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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version

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This topic discusses only the device itself and the features of its operation onstock firmware!
Issues related to the firmware are discussed in the branchSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware .

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Ask all questions about the KIES / SmartSwitch program and exit 4.4 and updates for other regions to Samsung.

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I still helps a way to open some call setup files through the EU conductor selected there and everything - anywhere file is not copied, probably stupid script line to the file installed with an alarm clock seems to be easier - it has its own menu music, do the drain of his kicks ?

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Rep: (923)
and at the suggestion of my way nothing is copied, and everything is done native applications and menus, the most important thing when you mount and unmount the SD card music is not lost

Rep: (10)
Generally there is a small problem. In the contact list, in the alphabet that with the right hand, do not appear certain letters, and instead of the ".". What to do, how to treat?
Search yuzal found nothing.

Rep: (629)
MrAM666 @ 14.1.2013, 20:42*
Generally there is a small problem. ... What to do, how to treat?

This is not a poser, it is intended. Type chip. If irritated or interferes, place third-party contacts. For example, my favorite, and many ExDialer. With Tiomka from SGS3, one to one, as the native dialer, only better, more convenient, quicker and smarter working and contacts on the T9 seeks better. In the contact list, all the symbols are displayed completely.

Rep: (348)
Sorry, I understand that the issue obmusolivat thousand times, and I myself, too, but nevertheless .... He took his son to play CF3, and the first thing faced with the fact that the standard gallery-dumps me all the pix that is on phone, and in this pile of shit is very difficult to find what is necessary to me. Which application solves this problem by taking into account the fact that all the pictures and images you need to look on the memory card? Irritates strongly.

Rep: (923)
White Oleg,
1. establish in each (which you do not want to see in the gallery) directory-folder an empty file named ".nomedia" (without the quotes), then a directory with the file disappears from the standard gallery
2. put a third-party viewer still images, the best (in my opinion) of these:Quickpicit has a handy feature, the file is created .nomedia literally two clicks from within the application, so there is an option to hide album with photos without creating .nomedia, in this case QuickPic album will disappear, and in the standard gallery will be visible

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Rep: (17)
Can you please tell where to dig ... I have two devices: SGS3 and SGT2. Configured mailbox with Yandex. Setting the same on both devices. On the tab are notified about the new letter, but no phone. Ten times revised settings, do not understand anything.
It should be included in this synchronization [email protected] account?
And yet, in vsehuchetnyh records on SGS3 (e-mail, google, samsung account) says that synchronization is turned off? although in the Mail settings to synchronize tick worth.

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Rep: (923)
petruchenzo @ 15.01.2013, 14:14*
Instead of having to enjoy the gadget
You can upset about power here:Power consumption (autonomy) Galaxy S III

such an icon in the notification bar is enabled?
synchronization icon
Attached Image

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Rep: (143)
No turning on tachvize,hereflip through, like patches flashed to rotate.
Here isway andhere.

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Rep: (17)
Targit @ 15.01.2013, 12:15*
such an icon in the notification bar is enabled?

Included, shows that the timing is there, but the notice did not come (((((

Rep: (923)
It may have in the application - e-mail client is not set to automatically update, and receive emails?

Rep: (17)
The general options and settings not found uchotki Automatic Updates, and acceptance letters. There are only sync and notifications: everywhere there are ticks.

Rep: (0)
Who can tell how the top line to add data to their native SGS3 firmware 4.1.2

Rep: (923)
then you sure there is a tick in the annexe-mail / settings / account / ?
check mark
Attached Image

Rep: (143)
alligator696 @ 15.01.2013, 14:53*
Who can tell how the top line to add data to their native SGS3 firmware 4.1.2

This line is called the notifications panel. Settings - Display - the notifications panel.

Rep: (143)
Look awayPumaand its patches.

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Rep: (26)
I propose to add to his cap list of possible ways to solve the problem of lack of periodic updates stock weather widget. I found them when he was faced with this problem. It turns out that "many victims" such ...
Several solutions tract described a few posts from the message (Post # 2180):

If the standard weather widget is sometimes not updated, you can do the following:
1. At the top in the curtain (status bar, line switches) enable synchronization. (authorpopovav )
2. Click on the widget will open a full-screen weather, press the hard button settings, select Settings, uncheck Location. (authorARMENO )
3. Go to the settings screen lock, turn off the weather and after 1-2 seconds again include. Everything will be updated. After rebooting devaysa weather stops again updated, it is necessary to repeat the above steps. Actual weather enabled when the lock screen. (authorNatacha )

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Describe your experience in "dialogue" with Adobe Flash Player on your device with this, can someone come in handy.
In the previous Huawei Honor with a smart staff android 2.3.6 version and serial Fleshpleera I did not know any problems and worries, everything worked like a Swiss watch. In general, the crediting machine, I handed it to the use of his wife.

With the acquisition of a new front in itself a gift from a smart Samsung SGS3 I joined the ranks of the students about the topic flash on the display.
S3 was originally on firmware 4.0.4, but almost immediately offered to upgrade me "over the air" to "new" 4.1.1. I agreed without hesitation. Later it turned out that Flash is not supported here. Then I beg yourself through the "One" in the official firmware from Samsung version 4.1.2. Ruth did not set.
What we have today:
1. The mobile browser for Android Opera Mobile, Opera mini (naturally), and Chrome my flash does not work in any way with any the proven me vesiey player.
2. Best of all works for me in a flash player version (or and own internet pages in full screen mode on the browser Boat mini (full browser comfortable, though small, I just did not check on the Boat, for I was completely satisfied with his version of the mini) as in your browser settings there is an item "does not extinguish the screen."
3. The flash works for me as a page and in full screen mode at Prairie versions and also on browsers (in firmware version 4.1.1 on many of the following have problems with fullscreen mode on 4.1.2 - has recovered)
1) in their own normal (but goes off the screen in full-screen mode when viewing a video lying in bed in the dark - at night);
2) xScope Pro;
3) Sleipnir Mobile;
4) Naked Browser;
5) Puffin (well, there is no need fleshpleer)
6) Dolfin HD version 8.5.1 (where Flash plugin is still turned on in the settings on Android 4.1.2 without Ruth, unlike the more recent versions of the browser, but the pages in this version of the browser on your smartphone is not multitouch zoom way, and only have two kinds - either finely or coarsely double-tapu)
4. The flash works for me only vebstranichkah, but not quite bad, but when you try to switch to full-screen mode in all versions I tested Prairie browser freezes hard and it can be cured only by the full output or the process of killing taskkillerom browser - at the latest browsers (and not only ) versions:
1) UCweb;
2) Firefox;
3) Skyfare;
4) Angel;
5) Ninesky;
6) Maxthon;
7) One Browser;
8) Easy Browser;
9) Sky Browser;
5. The flash works for me only vebstranichkah, but poorly with any problems, and when you try to switch to full-screen mode in all versions I tested Prairie browser freezes hard and treated only a complete withdrawal from or the murder of his taskkillerom process - the last browsers (and not only) versions:
1) Omega;
2) Net Front Life
3) other little-known, tried, removed the names do not remember.

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Good people help who than can (sorry no smiley face with an outstretched palm))) interested in the question of the work of our devices with Multisim, the search does not give an answer

Rep: (923)
I do not know if anyone is interested, spread almost all stock sounds sgs3
(Ringing in the call, the alarm clock in the notification, as well as front-end sounds)
Attached fileSGS3 Media.rar(19.93 MB)

Update: ringtones melodies of Russian Firmware La'Fleur 4.1.2 (for girls)
Attached fileringtones from La'Fleur 4.1.2.rar(4.51 MB)


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