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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III,GT-I9300 international version

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This topic discusses only the device itself and the features of its operation onstock firmware!
Issues related to the firmware are discussed in the branchSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware .

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Ask all questions about the KIES / SmartSwitch program and exit 4.4 and updates for other regions to Samsung.

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* arsl , Hello, I had a problem with a button, it sticks. Try to press the button when the phone is switched on, not often. I did so, press the button if the phone was launched, but after a sticky button again and it will switch off. Resolder button and everything is OK.

Rep: (3)
Good afternoon, when the screen starts to flicker off and including different modes does not help ... to hard reset somebody advise that a thread? ... RS. in rekaveri not blinking or flickering

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* Technocrat1 ,
Battery skiff.

Rep: (11)
* Technocrat1 Most likely the battery died. Old you have it?

Rep: (3)
* ad ven , Battery 3 months, but not the original ... until recently, there was no problem, charging is not bad holds ... can power or strength is not enough

Rep: (11)
* Technocrat1 try AccuBattery , It will show the actual battery capacity

Rep: (1)
Guys, which last flew Androyd officially s3?

Rep: (10)
* playful_bunny,

Jelly Bean 4.3.

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Guys who have a core Boeffla v5.9, v5.11 for the stock 4.3 share. Wrote in the subject line of custom kernels, but there is a hike in general, no one is at the core of the reference issue 404.

Rep: (10)
* domesticus,

Now I try to fill, I'll drain lover. ;)

Attached files

Attached fileboeffla-kernel-5.11-Samsung-i9300.recovery.zip(7.59 MB)
Attached fileboeffla-kernel-5.9-Samsung-i9300.recovery.zip(7.59 MB)

Rep: (5)
lost S3 phone (official of our region). Firmware presumably last.
There IMIE and possibly prescribed samsung account. Google Account which is registered, do not know.

Is there any chance to restore contacts?

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* playful_bunny ,
Best android 4.0.4 is for him. I rolled. War with modems war with preinstalled rubbish and the phone is very well run. And the charge holds up very well!

Rep: (1563)
U_ @ 07/28/19, 7:46*
Best Android 4.0.4 for it is

Soon the memory die - do not be surprised! : Spiteful:

Rep: (0)
* rusigor ,
Why is it I should die? No prerequisites) will die - replacement)

Rep: (1563)
@ U_ 07.28.19, 11:02*
Why is it I should die? No prerequisites)

In the subject firmware read the prerequisites} -)

Rep: (0)
* rusigor , Her. He was already half a year probably at 4.0.4. All class. Before that, he infuriated me crazy))
I just thought one day that well, so he could not brake out. Confuse, and it turned out really could not. He came out normal. It is then he broke))

Rep: (1563)
@ U_ 07.28.19, 11:02*
Why is it I should die?

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official Firmware (Post tester99 # 18810381)it is on 4.0.4 and it manifested itself ...

Rep: (0)
* rusigor ,
I read everything but still do not understand how it relates to my APP. Statistics devices come in ai no more than fiction. I have the opportunity to observe.
Just the memory has a limited number of entries. Who is it in the tail and mane rides, someone found a pair of messengers, and once a year makes 5-10 photos. Accordingly, the memory in the first case will die.
Not on the firmware version she dies in the end is)
Though the return will not prove.
I can only say that not one of my Samsung did not die because of the nand. Not one amoled dis not burnt))
Brightness auto bet. Games and a ton of other stuff will not ship. Calls - Messager, online music and audio books online, too. It runs year already.
4.0.4 single that much fun runs)
In general, the link thanks!

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This unit is connected display, turn on your phone and display a black, if you disable one hundred connector that everything works fine, what's the problem?

Rep: (0)
Hello) pzhl tell me - does not run any applications with the vpn, setting standards, but when you start the application displays a message, or stopped, something went wrong (in the opera the vpn) or spinning endlessly search for the country's choice of location.

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