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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version

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This topic discusses only the device itself and the features of its operation onstock firmware!
Issues related to the firmware are discussed in the branchSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware .

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Ask all questions about the KIES / SmartSwitch program and exit 4.4 and updates for other regions to Samsung.

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"1) in HTC was - could push house and get out (eg the browser) to the desktop, see the information you need (say notes), then lower the top bar, select where necessary, a running program before (say browser) and go back. ie was multitasking, windows.
There is so I do not see - Drop down the left zakladochka quite inconvenient, because it does not make pluchaetsya other programs, such as the opera, and there is no program that has just launched. Besides constantly hanging in all the programs of the left reed personally pisses me off.
The question is, how do you still here implemented multitasking? How to switch between different windows? "

You can press the "home" and, therefore, roll up the application - browser. and multitasking is used in a different way a bit - you can simultaneously see the two open windows, such as the browser and e-mail. tapnuv on one of the open windows, you have the opportunity to work with him. NTS does not. removed the "reed" long press on the "back" button. as also called.
4.19. Forbidden abuse of quoting (overquoting, overquoting). It is not necessary to quote fully opponent posts

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torero2 @ 18.09.2013, 12:19*
how to bring opera to a drop-down list on the left?
question of the cap threads -В® MultiWindow ControlorВ® MultiWindow Control Xposed

P.S. I apologize for the late warning, be used with caution, possible incompatibility with the firmware

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Rep: (60)
stebnik @ 18.09.2013, 11:06*
multitasking is used a little differently - you can simultaneously see the two open windows

This is called the "INDEX", instead of "multitasking".

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I can not it is achieved on the phone that he would show the correct time anywhere ........ standard Vijay shows the weather for an hour longer than it actually is. What to do? Tel. Sams Galaxy s3

Rep: (22)
malder39 @ 18.9.2013, 19:44*
I can not it is achieved on the phone that he would show the right time ...

This is a server problem, where the widget takes the Old. Discussed somewhere already. From Omsk complained like. Write in Support of the problem.

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Rep: (-6)
malder39 @ 18.09.2013, 21:44*
I can not it is achieved on the phone that he would show the correct time anywhere ........ standard Vijay shows the weather for an hour longer than it actually is. What to do? Tel. Sams Galaxy s3

Uncheck ... synchronize time with operator ....

Rep: (12)
New C3 periodically falls off the microphone and the caller will not hear me. Network mode changes without izmeneneny. What to do?

Rep: (6)
Try to disable the Digital NR function "Noise Reduction" in your call bad it is implemented in SIII.
If you do not help most probably have to go to the SC and to solve the problem of iron.

Rep: (930)
Say no to the folder.thumbnails(Automatic creation of preview photos and videos)
or another way to save some space on the internal memory

prehistory, many letters
The reason for the writing of this text was the simple user curiosity. One look intophone settingsin sectionMemoryI saw large numbers in a rowOther files(About a 1 gigabyte occupied space). I was so interested in it that decided to deal with this situation, looked into this section and found that the first and the largest by volume flaunts folder.thumbnails, The volume of which amounted to about 350 mb, this despite the fact that my photocurrent (it is only about the pictures of the video will be discussed below) is just over 500 mb.
This folder, at least in 4.1.2, can be found atstorage / sdcard0 / DCIM /. Having the above address using a file manager (in my case it turned out to be a third party, with the option show hidden files) found in the folder heap file formatjpg, Each of which occupies a volume on the order of 10 to 100 kb. In this folder, create a (cached) preview images stored on your device, it's probably done for faster download lists with these same pictures. Moreover, the radically internal memory (storage / sdcard0 /), I also found another folder.thumbnailsA volume of about 100 mb, which were also the preview, only this time from video files (video library I have about 50 files totaling just over 1 gigabyte).
Having decided that I do not need it, he began to think how to solve the problem. Well, you think someone like a waste space in your phone's memory? Especially this megabytes, you can find a good use. Search using Google gave only one solution - to periodically delete the folder.thumbnailsBut it did not solve the problem completely and finally. Some time after cleaning and folders as the use of photo and video library, all returned to their seats. But then all the same naguglit way which decided my problem more than fully, properly and will be discussed below him.

Mini guide:

1. go to the file manager (any party-enabled show hidden files option) and open storage / sdcard0 / DCIM / (For firmware 4.3 the path is as follows - storage / emulated / 0 / DCIM ) And delete folder .thumbnails
- I usedES File Explorerfundamental importance not, use the one that you like
2. just create the same place file With name " .thumbnails "(Without the quotation marks), you can create it as a means of the same file manager on your phone and on your computer
- for the lazy I put already created file (unzip the file after downloading): Attached filefolder0.rar (70 bytes)
3. perform if you have firmware 4.1.2
come out of the DCIM folder instorage / sdcard0 /and do the step 1 and 2 tostorage / sdcard0 / .thumbnails
- to be sure empty file .thumbnails you can set permisheny "read only", but personally I have everything works fine without it
3. perform if you have firmware 4.3
- Go to the folder at the following address storage / emulated / 0 / .thumbnails and see inside the folder named versiyaproshivki _ versiyaandroida (You may have other letters, to drain the firmware for Russia, it looks like: a folder named I9300XXUGMK6 _ 4.3 )
- copy to clipboard the name of the folder, and then delete this folder, which is a version of the firmware and the android, the folder itself is not touched .thumbnails
- create a file on the site of a remote folder and assign it (file) remote contact folder name
4. We do restart the machine and everything is now previews for photos and videos will not be created on your device, respectively, and will not take up any additional space in the device
- a desire to return everything back, remove by.thumbnails-files (for firmware 4.3 will also need to delete the file from I9300XXUGMK6_4.3 .thumbnails folder), and then restart the machine, after a while the preview files will appear again
Attention : of inconvenience, I noticed only one thing - in video applications (Thumbnails tab) stopped working preview video animation (playing a few frames of video)


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All the good times of the day.
Samsung Galaxy S3 in my 10 days. after a lengthy dialogue with iphone 4 and since graduating from 5! It was bought S3.
reading about s3 discussion forum is not found possible to simply propistil maybe it was not.
The bottom line is this:
click on the phone (zvonika) - there is a window where you can select the party that pozvonit.- but after that is presented yet
the window in which to make a choice (VIDEO CALL CALL SMS)
Attached Image

the question of how you can configure after selecting a contact once was a challenge!

Thank you in advance!

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oren_2006, do not need to click on a contact and swipe to the side, edge-to-edge by name. Right - Up, Left SMS.

Rep: (11)
Tell me whether it is possible that the firewall deny access to the Internet "OS AndroidВ»?
a photo
Attached Image

Rep: (113)
Stimuliator @ 19.9.2013, 22:17 *
Tell me whether it is possible that the firewall deny access to the Internet "OS AndroidВ»?
a photo
[Attachment = "3469441: Screenshot_2013-09-19-22-14-36.png"]

Turn off synchronization. Then there will climb to internet this process

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You name progВ® DroidWallsays that the thread? - if not, I recommend to install. The details see. Appropriate branch.

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Rep: (2)
S3 i9300, without the root, ice official firmware, the phone has "forgotten" where he had established for notification ringtones ....
the choice of asking the way .... which way point?

Rep: (930)
mnt / system / media / audio
there are 4 folders of titles I think it is clear that what

I apologize, casually read what is written about the notice, the right way this: mnt / system / media / audio / notifications

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Rep: (3)
sorry for the lame question but why on many sites "yap" such as not talking flash, videos, etc.? instead of playing, I get a message that you need a flash player, so that ((????
4.15. The names of topics and posts overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row) are prohibited, for example: "How to set up Wi-Fi ????????"

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Rep: (42)
Mistress note:on the encrypted body was rutovany (CF Auto Root) Stock XXEMB5 (encryption is done on already rutovannom body), alter it to XXEMG4, rebooted - the password is accepted, made Root - password is not accepted. Alter "pureВ» XXEMB5 - password is still not adopted. I had to do wipe :(

I suppose that in front of shamanism with the upgrade / rutovaniem should decipher the body, and then encrypt it again. And so obviously we should not forget about backups;)

Rep: (1)
Accidentally deleted the boot loader to the katabatic browser. Now I can not download anything through it, if it starts loading through him, Wisnu, writes application priostonovleno and throws. Google chrome browser and loads the operating normally. A month later, the same stock browser is now hang.
Question: Just rewrite save the situation? And I read that flashing is not very good, that say?

Rep: (24)
Hello! When you connect your phone to the Internet via GPRS (Ukraine, operator Life) intrenet loaded well, just very slowly, it is impossible to come to any of the site. In this case shows that the phone is being used and there is no data-go. But I will not go I can. Perhaps the problem is in sync, above mentioned, that it can be turned off, but I could not find where it is - please tell me.

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