installation of OTA-updates, the recovery is used and there is still no custom recovery working on the stock algorithm with which and only OTA-updates are installed.

AT :How to add languages ​​to enter the firmware 4.1.2, if they are not?
A: "Menu" - "Language and input" - "Samsung keyboard" - "Gear wheel" - "Input languages" - "Available languages"

AT :When changing CSC with CSC Select, the message "preconfigui does not support single csc" appears
Рћ: You have a phone with carrier firmware and a single region, so there is nothing to display, besides, it can be locked under an operator

AT :How to download i9300 Galaxy S3 in Firmware Mode / Download Mod / Download Mode?
Рћ: Loading the device by simultaneously pressing the buttons "Volume down" + "Home" + "Switching on" / "Vol Down" + "Home" + "Power". Exit this menu - long press the "Power" / "Power" button.

AT :How to load I9300 Galaxy S3 into Recovery Mode / Recovery Mode / Recovery Mode / (CWM Recovery / TWRP Recovery, if installed)?
Рћ: Loading the device by simultaneously pressing the buttons "Volume up" + "Home" + "Switching on" / "Vol Up" + "Home" + "Power"

AT :Touchwiz drops when you delete the desktop, everything was fine before the update!
A: ReadFast.

AT :What applications can I remove painlessly from the firmware?
ABOUT :Here is a list(if it saysYes it does not mean that you will not need the application).

AT :I want to get rid of system update notifications, what should I do?
A: The simplest way (Root is required) is to freeze or delete 2 files from / system / app:FotaClient.apk and FWUpdate.apk

AT :How to reset the counters and that the state would be "Normal"
ABOUT :Here is a simple instruction

AT :What is the difference between 1-file, 3-file and 5-file firmware?
A: Mostly the differences are in the content, but the result may differ. 1-file firmware is official, 3-file firmware - service 4.0.4, and 5-file firmware isDetails

AT :What is the SS_DL.dll file for?
A: He is not needed. It can be removed

AT :On 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 the indicator has become dimmer
Oh yeah. This feature 4.1. He now looks at the light sensor and, depending on his data, sets the brightness of the indicator

AT :After the firmware sdcard became sdcard0
A: Starting from 4.1 so for everyone

AT :What Root is needed for my version of Android
A: For 4.0.4 and 4.1.1 CF-Root, Auto-Root, ExynosAbuse. For 4.1.2 CF-Auto-Root

AT :After upgrading to 4.1.1, Flash does not work.
ABOUT :Here is the solution

AT :How to connect the phone as USB flash
A: None.Details

AT :Can I flash my phone with operator firmware?
A: You can.

AT :When sending SMS, the recipient receives one question mark.
A: To send SMS in the SMS settings, set the input mode: Automatic.

AT :After firmware 4.1.1 (4.1.2) in Recovery mode, the robot lies with an exclamation point. What does it mean ?
A: The fact that you have firmware 4.1.1 (4.1.2) and this is stock recovery. Nothing else.

AT :Does stock recovery come in single-file firmware and how can it be restored?
A: Yes, enters. You need to flash it again with your firmware.

AT :How do I replace the font in the phone ?
ABOUT :Link. All questions in the link on the topic.

AT :Where can I find Service Manual?
A: Bby thispost

AT :What should I do if the memory card is not visible from the computer, but does the CWM see it?
A: Decision inby thispost

AT :What is the difference between Odex and Deodex firmware?
ABOUT :This is what.

AT :I put it in one of the Root methods, and no rights are given to applications, and SuperSU applications (or Super User) are not in the program menu
A: You need to put SuperSU from the Market.

AT :Does CF-Auto-Root modify the stock core or not?
A: CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300 establishes stock recovery from 4.1.2 and adds 3 files to the system in order to obtain root-rights and control the receipt of other root-access programs through SuperSU. It is here called rutovanny stock.

AT :How to enter the "Developer Options" on 4.2.1, 4.2.2 or 4.3?
A: It is necessary in the Menu / Settings / Options / About the device - 7 times to tap on the assembly number and everything will appear.

AT :How to make a wipe?
Рћ: In stock Recovery, make wipe data / factory reset and wipe cache partition.

AT :Tell me how to determine which bootloader is currently installed on the phone?
Рћ: Use the programAndroid System Info. System section, subsection BuildInfos.

AT :After rolling back from the I9300XXEMG4 firmware, the IMEI has flown or changed and there is no possibility to call.Details.
A: The reason is that the new modem in XXEMG4 changes the format of the EFS partition and, when rolled back to earlier versions, IMEI crashes. The solution is to flash XXEMG4 back and IMEI will be restored. Or usesolution with xda

Useful information
A small FAQ on firmware 4.3
What is the difference between firmware for the CIS countries: SER, SEK, RTL, SKZ, CAC?
And what's the point in the "normal" state?
Firmware mode, recovery and how to enter into these modes?
Permissions for files and folders in the EFS folder.
What can be removed from stock applications Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 in firmware from XXBLH1 (4.0.4) to XXUGOE1 (4.3) with the SER region
How to fix md5 sum error in backup
What regional application was added in 4.1.2 for Russia
About CSC and Sales Code
When the serial number starts with 0000 ... and the phone says: No network. The selected network is not available For custom recovery
Where to watch phone status?
Android from the inside or just about complicated
If from the settings menu, perform a reset or do Wipe what will happen to Root
What is the difference Samsung firmware
How Root and Custom Recovery Affect Firmware Updates
For lovers often flash. Possible consequences
Saving firmware downloaded via Kies
How to decipher the name of the firmware
About the features of installing new downloaders
How to check your Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300) for originality
Concerning dances with a sysscope and a "normal" state
What is the difference between the firmware La Fleur and the rest of the stock firmware?
How to remove a message when selecting an update over the air "Your device is changed. There are no updates"
Where does the RAM go?
What to do if your phone does not see the network or writes "No network" "The selected network is not available"
Secret Codes
About the reasons for the rally IMEI
Explanation of the new EFS formatta, patched modems and the lack of mobile communication after updating the firmware
How to enter the "Safe Mode" download
Differences between EFS Versions and Android Versions
Solving the problem with the Internet on 4.3 for Beeline owners
How to remove a translucent Factory Mode window with information about PDA, Phone, CSC, H / W, RF Cal Date, SMD,
Camera firmware(all questions - in the topic of the link).
Russian S-Voice
How to change labels in multi window to 4.1.2:Solution 1 Solution 2(All questions - in the topics on the links).How to activate multi-window?
Getting official stock firmware 4.1.2 SER without regional applications
Stock firmware for Russia with Root. Odex and Deodex
Downgrade to the old Bootloader with the new XXELLA:Method 1 Method 2 Method 3
About SDS (sudden phone death) from tester99 Sudden death fix Ultimate GS3 sudden death thread
Returning the state to "Normal" on a new bootloader and custom recovery and resetting counters
Instructions for "resetting" the counter and getting the status "Normal" using Triangle Away
Change CSC without deleting data (on XDA)(All questions in the link on the topic)
Scripts to clean the phone from the firmware and cores For 4.3
Triangle away. To reset the counter (to the status "Modified" \ "Special" is irrelevant).
Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit 7.0andAdb
An application that allows you to use an external ExtSD Card as a USB drive
Upgrading I9300XXLH1 SER (4.0.4) to I9300XXDLK1 SER (4.1.1) as root
Normal condition according to instructions from tester99
How to change the state of the Root phone to "Normal", while maintaining the root
Back up the system (backup) I9300 with / efs from TWRP custom recovery
For those who want to try new firmware 4.1.2 without changing their region
Transition from the old I9300XXELL4 (SER) to the new I9300XXEMA2 (XEF) with a new bootloader
Update official Russian 4.1.2 I9300XXELL4 (SER) to the new official 9300XXEMB2 (SER)
Personal experience on updating from XXELL4 to XXEMB2 from vasom
Firmware update with saving data, settings and, if necessary, resetting counters / status and firmware bootloader
How to flash Bootloader
When trying to turn on, it does not go anywhere and writesFirmware upgrade encountered an issue
How to remove the firmware from Kies
How to find out the region for which issued Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
How to backup applications and their datawithout Root
How to flash a separate part of any single-file firmware
If you have trouble logging in to recovery
How to solve the problem if the efs folder flies (for those who installed firmware based on EMG4)
How to sign a backup EFS and how to determine from which firmware it is
The official program to raise the "littered" boot
How to find out which version of your EFS backup?
The program untie the smartphone SGSlll from the operator
The program allows you to emulate a USB cable JIG and enter the smartphone in Download Mode.
E: failed to mount / efs (Invalid argument) and how to deal with it!fromshoma_81
Problem resolution: failed to mount / system (Invalid argument)fromLichten
Stock recovery from UGMK6
Unified Android ToolKit v1.2.8 (25th April 2014)
Solving the problem with time zones after 10.26.2014 and the transition to a permanent winter time Method number 2
Incremental update FOTA (throughstock recowery)
Samfirm - utility for quick downloading of official firmware
Reset your pattern, PIN, or screen lock password
Unlock Network (Unlock)

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EVTEEV2007 @ 06.01.2013, 23:19*
Guys do not have here and this firmware GT-I9300XXELL4_SER_MULTI_FACTORY 566,833 to the reference was to the people or torrents, Odd can not find.
And something like that an hour wait when skachaetsya not very desirable.

Not the first time asked. Here did torrent

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new_969 @ 07.01.2013, 04:08*
read the Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware (Post # 18396191)I am trying to do so ...
pours update ... we'll see what happens ...

CONFIRM ALL 100% that the new Bootloader_XXELLA can be changed to OLD : rolleyes:
Butafter the update over the air firmware inappropriately sew again but you can just flash the old BOOTfrom this post Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware (Post # 18411101) or this Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware (Post # 18412151)

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Rep: (408)
Here it is, the old boot loader

Attached files

Attached fileICS_Bootloader_I9300XXALEF.tar(868 KB)

Rep: (1388)
Quick downgrade bootloader -http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2081748

Rep: (237)
Genius210012 @ 07.01.2013, 20:55*
Put please file SYSTEM UI

You are welcome:Attached fileSystemUI.zip(1.51 MB)

There are 2 files stock SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex Polish firmware. They are the same as on your Russian

Only after all, based on your
Genius210012 @ 07.01.2013, 20:55*
and that in general do? how to install it?

it is not clear how you ruined my files? one that is modified, that you just installed as a program?

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Rep: (253)
Meanwhile onlinehttp://www.kitchen-pro.ru
Updated kitchen toXXELL4 SER
HOORAY! COMRADES! Now you can make your assembly with minimum necessary components!
I have myself collected! All flying with a bang!
But the most important thing is that you can choose an alternativeCORE !
In general, all the advice! And the author of respect!

Rep: (1182)
Kalobok @ 01/08/2013, 13:25*
what is "new bootloader", or rather, how it differs from the old

Functional description there. There are well-known facts:
1. A new bootloader version appeared in the LLA. In previous versions, it is the same (I compared the MD5 since version LEF (4.0.4))
2. The new bootloader blocks the installation of earlier versions bootloader`a through Odin PC.
3. The new bootloader verifies the presence of a custom rekaveri. If you see the - counter exposes custom firmware.

Rumor has it that there resolves a strange problem of the sudden death of the phone. Those. One rumor treats another rumor. Maybe it's all true, maybe not. May be partially true, maybe it's all distorted srarafannoe radio.

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Rep: (741)
In short, I put on the SER csc XXELLA
Attached filecsc.tar(6.44 MB)

adb shell
mount -oremount, rw / system
tar -xvf /storage/extSdCard/csc.tar -C /

And will SER

Rep: (306)
For all those who can not figure out what version of bootloader at it - why do not you take advantage of at leastthis free application from Market?
Section System - BuildInfos.

Rep: (2524)
Lowering of the old with the new BOOTLOADER XXELLA

* Need Root
* Extract from the archive, connect the device to the USB debug mode and run the .bat

Attached Image

Attached fileI9300_RESTORE_OLD BOOTLOADER.zip(544.5 KB)

* Then you can flash the old firmware with the old butloderom
Attached fileBOOTLOADER_I9300OLD.zip(1001.63 KB)

Check the version BOOTLOADER
Attached Image

Attached fileCHECK_BOOTLOADER.zip(176.07 KB)


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Rep: (306)
Since some personal unsubscribed - here's automatic daungreyder bootloader.
It is necessary:
1. Rutovanny phone.
2. On your phone, debugging is enabled via USB.
3. The phone is connected to a PC.
4. On the PC, run this:
Attached fileBootloader_Restorer.exe(1.47 MB)

At the end of the phone will reboot.
The worst thing that can happen if the program does not work - will remain the same bootloader. But then again - no guarantees.

P.S. Of course, a terrible virus hides in a file. And anyway, I is online only and spread viruses. :) Who has a strong paranoia - for them file specially digitally signed. Check.

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Rep: (306)
Okay, but now we can put a sensation.
Although the sensation is more for custom bikes topic - but I think everyone here and it will be interesting.

There is a core of Perseus is the developer AndreiLux. It collects the kernel source code for Samsung. Better to Perseus, I have not seen. But it's not about that. To quote Andrew:
I'm confirming that the sudden death syndrome is caused by MMC failure and the fix is ​​kernel integrated, the new bootloader is unrelated to any of the security issues or hardware fixes.

Expect an urgency kernel update within the hour. I also advise other developers who already are using other source bases not to use update 7, it is outdated and older than other sources. I extracted the fixes and will be in my Github within the same hour.

I certify that the sudden death syndrome is associated with the failure of MMS and solved Fix in the nucleus. The new bootloader is not connected with any patching security holes, or solution of iron problems.
Within an hour, I'll release a new kernel with the decision of sudden death syndrome. I recommend to all developers who use other sources for the kernel not to use the Update 7 from Samsung? because it is outdated and older than the other sources. The source to solve the problem of sudden death is in my GitHub is also within an hour.

Given that Andrew has issued a fix for the Exynos gnusmas earlier, I am inclined to believe him.

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Rep: (306)
We continue to talk ...

No, the fix is ​​some MMC command magic and it is a soft-patch that's applied on every single boot or MMC resume. You will not be safe on kernels without it (People will have to use updated recoveries too!). The phones affected are as previously theorized only the ones with VTU00M memory chips.

Thus, the solution to the problem of sudden death syndrome - a fixed core that runs at every boot or operations with MMC. This fix should be included in the core to become active, including in rekaveri core.

The problem occurs with all devices with a chip eMMS VTU00M.

Anticipating questions - check your version of the chip canNow this free application from Market.

Posted 01/09/2013, 2:38:

iMaximvS @ 09.01.2013, 01:25*
In XXELLA sort of did. Here is what wrote on XDA nebezizvestny Entropy512
Anyone running ELLA / ELL4 bootloaders but another kernel is NOT SAFE.
Anyone running ELLA / ELL4 system firmware but a custom kernel is currently NOT SAFE
Anyone running any custom kernel is currently NOT SAFE
You MAY BE SAFE if you are running the original ELLA or ELL4 kernel.

I will allow myself to emphasize thatquotes concern is solving the problem of sudden death syndrome. In general, the system as a "new boot - the old firmware," "the old boot loader - the new firmware" and all sorts of combinations to custom bikes work quite diligently.

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Rep: (3002)
What is Android in plain language.

It has long been brewing for the desire to make the description of the android system simple human language, but then turned up another interesting article in which almost all written in simple, accessible language, so in order not to reinvent the wheel, I decided it zakopipastit. So: Android in plain language. Saved authorship and style of the author.

Android from the inside or just about complicated.
Android from the inside or just about complicated

\ December 18, 2012 \ \ Dreamer ... \


Communicating on forums and being curated multiple themes, often encounter a complete lack of understanding of beginners android device. "Well, and what the average user to know?" - you might say. And here I agree with you by asking another question: "And why would a normal user reaches into the wilds of firmware, root access and system tweaks, not realizing there's nothing?". That is what led me to write this article, which I will try, simple and understandable language, communicate complicated things.

The material is aimed primarily at casual users. Therefore, there will be presented a condensed and surface information without technical recesses and nuances.

Attached Image


  1. Sections of internal memory.
  2. Bootloader, recovery, adb and fastboot
  3. Internal systems.
  4. Root.

1. Sections of internal memory

Internal memory devices for android divided into multiple logical disks (partition).

I will give only the main ones:

Attached Image


Bootloader - here is the firmware (boot loader), allows you to run the operating system, and other service rekaveri modes.

Recovery - as the name implies, there is established an engineering recovery menu or just rekaveri.

Boot - the heart of the Android OS, here is the core driver and the processor and memory management settings.

System - the system partition, which contains everything needed to run the Android operating system, files, this is the Windows folder on your C: \ drive (hereinafter, will be conducting association with Windows)

Data - section for installing applications and data storage. (Program files)

User - Everyone knows sdcard or, more simply, a place for the user's files (My Documents). Here I must digress, because placement of this section has several options:

Key is not in the internal memory and instead use an external drive - the most popular option. (Fig.1)
In devices with a large built-in memory, this section is seen as sdcard, and an external memory card or seen as sdcard2 extsd (there may be other embodiments of the name). Usually found on devices with Android 3.2. (Embodiment 1 Fig.2)
This embodiment replaces the previous embodiment, together with 4.0 Android. User profile folder is changed media in the Data section, allowing the user to use all the available memory for installing programs and storing data, and not the quantity, that gave us the manufacturer. In other words sdcard data and are in one piece. (Embodiment 2 Fig.2)

Attached Image


2. Bootloader, Recovery, adb and fastboot

Now that we know that where there is, let's see what it's there.

Let's start withBootloader . This loader which starts Android, etc. rekaveri When we press the power button, starts the boot loader, and if there are no additional teams (squeezed keys), starts downloading boot . If it was jammed key combination (each is its own device) that starts, depending on the command, recovery, fastboot or apx. The figure below shows clearly that launches Bootloader and both sections are interconnected.

Attached Image


As seen from the figure в„–3, sectionRecovery It does not affect the loading of Android OS, but why does he need? Let's try to understand.

Recovery (Rekaveri) is essentially a small utility on the Linux kernel is loaded and not dependent on Android. Its staff is not rich functionality: You can reset the device to factory default settings or to update the firmware (pre-downloaded to sdcard). But, thanks to the folk artists, we have modified rekaveri through which you can install modified (custom) firmware, configure android, backup and more. The presence or absence rekaveri, as well as its version does not affect the performance of the Android OS (very frequent question on the forums).

Particularly attentive readers may have noticed in Figure 3 aFastboot . This interface works directly with the internal memory partitions, using the command line. Through it can be sewn rekaveri kernel or a new firmware version, or format (erase all data) or that section.

Since we were talking about interfaces, I want to tell you about another fairly well-known -adb (Android debug bridge). This so-called debug mode and named it as a reason - through it you can keep track of the work as a whole system and individual applications. But that's not all, with the help of adb can get full access to the device's file system and change system files or pull important information when your device depending on the load. All functions of the debug mode will not describe because my goal is to convey general information, and not a detailed review of the functions of a particular regime.

3. Internal systems

Having dealt with the theory, let's run the Android OS.

Press the power button - starts Bootloader, which loads the kernel (boot), it is, in turn, starts the system (System), well, it has loads the program (data) and user space (user). (Fig.3)

Now move to the root directory and look at the insides of most Android OS:

Attached Image


In this scheme, I brought only the necessary for information, a directory. In fact there are many more on the review of only one System Folder will need a whole article.

And so, the folderdata . As you might guess from the name, it had something to do with the data, but with what? Yes, almost all, this data synchronization and accounts, passwords for wifi access points and configure the vpn, and so on. Among other things, here you can find the folder app, data and dalvik-cache - consider their purpose:

app - here are installed software and games.
data - Here are stored application data, their settings, saves games and other information.
dalvik-cache - program cache area for the Dalvik program. Dalvik is a Java virtual machine, which is the basis for the work of programs with * .apk extension. In order to make the launch of programs faster - their cache is created.

FolderSystem It keeps the system data and everything necessary for the OS. Let's look at some of these locations:

app - here are the system applications (SMS, phone, calendar, settings, etc.), as well as applications installed by the device manufacturer (branded widgets, live wallpapers, etc.).
fonts - System Fonts
media - contains the standard ringtones, notifications, alarms and interface sounds, as well as boot animation (bootanimation)
build.prop - This file is referred to, almost the first, in conversations and articles about fine-tuning the system. It contains a huge number of settings, such as screen density, latency proximity sensor, wifi management, the name and the manufacturer of the device and many other parameters.

4. Root

- Know that what folder is fine, but can we do something about it?

- Yes! But we need superuser (root) or if we draw an analogy with Windows, Administrator rights. Initially, all devices are on Android without root access for the end user, ie, buying the device, we are not in it full-fledged masters. This is done both to protect against malware, and from the user - in fact, in unskilled hands, full access to the system can lead to the "death" of the operating system and the subsequent need for a flashing device.

"Well, what is the use of such dangerous things?" - you ask.

Now I tell:

  • The ability to make backups of your data and restore them after the firmware or accidental deletion.
  • Fine-tune the system manually or by means of special programs.
  • Removal of system applications, ringtones, wallpapers, etc.
  • Change the appearance of the OS (e.g., a battery charge display percentage)
  • Adding functionality (support for ad-hoc networks, for example)

This list could go on for a long time, but I think that these examples will suffice for the understanding of the possibilities and the breadth of the application root privileges.

- It's great, but now, any program can access to the "heart" of OSes and my data?

- No. You decide to allow, to a particular application, to gain root access or not. To do this, there is a program Superuser or advanced nurse SuperSU. Without this, or a similar program to use root is not possible.


As you can see, Android is not such a complicated thing. Hopefully, after reading the article, you have learned something new or were answered long been interested in the issue.

There is a cap

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Rep: (741)
alex_kah @ 09.01.2013, 11:11*
can be a reference manual for the operation of the terminal, pliz.


Rep: (2524)
updated temku


Rep: (474)
tester99 @ 10.01.2013, 20:35*
"Thinking out loud. Correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to make changes to the FAQ.
Q: What is the difference 1-file, file 3 and 5 and the firmware file "?

Thoughts are good and right. But I will correct presentation, with your permission.
They are characterized by the assembly. If the Single-all collected into one file,
in multi-file, part of the firmware in separate files.
Nothing prevents, substituting in different positions Odin (PDA, PHON, CSC, BOOTLOADER) Single-firmware to flash it on the relevant parts. (Many yes-this does not know)
Stitching Odin Multifile firmware with filling the main points for pereustvnovki
all sections, one forces the device to reboot (in our understanding Wipe factor).
If only the PDA box, restart your phone does not budet.Perezagruzka not merit multifile
flash settings and one element in piercing multifile.

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this can not be, the principle of sisskopa very simple: Haydn section written information about what we have that is modified (the md5 hashes start to differ), verified / efs section (each time the modem firmware in a file nv_data.bin appended line with modem name and hashes Apostle creates this file (not happening at once (screenshots day you have a file created in 19-45) Trianglevey doing one simple thing:. in section Haydn wrote the "right" information, ie overwrites the value of that something something is wrong, in fact stitched any firmware with any kernel and rekaveri and dropping (even if the counter is 0) the number of firmware we writable by Haydn, you next step is to do a wipe cache, but then arises zamorochka, date Modified / cache files will vary with the date section Haydn, what to speak of change (remember, under normal OTA update all happening around the same time and the cache partition does not format, but only removes the file update.zip Kojima is the OTA, then the logs are written and created flag- Own this I've found that it is necessary to bang)
To sum up: perform the reset procedure counters and delete a file =) rebutnites then, well, to be sure sbrost data and programs FOTAclient Update

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GT-I9300 - Spain (PHE) -Spain Neoperatorskaya
Version: 4.1.2
Changelist: 764725
Date: 2012-12-28

Download # 1
Download # 2

Attached Image

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GT-I9300 - Spain (PHE) - Spain Neoperatorskaya
Version: 4.1.2
Changelist: 764725
Date: 2012-12-28

Torrent file at high speed
MD5: 158db01291060d120ed53fb4b022fb39
Attached fileI9300XXELLC_I9300PHEELL3_PHE.zip.torrent(16.14 KB)


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