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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version

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This topic discusses only the device itself and the features of its operation onstock firmware!
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Rep: (16)
All weather widget on 4.1.2 shows the winter? On the street in February, and I have a grass green: rolleyes:
Attached Image

Rep: (453)
Sanpancho @ 02/21/2013, 13:44*
All weather widget on 4.1.2 shows the winter? On the street in February, and I have a green grass

ogrino @ 15.01.2013, 20:01*
standard, even at -30 grass can show if the snow does not fall! But if the precipitation in the form of snow, the grass and the tree turn white.
Good day to all.

Rep: (0)
All the good times of the day. Can someone tell me, is there any programm that can reduce the contrast of the screen.
Movies to watch is simply impossible. All dark halftones are one dark spot. Select a screen mode does not save the situation by changing Since only the saturation.
If the issue has already been raised, then pliz tyknite page ... maybe I missed.

Rep: (453)
ya-Vova @ 02/21/2013, 14:40*
is there any programm that can reduce the contrast of the screen

can something like this

took from here
Discussion of the Samsung GT-9300 Galaxy S III - Archive (Post # 16594502)

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Rep: (568)
ya-Vova @ 02/21/2013, 16:40*
Select a screen mode does not save the situation by changing Since only the saturation.

And the staff does not help increase the brightness (Auto Brightness off)?

Rep: (13)
Hello, dear!
Tell me, please, and supports Did SGS-3 rSAP protocol?
Well, or if specifically whether our animal full Connect with VW RNS-510? - maybe someone in practice, faced with this ..
Thank you in advance.

Rep: (930)
TMartin @ 21.02.2013, 17:43*
Tell me, please, and supports Did SGS-3 rSAP protocol?

http://android-rsap.com/compatibility.html- in the link listed supported phones and cars (up to the version of the phone firmware), that's a direct link to the application is provided through a connection -Bluetooth SIM Access Profile

P.S. the app has a trial version (10 minutes Disconnects), advise her potestit to begin with, because the price is not cheap in application -Bluetooth SIM Access (Trial).

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All who do not like watching the video contrasting display on amolede, which brings down the dark undertones in one big spot, offer to put screen adjustment (special thanks allexx333 for the tip)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...m.netmanslab.sa
Now, the dark scenes in the film is quite watchable. clothing folds, shadows on the hair, etc. quite readable, display gradations, and do not merge into one dark spot as before.
The program only 5 sliders. Blue, red, green, brightness, contrast.
Do yourself put the following parameters:
Red +2
Green +4
Blue 0
Brightness 100%
Contrast -35
After correction, do not forget to put a tick in the Autorun.

Because I admit that every smartphone can display color reproduction in different ways and have errors in calibration and the WB (white balance), then: advise checking the color accuracy to put him on a white sheet. You can for example to make it in Photoshop setting in RGB 255-255-255. Or download a clean white sheet from here:http://savepic.org/2847804.jpg(1280 720 pixels).
The top 3 slider adjusts so that the screen that displayed a white sheet visually pure white.
I ask the moderators to add to his cap.

Post has been editedya-Vova - 21.02.13, 19:34

Rep: (930)
ya-Vova @ 02/21/2013 at 20:30*
screen adjustment
program correctly sounds like - Screen Adjuster and you provide a link to Google-play does not work hereScreen Adjuster from Google Play Marketand she's onsavagemessiahzine.com - Screen Adjuster
if we give something for the header, then at least write the name or the link is correct ... no offense

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Rep: (930)
Clarification of the UMS-MTP
or why I have the phone's memory is not connected to the removable media mode / flash

Why not get (in Unlike sgs2 for example, where the present point - to connect as a removable disk) to get our apparatus showing the internal memory on your computer to a removable disk mode? Who's to blame? Can this be fixed?

If you carefully read the explanation of one of Google engineers about UMS-MTP in Android (since 4.0.H ICS) it will become clear what is currently technically impossible to organize, work at least as long as google will do differently in future firmware updates. This response appeared on the Internet a series of angry attacks polzovaletey Android operating system after the release of version 4.0 "Where did the connection mode of removable media?"
literal translation quotes
Physically, it is impossible to maintain the UMS to devices in which there is no isolated section for storing information (such as an external SD-card or a separate partition as a Nexus S).
The reason is thatUSM is a block low-level protocol, which allows the host machine direct access to a physical block carrier That does not allow him to be while the mounted in Android .
those. if it will give such access to the computer phone (To a removable disk mode), the unit will automatically lose access to this memory , Simply put: or chair to sit or eat the fish
I repeat, at the moment we have what we have, and the same is true exactly as long as Google does not organize this feature / function differently
pruflink to the full article -http://habrahabr.ru/post/133172/
how it affected my device
since the purchase sgs3 and understanding how memory is organized on the machine, moved to the following principle:
- the main memory for the software, games and functions of the photo / video component of the apparatus (as the continuous shooting, and a screenshot of the video is still strictly stored in the main memory)
- flash card (sd-card) for photo / video / music + cache of browsers and software
- viaВ® SGS3 Easy UMSconnect a USB flash drive to the car radio / TV without a network / computer
no limitations or restrictions do not feel in the functional


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Rep: (3)
Dear experts, tell me how to increase the volume on the speaker, when viewing, say vidio on Youtube, or other programs for online video. Standard max volume is not enough. Is there some piece engineering menu, where you can tweak a little volume?

Rep: (31)
mayor5 @ 22.02.2013, 12:47*
Dear experts, tell me how to increase the volume on the speaker, when viewing, say on YouTube vidio

he already at maximum volume gives a terrible sound, and you want it even fuck.
mayor5 @ 22.02.2013, 12:47*
Is there some piece engineering menu, where you can tweak a little volume?


Rep: (10)
Well, how to keep the story before flashing SMS for example.

Rep: (2362)
vovanoff78, such as this, or something like that https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...p.international

Rep: (2)
Hello I've got a poser nous: When you drag a shortcut menu pops up the main screen ie the label can only on the main screen to throw and move to the Application menu is not set Nova Launcher there the exact same trouble already all rummaged not that the application does not work can you naete what's the problem?

Rep: (8)
senster @ 22.02.2013, 20:09*
When you drag a shortcut pops up the main screen in the Application menu, ie the label can only on the main screen curled

Press the menu button and select there "Change".

Rep: (6)
Prompt, in the very first galaxies reviews 3 were the screenshots. The description has been written that if energy-saving settings put a checkbox on this point, the background will turn gray in the browser, mail client and black. Accordingly, if the jackdaw is not necessary, the background always white. As it is I have had when buying a phone I do not remember, but now, after installing the latest update in the caption of the item missing mail client, it is now there is only the browser. Question% as the background to make the client's mail white?
Attached Image

Post has been edited- Serge - - 23.02.13, 17:10
Reason for editing: screenshots under the spoiler

Rep: (6)
disappeared standard widget with the weather. Once removed from the Rab.Stole, and now can not find, try all - no. Where can I find the \ restore \ reinstall? thank

Rep: (21)
Here let down in the system \ app, set the permission in the form of the letter "G", then reboot.
Attached fileAccuweatherWidget.apk(9.35 MB)
(Transparent with white numerals hours).

Post has been editedBarmalei12 - 23.02.13, 18:50

Rep: (6)
Thank. But there is a file that is, it will not disappear, he disappeared from the list of available widget. And in the app folder has AccuweatherWidget_Main.apk file he's needed?

Please tell me what program you can clean up the list of widgets. Because both physically some software in the phone is no longer, and theirs widgets still hang on the menu. And of course when you try to add to Rab.Stole written that the program is not

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