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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version

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This topic discusses only the device itself and the features of its operation onstock firmware!
Issues related to the firmware are discussed in the branchSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware .

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Ask all questions about the KIES / SmartSwitch program and exit 4.4 and updates for other regions to Samsung.

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Wireless charger

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Somebody faced with the problem of freezing. Cant started a week ago and I have still 2 c3 owners. Without any reason, at least regularity is not able to identify the phone hangs up. In any application, whether it's the VC, SMS, dialing, lock screen, etc. It helps only pulling the battery.
Anti failed to deliver, he found a couple viruses advertising, deleted them, but the situation has not changed.
Posovetuyti options for treatment. Force is no longer, I want to break up and throw.

Rep: (930)
looking for the same software or events (in the case of custom firmware can all three buggy custom firmware) which is installed on all three devices, try to remove and test

Rep: (-2)
artemparf @ 16.02.2013, 17:35*
Is it all so simply put up and continue juzat buggy device?

I do not understand why all stupidly silent, because aparata full brake. Many here say that this type of brakes you have nothing slows. I do not know how much can be done, but I think many are simply lying to themselves, or the brakes do not see the obvious facts tormoznutosti. My Sams purely Korean, no firmware, and rue, no left-wing programs, a RAM of 400 GB of free, ie enough for a quiet fast work, the more I'm familiar with the brakes and lags Samsung vinmobayl 6. 4yaderny so this monster sometimes does not differ from Sams Omnia 2 on logs and brakes. It's unnerving. Pulled out of the box, and the next day had already appeared brakes in the opening contacts, photos, fidzhety opened gradual after prorutki, mode photo transition into folders photos perhodit sluggish with lags, removed all unnecessary, once a day restarts constant catch-up from the unnecessary applications, once made hardrezet thought would help RESULT zero. In short, my opinion, the whole aparata good, but the little things all messed up. Can not open the contacts 4-5 seconds otkryvtsya on this monster well, maybe not. It is not veoyu that the firmware 4.2 that is correct, because 4.12 did not fix it. Cry from the heart, too.
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4.10. It is prohibited to provoke a conflict, as well as the response to provocation. If you think that you have been insulted (humiliated, otherwise violated your rights or Forum Rules), report this fact to the Moderator. He will take the necessary measures to the offender.

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I offer you the abridged and updated set of tools for managing the RAM on our device. My article is primarily concerned with runoff Official firmware 4.1.2, in which it is all tested. For 4.2.2 described as urgent. but there are differences about which I wrote at the end of the article.

For all operations described below are necessary ROOT, BusyBox and custom rekaveri. And before you startnandroid backup is required!

Phones out of the box are in the firmware large number of unnecessary ordinary users of the application. Very many of them have their permanent vigil in memory processes that by their presence displace processes relevant to the user application. Even if you manually kill unnecessary process, he after some time again ask for in RAM. It is strongly recommended primarily to clean the phone from the trash. For this I recommend Titanium Backup Pro. Keep all forever I do not call. Enough to use freeze. The meaning is the same, plus you can return that may be needed again. freezing operation is similar to disabling applications in a normal controller. but the lack of "Official" way off on Android is the inability to disable certain applications. in some components of the system manager list non-existent. List of all superfluous / unnecessary, it can be removed without disrupting system availability hashere.
Titanium Backup Pro can be downloadedhere.

Then it is very desirable to see in Application manager hanging in the memory is clearly unnecessary processes necessary applications. In my example I will tell you about a program of Internet radio. Annex I need, but only when I opened it. No more. However, the developer supplied softinkoy service that at each setting takes the news from their servers. For such a push-notification service and hung. Even if I completely disable all of these settings in the application. The appearance of these extra processes / services I disabled using autoloads manager takenhere.
How to set:
To exclude the appearance of the RAM service applications in the manager autoloads necessary in these applications to turn off all receivers startup. Long tap on the line opens a menu context. There, choose В«disable allВ». After that I recommend to carefully check the performance of each, cut in such a way application. If something goes wrong, you need to play disabling each receiver separately. This allows the manager to know the details of the purpose and role of each receiver with the ability to display a full description.

Stock firmware (and custom, however, too) are not always appropriate setting RAM release entries in the taskkillere. As far as we know, the Android own clean your memory on certain intricate algorithm. And decide for himself what the rest of the free RAM to keep him. However, reconfigured, this algorithm will allow the user to mcTweaker application that can be downloadedhere.
A bit of explanation about the RAM release algorithm:
There are several classes (call so) process priorities. Each class has a right to a place in the RAM in its determination of the free radical. If the memory is less than the threshold for specifically taken class taskkiller it starts to cut out these processes. For the most important class is usually set at the very least significance. Conversely, the least important class - the largest. That is the smallest in the class of processes begin to be unloaded first when the free RAM drops below the limit. With further decrease RAM residue begin cleaned out processes following more important class. Something like this can be read ... morehere, hereandhere

How to set:
You open the item "memory". There, choose «OOM killer» line. The Templates list of threshold values ​​of free memory. Select the top line of the list. list is closed, the item turns red as modified. Top press on the disk icon. Changes are applied and effective. According to the developer, should begin with the first pattern, giving maximum multi-tasking. However, the responsiveness and performance at such small residues of free RAM may suffer. In this situation, it is recommended to choose the next in the list of templates. Usually on the 3rd or 4th pattern my device feels quite comfortably. If you want to cancel the responsiveness and response, and the system is clean of debris, you can set 5 or 6 pattern.
a little bit of its last observation: application processes, having at least some activity, there are always the first task manager list, called "service is used.". All other processes (with no activity at all) are moved to the list of cached. 6 of the above classes of priorities in the list of active processes fall first 4 processes that are assigned priority by the last two classes, "leave" in the list of cached. so at the phone, I prefer not to load memory is cached processes. ie essentially ballast. To do this, I set up a system taskkiller a slightly different way than proposed in the ready-made templates. in the same second line item settings "memory" applications mctweaker choose titled "OOM Killer (arbitrary)" and manually set the value of the limit of discharge from the memory for each class separately. example of my setup is this: 6,12,16,50,200,250

Finally I tell about how to prevent the system taskkilleru unload from memory the desired application. such as the dialer, contacts, launcher, or any other system / user application.
To do this, you must assign the application process should be the highest priority, which corresponds to the first class. lets do it at the moment the only mod toolkit called Deluxe Settings Jkay by the author.
To use this feature fashion somewhat uncomfortable. But given its unique selection of absent. Operation of higher priority assignment is most convenient to carry through lokskrinov labels offered in the Deluxe Settings. Precisely those applications that are hanging on these labels can be fixed permanently in the RAM so-called white list. In addition to setting Jkay a separate line to make dialer / contacts in the white list. There is also a setting for assigning white list of applications assigned to specific call buttons or actions.
So, consider the way to make the white list applications lokskrina ICS. to me it was more convenient to choose this lokskrin because they do not use it, and do not consider it necessary to whitelist apps lokskrina with the TAB, which I use. Although the possibility of this is also available. That is a function of a whitelist works regardless of whether you use lokskrin or not. Lokskrin ICS has 15 labels. Because it describes an example of a configuration:
How to set:
So, first you need to the menu settings Deluxe Settings to open the item "Other settings" and put a check mark next to the line "White List:. Adj with scr ICS lock.". Then return to the main menu, select the lock screen Jkay ICS Deluxe. Then select the line below under the heading "Actions". Here Tapan on labels and are appointed from a list of any system or installed applications on your phone. From this point, any application with ICS lokskrina start a process of service bundles and will have the highest priority. so the system taskkiller this application is guaranteed to be not to touch.

Download Jkay Deluxe Settings can behere
The framework for fresh runoff firmware can be downloadedhere
Jkay Deluxe Settings frameworks produces exclusively for Official firmware.
For firmware exists 4.2.2-mod tools with a similar ability to set priority applications. Called Xposed App Settings Wanam it by the author. you can download ithere

Comments and additions are welcome. Successful customization, gentlemen :) From SW., Sugden

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Rep: (0)
Help please, when you try to download something from the Internet that turns off the screen first, and then writes the Internet application is stopped, because of what this could be? and what to do? thank

Rep: (2362)
DenisSM89, Menu / Settings. / disp.prilozh. / All / Internet / clear data.

Rep: (113)
Hello, please advice.
Where in the settings configured - Unlock phone by home button?
More precisely the device is asleep - click menu and the screen lights up.

All clambered nowhere can not find.
The problem is that aside launche home button body is completely unlocked by a single tap. And in the pocket false positives occur.
I'm ready to do the awakening of this button is disabled.

Last Ukr drain (hell4) + Root

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Rep: (930)
likhenko As far as I know in the settings do not exist, that's manual how to do it: Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion of the (post # 19005954)

Rep: (1)
Need sovet.Posle call a contact, he spontaneously added to favorites * * Telephone knigi.Pochemu this happening and how to fix it? Firmware 4.1.2 XXELLA. All firmware from 4.0.4 update via KIES, appears before this was not.

Rep: (930)
Yuriy.net @ 11.03.2013, 15:23*
added to favorites * * Phonebook
in the "favorites" there are 2 types of contacts (maybe more, not looking):
1. favorite contacts (in press contact Starlets without clicking on the symbol to selected contact will not)
2. frequent contacts (most frequently dialed numbers, the last analogue documents in ms office)
I personally do not think this way of annoying or inconvenient

Rep: (12)
Can the standard SMS application to make the screen displays a message box and answer keys, close ..!?

Rep: (930)
as an alternative can offer a widget -SMS WidgetOne of the easiest, but if you want I think you'll find more beautiful and functional widgets

Rep: (930)
For the lazy or who can not master the full article SW.BornToKnow on the verification of originality SGS3
here is an app that is one-click check for originality your machine:Galaxy SIII Identity

P.S. 100% sure this application does not, but only verifies the signature of the installed equipment / software to the signatures of the original phone, I still recommend checking underBornToKnow . The app is laid out only as additional software to test a subject and originality of the method does not apply.

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Rep: (30)
The people will share the supervision / glitch, after the firmware to the latest version of the official firmware over the air.
The theme of this, it is worth mode "only the GSM" in the settings, stopped periodically switched mobile internet (I use it from time to time, and it is turned off), and sometimes shaped as letters E appears, but nothing happens, sometimes it does not appear.
Internet is always included if you put "just the WCDMA", and if you switch back to "only the GSM" and turn on the Internet, it works.
A few minutes later again can not vklyuchtsya ...
Also, if you log in Flight mode, then get out of it, EDGE working again ...
On the previous firmware it was not like this, everything worked well.
There is one such?

Rep: (170)
and the operator who? I have recently seen on the BI is an interesting thing in some places, the phone says that the SIM cards lost (literally do not remember) and a simple restart .. Simcoe restartuesh he does not find, or are on opposite happens .. Then pull out a sim card you insert all ok. ..
and at Phone Boot writes that it is not able to load that there ...
. Therefore, while observing that the operators can himichat: wacko:

Rep: (30)
Megafon operator sim card is not circumcised, it took a micro, but what is a coincidence, the Internet began to fail after the upgrade, reset do not feel like ...

Rep: (469)
if you have the latest Russian, XEMB2, then it has encountered glitches with communication and mobile Internet.
Exit or flash modem reel files from XEMB5 and maybe it will help. Or wait for the next firmware.

Very strange. For the future, it was necessary to just hold the power button for a little longer. The idea was not supposed to happen this ..
try to turn off the device, remove the battery, let him lie down for 10 minutes, insert back and look no further.

Rep: (5)
Hello. I did not find an answer in the search. Situevina is, in application manager cleared the alarm data from glitches, and now the beginning of the week from Sunday. How to return Monday? Immediately I say, that in the calendar Monday. Stitching the latest SER.

Rep: (143)
koctjan @ 13.03.2013, 01:03*
and now the beginning of the week from Sunday

SundaysI am. root there?Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - custom firmware (Post # 19482380)

UPD: option works 100%, backup Titanium Backup.
Attached filecom.sec.android.app.clockpackage-20130311-183035.zip(4.22 MB)

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